Press TV’s Marzieh Hashemi Freed after Grand Jury Testimony


… by Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: This story really has legs now. We had initially advised Press TV to present this case as not only involving Marzieh, but all journalists who could be deemed to have information from a source that could be “useful” in a prosecution and then held indefinitely under this act.

In my discussions with Gordon, we felt that the statute had effectively become law by the Supreme Court not wanting to review any of the legal challenges, reflecting the Deep State’s long interest in the appointment of judges via control of the Federalist Society.

But now I would advise Press TV and Iran to take it a step further, to shine the spotlight brightly on all illegal detentions, particularly in autocratic nations and in the so-called democratic ones, as the case may be.

The yellow vests can be swapped out for the judges’ robes as a symbol of the public wanting a review of judicial processes and corruption wherever it may be found, which in some cases may even require a constitutional amendment to fix.

In the US, there is more talk about ending lifetime Supreme Court nominations due to the current illness of Justice Ginsburg at 85, and then the systemic situation where one party being in control of the Presidency for eight years can stack the Supreme Court politically for a generation.

We will be watching closely whether this issue builds momentum or fizzles, based on a correct structure that attracts wide support, and then a professional execution.

Against such a threat to their control, the Deep State would launch their usual divide-and-conquer tactics to encourage infighting and confusion to make sure their key issues are not at risk of an adverse court decision. They play a “long game”, and the public needs to do that also JD ]

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Where do we go from here?

– First published … January 24, 2019

People are set to take to the streets of several cities across the world on Friday, January 25, to protest the United States’ legal system, following the 11-day detention of Iran’s Press TV news anchor Marzieh Hashemi based on a controversial US legal code.

American-born Hashemi, who was released on Wednesday afternoon, has said she would be staying in Washington DC to personally attend the Friday protest there.

Hashemi, a 59-year-old Muslim convert who has lived in Iran for years, was detained at St. Louis Lambert International Airport in Missouri last Sunday while in the US to visit her ill brother and other family members.

She was transferred to a detention facility in Washington, DC, where she was initially forced to remove her hijab and only offered non-halal food. The US government said she had been arrested as a “material witness” in an unspecified criminal proceeding and that she faced no charges herself.

Hashemi appeared before a grand jury in Washington, DC, on Wednesday morning, when her testimony was expected. The Associated Press cited the people familiar with her case as saying that she was released after her testimony concluded Wednesday afternoon.

But the legal code under which she was detained has been widely slammed as controversial. Under “18 U.S. Code § 3144,” an individual whose testimony is deemed material to a criminal proceeding can be forcefully seized and held indefinitely if he/she is considered a “flight risk.”

Earlier, and before Hashemi was released, her children had called for global action to demand her release. Rallies had been organized then to take place in 24 cities in nine countries on Friday.


PressTV-Global rallies planned to urge Press TV anchor’s release

Rallies are scheduled in 24 cities across the globe on January 25 to demand the release of the Iranian news network’s Marzieh Hashemi who has been imprisoned in the US for 11 days without charge.

In a statement, Hashemi’s children had asked that people participating in the Friday rallies also protest the “controversial” legal code under which their mother had been arrested and could have been held indefinitely without having committed a crime.


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  1. We lowly citizens want to know the names and positions in our corrupt government of these thugs without a conscience or functioning brain, who arrested her and gang raped our Constitution which has been defended by the blood of real patriots for over two centuries. How do they face their wives and children at the evening dinner table? They need to be identified and shamed every day. What role did Israel Lover and MONEY lover Trump play in all this despicable gang rape of the U.S. Constitution? MONEY is Trump’s GOD too. This is what he worships every day.

  2. Grabbing and detaining people without charges, is unacceptable. The limits of the law, are purposeful and necessary and places the burden of proof and charges on authorities in order to prevent unwarranted detention. If someone is a flight risk, then too bad. If authorities know someone has committed a crime, but cannot prove it, too bad. If authorities want to talk to someone about someone else crime, and that person does not want to speak, then too bad.

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