Christchurch killer defies the Identitarians (IB) and the whole world with a money donation



by Alex Benesch

Last year, the Christchurch killer is said to have donated around 1500€ to Martin Sellner of the new-right “Identitarian Movement” and ratted down a bunch of convictions in his manifesto that have been circulating throughout the conservative spectrum for decades. The left-wing mass media see this as a clear indication of a right-wing international conspiracy, the authorities are playing the big enlighteners with another search of Sellner’s house and new investigations, and the right-wing media feel the Christchurch killer is defying, slowing and tricking them.

Sellner uses the most obvious argument that he couldn’t know what one of his donors was going to do later. The infamous left-wing RAF terrorists from the Cold War also had a lot of contact with people and organizations before taking up armed combat, hijacking planes and planting bombs. Nevertheless, not everyone who had previously had contact with Baader and Ensslin before their terrorist actions was retroactively locked up in the dungeon. Some who had very close contacts with RAF terrorists after and during the terror unfortunately even made great careers in the politics of the Federal Republic.

One now accuses Sellner of propagating at least very similar ideas as the Christchurch killer about a population exchange through migration, which had to be fought in order to protect the white race. But the same was true of the entire left-wing sphere. Virtually all represented the ideas of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and defended the actions of real existing socialist states, including brutal attacks on neighboring states.

Joint liability?

Ideological joint liability is a delicate matter. From a legal point of view it is nonsense, but from a secret service point of view it is unfortunately the case that you have to take a closer look when there are ideological and personal overlaps. In every textbook and every study on subversive, revolutionary groupings it is assumed that such groups like to divide themselves into serious political parties, activist groups, underground organizations and even a militaryterrorist arm. This applies to the left as well as the right or Muslims. In addition, revolutionary groups always try to get open and conspiratorial help from foreign governments. In the Cold War the left regarded themselves as brothers and ideological and political partners of the Soviet Union. Today, the (new) right sees itself as brothers of the Putin regime and its satellite states.

This is why Sellner and the identitarians now have a sublime PR problem. Because the left mass media ask the question: What distinguishes the identity movement from the Christchurch killer and other right-wing terrorists apart from the terrorist means? But this question is far too simplified and therefore misleading. Rights are not all the same, just as leftists are not all the same, even if the vast majority use the same ideological sources.

You don’t get a single original thought from Sellner and the IB that hasn’t been haunting the bookshelves for decades, just as little as the left hasn’t moved from place to place for decades. Only ancient stuff is always easily adapted and prepared in a trendy and upbeat way for today’s audience.

The communist international conspiracy in the Cold War was unfortunately not only a fantasy of paranoid right-wing circles, but the technical literature about the Soviets and the Soviet secret services is more than clear. Yes, there was an international communist conspiracy and many leftists had different relations to this conspiracy. The West was for a long time tight right-wing and promoted right-wing regimes worldwide, the left saw itself and its ideas threatened existentially, and therefore the left were prepared to directly and indirectly promote and tolerate the left-wing world conspiracy. RAF attacks found millions of silent and less silent sympathisers in West Germany. Even when the gulags in the USSR were unveiled by Solzhenitsyn, the leftists in the West mumbled in their beards and continued to show solidarity with the Eastern bloc. Ideology is everything, man nothing.

Today it is the (new) right that makes friends with the Russian regime and hopes for all kinds of help. Conservatives today feel existentially threatened and are therefore tempted to participate in all kinds of ideological and other projects. And just like the left, the right has too little idea and just like then the secret services seem to have the initiative instead of citizens.

So if the left now thinks that Sellner of the Identitarians and every other conservative migration critic is somehow jointly liable for the attack of the Christchurch Killer, this has predictable consequences: Conservatives conclude that the left makes no significant distinction between all the different right-wing currents and individuals. Every right is under general suspicion and is viewed just as negatively. This was also the case in real existing socialist hell regimes, where every right-wing activity was fought against, regardless of whether it was only a matter of meaningful expressions of opinion. The left media seem to confirm the prejudices of the right with their lying behaviour, according to which all leftists are somehow equal and are involved in the same conspiracy. Each side threatens the other. Every left-wing migrationist and Refugees welcoming applauder is, in the eyes of the Right, part of the left-wing conspiracy to exchange the white European population.

Sellner claims to have accidentally discovered the Christchurch-Killer donation while reviewing tax documents, only hours before the Austrian authorities accidentally made the same discovery and got a search warrant from a judge on suspicion that Sellner might be involved in a terrorist organisation. Not exactly a convincing account.

