Trump, Kushner, Bolton Weighing False Flag Scenarios for April-May War with Iran


    By Gordon Duff with Nahed al Husaini and multiple diplomatic sources

    The date has been set, April, May and leaks are everywhere.  The timing is based on the Mueller report and what has leaked to Democratic leaders in the House, who “re-leaked” back to their Mossad handlers and Trump.

    Trump has already decided he is attacking Iran, it was given as his only option.  Pence failed in lining up European allies but France and Britain are already onboard and only awaiting the casus belli, which has yet to be decided on.

    The list includes a dirty bombing in the US or a massive explosion, to be blamed on a mine in the Straits of Hormuz, that cripples one of America’s defective aircraft carriers.

    The US is already pre-positioning forces for an air assault, Qatar, Diego Garcia, massive supplies of munitions to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Iran is aware of the timetable, though they won’t admit why.  We suspect they have spies in the Pentagon, like every other nation.

    Sources in Pakistan say they are deeply concerned as their relations with India are rapidly deteriorating based on a recent false flag suicide attack in Kashmir.  Pakistan has become increasingly dependent on Saudi cash after Trump cut off all military aid to that nation.

    The real concerns are Saudi Arabia’s nuclear arsenal and the recent delivery to Israel of tactical nuclear bombs, a gift from Donald Trump, fitted for Israel’s F35s.

    These are confirmed, highest sources.

    Representatives of Iran’s foreign ministry, currently in Damascus for talks, were questioned by VT about this but went off the record.  We can say they confirm our story and are “ready to deal with the attack and limit damage, even if nuclear weapons are used.”

    This is a quote.

    Sources here at home see the Democratic House of Representatives as using Mueller material to pull in a list of Trump confidants, each of which will perjure themselves, something Trump has been told will lead to impeachment.

    We have been threatened not to print the names, but we have them.


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    1. War is very Unlikely,
      Trump had already decided pull back from Syria and stop endless wars. He said this in Jan 2019.
      At the end of the US intervention in Syria; The opponent the armies & militia are more experienced & trained in urban+guerilla warfare, allies less than half successful with their war tactics in the region, and increasing higher public opinion against US intervention around the world. I think these facts are good enough.

    2. Doubtful for April. Conducive to union. first week of May through first week of June will be tempestuous regardless, second half of May indicates “ill advised advance by inexperienced leaders” will fail miserably. Much more conducive to gathering intelligence than advancing. trumps time has an alignment for two weeks starting June 11. The last two have not been favorable. He is on a losing streak, and I don’t see a path to success.
      All the usual partners are getting …. increasingly harder to convince. There is not enough storage and bedrooms on the 20 foot yachts, to move from the 40 foot.
      The year of convergence and divergence, finds convergence to be uncomfortably safe, while divergence is found to be risky and unpredictable,.less efficient. Anyway, Brexit comes first, then Trump tower is shaken at the foundation.

    3. What’s that over there? Always the Jews. But…

      … did you know Jews and Judeans are two different things? One is a religion and one is a bloodline. You don’t have to be Judean to practice Jewry. The Judeans practice any religion, and pretend to be any loyal nationalist, necessary to bring pain, suffering, and death to every corner of the world.

      Yes, Jewry is a terrible and horrible practice (as described in that book) and yes the Jewish leadership in Israel is a problem but only because of the Judean controlled throne of England and the Judean controlled Vatican – places where the real King or Queen and High Priest of Israel currently reside. The Jews in the State of Israel are scapegoats, and most of those are not Judeans.

      WWI, WWII, the start of WWIII (9/11), even the Crusades, Reformation, and Inquisition are the names for battles in a war that started long before ‘Jew’ became a household word. Throughout history their names may have changed to protect the guilty, but the war I’m talking about has never stopped for the last four thousand years or so and the perpetrators have always put their guilt on a scapegoat.

      The problem isn’t the people in the State of Israel. The problem isn’t even the folks sitting on the thrones in Britain and Vatican City. The problem is a set of beliefs and behaviors that motivate people to do some really terrible things to other people – and that takes immense efforts of mind-control through propaganda and media of all types, including religious propaganda.

      Religious beliefs are a huge motivator and when augmented by governmental propaganda, the results are devastating to the world’s people.

      • Ah, a quote credited to Jesus – the root and the offspring of David – taken from the big book of propaganda. Ever read the whole thing? According to that book King David was from the tribe of Judah. He was liar and murderer by both words and deeds.

        What would you call Christians that invaded the Americas, slaughtered the natives, and stole their land? Would you say they were killers?

    4. Does anyone else see the brilliant opportunity here? Make some large explosions in the Iranian desert over some non-existent nuclear facilities, let Iran and Hezbollah whack Israel and KSA with their 120,000+ ballistic missiles (use that as cover to take out the Israel and Saudi nuclear weapons with high accuracy tactical nuclear weapons), and then round up the agents of the now defunct countries. Meanwhile, the lines of communication are kept open for a quick cease-fire with Iran.

