No Hackers, No Whistleblowers, All Fakes, All Theatre for Mental Midgets

Imagine how much he is getting paid....should we ask Bannon or Roger Smith? I wonder

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Let’s begin by asking a question.  What kind of person can write the same tiresome OpEd piece, year after year, decade after decade?  They are out there, like robots gone bad, populating the fake independent media, crying for Palestinians, harping about the USS Liberty or 9/11.

To that you can add delving into PizzaGate, Jade Helm, perhaps imaginary issues about vaccinations, Benghazi, things where, we have been able to establish, these tiresome hacks are “activated” into using “talking points” that keep them going when their brains had shut down so very long ago.

You see, to be an activist takes a history.  You don’t just wake up, let’s say you worked for Reagan and now you want to fix the world by “seeming” to be “anti.”  Anti what?  Why?

I can remember the Vietnam demonstrations, how the anti-war crowd quickly became “snowflake liberals.”  Many are still around, whining about the Deep State or “the establishment.”

You an meet them at Whole Foods.  For the most part, they aren’t really very nice people, I know so many, don’t like a single one and I tend to like people, more than most.

So why are so many activists and pundits, not just Alex Jones or Hannity, Limbaugh, so many others, so obviously empty hats?  The rest?  Any of them marching with Dr. King?

How many worked in the mines?  Or, do we have middle class “strivers” who belonged to fraternities and sororities with the worst of them either spending time in Israel or spending time in Israel and covering it up.

To think that this Slovenian student would marry a toad and turn into someone looking entirely different 25 years later…

They are the patent medicine of the “dumbed down” generation of Americans who have simply given up but don’t want to admit it.  Instead, its either fakery or surrender.

Think of it, some people actually voted for Bush 43 twice and then voted for Trump?

Even Bush and Trump hate each other, consider why?  Subhumans resenting the competition?

Over the past few years huge amounts of material has been “leaked.”  There is a game here, first of all, create the material.  Since it all is written and “classified,” who we might ask would actually write down real classified material and send it?

Who would file it?  Where?  For whom?

You see, real activists are radicals, closely akin to terrorists.  They go through a process, prison, extreme poverty, suffering or religious nuttiness.

Then you might ask, why do none of the mass killers, not Breivik nor the endless stream of triple named school and shopping center shooters, why do none of them have histories?

No radicalization?  OK, a few maybe, a very few, but not most.  Most are not what they seem to be just like those who write about them, just as fake.

Thus, we ask, how do they live?  Who pays them?  Why is their griping ignorance published?  Start with all time fake, Andrew Breitbart.  Then look at Hannity.

But we go further, it’s almost everyone.  Thus the formula, how do they live, how where they radicalized, why are they published, why are some of their beliefs always point at smearing those who don’t take orders from that tiny little Jewish state.

Then again, a favorite is accusing those who would oppose Israeli control of America of being “arch-Zionist traitors.”  Soros come to mind, the anti-Zionist of all time who is continually accused by the fake Nazi right wing press of being a Zionist?

Then again, it was 2007 when we established that the White Identity websites were all funded by the ADL.  Now down to business:

Leakers are all fakes.  There are no real secrets ever written down or transmitted.  If something is secret, especially something bad or embarrassing, then the information itself is never spoken of or transmitted.  There is no “information,” only the event itself.

Real witnesses are “accidented,” like after the fake bin Laden raid.

You see, you murder the president of Paraguay with a salad fork, you don’t send a memo to Washington:

Flash:  From Secret Squirrel to Hillary Clinton

I just killed the president of Paraguay just like you asked so that you and Bill can go there and run your crime family.  I sure hope this doesn’t show up in Wikileaks.  I don’t know why I am writing this, something just came over me.

Have a nice day.

All operational secret business of the US government and others is handled in secure locations face to face.  There is no other way.  Here is a “for instance.”  I wanted to interview Lavrov.  Russia said “OK,” but they also wanted to offer me a job running one of their news services.  The money wasn’t that good, not by US standards and I am very aware that Russia is, in some ways, quite fake and deceptive as well.  They love Wikileaks, love Trump and continually make excuses for Israel and India for instance.

I have published and done documentaries in Russia for years, I enjoy working with my Russian partners but I am not an idiot. Everyone answers to someone.

You see, there are no “secret documents.”  People who sit in cubes and send “cables” and “emails” are not operational planners or commanders.  If something real happened, let’s say the US wasn’t just moving ISIS around, based on an agreement, but actually commanding, arming and sending them to fight elsewhere, nothing would be written down.