The Christchurch killer claimed in his manifesto (where the link is not yet 100%) that he had travelled the world for years and met many right-wing individuals and groups. Sellner says he had nothing more to do with him. Nevertheless, it was reported that the killer had also travelled to Austria.

The author of the manifesto admits to having no significant education. He obviously did not believe in books, but used the Internet, where one supposedly learns the truth. It’s not surprising that the manifesto sounds like a review through new rights blogs and Youtube channels and that there are strong overlaps with the IB. The RAF-terrorists also confessed to socialism and many leftists, who were not terrorists, came therefore into the cross hairs of the authorities. The left had a clear goal, namely the establishment of a left-wing regime and the elimination of its opponents. Some leftists preferred party work for this purpose, others infiltrated all possible levels of society and some made explosives.

The left seems to accuse sellers and other rightists of using Youtube videos to work towards a right-wing regime in which all opponents are to be eliminated. So to the power on the nice tour and only then the right terror follows. In the same way, the right fears that the left will only make you serious in order to later eliminate your opponents in a left-wing regime.

Without professional secret services, however, no bungling revolutionaries will come to power. The whole left sphere was once directly and indirectly in the hands of the KGB. The neo-Nazi sphere was always in the hands of the secret services. The influence of foreign services on the Third Reich is an issue that no one wants to touch, let alone the ordinary law revisionists.

Sellner and the Services

After the Christchurch massacre, the right murmured that there might be a left conspiracy behind it to make the right look bad. As usual, the subject of intelligence is only briefly and superficially touched upon in order to construct a PR talking point against the ideological opponent. A real investigation would have to unravel where the killer was, who he was dealing with and which authorities he might have noticed. Above all, it is interesting to know whether he had anything to do with Eastern Bloc services and their front organizations. And this is exactly where the (new) right gets scared and evades. Even when it comes to how strongly Western services have the right-wing scene under control, the (new) right-wing opinion leaders become panic-stricken and turn to their standard attacks against the left and their dogmas.

Sellner not only had nothing to offer on the subject of counterintelligence, but even seemed to make espionage easier for the authorities with public statements:



It is hard to believe that Sellner provides a springboard for various services to spy against his organization and right-wing parties and even to evaluate his private life. The newspaper “der Standard” revealed that the IB organization has been infiltrated to a considerable extent by various secret services whose informants and agents have already stepped on each other’s toes.

The Armed Forces Defense Department has recruited at least one person from the Identitarian Movement under the alias Sandro as a source and claims to have obtained “very good information”. Sandro, who is said to have been in the organisational midfield, would have taken part in the action during the presidential election campaign in 2016, when the Idenitaries hung up a banner on the roof of the party headquarters in the Green Party in Graz saying “Islamisation kills”.

A report by the Ministry of Defence shows how Sandro continued to work his way into right-wing extremist circles. He was involved in the desecration of a mosque and was arrested, resulting in a dispute of competence between the defense department and the constitutional protection agency. The espionage authorities stepped on each other’s feet.

How many other sources the Defense Department has among the identities is still unknown at the moment. The newspaper Standard also claims to have learned that the Constitutional Protection has several informants “in the vicinity” of the organization.

“It is convenient for the authorities that identity officers maintain contacts with militant neo-Nazis, who have appeared as stewards during their demonstrations in recent years and who have been infiltrated by investigative authorities.

The authorities are naturally silent on the question of whether there may also be informers and agents at the level of the identities’ leadership.

Spy thriller

A member of the French “Identitarian Movement” was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros for selling over 500 weapons, including to the Muslim terrorists of the attack in Paris on the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo. The 54-year-old right-wing conservative Claude Hermant argued in court that the arms trade was part of his activities as a V-man for the French authorities, while the authorities only confirmed the informant’s activities, but not the call to arms trade.

The identity chief Martin Sellner himself cavorted years ago in the environment of the repeatedly convicted neo-Nazis and political clown Gottfried Küssel, who confused absurd Nazi jabbering with patriotism and was active throughout his life as a professional provocateur. His behaviour was a great source of food for the authorities. Sellner later argued that his relationship with Küssel was only a pubertal youth sin.

