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A plane IL 62 of the Russian aerospace VKS landed in Caracas – photo Twitter @CNW

Venezuela is preparing for war. While the intense anti-terrorism activity of the Sebin (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional) coordinated by the Attorney General of Venezuela and implemented with the PNB and FAES police officers that led to the resounding arrest before Roberto Marrero , right arm of the opposition leader Juan Guaidò, and then of a very dangerous Colombian international criminal wanted by Interpol Wilfredo Torres Gomez , considered involved in the alleged terrorist conspiracy against  President Nicolas Maduro , there are great movements in the country. At MaiquetiaInternational Airport , near Caracas, Landed today two planes of VKS the Strength Aerospace Russian: a  IL-62 with a contingent of about 100 soldiers followed after about an hour by a supporting cargo An-124. The landing did not escape the reporters of Conflitc News CNW who published the photo of the plane.

General Vasily Tonkoshkurov commander of the Russian land forces SRF
Three hours after the indiscretion reported by Gospa News came the confirmation from the international news agency Ruters that writes: «The journalist Javier Mayorca wrote on Twitter on Saturday that the first plane carried Vasily Tonkoshkurov , chief of staff land, adding that the second was a cargo plane carrying 35 tons of material. An Ilyushin IL-62transport aircraft and an Antonov AN-124 military aircraft left for Caracas on Friday from the Russian military Chkalovsky airport , stopping along the way in Syria , according to the Flightradar24 websitefor flight monitoring ». General Tonkoshkurov, commander of the Russian land forces SRF, was received by a Venezuelan delegation headed by the Director General of the Office of International Affairs, Vice-Admiral  Marianny Mata Quijada , and by the Director of FAES (Fuerza Acciones Especiales), Edgar Colina Reyes.

The launch stations of the Russian S-300s found in the Capitan Manuel Rios Airbase, in the state of Guarico

In the meantime we learn that for at least a month the Government of the Bolivarian Republic is ready to face the risk of an escalation of tensions with the United States . The White House has repeatedly warned the Head of State that “all options are on the table” in order to dismiss him. Precisely in the unlikely event of a military attack, the FANB (the Bolivarian Fuerza Armada ) positioned and operated the S-300 missile batteries supplied by the Russians. It is one of the most advanced anti-aircraft systems in the world that allowed the Syrian army of Bashar Al Assadto reduce the many missiles launched by the US last spring (in reaction to the fake chemical attack in Douma) and the Israel Defense Forceaviation to hit Hezbollah positions to very little damage . From what we learn from Internet network sources, the supply of the S-300s dates back to 2013 but the confirmation circulated on the sites specializing in satellite surveys already last February. The batteries of highly effective interceptor rockets that destroy those fired by enemy aircraft and can obviously also hit the fighters themselves have been positioned in the base of the Captain Manuel Rios aviation , in the state of Guarico, in the north of the country. But according to another specialist defense site, other anti-missile tanks were also placed in the Santa Elena de Uairén Airport , a few kilometers from Pacaraima , in the state of Roraima , on the border with Brazil . The S-300s represent an element of defense that makes the Bolivarian nation almost unassailable from this country as well as from the other neighbors of  Colombia  and  Guyana , allies of the Americans, and endangers the security of these same nations that could in turn suffer huge damages if they ever decide to provide logistic support to the Us Air Force(which has no bases in Latin America). It is therefore probable that if there is a missile attack it will begin with the naval ships of the II Navy Fleet made operational again at the base in Nortfolk , Virginia. This 2nd group of the American navy, already in charge of controlling the Caribbean Sea , had been decommissioned in 2011 but was reactivated with significant upgrades in May 2018, just a few months before Guaidò declared himself interim president in January immediate American recognition and support.

A self-propelled wagon of anti-aircraft batteries S-300 from Venezuela

Sporadic, perhaps also due to the addiction they generated among the Venezuelans themselves, comes the reports of other explosions and fires in the electrical substations that are continuing to cause major problems to the energy network and even blackouts lasted more than 24 hours in Maracaibo.

“The United States and Brazil have never been so close.” He said the American president Donald Trump  at a joint conference with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after the summit at the White House that he had among the hot topics precisely the US policy in Venezuela .

