New Zealand: The Video (WARNING: DO NOT WATCH) This is sickening


Second Shooter???

The most police free city in the world?

Video with continual narrative of the Neocon “gun fight” as he pours bullets into the wounded and fallen.

Who are Satan’s children?

No wonder Trump loves this guy, son of holocaust survivors.  Freemasons all, police included, police especially.


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  1. neocon discreditor, That is the part I do not get, that the criminals seem so sure that there will not be a reckoning after they die. How could anybody know that?

  2. Im still confused about this false flag it looks real and fake at the same time, And the scary part is i feel like the government of new zealand is like covering this guy and protecting him also the fact that they lied about his real age through mainstream media and blurred his face and didn’t kill him on sight when they captured him! There is a lot of question marks about this incident? And i don’t think we’re going to get any real or true answers which makes it very complicated.. But i have a strong feeling that israel set this up to draw the media’s attention away from the bombings that took place in gaza.

  3. Who financed this monster? How did he obtain all the ammo and the weapons? I been reading, that this creature traveled widely, to Turkey and other Middle Eastern nations also to Europe. There had to be support behind this horrific demonic crime!


    The 1920’s, prohibition, Chicago, a genius by the name of Al Capone. He was the Father of the shootout and blood and death to make and example, and he was only in his 20’s! He ran the rackets and owned every government official. The Federal Government couldn’t get him on any charge until they invented the crime of tax evasion! Imagine if Al were alive today and watched this alleged video of a virtual zombie shooting up the inside of a church with virtually no visible blood and questionable dead bodies? I think he would have his boys hunt this p…k down to the end of the earth and make a real display of him in blood and death for the world to see.

  5. “The TV series The Walking Dead is vastly more graphic than this “real” video.” Thanks for this excellent point Russ. I don’t remember this point being make before, a good catch. This is why we have always put the work into keeping the comment boards up and running as with the right kind of readers we have a lot of “eyes on” to where people pick up on things that other have missed. The comment boards become part of our open source intel operation.

  6. Things are not what they seem. I examined the video many times frame by frame & saving screenshots. I could see some glaring anomalies & easy answers to how it was pulled off. Couple of anomalies. The mag changes shooter did not actually change mags he stayed on left Mag only & never switched to right mag. Hocus Pocus/Abracadabra. Only used left mag after doing a Mag change & did not use Mag on right side showing live ammo. The 3 shotgun blasts out the front windshield (@ 12:50, 12:53 & 13:12 marker) did not rupture front WINDSHIELD after 3 consecutive Shotgun Blasts out of front windshield ? (wad-less blanks used) & driver side window (@13:21 marker) did rupture window from point blank contact percussive blast of blank but no target was there ?

    Wad-less cartridges and method of manufacturing the same

    Fiocchi 12 Gauge Blanks 25 Rounds 2.75″ Shotgun Blanks

    Winchester Field Trial Blank Popper-Load Shotshells

    There are several flaws that are easy to spot if your perspicacious enough to use logic, reasoning & patiently break it down. It’s Kabuki Theatre.

    • Thanks for your time spent on doing this VooDoo. Please send the screenshots to me at jimwdean hat hey ho hell dotto commie. When we did the frame by frame of the Charlie Hebdo attack on the policeman being shot and while while down on the sidewalk the jihadi running right past him finishing him off, we had the two puffs in one frame, the first from the wad hitting the concrete and kicking dust up, and the 2nd from the blast wave doing the same. It was on of the top ten highlights of VT. Gordon and I did this in ten minutes one night and immediately posted it.

      We found no softball size hole in the concrete that a big AK-47 round leaving the barrel would leave, with chunks of concrete shrapnel being blasted out in a 360 degree pattern which would have peppered the legs of the shooter and taken home down with serious wounds. If no one believes this rent some expensive body armor and trying do with a day beside you from the pet kennel that is slated for being put down and see what happens, it will not be pleasant. I just checked to post the link and got error code “not found”, which means “they” have been deleting more of our archives, but we will work to get a saved version back up and post here.

  7. What song in which language and with with words meaning what is the music being played off at the beginning of the first video recording?

  8. While this comment is not meant to diminish the horror of the New Zealand tragedy, it is odd that the US and other Western countries support the killing of Muslims in Palestine.
    !0’s of thousands of Muslims are killed/die as a result of the US foreign policy and never a word of condemnation.
    That sort of hypocrisy will/is putting us all at risk.

    • Such as sitting in a wheel chair across from the Israel/Palestinian fence while an Israeli sniper ends his life . Or being a child playing in the street and being a target for the Israeli snipers .

