Here is the moment the Australian shooter was captured


[ Editor’s Note: Stories are popping up fast, so Google them to stay abreast. This the key one I just found. Another sicko that flipped out.

He made a Go-Pro video of his killings to enshrine himself as Mr. Badboy. Authorities are trying to pull it down, to not have it inspire others, but there are mixed views on that.

We live in an age where all church targets should have assigned people, at least two, on duty every time the doors are open with a crowd inside. The days of being a sitting duck should be retired. Members going to church with guns should become an accepted reality.

These will not stop until there are counter shooters always on the scene to defend the folks. The Alice in Wonderland days should be overJim W. Dean ]

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  1. This is a bad video you have. Take a look at the shooter’s detention video. Note: notice the car windshield when the shooter is detained. There are no glass gaps. But by the end of the video, the police showed the car to reporters and a miracle happened because suddenly there are three holes like gates.

  2. Here in Norway, aquaintances of mine (e.g, taxy drivers, waiters and shop assistants plus former political associates of his) who had encountered Anders Behring Breivik on several occasions before he supposedly bombed the central covernment’s offices and killed eighty and maimed many more are convinced that someone must have stepped in and personified him on several occasions on that day: He was known to bee too clumsy to have done what he did, drove other vehecils and waas nown to be a notorieously bad driver.

  3. Here is a 4chan discussion thread on him. http ://boards. 4chan. org/pol/thread/20625690 He created a twitter account in February but it is now suspended.

  4. I downloaded the video. So I have a copy if anyone needs it I can post it on a drop box account or other places if VT needs a copy. Since watching it I have doubts about the whole situation but I am very suspicious about it. A few questions arise from this. NZ is NOT a gun culture country. So where did he get these guns from? Gordon may be able to recognise them from the footage. Me Im not military but they seem like military grade weapons. If he bought them in from Australia HOW did he get them through customs? Is he ex-military? Did he have a Intelligence agent handler? Was he part of a group. he released a wad of files containing his thoughts (I downloaded them too if you need them) he called them “The Great Replacement”. Apparently he was not well educated and was of low income. YET seemed smart enough to do ‘bit-coin’ investment to earn him some money? Bit-coin investments to me are nothing more than scams? Maybe a clue as to his real story? Traveled to France, Spain, Portugal and other places in Western Europe. Other questions like why did it take the authorities so long to respond. He was walking around in daylight with a gun and walked right past some people standing outside the mosque and didn’t shoot them? Who were the other 3 people and how are they linked to him? there was another incident at another mosque where people were killed but no word on that? Nothing mentioned this morning about the other 3. All focus is on Brenton. Why? This is beginning to be very suspicious sounding now isn’t it?

  5. Mr. Dean, this incident reminds me of the Anders Breivic attack in Norway, 77 dead teenagers back in 2011. Which I have always thought to be one of those Mossad/revenge proxy hits.

    The story so far on this one, is that there are three other suspects, including one woman. VT will certainly have the tools to get to bottom of this, and see through the fog. I have yet to hear the Lone Gunman catch phrase, but its still early!

    BDS 2019

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