The American tycoon said he is seriously thinking about Brazil’s joining NATO or some other alliance for this country, reiterating that to bring down the government of President Nicolas Maduro “all the optionsthey are on the table”. The contents of the meeting remained largely top secret and it is easy to understand that they relate to the role of Brazil in the increasingly near future of a military attack in Caracas. In fact, Bolsonaro’s visit to the CIA headquarters in Langley , Virginia , attracted media attention before he went to Washington. Much more than his meeting with  Steve Bannon , the former White House strategist and ideologist of the nationalist right in the residence of the Brazilian ambassador. The Special Representative of the United States to Venezuela, Elliot Abrams , however, has spent two days in Romefor talks with a Russian delegation. But at the end of the journey he had to admit the evidence that Giuseppe Conte’s Lega-M5S Government does not want to give an overthrow to grant the regime-change endorsement:

“With Italy we have only one point of disagreement over Venezuela , the failure to recognition of Juan Guaidò as president. But on many other points we agree “. Abrams has a very great and infamous experience precisely in the serious internationals having worked as a close collaborator for national security for both President  Ronald Reagan and the other Republican George W. Bush junior with whom he followed the coups in Nicaragua and San Salvador, was involved in the Irangate scandal , dealt with the geopolitical issues connected to the Middle East following the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and, according to the London Observer , he was among the first to know – or forsea plot – the 2002 coup that led to the arrest and to the temporary deposition of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez . The outcome of the meeting with the Russian spokesman is unknown. But having completed the diplomatic formalities and defined the secret agreements with Bolsonaro, the US is now ready to take the threats that the military advisor of the Trump administration, John Bolton, continues to launch on Twitter against the elected Venezuelan president Maduro, in a vain attempt to induce him to step aside.

The vast arson in the Waraira Repeno park in an image diffused by TeleSur

After the cyber sabotage to the power plants and the explosions in the energy substations (9 until yesterday evening), after the contamination of the water with oil, after the fires of three cisterns in a refinery in the Orinoco valley , the fire approaches the capital devastatingly targeting the bushland above Caracas . Too many bomb attacks in just 12 days in order not to hold even this last fire, exploded yesterday evening, Monday 18 March, as an action of the regime-change conspiracy also revealed by a dossier discovered by an Argentine judge in the archive digital of an alleged American spy in Bueons Aires as anticipated and exclusive in the West by Gospa News.

The flames suddenly burst into the vast Waraira Repeno Natural Park, burning about 50 hectares of forest in just a few hours. The Interior Minister of Giustia and Peace, Nestor Reveroi has already launched an investigation into the incident which seems to have originated from a deliberate act. Only the prompt intervention of 47 Fire Brigades and 105 Civil Protection volunteers, as meticulously reported by TeleSur , limited the lake of fire that was spreading towards Terazas de l’Avila , a town east of the capital.

The president of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello alerted the population and politicians of the limitless escalation of sabotage.recalled the blackout that in recent days had affected 21 states of the Bolivarian Republic out of 23 (and two more yesterday): “What is happening in Venezuela is happening for a reason. The United States has already tried to carry out a series of selective attacks in an attempt to cause damage to our country. The United States does not care about the victims, they can openly try to launch terrorist attacks on the subway, schools and hospitals, “said Cabello just a few hours before the mountain overlooking the capital went up in flames. In the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, now blatantly lined up with the opposition, 10 lines on the fire (quoted for a photo on Twitter) and 200 of political comments against the government …

The fire that on Monday night approached threateningly to the town Terazas de l’Avila, a town east of Caracas
The umpteenth explosion in the industrial area of ​​Cloris in Guarenas

After two days of respite, the bursts of electric stations are resumed. The Bolivarian government’s protesters still do not accept the now obvious explanation of the sabotage, even accusing the president-elect Nicola Maduro of being himself to blow up the centers of energy distribution or citing the cause of the fires to the vegetation. The Venezuelans who believed him after the denunciation of 150 different attacks in a few days starting from 7 March (cybernetic, electromagnetic, computer and physical) are divided on social media in accusing electromagnetic beams or other. The fact remains that from this morning a part of the state of Miranda is again without light for the outbreak of a row of electrical transformers in theindustrial area of ​​Cloris in Guarenas . An explosion that would also affect a part of the Caracas network. To this is added a fire in the San Jacinto de Maracay substation. These serious accidents, in addition to causing the blackout in the neighboring areas, have also weighed on other distribution centers causing the instability of the electric power in Santa Cruz. Distribution Casarapa d Guarenas and Elegua in Guatire. Obviously this is what we know. The last two cases lead to at least 9 substations exploded or went on fire in as many days.



