Suck it up Idiots! The Plot Against George Soros Didn’t Start in Hungary. It Started on Fox News.


Editor’s note:  For over a decade, Israeli/Mossad run Fox News has orchestrated a hate campaign against George Soros, a deception campaign playing to neo-Nazi’s in the US and Europe.  Soros, the “arch-Zionist” is reviled in Israel as pro-Palestinian and a supporter of human rights, which makes him a target of Fox and the neocons.

Sadly, too many, even my good friend Jeff Rense, buy into right wing Zionist propaganda, falling for the big lie.

The things Soros is accused of do happen, mind you, today at the hands of Google Jigsaw/Ideas Group headed by Jared Cohen, not Soros,  He is the other side.

As with the other Fox fakery, Pizzagate, Jade Helm, EmailGate, Clinton Foundation, Birtherism, all of it simply “schmears” from our Zionist overlords custom made for idiots.

Don’t be one, we don’t have enough oxygen to keep your little heart pumping occasional red cells to your very very few tiny little grey cells, as I paraphrase Poirot.g

By Robert Mackey for The Intercept

Paranoid conspiracy theories about George Soros — the liberal philanthropist and financier cast, in starkly anti-Semitic terms, as a shadowy puppet master bent on toppling governments — are now so common that it is easy to forget that this viral meme was first injected into the far-right imagination by Fox News more than a decade ago.

An otherwise valuable new article for BuzzFeed by the Swiss journalist Hannes Grassegger — which explains how Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, focused his entire re-election campaign on the imaginary threat posed by Soros, a Hungarian-born Jew — is marred by an incomplete history of the meme.

Grassegger, perhaps because Fox News is not broadcast in Switzerland, appears to be unaware of the key role played by Rupert Murdoch’s channel in spreading this myth, and incorrectly attributes the creation of the anti-Soros meme to the late Arthur Finkelstein, an American political consultant who advised Orbán.

Grassegger is right to report that Finkelstein and his partner George Birnbaum “turned Soros into a meme” in Hungary, starting in 2013, portraying the billionaire as an enemy of the Hungarian people in posters and attack ads disguised as public service announcements. But his claim that the two men “created a Frankenstein monster that found a new life on the internet,” prompting baseless smears about Soros to spread across the globe, fails to note that the coded anti-Semitic attack on Soros had appeared on Fox News six years earlier.

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  1. soros:
    in 1990 he saved George W. Bush from bankruptcy by eliminating and absorbing his debts.
    member of the Carlyle Group
    In September 2001, shortly after the attacks George Soros participated in a working group of the Council on Foreign Relations, the club of the establishment in Washington, on the role to be played by the mass media in the war on terror.

    what are the links between soros/open society institute and the CIA and the National Endowment for Democracy? (NED)

    i can’t believe that veterans today is still selling criminals like killary and soros.. do you think we are stupid or what? that we get our informations only from veterans today? unless in your eyes that anything apart from veterans today is ‘fake news’?

    you will not publish that, you never publish anything that contradicts you..

    • There are no links between Soros and the NED, the NED is the CIA front for carrying out regime change operations and was responsible for the Maidan coup, the Arab Spring, the Syrian war, the Libyan war and others. Soros had no involvement in any of this. I don’t think you’re stupid, just misinformed by what has become known as ‘fake news’.

    • sorry not sorry, easily found it: the open society publishes documents re their partners, and guess what, the national endowment for democracy is one of them, among others.

      here: 33k bucks from the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) to the open society for their efforts to topple ukrainian legal and legitimate government:

      soros and Syria proxy war:

      soros tries to relativize jihadism in Syria:

      should i go on?

    • Apply some common sense, 33k is a drop in the ocean. Reminds me of the claims a few years ago that Soros bought the Swedish elections, when all he did was donate 25k to one of the political parties. If you think Soros was really behind events like the Maidan coup and the Syrian War then you really are stupid. Those were billion dollar operations carried out by groups with far more money, power and influence than Soros could ever dream of having. You also make the same mistake so many others do – failing to check your sources. 21st Century Wire is very definitely a ‘fake news’ outlet, run by Patrick Henningsen, who was formerly employed by Alex Jones’ Infowars. This fact alone should tell you who these people work for – Zionist Israel. Soros is a lifelong sworn enemy and opponent of the Zionists, therefore anything written by a Zionist employee about Soros is certainly ‘fake news’

    • never said that soros did maidan all by himself, nor did he wage an unholy proxy war against Syria all by himself.

      what i’ve shared are evidence that soros and open society have participated in maidan and are part of the propaganda networks against Syria.

      if the facts are proven, i just take the facts face value. facts are facts. except when it is wikileaks who publish them, if wikileaks really work for the zionist entity.

      and i’ve discovered that netanyahu’ son, yair netanyahu, published a cartoon smearing at soros and ehud barak, a cartoon which was labelled ‘antisemitic’:×314

      so i agree on the point that they (soros, netanyahu) are in the same club but they don’t like all each others. more complicated than it seems.

      last word: whatever soros real ‘power’ over the events in the world, even if he is merely a patsy for others bigger players, soros is still a banker, all bankers are enemies of human kind.

  2. Correct, Soros is a small player compared to the big boys and is a convenient scapegoat for their crimes, hence he is mentioned by the MSM so often.

    Look at the sources for the Mena stories, that will tell you all you need to know, that it is simply a fake story to deflect from the actual illegal drug trade.

  3. The Mena cocaine smuggling never happened, just another anti-Clinton disinfo tale. Soros didn’t finance mass movements of Muslims. The Judeo-Zionists love to blame Soros for crimes they committed.

  4. It’s the go-to excuse for explaining away protests and their causes, as the cause cannot be real, because the protestors are just being paid. It’s a short term PR stunt, that has worked better than expected, due to nobody checking it out, or mob mentality.
    Unions are bad for workers, anti-war sentiment is just a liberal cause paid for by Soros, etc etc.
    The amount of mileage they get out of the stupidest things is amazing. But then again, if they actually taught civics, it would be detrimental to their entire brand and agenda. Soros would need more money than Bezos Gates and Slim put together to pay for half of what they allege. Apparently he has his own printer.

  5. Proof to a “troofer” just raises the cognitive dissonance level in their brains and I bet if we were to scan the brains of your average Fox News viewer we would see actual brain changes.

    I am surrounded by such folk in real life and Fox and the alt-right on the ‘net all in lockstep driving the society to the right to accept rule by the rich and their assorted corporations over working people and the rot is centered in the Republican Party in America.

    The worst of my “friends” are Fox News Republicans as I despise them with a passion. You have them on VT and hopefully their illness can be cured…


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