Israel Attorney General will indict Bibi on three counts


…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Bibi beat out Trump for getting indicted first, but I suspect Trump will beat Bibi in the number of charges category. As anticipated, Netanyahu says he will not step down. Sociopaths never admit their failings. It’s not in their DNA.

He got a bad ruling this week that he has to return the $300K that a cousin paid toward his defense, and Bibi’s billionaire buddy cannot pick up the tab either. Life is so unfair.

A long drawn out legal battle is anticipated; and who knows, as his obstinance continues, others might come forward about other past felony activity involving his grace, Bibi the Bombastic. But the big question is will his political party stand behind a dead man walking?

If he loses in the coming election, Israel might get someone worse, but without Bibi’s obvious failings, like General Benny Gantz. If he wins, we might be looking back on Bibi as a closet Quaker Jim W. Dean ]

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Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit

– First published … February 28, 2019

Israel’s attorney general says he intends to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three separate corruption investigations.

Avichai Mandelblit announced the decision in a statement on Thursday. The indictment would be handed over pending a hearing, in which Netanyahu will have a chance to refute the charges before they are formally laid.

In Case 1000, Netanyahu is suspected of receiving gifts from businessmen overseas. He is also being investigated in Case 2000 for a media bribery scheme to help Yediot Aharonot newspaper against its competitor Yisrael Hayom in return for favorable coverage. Case 3000 surrounds Israel’s $2-billion purchase of Dolphin-class nuclear-arms-capable submarines from German shipbuilding company ThyssenKrupp.

Netanyahu, who always denies engaging in any corrupt practices, has said he is convinced that the three cases against him will yield “nothing.” In January, he said he would not step down even if the attorney general sought to indict him for corruption.

PressTV-Israel PM says won’t resign even if indictment likely

PressTV-Israel PM says won’t resign even if indictment likely

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will not step down even if the regime’s attorney general seeks to indict him for corruption.

The Israeli prime minister is not required to step down if indicted but he would have no option than to resign if he is convicted with all appeals exhausted. Netanyahu has been prime minister for a total of around 13 years.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump, who has portrayed himself as Netanyahu’s supporter by repeatedly recommending him as the regime’s next prime minister, has endorsed him again.

“I can say this, he’s done a great job as prime minister,” Trump said earlier on Thursday.

Mandelblit’s announcement, however, compromises Netanyahu’s chances of winning another term in April 9 early elections, in which he is facing a tough challenge from a centrist political alliance headed by Benny Gantz, a former military chief of staff.

“Put an end to the nation’s shame,” Labor party leader Avi Gabbay said, reacting to the announcement, adding, “Don’t wage the battle from the prime minister’s residence.


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  1. Never happen,…Americans are second class citizens in their own country, thanks to its treasonous goddamned politicians. Please add D.C. to that nuke target list.

  2. Only in Israel could Netanyahu be prosecuted. Think of the horror and the media cries of “anti-semite” if it were ever tried in Murica!

    • Oh how dare you speak such a heavy truth !..LMAO ..You are exactly right . Will Bibi be able to out semite the semites ? But the U.S.A. has the double standard on everything when it comes to race , ethnicity , religion or just about anything …

  3. Isn’t Netanyahu a Zionist in addition to being a Jew? Did only Zionists elect him? Are not many ordinary Jews in Israel responsible for his repeated return to office and his repeated thefts of lands of Palestinians and repeated persecution of Palestinians in patent violation of both International Laws and gross inhumane treatment of other human beings. How about the Golden Rule Bibi? How would you like your family to be mistreated like you mistreat Palestinians? Take a long look in a mirror Bibi.
    My guess is nothing will come of any of this tempest in a teapot. Israel Lover Liar Trump clearly concealed his love and devotion of Israel before the election.

    • Isn’t it clear Netanyahu was born without a conscience? “Conscience Doth Make Cowards of us All.”
      William Shakespeare.

  4. After he serves his jail term in Israel he needs to be extradited to the United States to answer for the exploitation of American Taxpayers.
    ” Once we squeeze everything out of the United States it can dry up and blow away”
    Benjamin Netanyahu, overheard speaking to Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

  5. Water board him, then an immediate execution for 9/11, the rest of this is then just window dressing. Who has he ever shown mercy for?

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