BREAKING: China, Iran, Russia, Turkey Recognize Nancy Pelosi as the Legitimate President of the United States of America … Cite Trump’s Precedent with Venezuela!

By Robert David Steele for VT

We do not make this shit up (most of the time). Citing Trump’s precedent with Venezuela, in which the Speaker of the House in Venezuela has been recognized by the USA as the legitimate President (never mind that the Speaker did not participate in the most recent election which was clearly won by President Maduro, irregularities notwithstanding), China, Iran, Russia, and Turkey today have announced their recognition of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as the “legitimate” President of the United States of America.

Regime Change and Speakers of the Legislature: Nancy Pelosi vs. Juan Guaido, Self-Proclaimed President of Venezuela

ROBERT STEELE: Okay, this one time I have made this up, but only because we absolutely agree with Professor Michel Chossudovsky, author of the above piece. While I note with respect that most of the South American countries agree with Trump that Guaido should be recognized, too many of them are led by corrupt leaders controlled by the CIA and funded by the USA and the joint US-South American drug trafficking network. If Maduro is a narco-trafficker, so also were George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama.

Trump needs to focus on the home front and he needs to appoint a Secretary of Defense who has the brains and the balls to defend the borders and break the backs of the Services that are slow-rolling the President while navigating around the contractor that is the Acting Secretary of Defense.

I salute the President’s strategic pause on #Wall — the Superbowl is coming up and the collateral damage across airports was too high — and I am confident he is coming back strong after the Superbowl. Meanwhile he needs to avoid doing silly shit like this, setting himself up for enemies of the United States  to follow his example and declare that Nancy Pelosi is the “legitimate” President of the United States of America.

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  1. As the US Neo-Roman Zionist Empire plunders it’s way past the Rubicon into the abyss of no return w/ numerous illegal Wars & War Crimes, Color Revolutions/COUP’S that at some point even the less adept would figure out they don’t have a chair left when the pre-programmed music stops. Trump playing multiple roles as Faust & Janus all too well blaming ‘Fake News’ while having private meals w/ Jeff Zucker. Gaslighting & punching people in the nose first or throwing them under a bus but claiming he was provoked. Worst time ever for American politics I can recall. US is writing Alternative Reality Empire checks they can’t cash,.
    ‘The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.’ Pathetic feckless & reckless destruction but too addicted to the powerlust of The Quest & Mammon RA. They are beyond caught.

  2. Funny. US always have various 3rdbgrade officials, deputies and underanked people in semiofficial and even official talks with international heads of states and those that outrank them. This joke however might not be so unimaginable in the near future, if US continue on their destruction course. Bush/Cheney presidency was so disturbingly detrimental and shallow that if I was a head of state I would have preffered anybody talk to me well below their ranks, instead of them, and would be glad not to be invited for big talks and dinners or clubs.

  3. I have been acting as the Mayor of this solar system for over 50 years due to the vacancy of the office, and the unwillingness of anyone to fill it. It is a thankless grueling task with no pay. As part of my authority, I am now selling the mining rights to Jupiter. Hopefully, I’ll make enough to buy a desk for my office.
    The guys who were selling the naming rights to the stars, were acting against established law, and a trial was held in abstentia, and they are supposed to be under arrest for fraud. I get no help and no respect.

    • John, that is impossible. The laws regarding the removal of the Mayor of the Solar system are classified, therefore you need a Plutonian level clearance to obtain the data. I do however have openings in the IT department that only require an 8th grade education, if you know anyone who would like to apply. There is no pay and they need to supply their own computer. Elections are held each month. I have won the last 600 in a row 1-0. Nobody wants the job.

  4. HAHAAA…So many total drunks and I say drunks as in heavily addicted to alcohol as Pelosi surely is [ spending upwards of more than $2, 000 weekly bar tab . ] as drunk as Ted hiccup Kennedy whose car killed more people than did my own firearm , as drunk as Janet Reno …..HAHAAA ….

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