Meet The New Democrat Socialist Party


“The goal of socialism is communism.” (Vladimir Lenin, Russian leader)

As the saying goes, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. What better examples of governmental failures are there than the fall of the Soviet Union; the pathetic living standards in Cuba; collapse of the government in Nicarauga; People eating out of the garbage dumps in Venezuela; the brutal, prison-like conditions of North Korea where the majority of the population, about 24 million people (the total population of North Korea is only 26 million), live below the poverty line. Most workers in North Korea earn $2 to $3 per month. According to the World Food Programme, one-third of children are stunted due to malnutrition and the infant mortality rate is 33 percent, and due to the government’s “two meals a day campaign”, food riots are a common occurrence.

Aah yes . . . the glories of central planning, and government control over all aspects of life in these utopian paradises.

The list of the failures of governments steeped in socialism should become known by the citizens of a country which has any politician, news media wonk, or any person in general, with the cajones to even begin suggesting programs that border on socialism. Such foolishness should be countered by having such an individual do some research into what socialism did to Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and Spain; all needed bailouts from the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and has proven itself over the years to stifle economic growth while limiting economic freedom for its citizens.

As the country others call upon for the defense of liberty and freedom around the world, most would acknowledge that the U.S. needs a strong economy to support a large defense budget. World military spending totaled more than $1.6 trillion in military spending in 2015. The U.S. accounted for 37 percent of the total.  According to National Public Radio (NPR) the leading western countries, Germany, England, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Canada (all with socialist leanings in government), all trailed America’s growth in GDP which was heading toward the 4% figure and actually grew to 3.5% in the third quarter last year.

The above list of countries are the best known financial failures to the average American who in most cases have a limited view of how people in other countries live. According a NY Post article by Tyler Schmall,  dated June 8, 2018, one in ten Americans have never left their home state, 13% have never traveled by airplane, 32% don’t remember ever purchasing a suitcase, and 40% have never left the country . . . talk about people living in a vacuum.

It would be interesting for those who have never traveled outside their comfortable living in the United States to spend a few months in these countries. Since most will never take the time to expose themselves to a reality check about what a remarkable country our Founders created for us in 1787, all one has to do is just ask someone who has immigrated to America from the Old Eastern Bloc countries of Europe and why they came to this country . . .  many risking their lives to do so. I think then they might appreciate the fact that people all over the world believe that Americans won the lottery of life simply by being born in the U.S.

Many Americans have their collective heads in the sand. I think they were the ones who coined the phrase that “ignorance is bliss”. Quite the contrary to those who believe there is even an ounce of  truth that the ideas being spewed from the mouths of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and the whole heard of morons in the Democrat Party who are lining up to bless our country with their visions of grandeur about their “new green deal”, ignorance isn’t bliss, it is naive, stupid, and suicide to the greatest country on earth.  Unfortunately these people , in spite of the words they say, simply loath America, the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, and are doing everything in their power to destroy our county.

Listening to the speech of Beto O’Rourke in Texas the other weekend, he is mimicking the promises of the utopian country he can develop if only we would elect him president, like all the rest of the Democrat Socialists (Communists) on the left side of the aisle. Their promises include universal healthcare for all – I think those of us under the VA, and those who got screwed with Obamacare have already seen the results of government involvement in the health insurance business.

They promise to eliminate air travel (Beto would probably gift everyone a skateboard), personal fossil fuel powered automobiles and trucks, replacing them with high speed rail systems; convert all “polluting fossil fuel energy sources” to solar and wind power systems; a guaranteed annual income for all regardless if one works or not, a super tax on the wealthiest people in the country over and above the 70% tax rate they see as being their objective  One plan even calls for companies to be required to give 10% of their profits to the underprivileged. I guess by killing off all profit from companies and essentially destroy all jobs that would make them really happy.

These naive nitwits are not just dumb, but absolutely stupid and probably have a collective IQ hovering somewhere in the single digits. What would the country do without fossil fuel energy? Now before you contemplate an answer, think of all the uses that require fossil fuel ingredients. Just to name a few: cosmetics, medicine, refrigeration, lubricants, carpeting, tile, tires, clothing, inks, electric battery casings, paints, dentures, telephones, toothpaste, waterproof containers, eyeglasses, and on and on. Hey . . . but not to worry . . . letting those sixteen year olds vote makes even better sense to these morons!

Next consider, there is not enough critical elements/minerals to even begin thinking about making the number of solar panels required to power a small size town let alone every city and town in the country. The key rare minerals needed to build the panels and produce electricity-generating solar (photovoltaic) cells and semiconductor films that would be needed haven’t been discovered in enough quantity to generate a small size fart! Cadmium, gallium, germanium, indium, selenium, all creators of deadly waste products . As a side note, you couldn’t mine these minerals WITHOUT fossil fuel powered equipment even if you found them in the ground, nor could you power a manufacturing plant without electricity produced from fossil fuels to begin making the trillions upon trillion of solar panels you’d need to fulfill AOC’s wet dream fantasy.

These fools talk about “high speed rail”. Right. Try taking a train from the U.S. to London or Honolulu. Or think about how your local plumber will come out to your house by train to clean out a clogged drain, or a carpenter and sheet metal worker will carry all their tools and material to the construction sites without trucks that run on fossil fuels?

