NRA in Crisis: How gun group became ensnared in Russia inquiry

The Russia ties of NRA bigwigs are political and legal headaches that won’t go away

Gun lobby tied to communist subversion? What's that whirring noise, Charleton Heston spinning in his grave...

Editor’s note:  VT is a strong supporter of weapons ownership, we even manufacture and sell weapons (legally) and design special operations systems used by the US and key allies.

On the other hand, we don’t like the NRA so much and have reason to believe they manipulate gun and ammunition prices on behalf of corrupt manufacturing and distribution groups that finance their parties with little girls and boys for the taking.  We know this to be true.  Now this?

UK Guardian: During the National Rifle Association’s May 2016 convention where Donald Trump won the organisation’s coveted endorsement, board member David Keene hosted a private dinner that drew three Russian lifetime NRA members: a since-convicted Kremlin influence agent, her handler and mentor, and a previously unreported Russian who chairs a defense industry foundation, the Guardian has learned.

For the powerful five million member NRA, the Russia ties of Keene and other NRA bigwigs are political and legal headaches that won’t go away – not with the FBI and congressional panels pursuing lengthy probes into the Kremlin’s alleged scheme to influence the pro gun giant’s top brass, other conservative groups and US politicians.

In fact, as American politics has become consumed with the impact of Russia’s attempt to disrupt the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, the NRA and some top board members have also become ensnared in Russia-related investigations, delivering an unexpected blow as the NRA’s links to Russia come under increasingly close examination.

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  1. The NRA isn’t reporting FEMA/DHS Capstone Active Shooter Drills that are proven & then exploited (4/5/6GW) into media events. By the NRA not calling out the truth it is tacitly going along w/ agenda & not protecting truth or freedom.

  2. The NRA is in my view a controlled opposition element that actually seeks to UNDERMINE the 2nd Amendment. The appointment of Oliver North, a convicted war criminal (whose conviction was then vacated by Deep State intervention) cannot be trusted — I believe he still works for Dick Cheney who should be arrested for many war crimes but especially for enabling 9/11 planned from 1988 by the Zionists as a pretext for war abroad and a police state at home. Below are two links: the first is me speaking to Rolling Thunder at the Lincoln Memorial calling the NRA out for not confronting false flag operations intended to justify gun confiscation (including the red flag laws that are in my view unconstitution. The second link is the collection of memoranda on 9/11 delivered to the White House on 8 August 2018. I am going to make 9/11 — and the distinction between Zionism (evil) and Judaism (good) a central element of the 2020 elections.

  3. Yep your definitely awake. Not only is Ollie North a traitor to US Constitution but the illegal Iran/Contra & he wrote REX84 & Operation Garden where he called for the internment of American Patriots. Also of significant note is the fact that Ollie is a Knight’s of Malta vetted member making him sworn loyalty to the Queen & Vatican not America. All easily researchable truths.
    What a persona mask fake charade.

  4. “From my cold, dead hands”, and then Moses parted the Red Sea. Yul Brenner was not pleased.

    • VooDoo6Actual says;

      I have similar distrust of the NRA. A few salient things to point out.

      1) NRA receives Federal funding which I already distrust & we ALL can see how that works & in influenced.

      2) NRA has not EVER reported any FEMA/DHS Capstone Events Active Shooting Drills as False Flags which sticks in my craw because honesty is like pregnancy you either are or are not. Not a fan of “FF’ in any society regardless of Republic Democracy – Socialist or Communist etc. Quoting fake numbers by making up persona deaths is never a good thing for a free & just society paradigm. It has tyranny written all over it.

      3) Ollie North is NRA POTUS & that’s not a good thing. Ollie was the Ret. Marine who ran the unconstitutional Iran/Contra deal for W. Bush.

      Then he wrote the doctrine for REX84 & Garden Plot for internment of American Patriots. He is also is a confirmed Knight’s of Malta Secret Society that works for UK Queen & Vatican for those who know how Masonic Zionism actually works. I was a NRA ‘RO’ but cancelled after dealing w/ the gross incompetency whenever I needed administrative support. The deck is stacked and game is rigged.

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