The spacecraft with a biblical name failed the lunar landing and ruins Netanyahu’s celebration

A sign of God?

___di Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio per VT Italia

They called it Beresheet which is the transliteration of Bereshit: the beginning of book of the Jewish Torah book of Genesis.

We apologize. What Bear’s do in the woods. We couldn’t help it. For a failed furniture salesman from Philly, “Benny the Cheat” might have thought of a better name.

But its end came immediately! SpaceIL’s private Israeli spacecraft crashed into the Moon, at about 9.25 pm Mediterranean hour, time after being hit by problems on the way down, denying the Jewish state a place in the elite club of nations that have dominated a lunar landing.

The news has spread at first from by the Twitter social profile of Conflict News that was following the live streaming on an Israeli site. The transmission stopped abruptly as soon as all contact with the ground base was lost. The news was also confirmed on the networks Russia Today and CBS.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Everything seemed perfect, timed to the minute to celebrate the political victory of the premier Benjamin Nethanyahu. Knowing the maniacal scrupulousness of Israel, it is easy to think that the landing of the first private aerospace aircraft had been calculated in order to take place after the results of the political elections for the renewal of the Knesset, the Parliament of Tel Aviv.

The outgoing Prime Minister’s Likud won 26.27% of the votes, or 35 seats out of 120 – the best result of the party after the 2003 elections (when it had 38 seats under Ariel Sharon). Meanwhile, Likud’s main rival in the elections, the Blue and White party led by Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid, won 25.94% of the votes, which are still 35 seats. But with five right-wing parties and ultra-Orthodox religious who won about 32 seats together, Netanyahu could form a government similar to its current right-wing coalition, with as many as 65 seats.

Unfortunately an unforeseen event denied the outgoing prime minister close to the discounted confirmation of the joy of a universal celebration.

“With the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a crowd of dignitaries and supporters watching him, a small Israeli spacecraft attempted to make the first landing on the moon not funded by a superpower – writes CBS – but the lander apparently crashed to the surface after an engine failure and communication problems during the final descent. “We had a breakdown in the spacecraft,” said Opher Doron, general manager of the space division Israel Aerospace Industries, manufacturer of the Beresheet lunar lander.

“Unfortunately we failed to land successfully.” It was not immediately clear what went wrong. The descent, from an altitude of about 15 miles, started on time shortly after 15:00. At that point, the spacecraft was about 500 miles from the planned landing site on a vast plain known as the Mare Serenitatis”.

This failure seems almost a warning, of the Sky, to Israel’s war policy in Syria, targeted in 2018 and 2019 with about two thousand air strikes for the only reason that they were helped by the Lebanese Hezbollah and by the Iranian Quds Force in the battle against ISIS jihadists.

A setback for the Zionist leader (of Yddish-Askenazita-Kazara descent, so much more Israeli than Israelite in the biblical sense) that, with the recognition of the US president Donald Trump is trying to legitimize his occupation of the Syrian territories of the Golan Heights occupied with a military blitz in 1967 along with the West Bank and the Lebanese farms of Shebaa; to which were added the other areas torn from Lebanon in the 34-day war of 2006. A disputed illegitimate act by the UN president Antonio Guterres who reiterated the Syrian paternity as per UN resolution in 1981.


The israelian lander Beresheet by SpaceIL project

Beresheet is an Israeli organization founded in 2011 to participate in the Google Lunar X Prize competition to land with a probe on the moon. SpaceIL was able to successfully launch its Beresheet lander on February 21, 2019, but had a problem performing an orientation maneuver.

Below, Israel and Japan fight it out in space:

The mission plans to measure the local magnetic field of the Moon which could help to understand how it formed and transport a digital “time capsule” containing the entire Wikipedia and a Bible.

Beresheet was also Israel’s first space aircraft to travel beyond Earth orbit and it would have been, if the landing had been successful, the first private lander to land on the Moon, the fourth nation to land after the Soviet Union, United States and China. The previous name of Sparrow was given to the probe.