Next let’s take a look at farming. How in the hell will a farmer plant, irrigate, and harvest a crop without fossil powered farm equipment? Forget about transporting the goods to market by truck. I guess these idiots plan to build a high speed rail to every farm in America!

In short order however, according to the darling of the new communist party, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the world will be destroyed by global warming within 12 years, so there is not much use implementing her 10-year New Green Deal Program. But I guess that is okay for the Z generation and Millennials, who were never taught how to think in school. They were just indoctrinated  in Marxism and collectivism, that everything in America is bad and that only in throwing it all over the cliff, will they be able to save our great country. One blessing is that if they were able to do away with fossil fuel use, they wouldn’t have the use of their electronic phones, computers, and medical diagnostic equipment (it takes fossil fuel to make these items) so they would die off quickly and the rest of us could get back to fixing the mess they would have created.

I know these are harsh words, but what else are we to conclude, from a political party, en masse, that has spent two years, doing everything in their power in an effort to overthrow our duly elected President, Donald Trump, in a coup d’etat ? A president residing over the best economy, the lowest unemployment, the greatest number of people (including all minorities) employed, and has created a path to energy independence, is one these moron believe they can improve upon. Ask yourself . . . “Are you better off today than under the Obama regime?”

Words and actions have meaning. Since the eighteen sixties the Democrats have hidden their true beliefs by wrapping themselves in the American flag and even the Bible, while preaching, racist/hatred rhetoric against, first African-Americans, then people of color in general, and have even gone so far as to recruit their own enforcement army called the Ku Klux Klan. I’m talking about the Democrat Party which has used the Klan to intimidate people who disagree with their racist attitudes, and lynch those in opposition, just to make examples for the rest of us. Yes it is undeniable that  the Democrats haven’t revealed their true intentions for America since the Civil War, but today the cat is out-of-the-bag and their goal is to re-institute their version of slavery by trapping all Americans in The New Government Plantation with the Democrats being the overseers, and wanting to take us back to the Stone Age.

They profess they know what is best for all the rest of us. Just look at forced public education which is nothing more than a Marist-Communist re-education scheme to pollute the minds of our children . How else can one explain how the U.S. spends more on education than any other country on earth, and yet our children’s test scores have fallen from first in the world to seventeenth and seem to decline every year.  Putting the federal government in charge of education would be like letting Osama Bid Laden be in charge of the country’s religious tolerance program. The Feds have fought “educational choice” in schools for years. Why? Because they are bound and determined to keep indoctrinating our children so they will remain idiots and easy to control. Why else are we so amazed about the education we see emanating from our country’s schools? According to Rich Maneiri (in October 2018), a Philadelphia-born journalist, author, and is currently a professor of journalism at Asbury University in Kentucky:

“A study released earlier this month by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation showed that in a sample of 1,000 American adults, only 36 percent would pass a U.S. citizenship test. Those 65 and older who were surveyed scored the highest. But only 19 percent of those 45 and younger passed the test. Oh yeah, and 60 percent of those surveyed did not know which countries the U.S. fought against in World War II.”

One of the biggest cross-national tests is the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which every three years measures reading ability, math and science literacy and other key skills among 15-year-olds in dozens of developed and developing countries. The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. Among just the 35 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD), which sponsors the PISA initiative, the U.S. ranked 30th in math and 19th in science.

Just as a teaser for my next article on the ignoramuses contemplating wresting control of the federal government from the conservative capitalist economic programs now in place, all the fools ever talk about it how utterly debased our environment has become and that the U.S. is the world’s biggest polluter. Could this be true? Of course not.

The U.S holds the title of the “the Largest GPD in the world”, double the size of China which is in second place. For the records the U.S. GDP is about twice the size of China, so naturally manufacturing, powered by fossil fuels (electricity), would create some pollution, granted. But next article we will delve into this figure which shows liars figure and figures lie. Keep in mind until next time, that of the 500 most polluted cities in the world, the United States didn’t have even one city in the rankings. So much for the Paris Accords and the claims about pollution in America by these nitwits!


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  1. Huge demographic changes are on the horizon and Republicans such as yourself will be pushed to the margins for a generation and as you are out, alone and in the cold, maybe then you will come to your senses.

    We shall outvote you and then ignore you.

    • The problem with the liberal mindset is that they never are willing to debate with facts. To quote Attila the Hun, “It is easier to criticize the decisions of others than live with your own”. When I write my articles I always present facts and the sources. If you doubt what I write, please bring your counter arguments to the table with legitimate sources that would dispute the facts I presented in the article. You made one error by judging me to be a “Republican”. I am a Conservative which is far different from being a Republican today. Those weak-kneed Neanderthals don’t have a spine and are incapable of taking a stand; As they say, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”!

    • There is no point in debating you when you open your article with a complete falsehood where you conflate socialism with Bolshevism. If you are incapable of making the distinction between socialism, which is a valid political philosophy and the Bolshevism of Lenin and Trotsky, which was nothing more than a Judeo-Zionist ploy to enslave and impoverish the masses while stealing the wealth and resources of a nation then you don’t have anything approaching a valid viewpoint from which to debate.

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