May’s Deal Is Still Dead!


May’s deal is still dead! Last week’s votes in the House of Commons changed nothing. It reminds me of the medical bulletin the French put out after Yasser Arafat snuffed it, but was still officially alive. They said there had been no change in his condition overnight, which was perfectly true. He was dead the day before and still dead.   

The amendment which passed in the name of Sir Graham ‘Shady’ Brady, the Chairman of the backbench Tory 1922 Committee, simply asked the government to go back to Brussels. Since the EU are not willing to renegotiate the amendment in effect is a dead letter.

As I have been saying since 2016, when the Cabinet Office and government embarked on the mad plan to negotiate with the EU, the likeliest outcome is no deal. Business is slowly coming round to this. As I have also been saying since 2016, no deal is better than any deal the EU would ever agree to.

The EU never negotiates in good faith – like democracy, it’s a concept they simply don’t understand. The so-called interim deal was always intended to be permanent. To their credit the DUP have grasped this. Most Tory MPs are still labouring under the delusion that the EU is serious about negotiating a free trade deal.

The Cooper-Boles Amendment

Yvette Cooper (Labour) and Nick Boles (Tory) are both Remainers. Each is desperate to stop Brexit. The purpose of their failed amendment was to force through legislation delaying Brexit beyond March 29th in the hope that the process could be reversed. At the very least each wants to continue to crush the British economy under the burden of membership of the so-called single market, which costs UK plc about $5.2 billion a week.

In effect it was a Cabinet Office amendment. A Useful Idiot (no offense intended), Yvette Cooper is close to the Cabinet Office, which she probably thinks works in the British interest. A creation of the Imperial German Secret Service, the Cabinet Office has of course always worked in the German interest ever since it was created in 1916 in a desperate bid to undermine the British war effort.

I am far from saying that Ms Cooper is stupid. It is one of the ironies of life that in order to be useful a Useful Idiot cannot be an idiot. No one listens to idiots. Just look at the way in which Chris Grayling is treated. Commentators like that nice man Andrew Neill are already making jokes about people being “as lonely as a Chris Grayling brain cell.”

The ideal Useful Idiot has just enough intelligence to sound plausible but not enough to realise that he or she is being used. The Cabinet Office are playing Ms Cooper like a fiddle. I doubt that she thinks of herself as neo-fascist or a disciple of Reichsminister Funk, but she’s pushing the Funk Plan, a.k.a the EU, for all its worth.

It must always be remembered that the EU is the brainchild of the Reichsminister and a means of German domination of Europe. It is not and never has been about trade. It’s about control.  Cooper and Boles in effect are opposed to self-government. They don’t just want Britain to be in Europe, they want Britain to be run from Europe.

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Crash

As all y’all may have heard that nice man, with respect, the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a small car wreck on the A149 road, about six miles from King’s Lynn in Norfolk, just before 3 pm on Thursday January 17th. His Royal Highness had just left the Royal estate of Sandringham House. Unsighted by the low afternoon sun, he turned right onto the A149 ahead of a Kia, which failed to brake and let him in.

I am pleased to report that HRH wasn’t injured. The Kia driver and her passenger suffered minor injuries only. Thankfully a nine month old baby who was with them was unhurt, albeit that the poor little thing was upset. This was of course a splendid opportunity for the family to meet the duke, although apparently they didn’t see it like that and felt that they had some grounds for complaint.

The cause of the accident was the failure of the Kia driver to brake and let HRH’s Land-Rover in. The Kia driver should have realised that a Land-Rover in the vicinity of Sandringham might be being driven by a member of the Royal Family, braked, flashed her lights and allowed the Land-Rover to proceed onto the highway. She wasn’t wearing a cap, but had she been she should have doffed it. There are no signs BTW that it was a set-up. The DVD don’t drive Kias, especially not with babies in them. When staging car wrecks they usually use trucks.

Regrettably, one of the local rozzers summoned the gall to breathalyze HRH, apparently without saluting first. The rozzer should have known better. HRH is a gentleman and his word that he had not been drinking should have been quite sufficient. Hopefully the rozzer in question will be transferred to Port Stanley in the Falklands, or better still Pitcairn Island, where mutineers are always welcome. No offense intended, but Norfolk Constabulary are nothing if not a mutinous rabble, whose Chief Constable should be found some less stressful occupation.

The MSM, none of whom served in the Royal Navy at the Battle of Matapan (HRH manned an exposed searchlight platform on the great battleship HMS Valiant) have been calling for the 97 year old duke to stop driving. Their impertinence knows no bounds, frankly. It is entirely a matter for His Royal Highness. He’s a very good driver, I gather, and is possessed of a very sound judgment in these matters.

A fine study of HMS Valiant after her rebuild.

The MSM went into overdrive when HRH was observed driving without wearing a seatbelt a few days later. Unlike HM The Queen, HRH is bound by the motoring laws and technically ought to have been wearing a seatbelt when driving on his wife’s highway, but it was only a technical breach.

For the avoidance of doubt none of the Road Traffic Acts apply to Her Majesty, who may proceed upon Her Own highway as She sees fit. In practice HM observes the law, but only as a matter of grace. I sincerely hope that none of the local constabulary is entertaining ambitions of issuing HM with a speeding ticket. The Tower of London is kept open precisely for such eventualities.

Super Bowl LIII

I know my limitations! I’m not going to attempt to predict the winner of this evening’s Super Bowl. Good luck to both teams.

Strictly speaking, I have no dog in this fight. If anything I have a slight leaning towards the New England Patriots, but I don’t want to upset my readers on the West Coast!

One thing I do know – neither team is going to be bowled out for 187 in their first innings, as England were in the Second Test against the West Indies in Antigua.


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  1. “The cause of the accident was the failure of the Kia driver to brake and let HRH’s Land-Rover in. ” – MS

    Does Shrimpy really regret the end of absolute monarchy in Britain, or is he just taking the piss?

    • The disgraced former barrister is being utterly ludicrous, as per usual. A 97 year old who has no business behind the wheel pulled out of a junction when he shouldn’t have, nearly killing two women and a baby. The evil old bastard didn’t even apologise until weeks had passed and the negative publicity in the newspapers forced him to, he then wrote a shoddy letter where he blamed the sun being in his eyes. Pathetic, utterly pathetic,the man is a billionaire, he should buy that woman a new car and beg her forgiveness, then give up his driving license and have one of his many servants drive him about, before he kills someone. It absolutely disgusts me that we still have a royal family; the mere concept of being ‘ruled’ appals me, add to that the fact they are a bunch of downright evil, inbred mix of Jewish and German just makes it worse.

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