Epidemic In Kazakhstan: US Blamed for Germ Warfare Test


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My comrades and I constantly wrote and talked about the activities of the American military reference laboratory for the study of dangerous pathogens in Almaty, opened by the authorities of Kazakhstan in 2016. Officials rejected all accusations of public figures and environmentalists about the danger of this object, especially built with the money of the Pentagon in a seismic zone and in a large metropolis. Now, employees of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan were forced to admit that new toxic strains of contagious measles disease were first found in Ukraine, and local vaccines are unable to effectively fight them.

Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan – training grounds for the use of biological weapons

Thus, Zhandarbek Bekshin, Chairman of the Public Health Committee of the Ministry of Health, the country’s chief state sanitary doctor, said on January 29 that high-tech research was conducted to identify the causes of measles that are not typical for Kazakhstan, which showed that they caused the epidemic in Ukraine.

“On January 24, we received the results of a genomic study of pathogens that circulate among patients in Kazakhstan. The study showed that these are the same strains D8 and B3 that circulate in the European continent. We went further. And then a more detailed study showed that the strain “B”, which circulates to a greater degree in Kazakhstan, has the genetic lines “Dublin” and “Kabul”. Of these, especially “Kabul” is very toxic. He caused an outbreak in Ukraine, ”said the country’s chief sanitary doctor.

According to doctors, these two strains have never circulated in Kazakhstan. Against them there is no immunity in vaccinated children and adults. Experts believe that these are new strains that are resistant to the old vaccines and specifically designed for conducting so-called test tests for possible further spread of other more dangerous diseases.

It is clear that measles, a disease that does not lead to massive fatal cases, although it can severely affect the nervous system in case of complications, affects the kidney liver, the immune system and is very dangerous for children. But, using the example of this contagious disease, modified in US military laboratories, the mechanisms for the spread of more dangerous diseases in the territories of the former republics of the Soviet Union — Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan — are now being worked out across the ocean.

These countries border on Russia, and Kazakhstan also borders on China, the genotype of the local population is close to the genotype of residents living in the Russian Federation, and therefore they are extremely convenient for working out methods and technologies of spreading epidemics, as well as analyzing the behavior and dynamics of the spread of certain diseases. Also, Western intelligence agencies are finding out for themselves the ability of local health systems to withstand and quickly cope with the epidemic.

At the same time, it is also a check of the health care system and epidemiological services in Russia, since it was supposed to spread measles from the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia, as from bridgeheads. In the Russian Federation, as you know, doctors managed to quickly develop a highly effective vaccine that protects well against the Ukrainian strains Dublin and Kabul. And vice versa, the epidemiological services of Ukraine and Kazakhstan showed their inefficiency, since more than 40 thousand children fell ill in the same Square.

In Kazakhstan, officials of the Ministry of Health are constantly confused in numbers, saying that about 910 cases, then about 950, clearly manipulating statistics and accounting. The fact is that physicians hospitalize everyone on suspicion of having measles, and give official data only on those persons for whom the fact of the disease has been proven laboratory. That is, quarantine in hospitals is many times more than the data on 950 citizens. And the chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan was silent for five days, having data on new strains of measles on his hands, and vice versa, he insisted that there was no epidemic in the country.

At first, mass measles infection in official media was explained by parents refusing vaccination of children because of their religious beliefs, but then everyone in social networks began to say that refusal from vaccination and blood transfusion is not typical of Islamic tradition. Now it turns out that the old vaccinations are generally ineffective and could not protect against “Ukrainian” measles. Then, officials began to experience a frenzy bordering on panic, when doctors daily urge citizens to get vaccinated, although they are silent about the fact that this time they brought the vaccine en masse from Russia.

Also fearing the spread of the “Georgian” flu at the airport of Astana, all Georgian citizens are required to be checked by sanitary doctors for elevated temperature and even in the terminal they installed special sensors to detect sick passengers. This proves that the Kazakh authorities are well aware of the threats posed by the activities of the US military biological laboratories in Ukraine, Georgia and in their own country in Almaty, but prefer to keep silent about this topic, inventing silly versions.

The most interesting thing is that the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a special warning about the danger of getting measles and even included Kazakhstan in the list of countries where there is a biological threat to American citizens. American epidemiologists strongly recommend their citizens to undergo compulsory vaccination before traveling to Kazakhstan, and even posted a vaccination schedule, which shows the schedule and types of vaccines, depending on age. This center even assigned a warning threat green color to its warning.

In fact, this indirectly proves the US involvement in the spread of this massive measles epidemic. It can be concluded that, in practice, these are not at all “Ukrainian” strains, but the most American ones and planted from the reference laboratories of dangerous pathogens in three republics at once. The Kazakh authorities are now trying to tell us that these strains of Dublin and Kabul measles came to the country as a result of immigration, that is, due to the massive arrival of infected Ukrainian citizens. But this is just ridiculous! From where in the remote villages of the Atyrau, Mangystau, Turkestan, Almaty and Akmola regions Ukrainians? From the sky fell?

