There are abundant proofs that the foreign International Bankers want to ruin most Americans financially; but there is no more evil evidence of that fact than with their college-student loan programs.

With their control of money, the Bankers worked for decades to limit professorships in colleges and universities to socialists and furtive communists, so as to influence the political views of students for years to come.

Next, they turned most college subjects and degrees into worthless, barren, and utter wastelands of no financial or of real educational value.

Some of today’s college courses include the History of Surfing, How to Watch TV, Contemporary Social Issues, the Art of Walking, Dressing Well, Tree Climbing, the Sociology of Fame, The Game of Thrones, Maple Syrup: The Real Thing, Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse, The Amazing World of Bubbles, and the Deconstructing of TV’s Buffy.
Then the costs of attending college had to be adjusted upward – to the sky.

When I started college, at the University of Florida, in 1957, the tuition I paid per semester was $145.00. Today, the average cost of a semester in college is almost hard to believe.

According to the College Board the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 college year was $34,740 at private colleges, $9,970 for state residents at public-state colleges, and $25,620 for out-of-state residents attending public universities.

Inflation is a terrible reality, created by the International Bankers, but it is a real-life actually with the cost of attending college today, and I have always contended most of those costs have been artificially imposed.

With an average of twenty million high-school graduates entering colleges annually, and with many of them easily incurring massive debts, they will end up being ill-equipped for marriage and the many varied responsibilities of raising a family.

And with employment being scare for young people with little to no education and absolutely no skills, but faced with a mountain of debt, how do they voice their upset and displeasure?

They campaign on social media for the most socialist candidates they can find, exactly as the Bankers had planned for them to do.

While the major “news” media is loaded with propaganda, the social media is about ninety percent fake news, mostly supporting the latest socialist/communist voice, just as the Bankers’ planned. Their goal being a One-World Communist government, which they control.

It was the Clintons (the perfect Banker stooges), when in power, who sealed the awful fate of former college students now in debt (and their loan co-signing parents) by preventing them from declaring bankruptcy.

Now US parents, and their debt-incurring former student children, owe $829.785 billion, which is more than the combined credit card debt  and short term debt borrowed from payday lenders in America.


And the scams continues, annually, with another 20 million, or so, students and families falling into hopeless debt, all engineered by foreigners – the International Bankers.
Now, you do not have to wonder why our country is falling into the Bankers’ socialist/communist trap.

And, I hope you can now more easily understand the popularity of the two-bit politicians, the likes of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and the ridiculous Alexandria Ocasia-Cortex.


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  1. Wow – I missed out on so much in college, taking courses in math, physics, chemistry, geology, theoretical and applied mechanics, and engineering. No Political Correctness™ except in a single elective class, and so much homework and test preparation time I did little else.

  2. The justice system, healthcare and unless students are interested in basket weaving, the educational system will be added to the broken institution list. The world’s leader wannabees want to soften the battlefield for their heirs, who would be roasted alive for entertaining such thoughts of being world dictators. Just consider, American police and military are their enforcers and are tasked with ushering in this new government monstrosity.

  3. Jack: For the first two years I attended a public junior college Pasadena City College and lived at home. It was an excellent school and costs then in about 1957 were trivial compared to today. I always worked at various jobs. Before entering UC Berkeley as a junior, the owner of the gas station allowed me to work up to 80 hours a week at one dollar an hour for about 12 weeks during the summer. Living at home I could save about $1,000 about enough to get me through the next academic year including books. At Berkeley I lived in a cooperative living group to keep costs down. Students did all the work except food preparation which was done by professionals. Each student worked in the building, an old hotel, for 5 hours per week. In my senior year I was the manager and earned my full room and board. About 100 students lived in this particular building Oxford Hall. I did borrow about $600 during my senior year and could have had it waived since I was a professor, but chose to pay it off with my first check later. During my about 5 years as a graduate student at California State University at Los Angeles and UC Riverside I held teaching assistantships which more than covered my expenses. I also lived at home at Cal State. People need to be creative and use the junior college system. Those of us from PCC actually did as well or better than those at UC Berkeley who had been there the full four years. There were almost no easy courses at UC Berkeley in any subject though. If you didn’t work your rear end off, you flunked out. That is why they did not give out diplomas at graduation because many flunked out during the last semester. The situation today is a total obscenity.

  4. Went through this nonsense many years ago before giving it up as a rigged game. Getting a degree in Electrical Engineering is hard enough without all the extra obstacles being flung in my path. Attempts to go to night school showed the entire college setup (all of them) was to prevent anyone from obtaining an engineering degree without forcing them to quit their jobs and go to day school full time. Of course, if you already had a BA they would fall all over themselves to offer MBA (master bull***t artist) courses, and they advertised the hell out of them. I finally gave it up in disgust. The irony is I TAUGHT these same courses to students at one of those revolving door colleges.

  5. Son-in-law has degree from university in Italy (IT). His school was free! He landed in USA, took a Silicon Valley job offered a bit below market. US graduates had too much debt and needed higher pay. So they were OUT of competition. He now owns (2) million dollar homes, works for biggest Tech in world making $$ while US graduates on the sidelines unable to compete…. Something stinks!

    • The whole Babylonian money scheme stinks to high heaven, it is neccesary to uncover the whole thing and learn how to overthrow and take it for your own advantage using the good side and get rid of the bad. In one word, a honest money system w/o interest. Now you know why the Islamic religions are the enemy of the banksters. No interest which could never been created by this system and to pay back the “Debt”. Note that Debt and Guilt is the same ?

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