Küssel, however, was sentenced for his organization “Volkstreue außerparlamentarische Opposition (VAPO)” (People’s Faithfulness Extra-Parliamentary Opposition)” because of National Socialist re-activation. A well-known researcher suspected that Sellner belonged to the environment of, a right-wing radical website behind which Küssel was also suspected. This is not proven, but we recognize at least Sellner’s highly careless behavior. If he had played a significant role in the site, hypothetically it would have been easy to motivate him to cooperate with the authorities. It was, of course, an informer who blew up the site:





It also appears that the Austrian authorities have double agents who act as if they were on the rights side. Has Sellner become more cautious and professional after this fiasco? No. In the meantime, Sellner’s group has been fooling around with a few extremely creepy Russians and is campaigning for “Eurasia”: they are networking with Igor Belov, a Russian “journalist” who works for the Kremlin cardboard trumpet Sputnik in Vienna, and was at the Suworow Institute. Alexander Markovic of the German Identitären was promoted by the Kremlin channel RT Deutsch and gave a lecture to members of the “Centre for Continental Cooperation”, which lists the think tank RIAC as a partner, which in turn is run by the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Ministry of Education. The influential radical spinner and Eurasian Alexander Dugin was interviewed. Jurij Kofner, graduate of the state “University for International Relations in Moscow” regularly publishes in the “Compact” magazine and is in the environment of the identities. Photos show Kofner with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Martin Lichtmesz writes in Sezession about the fascist, national bolshevist, madman, Eurasian and occultist Alexander Dugin:


Dugin explained that the so-called “new rights” in Europe were the work of the Russian secret services.


Now comes the US-part!

After terrorist investigations: Entry ban to the USA for “identitarians” Martin Sellner

Der Stern – Nikolaus Pichler–einreiseverbot-in-die-usa-fuer-identitaeren-chef-8643086.html

Martin Sellner has to wait for his wedding in the USA: since Thursday it is known that he is not allowed to enter the states ©Roland Schlager DPA

After a house search Martin Sellner, speaker of the “Identitary Movement” in Austria, is not allowed to enter the USA. He is said to have received a donation from the alleged Christchurch assassin. The wedding planned in the USA with his fiancée now falls into the water.

Two days after it became public that Martin Sellner from the “Identitarian Movement Austria” received money from the Christchurch assassin, the USA banned him from entering the country. According to Sellner, the 30-year-old announced on Twitter that the reason for the refusal was his environment.

The Austrian authorities had targeted Sellner because of a donation of 1500 euros by the alleged Christchurch assassin to the “Identitarian Movement” in 2018. There was a suspicion of “participation in a terrorist organisation”. The “identitarians”, who have long been observed by the Austrian Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and who, according to Federal Chancellor Sebastian, are on the verge of dissolution, already denied the accusations on Wednesday.

Martin Sellner raided after donation by suspected Christchurch terrorist
Sellner had already announced last Monday in a video that there had been a raid on him. During the house search, communication media, computers and all ATM and credit cards were confiscated. On Wednesday, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed the investigations against him, which in Sellner’s opinion were “completely exaggerated and unjustified”. He wanted to donate the amount received to a charitable institution. Sellner suspected that the assassin of Christchurch had merely “drawn him into the matter” and wanted to trigger repression against the “Identitarian Movement”. He had nothing to do with terrorism.

Special video format (look at link above)

The “identity” boss could not now visit his fiancée in the USA as planned, he said. The wedding planned for summer in the states must therefore now also be cancelled. Cynically, he thanked Chancellor and Vice Chancellor on Thursday in a Youtube video. “Thank you very much HC Strache, thank you very much Sebastian Kurz, thank you very much for this great great constitutional state”, twittered Sellner. Strache and Kurz had linked him to terror worldwide. The process was “incomprehensible”. He had “expected more” from the “patriotic camp in Austria”, Sellner continued in his video.

New sounds from the FPÖ
The FPÖ of Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, who had already posed with “identitaries” on photos, had already been accused several times of contacts to the right-wing movement. In 2016 he still called it a “non-partisan citizen movement”. On Wednesday, the head of the FPÖ let completely different tones sound. “The liberal party has nothing to do with the ‘identities’. There is a decision that someone who gets involved there cannot have any function in the party,” Strache stressed at a press conference.

Similar to the suspected Christchurch perpetrator, the “identitarians” are also against “uncontrolled mass immigration”. In the attack on two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, an extreme right Australian shot 50 people on 15 March. A manifesto attributed to the perpetrator contains slogans similar to those of the “Identitarian Movement”.

I have just been stripped of my ESTA visa.

I called. The reason “based on my background”.

Now I can’t visit my fiancée and her family anymore, or get married there as planned!

Thanks @HCStracheFP for the great rule of law. XD Martin Sellner (@Martin_Sellner) March 28, 2019


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