by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  …with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Forgive me for photoshopping the conference backdrop banner to highlight Bibi’s trying to hijack the conference theme. I just couldn’t pass it up 🙂

Press TV’s News Review is a new format they are teething, which always requires some quick moves. For example this show was for a different topic and then was switched a few minutes before show time. That said, for a new show format it has 15,000 views and over 200 comments, so it must be working.

Fortunately I have been working for several days on a Warsaw Conference piece for NEO, so I was up to speed on it. The only official event there today was dinner, so the day was spent on media spin, which was quite a show.

Bibi came right out and declared he was there to get a war going with Iran, thinking that would beef up his political standing back home and get the news off his pending indictments. He of course is looking for Arab cannon fodder to fight Iran. My bet the only takers will be those putting food in their pockets at the dinner table.

Rudi Guiliani was the head cheerleader fool, holding a rally for the MEK terrorist organization for which he has been a long time supporter. His pitch was for a “free Iran”, with MEK terrorists running the show. Welcome to America’s sociopathic political class.

The Syrian Astana group, Russia, Turkey and Iran will be meeting in Moscow tomorrow, to split the media overage on the Warsaw Conference. Only the usual Iran haters will be signing anything. Most of the lower delegations there were enjoying the free trip to WarsawJD ]

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Such a shame to be this close to Bibi and not be able to say a few things to him

– First published … February 13, 2019

The US says the Washington-sponsored Middle East conference in Warsaw will discuss the future of the region’s stability and prosperity. Pompeo made the remarks during a joint press conference with the Polish foreign minister in Warsaw.

The two-day conference which begins on Wednesday was originally aimed at mounting international pressure on Iran. Washington’s change of tone came after the event received a cold welcome from its European allies.

The European Union foreign policy chief and several countries including Lebanon, Palestine and Russia have refused to attend the confab. Meanwhile, the Israeli premier, who is to attend the meeting, has said Iran, not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be the focus of talks. Tehran has denounced the summit, with Iran’s top diplomat saying the event is doomed to fail.


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  1. If Little Mikey is such a great Christian, why doesn’t he speak against the massacre and displacement of Palestinian Christians?
    Jesus was a Palestinian, and the first Christian.
    WWJD Little Mikey?

  2. Backdrop banner addition regarding Satanyahu is a nice touch of panache’. AIPAC Zionist’s & NeoCONs screwed the pooch real good now. Most of the planet watches in complete disgust of these Imperialism lying farceur’s. To think the planet is supposed to witness this rigged charade & accept the UN as the panacea to the humanities collective problems they created w/ Hegelian dialectic playbook. Worst than any Roger Corman ‘B’ Invasion of the Brain Snatchers movie I ever endured.

    • Most of the planet unfortunately does not include the USA, where many people think the Israelis killing Arabs and/or Muslims is justified, and one can call for the genocide of 1.5 billion Muslims without any social backlash.

  3. A really good and informative video !…The usual insane crackpots performed as expected problem is people are becoming informed and beginning to wake up to the usual players that lust for hate lust for death and destruction and can only be in bed with Israel . TIRED OF IT !

  4. Man, Pompeo looks like an insulin-resistant, inflammation ladened visceral fat, walking, talking, coronary infarction just waiting to happen.

  5. All we hear about every day are the rich with our money international gangsters in Israel the squeaky wheel of the planet whose God is MONEY. They have so much easy free money from our country and easy tax laws they can bribe and control our entire Congress and most of our government. Obviously the wheels of “justice” run slow in the Al Capone cesspool Israel. What is the hold up on having a trial for the biggest thug on the planet Netanyahu? Evidently this is all fake news too. We need a war all right to shut up the big mouth squeaky wheel Israel which is making the world tone deaf.

    • The good school teachers in Israel should Duck Tape Bibi’s mouth shut so he can’t poison the world with any more of his constant stream of lies, B.S. and Nazi Propaganda.

    • The world problem is not Iran, but the squeaky wheel gangster outlaw country of the planet, the international thief, Israel who steals land from Palestinians while blaming everyone else and getting away with MURDER and genocide with the Palestinians and many others while the cowards of the world look on in silence. Shame, shame, shame on the rest of the world for failing to rein in the master bully thief criminal thug Israel.

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