The explosions reported yesterday in Venezuela were not limited to the two reported in the images of the previous update and therefore the blackout would return in some areas of at least five states. By now it becomes almost impossible to have confirmations for the Bolivarian government line to avoid official communications on the ongoing mergers until they are resolved in order to avoid panic among the population. It remains so firm to the disturbing data released in the press releases between Tuesday and Wednesday in the aftermath of the speech by the president-elect Nicola Maduro: the last one reports of 150 attacks between cyberneticians and computer scientists of hacker experts to as many electrical stations such as to cause short circuits to which were added real explosive physical attacks (at least 7). Precisely because of these attacks, the opposition leader and the self-proclaimed interim president, deputy Juan Guaidò , was put under investigation by the attorney general as the intellectual inspiration for the sabotage of the electricity grid . A conspiracy that would also result from the dossiers of an Argentine federal judge seized from an alleged American spy in Buenos Aires.

The plot summarized by the Government of Caracas

Instead the news of the cancellation of an American Airlines flight and the launch of the Reuters agency comeson the basis of “an influential pilots’ union” a few hours later confirmed by an official statement from the company on the stop of flights to Caracas. “Do not accept travel to Venezuela,” the Allied Pilots Association said in a statement today, Friday March 15, thus prompting American Airlines to suspend air traffic following a warning issued by the US State Department this week about the danger to travel to the country because of “civil unrest, poor health and arbitrary arrests and imprisonment of US citizens”, added Reuters, who, now servile in the cause of the opposition leader Juan Guaidò, does not make the slightest mention to attacks on the electricity grid, and to the refineries that would more than justify the renunciation of flying in the country. “All US diplomats left the country on Thursday,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, without obviously specifying that Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza had given a 72-hour ultimatum to the US within which to start “a dialogue of mutual respect” and not an expulsion tout court. In four lines here are the anomalous media and diplomatic condensations on theVenezuela , It is implicit that the fear of flying of US pilots is part of that strategy of terror as it evokes the possibility of a possible military attack on the US Air Force. An intervention that, if it is to be there, is more likely to take place after Tuesday, March 19, when US President Donald Trump will meet his first ally in Latin America or the newly elected Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro at the White House to discuss regime-change dynamics in Caracas, 


On this day the lack of an electric station explosion seemed strange. As Conflict News CNV has well documented, on its Twitter profile two yesterday afternoon occurred in the states of Zulia and Miranda .

The two power stations exploded on March 14th


A third tanker also exploded in the Petro San Felix refinery , in the refining area close to the oil extraction refinery of the vast Orinoco deposits , already hit around Wednesday around noon, by an accident that seems to fall within the scope of sabotage in the against the country’s infrastructure. But the newspaper E l Nacional , after having published this news with a delay of two hours compared to our Italian site (about 20 hours compared to the previous explosions), instead of investigating the event and providing an update on the serious fire that now affects three oil reservoirs gave space to the imaginative hypothesis of the deputy Josè Brito according to which the explosion would have taken place due to the bad maintenance of the fire-fighting cylinders.

The third diluent tank fire in Petro San Felix

The tanks are still burning despite the prolonged intervention of the Fire Brigade because they contain a highly flammable thinner. Obviously being a member of parliament is not even considered the possibility that it is yet another attack besides the government of the president-elect Nicola Maduro , to the entire defenseless population that risks being counterproductive even for the opposition leader Juan Guaidò since now his propaganda on accidents caused by neglect is denied by the frequency and severity of the explosions. Just as Caracascelebrates the reopening of the underground after five days of stop for the blackout here is the signal that the attacks in the country continue in the silence of the western media as Latin American (I explain under the why …). But the restart of the underground trains also occurred with an accident between two convoys near the La California station: it happened during the night just as the test was started to reopen the line. Therefore there were no serious consequences but this caused a new block for a quarter of the network. Instead, from the hospital in San Juan de Dios in Caracas, there is a report of a water flow that is not enough to guarantee normal health activities.