It is noteworthy that the first measles outbreak, like the meningitis epidemic a year ago, was marked in Almaty and Almaty oblast, where the referent laboratory with expensive equipment is located for 130 million dollars of dual use. This is where measles comes from, and before that, meningitis, and remote areas and auls of the country ended up in Astana. And nothing else!

What is the purpose of the Pentagon’s military-biological laboratory in Almaty?

US military scientists, hiding behind diplomatic activities, are testing artificially created viruses in Pentagon laboratories in 25 countries (countries of the former USSR (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Ukraine (three laboratories), Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa ), exposing injections allegedly from dangerous pathogens and diseases to hundreds of thousands of people, and we, Kazakhstanis, have long been “guinea pigs.” If we recall the massive outbreaks of meningitis last year with fatal cases, as well as the deaths of hundreds a few saigak heads a few years ago, the emergence of foci of atypical diseases or those that have long been suppressed, then everything immediately falls into place.

It is also necessary to take into account that Kazakhstan is the territory of occurrence of natural pathogens of terrible diseases, such as anthrax, plague and many other species. Their artificially modified versions can hit millions of people, wildlife and fauna, as well as undermine agriculture and the economy of the country, and the territory of our state can become a springboard for the spread of these diseases to the neighboring countries of Central Asia, China, Iran and Russia. Moreover, Kazakhstan is a member country of the EAEU, the Customs Union, the CSTO, the SCO, for which many barriers are eased or eliminated.

It is sad for me personally that the vast experience and achievements of Soviet scientists, epidemiologists, biologists, doctors, as well as the genetic material of diseases collected for almost 70 years of activity and the fight against epidemics in Central Asia and Kazakhstan went to the Pentagon. After all, the US military deployed this laboratory in Almaty on the basis of an anti-plague research institute liquidated by the authorities of “independent” Kazakhstan. Naturally, no one asked the scientific community, nor Almaty residents, or even local authorities, since this biological weapons establishment was opened on the personal order of Nursultan Nazarbayev!

It is clear that this was the result not of a momentary decision, but of a long multi-year course towards the liquidation of Soviet research institutes and the general process of degradation of national science, education, culture and active redistribution of property, closed by scientific research institutes. At one time we actively supported in 2010–13 the struggle of the employees of the “Research Institute for Skin and Venereal Diseases” (NIKVI) against the liquidation of their institution, which was held with varying success with the officials of the Ministry of Health and the Elbasy family, who lied on the ground and the NIKVI building in Alma -And those.

No one in Astana and Akorda cared that this could lead to a catastrophe. Although the same candidate of medical sciences NIKVI Azizov Davlet stated that “The consequence of the closure of NIKVI will be the elimination of the venereal skin service, which will cause a whole surge of skin diseases in Kazakhstan.” But the worst thing still happened. The Kazakhstani authorities not only closed, but themselves transferred all these developments not only to the anti-plague institute, but also to other medical and scientific research institutes of the Kazakh SSR to the hands of US military biologists!

Therefore, we are all in a zone of a time-delayed biological and ecological catastrophe, turned into one big training ground for developing new pathogens on us and the local fauna, and soon we will become a theater and territory for future military operations, which, as we know, are hybrid . This “bomb” will cover us and millions of residents of neighboring countries. Shall we be silent and swallow as calmly as the creation in 2017 of a repository of radioactive waste of the American and Japanese nuclear power plants, and the center of low-enriched uranium in East Kazakhstan, built with money from the US, EU and Saudi Arabia?

What do we have to do

It is clear that the Kazakh government did not intend and does not intend to hold any “referendums”. Although a few years ago, a survey of Almaty residents conducted by the Kazakhstan Today agency was conducted, where 92% of respondents answered the question “Do you agree with the creation of the American biolaboratory of particularly dangerous infections in Almaty?” Answered “no”.

But now it is already possible to organize yourself in initiative groups in social networks, creating specialized pages, organizing video broadcasts, recording videos and distributing in YouTube.

As a result, it is quite realistic now to assemble an initiative group of real retired or existing physicians, biologists, journalists who would be able to launch such an information campaign and gather materials, as well as sending inquiries about the possible danger of such a US military-biological laboratory to various research institutes of the CIS countries and EAEU. I think it is quite real! The main thing is to understand that it is necessary to actively act and raise the demand for the complete elimination of the biological bomb in Almaty!

This is followed logically by the demands of the destruction of the nuclear repository, the center of low-enriched uranium in Ust-Kamenogorsk and other military and paramilitary organizations of the United States and NATO in Kazakhstan and the cessation of transit of goods to wage war against the people of Afghanistan.


Ainur Kurmanov, 
Co-Chairman of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan , especially for the News Front



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