Thus, nothing is leaked and the evidence, like real video of US helicopters moving ISIS never get uploaded though everyone has internet access and a phone that does this.

What is the truth then?  Truth is, there is no “truth,” only stories.

How long has this gone on?  Forever?  Longer?  Let’s look at Daniel Ellsburg and the Pentagon Papers.

When I track Daniel Ellsberg from the Rand Corporation to his childhood at Cranbrook High School, where Mitt Romney was fabricated, where I was supposed to have gone as well, the mechanism becomes clear.

Building fake people is what it is all about, phony war correspondents or fake hackers who leak chickenfeed, things everyone knew but they take the credit for, control they are handed by the powerful.

The key is controlling the narrative by controlling limited hangout fake people, who tirelessly dominate media, spewing hatred of Jews and immigrants, a favorite, defending the Palestinians, and then, of course, leading the war on the massive threats to humanity, Obama’s ape-like wife, as Trump refers to someone endlessly superior to himself, or defining the evils of George Soros and the “Clinton crime family.”

Some time ago, it became clear that not only Google, meaning the entire internet, and Facebook, and all that they control with all that their partners control and that’s everyone, is really a cabal of interlocking psychological warfare groups with Mossad roots.

Every intel chip comes from Israel with a back door.  No accident here.

The methodologies for fakery are simple.  No real intelligence is ever written down.  Monkey’s with keyboards “postulate” material working for organizations and agencies that do nothing whatsoever, the CIA or State Department or FBI, 90% of their personnel are fake, its 100% with DHS and ICE, people out of the real loop, simply existing, passing notes in class back and forth, which the NSA picks up with everything else and sends to Israel, unfiltered, in accordance with an agreement.

“”This is a classic.

From the Daily Beast:

“But it also might be possibly correct in some cases, experts told us. The notion that a large percentage of the information is altered, however, is less likely.

Cybersecurity experts told us that there is precedent to support Kaine’s claim. While most of the emails are probably unaltered, they told PunditFact, there is a chance that at least a few have been tampered with in some way.

“I’ve looked at a lot of document dumps provided by hacker groups over the years, and in almost every case you can find a few altered or entirely falsified documents,” said Jeffrey Carr, CEO of cybersecurity firm Taia Global. “But only a few. The vast majority were genuine. I believe that’s the case with the Podesta emails, as well.”

“I would be shocked if the emails weren’t altered,” said Jamie Winterton, director of strategy for Arizona State University’s Global Security Initiative, citing Russia’s long history of spreading disinformation.

Experts pointed to the Democratic National Committee email hack that happened earlier this year. Metadata from the stolen and leaked documents showed the hackers had edited documents. For example, hackers were kicked out of the DNC network June 11, yet among their documents is a file that was created on June 15, found Thomas Rid, a war studies professor at King’s College London.

A few weeks later, Guccifer 2.0, the hacker believed to have Russian ties, released documents supposedly stolen from the Clinton Foundation. But security analysts reviewed the documents and found that they actually came from the DNC hacks, not the foundation. And some of the information was likely fabricated, like a folder conspicuously titled “Pay to Play.”

What’s the truth?  VT went over this issue with Podesta during the campaign.  Here’s the problem, Assange is an Israeli top level intel asset and most of those running the Clinton campaign were also on the same payroll that supports Assange, but without the 22 Rothschild mansions we are told Assange shuttles back and forth to during his sojourn a the fake Ecuadorian embassy.

We got our first look at Wikileaks when, in 2009, they released fake cables from the DOD in Iraq, cables that were actually written in real life by VT staffers working there, who wrote different things than Wikieaks released.  Wikieleaks made them up.

Brzezinski said the same in 2010

“This week, Judy Woodruff of PBS interviewed Zbigniew Brzezinski and Stephen Hadley, former national security advisers for presidents Carter and Bush.  The subject of the interview was Wikileaks.

Such interviews seldom reveal much, though Brzezinski is one of the most controversial figures of our times, tied to endless conspiracies and rumored to head many of the secret societies tasked with maintaining the New World Order.  The interview is available in full atPBS.  For the most part, Hadley offers little or nothing of substance, much as when he served as national security adviser to President George W. Bush.  Brzezinski, however, is another beast entirely.

The interview is edited, with little exception, as monologue by Brzezinski.