The oil map of Venezuela and in the circle the area of ​​the refineries of the Anzoategui state, in the Orinoco valley, where the explosions occurred – Click on the image for more details on the reserves of Venezuela

On Wednesday afternoon (Venezuelan time) the terrible news of the collapse of two cisterns of a refinery of Petro San Felix  of the national company  Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) near San Diego de Cabrutica  in the state of Anzoateguiwas learned . Now the attacks in the country follow each other with such frequency that it becomes difficult to tell the details. But this last evident sabotage, in the light of others in the night at two power stations and a water pipeline that brought oil into domestic drinking water systems, show a plot that seems designed by a serial killer.

First the power plant named after Simon Bolivar , the hero of the Latin American revolution, now to the tanks and the aqueduct in two different states but which happened to strike two cities named after San Diego (d’Alcalà), the Christian saint to whom the Venezuelans particularly devoted as the rest of South America . Finally, both have as a tool of sabotage that black gold which is the known objective of the USA in Venezuela . Little is known for now of the outbreak of the two refinery tanks which obviously require an urgent and specialized emergency intervention. We only know that they happened around 11 in the Caribbean , or 16 in Italy. On the morning of Wednesday, March 13, 27% of the network was still disconnected 140 hours after the blackout, confirming the difficulty in redistributing energy due to the various stations burned. Added to this is the report that in the state of Vargas the national electricity company Corpolec was facing a new widespread emergency in the afternoon.


As confirmed by some Twitter messages sent to members of the government in which there are areas of Caracas (Padros de Este, Alto Prado, Terazas Club Hipico ) still without light and without water because of that area south of the capital isolated from the outbreak of a station like reported in the previous report, and in the Parroquia de la Vega in Montalban , for 9 days without light and without a drop of water. The triumphant affirmation on Wednesday evening of the Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodriguez, according to which 100% of the electricity grid had been restored, should therefore be taken with the benefit of verification .

The graph of the distribution of electricity on the grid where we see the initial collapse of Thursday 7 March and the gradual recovery until the stabilization of yesterday in almost the whole country



Finally in almost all the inhabited centers of Venezuela until a few hours ago the electric current had returned and with it the running water stopped for the blockage of the filtration and pumping water system. A collateral damage that between Sunday and Monday was turning out as the hours passed more seriously than the lack of light. But from the taps of various areas of the state of Carabobo  black water came out, as thick as oil but with the stench of sewage, as if it were a mixture of crude oil and sewage. As in the case of the electrical attacks that we have discussed extensively in the previous articles and for which the opposition leader Juan Guaidò was investigated, to arouse suspicions of a further sabotage is not only the anomalous accident but its widespread and repeated diffusion. Few hours have passed since the running water came back and the tremendous discovery was made of this very serious problem that lasts from hour to hour in almost all the houses of the Carabobian city of San Diego .

Here are some images posted on Twitter by CNV on oil-contaminated water in San Diego and in other areas of the state of Carabobo and probably also in that of Aragua

On social media, chilling photos in striking contrast with those soothing widespread yesterday evening by the Minister for Water Attention, Evelyn Vasquez , who, chirping the photos with drinking water tankers sent across the country, had warned that the water service it would have been restored with the priority for those areas left without time. The nightmare that is already hovering is that this dramatic contamination of water with crude is widespread. For now, the managers of the National Water Service are concentrating on solving the problem in two states, Carabobo and Aragua, which therefore pass from the blackout emergency to that of contaminated drinking water. But in the evening it was Maduro himself who announced the activation of the “Tanque Azul” (blue cistern) plan to bring drinking water to all the houses: probably also in consideration of the problems of contamination which, however, made no mention at all.

Tankers with emergency water in Venezuela

It is also disturbing to see the image of a stagnation of water near the aqueduct completely polluted by oil, proving that the dispersion could be not only somewhere in the pipelines or the aqueduct but even in the water basins.

