Spain church cancels Critic of Israel film event under ‘pressure from powerful Zionists’


Editor’s Note: The Jewish Lobby in Spain is rubbing the Catholic Church’s nose in a big humble pie by intimidating this church for not showing a film – one that won the best documentary award at the Spanish film festival.

But the bully Jews are losing their mojo. The church-banned film will now get tons of free advertising all over the world and get a much larger audience than it would have. So, in an unusual twist of fate, I will say, “Thank you, Jewish bullies, please keep these gaffes coming.”

As for the poor church and its priests, the Vatican will do nothing, as it is reeling in Europe with empty churches, and will avoid any new battles, while its pedophile scandal continues with an ever-growing list of published priest names.

The suppression shows that virtually the entire bishophood of the church was involved in enabling the crimes for decades by sweeping them under the rug. In the US anyway, we at least have the RICO statute for “running a continuing criminal enterprise”, which garners enhanced sentences.

If ever there were a group that deserved the full punishment for abetting an international pedophile epidemic inside the church, it is the entire leadership. Frankly, the entire church with all its assets should be put into an international court receivership and a Catholic lay administration assigned to continue running what is left of the church.

A priesthood that allowed this to happen over such a long period should be banned as a threat to communities everywhere. If any other organization had done something like this, that is what would have happened … Jim W. Dean ]

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“Go girl!”

First published … February 04, 2019

Some Spanish Jews show that “anything goes” when preventing any criticism of Israel, for any reason. Goyim must stick to the approved script.

… from Press TV, Tehran

A Spanish priest says his church canceled the projection of an award-winning documentary on the plight of Palestinians in the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip due to threats and pressure from “powerful Jews” in the European country.

Pastor Javier Baeza
Spain’s El Pais newspaper ran an interview with Pastor Javier Baeza, in which the priest criticized “powerful Jews” for exerting pressure, issuing threats, and launching an intimidation campaign against his church over its plan to screen “Gaza, a look into the eyes of barbarism,” Israeli media reported Sunday.

He said, “There were pressures from the Jewish community” to cancel the screening of the film, which has won the “Best Documentary” category of Spain’s main national annual film festival, the Goya Awards.

The heart-rending film is about the Israeli atrocities and human rights violations against the downtrodden Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, which has been under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2007.

The documentary was scheduled to be screened on Friday at the Pastoral Center of San Carlos Borrome in southeastern Madrid.

Carlos Osoro, the archbishop of Madrid, however, said the church was “obligated” to suspend the projection indefinitely due to security concerns “because of the threats we’ve received in the last few days.”

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain said in a statement that the film was being promoted by organizations supporting the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, which he said: “seeks to delegitimize Israel and Israelis.”

The BDS movement is an international campaign launched more than a decade ago with the aim of ending Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

It pursues equal rights for Palestinians by exerting pressure on the Israeli regime via economic and cultural boycotts.


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  1. Thanks VT for the article . Only a few days ago in Jerusalem Spanish contractors have refused to keep up the work on a short rail line citing International Law and the oppression of the Palestinians ….

  2. Seems to me the whole narrative is synthesized & fairly simple to dissect. The Marranos/Jesuit’s Crypto-Jews have been at this a very long time. ‘Geshu Theatre’ is one of they’re creations. Actors are Hypokrites (Gr. Spelling) as is JANUS. They’re network of influence in Spain is unrivaled. Most of real history is a re-vised academic farce which was a humongous error on they’re behalf. This exposure is something never realized or seen to those awake vs. part of the landscape in modern epochs.

    Napoleon commented that Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. Yep check that box. Napoleon also had his coronation Cape/Cloak adorned w/ 300 Bees fashioned after Merovingian King Chalderic. Hmmmm 300 & Bees. Bees like to instinctively colonize & Committee of 300. Check that his as well. UK & it’s proxy Brother’s at Arms like to colonize. No coincidences or accidences at this stage of Great Game. Chaos, fracture, fissure, derision, schism, Chasim, strategy of tension, Divide & Conquer playbook. Neo-ImperialnRome needs to collapse
    humanities future welfare & sanity.

  3. How often has the his-story (not my story) been rewritten for whose ever benefit since the sinking of Atlantis or what ever culture was here before ? Or since the burning of the Library of Alexandria, or the downfall of Babylon ? But this doesn´t take the liability from our own shoulders to think for our self about the facts, what really happened and react to it responsibly. No need to stick to “their” script but to truth which seems to be the opposite to what they tell us. History is what is hear-say in the long dark nights at a fireside w all the phantasy of “greatness” of humans.

  4. Poor Israeli victims. They expect to do any immoral, improper, unconscionable, criminal unspeakable, despicable, selfish, inhumane acts or crimes on the planet without anyone knowing about it or any consequences to them. They only learn the hard way. Shame, shame, shame on them.
    Boycott is the oldest non violent right of all world citizens. Boycott both Israel and the U.S. and tell both to SHOVE IT.

  5. Israel is always in the wrong, always! Full time damage control required, and their gangster business model to cover up their brutal bloodlust behavior, does more to demonstrate the true nature of the sinister self serving bastards.

    Long live BDS!

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