In December 2018, the official name of Beresheet was given (Hebrew: בְּרֵאשִׁית, literally In the beginning, paragraph of the book of Genesis). It has an empty weight of 150 kg, which reaches a maximum of 585 kg with the full load of fuel. Its dimensions are comparable to those of a washing machine. Communication takes place with seven earth stations. The Mission Control Center is at Israel Aerospace Industries in Yehud, Israel.

The vehicle carries a digital “time capsule” that contains more than 30 million pages of data, including an English copy of Wikipedia, one of the Torah, children’s drawings and a children’s book inspired by space exploration.

The memories of a Holocaust survivor, the Israeli national anthem (Hatikvah), the Israeli flag, and a copy of the Israeli Declaration of Independence are added. Its scientific payload includes a magnetometer, supplied by the Weizmann Institute, to measure the lunar magnetic field, and a series of laser reflectors, provided by the Goddard Space Flight Center, to allow a precise measurement of the distance between the Earth and the moon.


Yhe first BLACK Hole’s photo

Whoever wants to read the signs of the universe beyond the achievements of human science cannot fail to consider that this space accident occurs precisely on the day on which the Dark Hole’s image was transmitted. One of the most unknown manifestations of the universe. For the first time a dark hole has been photographed.

After the gravitational waves demonstrated the existence of these mysterious cosmic objects in 2016, the first direct evidence arrives and the image that bears witness to it is that of the black hole M 87, in the center of the Virgo galaxy A (or M87), distant about 55 million light years.

To the result, of the international Event Horizon Telescope (Eht) project funded by the European Commission, Italy participated with the National Institute of Astrophysics (Inaf) and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn).

In this day of world celebration for aerospace research the accident to the Beresheet spacecraft almost seems to replicate the legendary failure of Ulysses beyond the columns of Hercules when he was shipwrecked along with his companions and was therefore condemned to Hell by Dante Alighieri, in his literary masterpiece Divine Comedy, as a fraudulent adviser, for having made to believe to his crew that this journey to discover the unknown was possible.

The different fate between the pagan hero of Homer and the Christian Christopher Columbus who with his caravel Santa Maria discovered the new American continent in 1492. The difference between a journey of vain curiosity and one of divine inspiration.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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  1. LMAO! Will making fun of another Israeli screw up be considered Anti-Chosenite?
    Perhaps the indigenous dark side of the Moon inhabitants, thought they were under Zio-Attack!

    Since they’ve been observing Israel attacks here on Earth for ages, it was likely a defensive counter measure to knock it down!

    BDS 2019! From the Earth to the Moon and beyond!

  2. Physics today (in Universities) has been driven to a dead end, in contrary to bad situation, engineering in general is in another stuation. You simply cannot build anything, using a false theory.

    If one beliefs in fairytales, this can easily led one to believe thatthe whole universe once emerged from a tiny nucleus of “something” from “somewhere” and then al l started. Material waves, black holes, dark matter and all those fance nothings came out of this magical act – of course by theory.

    If anyone might wish to see a black hole and not a computer generated thing which resulted from a toroid like mathematicl formula, assisted by an instructive coloring, he or she should thing again. About the gravitational waves hoax see:


    It only goes to show no matter how far the Zionists reach or travel to the ends of the earth and even to the heavens they will bomb, destroy, incinerate and announce their arrival in a Luciferian fireworks display. Next stop Uranus featuring another Bibi nosedive. Should be a breeze! Say one thing for him though, I never thought US tax payer money could stretch so far … and still end up wasted.

    • You said it ! More U.S. taxpayer $$$ wasted on the ant hill called Israel …Thank you U.S. taxpayer for all the hate and cruelty these ——— inflict on neighboring countries and their purchasing power to own every politician on Capitol Hill . And a special thanks to the self professed so called Judeo/Christian for all of your financial and butt kissing support of the racist State ….

    • @highball, all so true. still, pls don’t profane the ants. by using the ant hill meme to describe the indescribably evil.

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