The leakage of water polluted by a vandalized pipeline

Here then take increasingly shape the specter of a military sabotage in full rule as suggested by the expert in geopolitics and military intelligence Gordon Duff, a veteran of the Marines, international consultant intelligence and senior editor of the anti-terrorism website and news of war VT : at the moment one of the few western banks of transparent information. In an interview broadcast by Press TV on Monday 11 March, the expert warned that any kind of violent attack could be expected. And the allocation of half a billion dollars provided by the US State Department for the USAID agency, just Monday, March 11, to support the regime-chance makes us understand how much Washington is willing to invest : just think that to combat terrorism on a global scale has provided for 707 million dollars, or only 200 more than those budgeted to take out the Venezuelan president elected Nicola Maduro and take possession of the Venezuelan oil fields: the largest on the entire planet.

The investment plan requested by Donald Trump for the United States Agency for International Development often used as a powerful head for regime-change – CLICK FOR FILE


One of the disturbing images of the high flames in Caracas photographed by CNW around 4 am (9 hours Italian)

Among the ways of implementing a coup there is the more subtle but also the most effective one: the silence of the media on the dramatic events and their manipulation of others. On the Ansa as on most Italian, European and American newspapers, space was given, at least, to charges of sabotaging the electricity grid launched by President Nicolas Maduroin his speech on Monday evening, in which he explained the attacks in detail, but no one reported the news given by Gospa News in the exclusive world journalism of the La Ciudadela power station on fire for almost 5 hours in the south of Caracaswith tongues of fire and clouds tens of meters high and visible from miles away in the night obscured by the blackout. An explosion with the following fire in a capital, a few hundred meters from a supermarket and a clinic, is certainly not a secondary news that becomes primary indeed a suspicion that it was caused by an attack on public security: or is completely obscured by the media s and the order of the mainstream is that of not dealing with the mysterious incidents but only of what overshadows the image of the statesman Maduro, painted as a dictator in the same way as Bashar Al Assad in Syria, where it took six and a half million deaths to rehabilitate the political projection. In this panorama of manipulated information the carabibici newspapers are also involved, now split on two opposing fronts: TeleSur which openly supports the current government, the El Nacional diarywho does everything to discredit him, just to make the two most important examples. This is why the daily chronicles are flawed on both sides. The first one is not punctual on the chronicle of accidents in order not to create alarmisms not knowing if they were caused by sabotage or by causality that could put into doubt the administrative capacities of the ministers of the president chiavista; the second minimizes events as if they were random in order not to support the conspiracy and sabotage theory. In the middle there is the population that suffers enormous discomforts, even tragic like the about 36 victims in hospitals due to blackouts, but does not know who to take it with and why. And so the news of the explosion at the Sidor electric station on the night between Saturday 9 and Sunday 11 Marchshe was on the cover of El Nacional for a few minutes, before ending up in the minor news as any small accident. Without the slightest hint that it could be a sabotage as reported by Maduro on Monday night and confirmed by the General Prosecutor of Venezuela who launched an inquiry into the matter by announcing investigations into Guaidò as the inspiration for the attack. The sex happened this morning for the oil that came out of the water taps that should be drinkable : El Nacional this morning, Wednesday, March 13, dedicated a beautiful photo with ten lines that lack any kind of minimum depth or journalistic question: « Citizens of different areas of the state of Carabobohave reported that the drinking water came from the body is black – writes the website of the newspaper – The carabobeños, who waited for the arrival of the service for several days, broadcast a series of videos on social networks where you can see how the water comes out black from the taps. “Good morning, the water arrived yesterday in San Diego, but today in the morning he started to go black with the smell of sewage, what a shame, “commented a Twitter user. A blackout, which hit the country’s electricity supply since Thursday, has prevented many Venezuelan families from receiving drinking water. The situation has meant that many citizens are looking for other alternatives to obtain the liquid “. The article ends here. Without questions, without questions, without the slightest suspicion that it could have been a planned sabotage. On TeleSur? Not even a line. Obviously they expect official government communications.


