Tulsi Gabbard kills New World Order bloodbath in thirty seconds

“We must stand up against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in their ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage, new places for people to die, wasting trillions of our taxpayer dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives and undermining our economy, our security, and destroying our middle class.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Tulsi Gabbard has recently launched a new attack on New World Order agents and ethnic cleansers in the Middle East, and one can see why they would be upset with him. She said:

We must stand up against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in their ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage, new places for people to die, wasting trillions of our taxpayer dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives and undermining our economy, our security, and destroying our middle class.”

It is too early to formulate a complete opinion on Gabbard, but she has said the right thing so far. In fact, her record is better than numerous presidents, both past and present.

As we have documented in the past, Gabbard is an Iraq war veteran, and she knew what happened to her fellow soldiers who died for Israel, the Neocon war machine, and the military industrial complex. She also seems to be aware that the war in Iraq alone will cost American taxpayers at least six trillion dollars.[1] She is almost certainly aware of the fact that at least “360,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans may have suffered brain injuries.”[2]

Gabbard is smart enough to realize that the Neocon path leads to death, chaos, and destruction. She knows that virtually nothing good has come out of the Israeli narrative in the Middle East—a narrative which has brought America on the brink of collapse in the Middle East. Therefore, she is asking for a U-turn.

The first step for change, she says, is to “stand up against powerful politicians from both parties” who take their orders from the Neocons and war machine. These people don’t care about you, me, the average American, the people in the Middle East, or the American economy for that matter. They only care about fulfilling a diabolical ideology in the Middle East and much of the world. These people ought to stop once and for all. Regardless of your political views, you should all agree with Gabbard here.

  • [1] Ernesto Londono, “Study: Iraq, Afghan war costs to top $4 trillion,” Washington Post, March 28, 2013; Bob Dreyfuss, The $6 Trillion Wars,” The Nation, March 29, 2013; “Iraq War Cost U.S. More Than $2 Trillion, Could Grow to $6 Trillion, Says Watson Institute Study,” Huffington Post, May 14, 2013; Mark Thompson, “The $5 Trillion War on Terror,” Time, June 29, 2011; “Iraq war cost: $6 trillion. What else could have been done?,” LA Times, March 18, 2013.
  • [2] “360,000 veterans may have brain injuries,” USA Today, March 5, 2009.


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  1. If one Israeli died for every innocent person killed by Israeli forces, Israeli proxy forces (e.g. US military, Daesh, al Qaeda), and Israeli proxy wars (e.g. Iran-Iraq was), would there be a single one left standing?

  2. Unless Gabbard is just following a script to bolster the appearance of democracy, which requires token voices towards the edges of the mainstream.

  3. You can’t go against that 911 psy-op; it’s already ingrained in the publics mindset. You pay lip service to the Deep States’ crapola and thwart their next move. As in preventing WWIII. Truth would alienate the public and she would easily lose any chance of election.

  4. Want to watch something funny, google “NYTimes journo melts down on joe rogan youtube”
    Have a cool drink and sit back, hilarious.

  5. Unless she morphs into another person, she has my vote. It’s really hard to see how an American could vote for anyone else. Fair elections haven’t been a policy of those who refer to themselves as the Deep State.

  6. Anybody ever watch the movie “Canadian Bacon” ?
    The story line is this: After the cold war the President ,Weapons Manufacturers, Top Brass and Media demonize Canada in order to start a war with them. They just have to be at war with somebody… anybody!
    Worth a watch, it is on You Tube for free (with ads of course)

  7. Ba Bayam. Tulsi Gabbard on youtube.

    This is not something you will hear from Harris, Biden, or Gillibrand.
    But, there must be a silent group inside who fully agrees with her, if she is publicly going there. And it’s brilliant.

  8. Yeh right !!! Before this it was Trump draining the swamp and before that it was Bambi Change You Can Believe In.

    Words are cheap. Anyone who thinks things will change through election of a President are living in a Dream.

  9. Here’s a great quote I ran into researching history. It is from https://www.universal-rights.com/revision/ and boy, it doesn’t hold anything back on its attack of the NWO agenda.

    “As revealed by history, if it wasn’t for the United States Government working in tandem with the royal family in Britain (King) and the Vatican (High Priest), and large corporations that make their headquarters in America, neither WWI, WWII, nor the Gulf Wars would have been able to take place. It was efforts from the USG and its plethora of corporate masters that placed Joseph Stalin in power and rearmed Germany before the start of WWII. It was the very same folks that ensured Saddam Hussein had the world’s forth largest military before the start of Gulf Wars. The same banks, the same corporations, the same families, the same people benefited by increasing their monetary holdings and power over others. These people arm all sides in pre-planned wars then sit back and enjoy the mayhem. They drink from a chalice of blood while eating wafers of flesh.

    It is the American tax payer and all their sons and daughters that get the shaft of righteousness crammed up their nether regions. It is and was American, Soviet, Russian, German, Italian, British, Japanese, etc., etc., etc., people that pay the price for what all the Popes, Kings, Queens, Presidents, etc. do on their quest to maintain and expand their rule over others. They obviously don’t care about people, nope, they must only care that they are without equal in the realm of power. How juvenile. How bullish. How murderous.”

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