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: But I think the most serious issues are not those which are getting the headlines right now. Who cares if Berlusconi is described as a clown. Most Italians agree with that. Who cares if Putin is described as an alpha dog? He probably is flattered by it.

The real issue is, who is feeding Wikipedia on this issue — Wiki — Wiki — WikiLeaks on this issue? They’re getting a lot of information which seems trivial, inconsequential, but some of it seems surprisingly pointed. …The very pointed references to Arab leaders could have as their objective undermining their political credibility at home, because this kind of public identification of their hostility towards Iran could actually play against them at home.

It’s, rather, a question of whether WikiLeaks are being manipulated by interested parties that want to either complicate our relationship with other governments or want to undermine some governments, because some of these items that are being emphasized and have surfaced are very pointed.

And I wonder whether, in fact, there aren’t some operations internationally, intelligence services, that are feeding stuff to WikiLeaks, because it is a unique opportunity to embarrass us, to embarrass our position, but also to undermine our relations with particular governments.

For example, leaving aside the personal gossip about Sarkozy or Berlusconi or Putin, the business about the Turks is clearly calculated in terms of its potential impact on disrupting the American-Turkish relationship….the top leaders, Erdogan and Davutoglu and so forth, are using some really, really, very sharp language.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But this is 250 — it’s a quarter-of-a-million documents.


JUDY WOODRUFF: How easy would it be to seed this to make sure that it was slanted a certain way?

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: Seeding — seeding it is very easy.  I have no doubt that WikiLeaks is getting a lot of the stuff from sort of relatively unimportant sources, like the one that perhaps is identified on the air. But it may be getting stuff at the same time from interested intelligence parties who want to manipulate the process and achieve certain very specific objectives.”

In truth, it isn’t just the material itself, which is always fake, then it is followed by the “spin” by Conway or Hannity, who take the material from Assange and add to it, they do their own editing, put their own spin on it.

Thus you get Podesta’s brother buying a pizza and then Hannity decides this is proof that there is a satanic pedophile ring being run out of the basement of a pizza restaurant with no basement, only terrified food service workers who have a Fox News watching nut come in with an assault rifle to free the captives.

Our hero is Edgar Maddison Welch but is he a real person or an actor hired to publicize Pizzagate?  We investigated and lookie here, what did we find.  This is the same Edgar Maddison Welch who shot up Comet pizza, from his IMBD page:

Where is Welch today? Supposedly he is at a Federal “golf course prison” on a work release program, to be let out next year. But wait, he shot up a restaurant, carried two illegal weapons, crossed state lines and has a nasty record of minor crimes already. Let’s look at just the ancillary laws in DC and what he should be doing:

Possession of Firearm During Crime of Violence (PFCV): It is illegal to possess a firearm or imitation firearm during a crime of violence. The penalty is a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years without probation or parole and a maximum of 15 years. D.C. Criminal Code 22-4504(b).

Possession of Firearm During Crime of Violence (PFCV)

Assault with Dangerous Weapon (ADW): Assault is a crime. If the assault is combined with an intent to commit mayhem (malicious maiming of a person or violent destruction of property) or if the assault is committed with a dangerous weapon, the person can be sentenced to up to 10 years. D.C. Criminal Code 22-402.

So, we have an actor with 2 guns who shoots up a restaurant in Washington, 15 years for discharging the weapon alone, much less the insanity of the rest of it and where is he?

He is supposedly waiting to get out of a country club minimum security prison, from a work release program when his crime requires maximum security, and his personal record requires a minimum sentence of 10 years up to 20 with up to a dozen charges.

But then again, this is an actor, who calmly walked out when arrested, smile on his face:

Imagine how much he is getting paid….should we ask Bannon or Roger Smith? I wonder


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  1. Point … set … match! We live in an alternate reality, a contrived for the masses reality, and talking about it gets one nowhere. China has the right idea. They’re producing very real looking humanoid robots. And what are they doing with them? Well first off they programmed a male and female bot to ‘do’ the news. How great is that? Life as we know it has become ‘a laugh a minute’. It’s almost noon and I need a drink.
    For all you activists out there who want to change the world start hammering at the foundation. I’ll give you a clue. It’s the Central Banks. Any other conversation, like this article, is just that … conversation.

  2. MJ on the web is unrelated to the real docs which are lightly redacted as to names. Real docs, which are given with only highest clearance, might well be fake too. They are horrible.

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