The alarming reportage of today’s El Nacional, mercolesì March 13th

A few hours later the same El Nacional delves into the article but obviously keeps the soft line spread by the institutions to avoid panic: “The Hidrológica del Centro company (Hidrocentro) explained why the water turned black in various areas of the state of Carabobo , a situation denounced by dozens of citizens of that city – They explained that the main conduct that supplies drinking water to the municipality of San Diegoof the city was “vandalized by unscrupulous people”, which caused sediment infiltration “. This article also ends reassuringly, explaining that the staff is committed to resolving the situation as soon as possible and the water purification protocol has been started to supply the state of Aragua and the eastern area of ​​Carabobo ». A reassurance that actually contains an alarm because it implicitly indicates that that conduct feeds not only the state in which S an Diego is locatedbut also that of the Aragua, thus highlighting a very engineering vandalism in the choice of the point. Added to this is the fact that at about 5 kilometers from the most affected city there is actually an oil refinery. And therefore the infiltration of sediments seems to have been created on purpose: as in a real sabotage. As is evident from the explosion in the two cisterns of the other refineries of the same name: San Diego de Cabrutica  but in the state of Anzoategui.  Exactly like the one that happened, now without a shadow of a doubt, in the other two power stations exploded in the last 24 hours and of which, obviously, only on social media is news.

To the five attacks well described by President Maduro on Monday evening, the other two attacks occurred in the last 24 hours in two different locations in Venezuela. First of all it should be clarified that this is what we know thanks to the updated social profile of Twitter CNV – Conflicts News, managed by an anonymous but very careful reporter. There may also have been other explosions that no one has reported because, as mentioned, the Bolivarian Government wants to avoid panic and opponents tend to minimize incidents by cataloging them as random, especially after the opening of the investigation for electric sabotage on Guaidò. But now also the statistics is on the part of President Maduro’s thesis which highlighted the other day that the electricity grid was hit in three different ways: first with a cyber attack on Thursday 7 March at the Simon Bolivar hydroelectric plant on the giant dam Guri, which alone guaranteed 80% of Venezuela’s energy supply, therefore with an electromagnetic one to the same and to thecomputer network of the Caracas network , to hinder the restoration, finally with physical attacks through the  explosions in Sidor , near Bolivar, the main emergency substation that immediately entered into operation after the stop of the hydroelectric plant, and indine the most sensational Sunday at Ciudadela of Caracas and elsewhere. Now we learn that on Tuesday afternoon another electricity station exploded in Las Cabillas in Maracaibo and another in La Tiama  in El Hatillo, in the southern part of the capital, which was left in blackout again. Faced with as many as 7 consecutive attacks on the electricity system, fortunately in the meantime partially restored in its almost complete functionality thanks to expert hackers and remote engineering consultancy from China and Russia, it is now impossible even for the most skeptical to think of a simple randomness. And this is confirmed by the fact that, as news of the evening, the state of  Vargas would be in the dark again in vast areas. While the damage is counted, caused to the factories by the sudden stop but above all to the many oil extraction and refining plants. In this context, the apocalyptic prediction made by the aforementioned military intelligence consultant Gordon Duff is increasingly taking shape, senior editor of VT .



Gordon Duff is a veteran of the Marines in the Vietnam war. Ced worked for decades on prisoners of war but he is also a diplomat accredited as one of the best global intelligence specialists and senior editor of the Veterans News site , specializing in war news and international investigations including the discovery of crucial documents and information on the hidden conspiracy behind the September 11th 2001 attack on the Twin Towers in New York . He was interviewed by the Iranian news site in English Press TV on the crisis in Venezuela where he highlighted the danger of theWhite House National Security Advisor John Bolton. Here is a salient passage from the very interesting interview. “The world has every reason to believe that the US wants to attack every infrastructure in Venezuela. It is more or less what they promised: it is a consolidated policy. The US has threatened military attacks: this is a move we all expect, waiting only when it does. We are wondering if they are going to use the Struxnet virus as they have used it many times before, or a similar attack, or something more violent. I would not exclude that they carry out a bombing or another type of provocation. All this is in John Bolton’s papers. He is the person who is no stranger to this type of violent attack. The question is of course to grab the gold of Venezuela. A clear interference but not only on Venezuela but also a pressure on other nations to join the boycott. Venezuela is part of a long list of nations that the US is trying to destroy economically “.