      Well, we can dream, at least.

      Sorry, no sympathy for Israeli civilians when the vast majority of them approve of slaughtering their neighbors, nor for those Jews who remain silent while the most radical publicly advocate genocide of 1.5 billion of so Muslims with no condemnation.

    5. Im confused as to why these guys are pushing so hard for this war. Considering that the world is economically on shaky ground, wouldn’t a war with Iran cause oil prices to spike? And in that event wouldn’t that plummet the value of the dollar causing a dollar meltdown? Or maybe i have everything wrong?

    6. I don’t see how provoking war with/for any given of the largest middle east armies (Iran, Pakistan, India, Russia, Egypt, even US-UK are not Middle East but are always there) can have a positive impact on Israel or its divinified territorial integrity/fragility. In the titans clash there would be a redrawing map of landmass and countries like Israel would fight for scraps. Israel cannot even get majority of nations to recognize Jerusalem let alone Golan or other areas. Israel are a failing strategist and Syria is the best proof. Scaring and lying is not winning, respect is winning. Nuclear weapons? Many can play that game. Israel are strategically successful in hunting down renegade Sudanese and painting Palestinian kids brains on UN school walls. That is not a hallmark of a success.

    7. Ok, have your war, Israel. But do it with your own money, and your Jewish children. Not one U.S. dollar or precious life. Let us know how Mutually Assured Destruction plays out.

    8. Trump, Kushner and Bolton, planning what could turn out to be WWIII. They need to be placed in prison immediately. If you can arrest a Coastie for planning to shoot a couple Democrats; you can arrest Trump, Kushner and Bolton for planning the destruction of Civilization. Or am I out of line?

    9. Supplies of munitions delivered to Israel, end up on the market. 1.8 billion from the Desert storm fiasco ring any bells….


      The implosion of the Western campaign against Syria doesn’t augur well for any attack against Iran but then looking for any military nous in the twit triumvirate of Trump, Kushner and Bolton can only leave a decidedly empty feeling at the pit of the national stomach – emptied of all phlegm, puke and regurgitated pizza spat in their direction. Will any false flag perpetrated here in the United States be met this time round by a little more than wide-eyed stares for the real perpetrators? And who knows but Donny the Nonny may live to see his wall after all … high around the White House built from the gathering chicken-shit of these wannabe military schemers – this bothersome brood of white-feather fowl destined abuse it as a home to roost.

    11. Everyone should give Editors Gordon Duff, Jim Dean and all the rest a heads up for having the chutzpah and guts to publish this information. The drawing is fabulous too. I am sure they made no new friends in our corrupt totalitarian Israeli controlled government either for publishing their secret plans.
      Great job. Ask yourself, who else would have published this? Isn’t this what Amendment Number 1 is all about?

    12. Considering the number of times I received “Error 522” (i.e., host server too busy despite CloudFlare working), someone does not want this article read.

      We can only hope that the appropriate parties have put measures in place that will insure that the States of Israel and Saudi Arabia will not survive if Iran is attacked with nuclear weapons – otherwise other nations will be similarly destroyed one by one with nuclear munitions. If not, it will be clear that the other parties are also deep state actors.

      • Unfortunately, I suspect that a nuclear exchange is exactly what some are hoping, and praying for. Anyone monitoring flights between Tel Aviv and Patagonia? When they double, or triple, you know the balloon is going up. Then Alas Babylon. As for Peter Jackson, I very much doubt he was calling the shots on this. He was compromised in the LOTR films, and it was only the stubborn insistence by Ian (Gandalf) that the film follow the book, did the films not get more bastardized. He, and his crew, can work wonders with what they are given. But only with what they are allowed to work with.

    13. Frankly Russia and Iran should bomb all US assets illegally in Syria, followed by a first strike on the evil monsters Israel and the US. These gangster bullies asked for it.

      • Israel and the US desperately need to feel a little pain for a change. Grant them their wish for the sake of civilization, animals and plants. Us lowly citizens no longer have any say in these secret decisions by our totalitarian dictatorship under Israeli control aided by the whores in Congress who have sold us out.

      • Isn’t this remedy what any grade school teacher would recommend in dealing with uncontrollable lying cheating bullies?

      • The grade school teacher’s remedy for bullying is highly dependent on the economic classes of the bully’s and his victims parents. Children of the rich have a free hand, while children of the poor get expelled for the same offense.

      • Sometimes it is difficult to remember that American military aren’t, for the most part, culpable. With reliance on special operations personnel, however, perhaps that should be reassessed.

        VT exposes wrongdoing and corruption but never advocates attacks on American forces.

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