    • If you would like to understand who rules the chaos of the U.S., most of the Middle East, most of Europe, and much of Asia, you should read “The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual.” It’ full of insights, and the good news is that, while the people in charge of the world wide epidemic of death, and destruction are sociopaths, and psychopaths, the transition away from this life, known as death, is just that, a transition, sometimes accompanied by some pain, but always accompanied by an accounting of one’s own actions; and that accounting is very, very precise, and includes every single thought, and every single action from the moment of one’s birth to the last moment of one’s death, and all the implications of those thoughts, and actions. The so-called “return on investment” of killing sentient life, and those who plan the killings for others to carry out such as politicians like Dick Cheney, whose only experience firing a gun was shooting his hunting partner in the face while duck hunting, and Don Dumsfeld, who did little in the Navy in the mid-1950’s, and then went into the reserves, or G.W. Bush who can’t spell the word firearm, may appear to be a very positive, large ROI for the very short time they’re in this human realm, in other words, they think they are “in the black” financial accounting profit wise, meaning they’re turning a huge profit, which they are, but ponder the word “black’s” connotations for a moment. Anyone who knows anything about finance, and ROI, knows that it’s calculated by a simple equation; and the time horizon for which that equation applies is out to infinity. And, when that ROI on their investment goes into the “red,” what they lose, and for how long it is lost has profound implications. Ponder the connotations of “red,” or the color of blood, for a moment. The problems the people running our world today have is that instead of their mothers, and fathers teaching them that playing with fire was very dangerous, most of them encouraged their children to play with fire.

    • ” it is odd that the US and other Western countries support the killing of Muslims in Palestine.” – An excellent point Square, one we have hammered on for a long time as it should be an investigative journalism first day question being asked, if not on day one, then day two at the latest. Why does it always have to be unpaid VT staff that are onto the anomalies by the 2nd day at most, where those with the huge budgets are way back in the rear view mirror. What we need is some UN pressure for a clearing house forum for information that countries themselves cannot censor. I have long been an advocate of penalizing countries by suspending their UN voting privileges, 1, 2, 3,..5 years for violating the UN membership charter.

  9. There’s a story out that the government of New Zealand is threatening 10 years in prison for anyone possessing video of the shooting,…” for knowingly possessing “”objectionable”” material”. WTF is that? These western Zio Freemason run governments are nazis, right out in the open now. They need public hanging! I don’t know when, but there will be revolution and there will be blood: massive! It’s unavoidable; these psychos have us on this arc

    • Very soon after the hotel shooting in Las Vegas the police requested that anyone having any video on cell phones or otherwise to hand it over ….Some did and when their cell phones were returned everything had been removed . Good move for the Bolsheviks !

  10. What song in which language and with with words meaning what is in the music being played off at the beginning of the first video recording?

    • You have to admit that the sociopaths, and psychopaths who run the world-wide “intelligence” services have a sense of humor. The disarmingly mind-numbed dumb “armed forces” prey upon the ignorance of the civilians who voluntarily sign up to be the shockingly brutal storm troopers for their owners because, as Marine, and Major General, Smedley Butler, long ago observed, war is a racket. It took a Quaker like Butler to see into the deep, darkly evil forces that have always used war as a racket. Most wars have almost nothing to do with safety, or security, just like “intelligence” services, and “armed forces” have little to do with safety, and security, other than as covers for their real missions. The tragic irony, of course, is that the joke is on all these sick killers because there is a universal, natural law of karma, or cause, and effect, and it’s deeply disturbing to see what the effects are of killing are on one’s own consciousness when one goes through one’s own death.

    • The second track sounded like a good old Freemason/Masonic Orange march tune you can hear up and down and up all the roads and boreens and highways and paths and down country walks and city routes all summer long in the good old North of Ireland. And when not outdoors you can hear them busy in the Orange Halls, balls to the walls practicing like good practicing Freemasons.

  11. In the second video titles Second Shooter the name of the iphone that took that footage is Cody Jeffrey Butler. Someone needs to question him on what he saw, what time he took that footage and the location.

  12. “Most police free city” hardly even describes it. Looks like nobody was home at the station. All the mosques in New Zealand now know they cannot depend on much protection. Even with all the shooting he did outside, calls should have been pouring in. That said, what this guy did was just a drop in the bucket to what state sponsored proxy terrorism has done by those who claimed immunity. They should be dealt with before this coward, but there seems to be little stomach for that. The pay is too good.

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