The Truth Behind the Border Wall Debate


    Editor’s note:  I don’t really know what to say, illiterate, insane?  This was obviously written by a lunatic.g

    Well, the Democrats will be happy to hear Honduras is set to launch another caravan of freeloaders, gangbangers, drug smugglers, rapists, murderers, ne’re do wells, and wannabee societal moochers toward the southern border of the United States.

    If the past caravan is any indication, this new caravan will be a spectacle which will be reminiscent of the Barnum and Bailey Circus marches of years gone by, and will surely draw wall-to-wall coverage by America’s main stream leftist media which have proven to be even more biased than the Russian news agencies Pravda and Isvestia (Izvestia is a daily broadsheet newspaper in Russia. It was a newspaper of record during the Soviet period, while Pravda served as the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party).

    The sad part is that the out-to-lunch Americans who get their news from the, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times, the Huffington Post, Salon and other purveyors of mis-information will probably remain in a drug induced stupor with the legalization of marijuana, while their country is stolen away from them in ever-increasing increments until English will become the second language of the country, and cities become unrecognizable wastelands of drug usage,  rape, murder, mayhem, and ghettos which police will avoid like the plague.

    Unfortunately the invasion from the Southern Hemisphere will surely change America from the wealthiest nation ever conceived into a country which can’t help but become a cesspool country that mimics the hell-holes from which these people are fleeing . . . but the Democrats will happily rule over these impoverished minions until the working Americans are taxed into oblivion.

    Most Americans with any common sense should understand the only way to keep America from being invaded, for that is surely what has been happening for many years as evidenced by a conservative estimate of 12.5 million illegal aliens present, is to build a wall on our Southern Border, and enforce our immigration laws that have been bastardized by the politicians and courts for years.

    For those who outright will not listen to reason about needing a southern barrier to illegal immigration, and are not swayed by the number of crimes and convictions that the people who sneak into our country illegally cause, then please have them step forward and repudiate the figures presented by ICE which has provided proof that “more than 127,000 illegal immigrants have been found to have criminal convictions, currently facing charges of breaking our nation’s’ laws, and include nearly 5,000 gang members which need to be removed as well”.

    Perhaps the cost in dollars and cents might make the light bulbs go off in their not-so-bright brains which, as quoted by The Washington Examiner, tells us that, the net costs to taxpayers for every illegal immigrant who sneaks into the United States has reached nearly $70,000 each, which is about seven times the cost of deporting them”.  With 12 million or so here illegally, that would amount to roughly $840 billion dollars that taxpayers waste every year providing services such as health care, education, food stamps, incarceration costs, legal services, and extra policing in barrio neighborhoods.

    Those who seek “open borders” and unlimited storming of our country seem to be most interested in wasteful spending the tax money of hard working Americans. Generally this ilk proudly claim, “undocumented workers pay taxes too”; or “undocumented workers cause less crime than native born Americans”, however, they never have an answer as to how illegal aliens pay federal income tax without stealing an American citizen’s  Social Security Number first. This by itself is a crime and shows lack of moral character.    According to the Washington Times, June 22, 2017 article, an estimated 1.4 million illegal aliens in 2015, created problems for legal citizens at tax time by fraudulent use of their social security numbers.

    It makes no sense to anyone with an IQ greater than 5 why someone would want this to happen to the American citizen, but one must remember, “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    Now if one still doesn’t understand the need for a wall, or chose to believe that a wall is “old technology” from listening to the continuum of lies spewing from the mouths of Democrat political hacks which just five years ago (before the Trump era) voted almost unanimously for such a wall, then perhaps you need to answer for yourself these simple questions:

    • If border walls are obsolete and considered “old technology”, why then, according to USA Today. “are there at least 77 border walls or fences around the world — many erected after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon, forcing respect for their country’s sovereignty. According to World Atlas seven additional countries have border walls under construction, 1 planned, and five proposed. This trend is set to go up as more countries are planning to build walls along international borders. If the Democrats are right about border walls why are these other countries wrong?
    • USA Today went on the discuss the proven success of border walls by using the Berlin Wall constructed during the Cold War around the city of East Berlin. It so successfully isolated the people of East Germany and kept them from escaping Communism that “at least 140 people died trying to flee from the eastern side, as East German soldiers along the concrete wall had orders to shoot at fugitives if there was no other way to prevent their escaping, according to the Berlin Wall Foundation”. This particular wall wasn’t to keep people out but to keep people imprisoned under Communist rule. Regardless of the purpose, would you agree the wall was effective?
    • Israel, to defend its country from attack by their Arab neighbors who could easily infiltrate and terrorize Israeli citizens without a wall, constructed a 400-mile barrier on the West Bank in 2002 after a wave of attacks by Palestinian insurgents. While the Arab world and many Palestinian sympathizers vehemently objected, don’ you think the Israelis enjoy a much more peaceful community by controlling people who enter and exit the country far better than without the wall?
    • North and South Korea have lived relatively without war , though tensions have been on high alert numerous times since the two countries have never signed a formal truce and live in a state of “armistice”. But nobody can argue the 154 mile “Military Demarcation Line (DML)”, also known as the Armistice Line (complete with landmines, fencing, and walls) hasn’t provided an incentive for both side to stay inside their borders, though do you think you could find five people in South Korea who would want to move to North Korea?
    • The Democrats can downplay the role of “walls’ if they want to, but a surprising number of them live in gated communities and/or have walls around their residences. Isn’t it odd they want the added security a wall provides their home along with guards toting guns, while they want to take US citizens’ weapons away by disposing of the Second Amendment and keep from constructing a wall to keep illegal immigration from over-running our country?
    • How else are we able to keep civilized society safe without having disparate systems of confinement in this country, which hold more than 4 million criminals in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 2,259 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,283 local jails, and 79 Indian Country jails as well as in a number of military prisons, brigs, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.S. territories. Would the public feel safe if the prison populations were not securely confined behind WALLS, but allowed to wander freely under the auspices of being watched by drone aircraft?

