Ultra-Zionist Howard Schultz presidential bid: A ploy to re-elect Trump?


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

It’s a cold world out there.

My home town of Lone Rock, Wisconsin is expecting subzero temperatures till Friday.

Tomorrow night we’re heading for –36f (= –38c).

But it could be worse. I could be living in Astanah, Kazakhstan—which makes Lone Rock look like a tropical paradise.

In 2008 I was flown to Washington DC and put up at a trendy hotel on the Kazakh taxpayers’ dime. It was an interview junket. My prospective employer: the University of Kazakhstan.

Long story short: They didn’t hire me. Maybe I shouldn’t have talked so much about what really happened on 9/11 during the job interview.

That was my wife’s take on it, anyway.

Which brings me to the whole point of my digression: when I rushed out the door of my trendy DC hotel on the morning of that ill-starred interview, I desperately needed coffee and wireless. Directly across the street was a Starbucks. Groggily I staggered through the morning rush hour traffic, emerging miraculously unharmed to grab a great big tall cup of Pike’s roast with some stupid Italian name and a seat by the window, where I proceeded to dial up my wife on Skype. “Where are you?” She asked. Since she knew I was in DC, I figured she was looking for more specific information. “Starbucks,” I said—then clapped my hand over my mouth.

Too late. A torrent of harshly unforgiving invective informed me that divorce would be insufficient punishment for forgetting to boycott Starbucks, whose CEO Howard Schultz was one of the world’s nastiest, ugliest Zionist billionaires.

No wonder I was so rattled that morning that I couldn’t resist talking about 9/11 truth during the job interview.

So now Howard Schultz, the man who cost me a plush sinecure in Astanah, who almost destroyed my marriage, is running for president…as a “moderate ex-Democrat.” What’s up with that?

I have learned through hard experience that when Zionist-crime-mob-linked ex-Democrat billionaires launch supposedly populist campaigns for president, it pays to be suspicious.

Trump looks to have been a stalking horse for the Ziocons. For proof, look no further than Bolton and Pompeo, who are running what passes for his foreign policy. And then there is the small matter of Kushner…and funding from Sheldon Adelson…and the “Russian mob ties” which are really Israeli mob ties.

Netanyahu and his friends—the guys who did 9/11—want to keep Trump in power long enough to go after Iran. As historians are already pointing out, Schultz’s candidacy seems tailor-made to hand the 2020 election to Trump.

Schultz’s candidacy may also represent a Zionist pre-emptive strike against the pro-BDS left wing of the Democratic Party. “Okay, Democrats, go ahead and run an anti-Likud left winger! You’ll never win…I’ll make sure of that! Bwa-ha-ha!”

Schultz’s Israel-inspired “candidacy” is yet more evidence that a small, genocidal foreign nation totally owns our political system. Barring an anti-Zionist, pro-American coup d’état by a bunch of patriotic colonels (the generals are pretty much bought and paid for) I don’t see much hope for that sorry situation to change any time soon.


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  1. Who in Congress isn’t a Zionist? Many in Congress have dual-citizenship with Israel. Are you saying someone from the Crazy Left would be better? PLEASE! It’s the same sh*t – I want a real American to stand up for us peons and denounce Israel and AIPAC. It’s the same crap on both sides, so please report it accurately. If both parties are going to AIPAC to beg for their endorsement for the presidency, then you know we don’t have a democracy.

    Stop sending troops to the Middle East to die for Israel.
    Stop sending our hard earned money to Israel.
    Stop spending the majority of taxpayer money to the military (2019 military spending is $716 BILLION).
    Stop opening new military bases. Close them ALL DOWN and bring home the troops.

    • All 3 branches of our Government have been turned into the, ‘servants’ of the interests of the Judeo-Nazi Zionist Apartheid terror state of Israel! The ‘Land of the Free’, has morphed into, “The Plantation”, of that barbaric-bloody entity and our military personnel has been used, for decades now, as, ‘the sacrificial offerings’, on the Satanic Altar of Zionism on the World Stage! SHALOM!

  2. Boycotting Starbucks has the side benefit of not drinking nasty burned bean coffee.

    P.S. I thought KB was in Gotham (long “O” sound) and not Lone Rock?

  3. There is Kosher money flying all over the field of Presidential hopefuls and wannabes . Kamala Harris Democrat Senator of California ” I am so proud to stand with Israel ” , yup she said it . Now the Kosher cash is pouring in …..Party affiliation does NOT matter its the butt kissin and dont forget its the wall kissers that need a wheelbarrow to haul the $$$ to an off shore bank ……

  4. Enjoyed the article & spot on truth. I guess we will just continue with rigged elections, gaslighting & the alchemical psychodrama of synthesized perceptions of reality. Much of American culture at large does seem to have this dysfunctional trendy ‘Cult of Personality’ verve. Starbucks certainly fits the warp & weft of that description. A cultural de’tournement of sorts that has monetized a simple ‘Cup of Joe’ into a $7.00+ cup of High Fructose Corn Syrup, Chocolate, Mint Pumpkin Spice etc. alchemical elixir panacea that’s become a brain trigger neurotransmitter of Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins, & Oxytocin booster of sorts.
    “Presidents are SELECTED not elected.” FDR

    • When I was a teenager in the 1950’s I held many jobs like delivering newspapers on my bike, box boy in a grocery store, dishwasher at school or various cafe’s. I don’t drink coffee and have never set foot in a Starbucks and hope to never enter one. Coffee was a nickel then or five pennies. I did work as dishwasher and potato peeler at a high end restaurant where it cost five times that or a quarter. This was the type of fancy place where one could sometimes hear a loud shouting match in the back between an arrogant waiter and an arrogant chef. I watched from the dishwasher space It was great entertainment. Sometimes they came close to a physical altercation. Some table bills then reached $100.
      This was a large amount of money then when a pack of smokes or gallon of gas was about a quarter. When the bookkeeper discovered I was only 14 he informed me he had to let me go because of California labor laws but promised to call again when I was 16 which he did because he liked my work ethic. So much for the good old days all gone now.

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