Russian bombers arrived in Venezuela in December

If from the point of view we have already partially succeeded with the complicity of all the countries, including the European Union , which have accepted without blinking sanctions increasingly increasingly strangling from 2014 to today, under the military profile they are proceeding slowly with the tactic of provocation and sabotage. Especially after Russiahas expressed in words and in fact its intention to guarantee military support for the Bolivarian Republic. In mid-December 2018, in fact, Venezuelan President Nicola Maduro flew to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putinand reconfirm their alliance, perhaps even already planning strategies to defend themselves from the imminent coup, of which certainly, the secret services of the respective countries, the Sebin of Caracas and the Fsb of the Kremlin , were already aware. A few days later two strategic Tu-160 bombers, an An-124 freighter and a long-range aircraft landed along with the promises of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov of the “Simon Bolivar” Maiquetia International Airport. IL-62 of the Muscovite army. That is why a frontal military attack seems to be ruled out quickly: at least until Tuesday 19 March when US President Donald Trump, now guided by his warmonger Bolton, he will meet President Jair Brasilianprecisely to talk about Venezuela as announced in an official note from the White House .

Last February, however, the Americans have already leaked allegations into the media, devoid of the slightest evidence, about the presence in Venezuela of Hezbollah militiamen , the brave Lebanese army fighters who helped Syria defeat the ISIS but are considered terrorist organization from the United States and the United Kingdom . In light of the continuous liberations of Isis commanders in the past few weeks in Afghanistan , just by US special forces, and then in the Syrian area of ​​the Euphrates , from where they would have been deported in exchange for revelations about the 50 tons stolen gold hideout in Mosul, it is not to be excluded that Bolton’s war strategy in many respects may even think of sowing in the Caribbean state the weeds of the Isis . For the Sunni militants of Daesh it would be easy to have to choose between a threat of imprisonment in Guantanamo and a fighting opportunity in Caracas , even if only by the suspicion that there are members of the hated Shiites. For the US it would be easy to get rid of them after the usual cluster bombs like those used in Deir El Zor would kill jihadist guerrillas and innocent children. Precisely because of the ruthless cruelty demonstrated by the US from 2011 onwards under the presidency ofBarack Obama and reconfirmed by Donald Trump after a year of hesitation may lead us to consider a real danger that at the moment is just a simple hypothesis.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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    US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event”

    “A September 2010 memo by a U.S.-funded soft power organization that helped train Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó and his allies identifies the potential collapse of the country’s electrical sector as “a watershed event” that “would likely have the impact of galvanizing public unrest in a way that no opposition group could ever hope to generate.”

    “The 2010 memo, published by WikiLeaks, CANVAS’s Popovic declared, “A key to Chavez’s current weakness is the decline in the electricity sector.” Popovic explicitly identified the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant as a friction point, emphasizing that “water levels at the Guri dam are dropping, and Chavez has been unable to reduce consumption sufficiently to compensate for the deteriorating industry.”

    With Brazil’s Jesuit Zionist Jair Bolsonaro being courted like a Babylonian Whore to bring NATO to Brazil. Coercion & monopoly of force the go to’s

    In case there were any doubts, trolls or skeptics.×483.jpg

  2. Contaminating the water? What goes through the minds of the people doing that? We know the ones behind it are psychopaths, but the guys dumping the oils and poisons in the water, I can’t imagine how that would make one feel. All for money, power and control. They all should be shot in the spine, and left to die.

  3. Puleeze dont anyone think the evil and corrupt Ziobastards on Capitol Hill c a r e about where the U.S. bombs hit . Millions are homeless and dead all over the middle east because of ” A bad guy , a really bad guy ” since 9-11 ….And Putin also as American Presidents have stated ” in terms of National security and our interests ” he will protect his assets and allies . Life just got complicated for Capitol Hill .

  4. Should he try to stop a US military intervention, the problem Putin faces is logistics. They are not in his favor and would be very, very expensive and not sustainable. If war, a short war certainly.

  5. It is obvious Putin means business sending his top commander down there with all those tons of equipment. I hope he obliterates the U.S. international criminals Bolton, Pompeo and Israel Lover Liar Trump.

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