    The U. S Constitution is 230 years old, and since the very beginning, we have seen politicians stakeout their claims with political parties to see which party would be able to gain the upper hand in finding ways to circumvent the entire concept of a government for the people, by the people, with equal justice for all. Here we are in the year 2019, and anyone who has not been asleep for the last ten years can see the results of 230 years of neglect by a citizenry that has apparently developed apoplexia (disorders of the brain) from the repetitive lies they have been fed by crooked politicians on both sides of the aisle aided by a media that perpetuates fake news without even a second thought.

    The lies of the Democrat Party are the worst. They have successfully convinced our citizens for years that they care about them and that “they feel their pain” . . .  hog wash! All they care about is POWER they can use to force us to do their bidding, keeping them in power, and letting them live a lifestyle beyond the reach of most hardworking American taxpayers. There are many who will read this article and say what I am telling you just can’t be true. Do yourself a favor and do your own research and while you are at it, take a good look at the Democrat Party’s history. It is not a pretty picture of showing care for the American citizens.

    It was the Democrat Party which claims to champion the “little people”, people of color, those left behind by capitalism, the impoverished, and others who are victims of the “class warfare” the Democrats themselves have created. The Democrat party gave America slavery, the Ku Klux Klan. Jim Crow Laws, and led a very easy-to-follow historical path from the Civil War to the Donald Trump era. The road has not been paved with achievements in helping people of color, but has been lined with the bodies of African-Americans left hanging from the trees, second-class education, crime ridden ghetto neighborhoods, high unemployment, sub-standard Section 8 housing, and welfare handouts to keep minorities down on the “Government Plantation”, with the Democrats as the new Overseers.

    The problems the Democrats are facing today is that the people they have been taking advantage of all these years are waking up to the flim-flam that has been played on them since 600,000 Americans died to eliminate the abomination of slavery. As more and more African-Americans and legally immigrated Hispanics are moving from the Democrat Party to political positions that encourage self-reliance, independence, entrepreneurial enterprise, hard work, and the spirit of American Exceptionalism, the Democrats’ survival now depends upon their ability to IMPORT UNEDUCATED PEOPLE, criminals, and ne’r do wells into America from south of the border that they can mold into obedient Democrat voters, who will gladly take the place of the African-Americans and legal Hispanics who are finally realizing the American Dream can be had by those willing to seek it.


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    1. Well, no American servicemen actually died to end slavery. The 400,000 loyal men who gave their lives in the War for the Union did so to prevent the establishment of an expansionist foreign power below the Mason-Dixon line and in control of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. Failure to do so would have left intact an existential threat to the survival of the free states and the economic exploitation of the western territories. Northern capitalists hijacked the rhetoric of the antislavery movement to checkmate potential overseas support of the Confederacy. The GOP abandoned the freedmen to the none too tender mercies of their former masters a dozen years after Appomattox, when it was necessary to compromise with southerners in order to retain control of the national government in spite of their losses at the polls.

    2. While you make a lot of good points, it always bugs me that Mexico and Central America get a “shit-hole” name? Or USA will Become a Hell-Hole like the one these people are fleeing…. I take many trips to Mexico and Central America with the last being to EL Salavador in October 2018, it always surprises me how breathtaking beautiful the countries are and how genuinely kind the people are. United States of America has been a hell Hole, sure there is a percentage of people from Central America and Mexico who want to come to USA but it’s not like there are begging and clawing to come, and if you ever been there you would know why.

    3. I have not been to the southern border in years . I live in the midwest and I understand that most of the article is true and cannot be denied as much of what is stated I have seen and over the years have knowledge of the numbers and stats cited in the article . First remember there was a reason for Ellis Island just as there is a reason for border security . Then consider our defunct 2 party system that at the upper level is filled with pedophiles over medicated self medicated drug addict war mongers many that show more concern over the sign on the rest room door than nuclear war and that are so out of touch with reality and rely on the voter and non voter to be ignorant and not caring about the future of America . To really build a wall at the price as the President states could come right from the Defense Budget its right there but then the game of politics would be over for that issue . Always remember this country must be divided without the division Zionism would be found out and the political 2 party would lose control . Yellow vests anyone ?

    4. I am here at the border. There is NO emergency. This is complete political B.S.
      What is needed is serious responsible immigration reform.
      This will help everyone…. instead, we get hyperbole which helps no one!

      • Exactly. Trump is only doing this border wall nonsense because it appeals to his base of dumb white racists and he needs all the support he can get.

      • John, having spent a couple of weeks in Eagle Pass; I will say you have to bone up on your spanish, ( well really Northern Mexican with all the slang.) I never felt unsafe and met quite a few very interesting people. It’s different from Maryland; but so what? Being White doesn’t make you top doggy. But it doesn’t keep you from having a good time and making friends. I liked the hippy hand-shakes with my Latino brothers.

    5. Well, the difference between the US and Mexico, and Israel/Palestine, and east and West Berlin, is that right now, as we speak , Americans go to Mexico for vacation or to retire in order to afford health care. Sometimes they retire or move there, just because it is more peaceful, and the quality of life is better than the states.

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