Emmanuel MacronRothschild Rent Boy is Top Freemason


Macron, top or bottom? Fellow rent boy sent to jail, where Macron also belongs.


Emmanuel Macron wants to rebuild Notre-Dame and rededicate it as a temple to the New World Order. Is this why they say it will take five years to repair?   He is the protege of Jewish Satanist Jacques Attali.

In an interview with the Italian Radio Colors Radio, Gioele Magaldi reveals the Masonic character of the new President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron:

Emmanuel Macron is in the perfect continuity of [Francois] Hollande … Already a Rothschild banker, he was a consultant and minister of the same Hollande. He is the darling of Freemason Jacques Attali … Macron himself boasts of his Masonic membership in the Ur-lodge (super-lodge) “Green Brotherhood” where Holland brought him, and in the super-lodge “Atlantis Aletheia“.

His mentor is Jacques Attali, a Freemason and major figure who help draft the NWO, and the technocratic and oligarchic Europe … a cosmetic operation that brought Macron to the Elysée.

The Jewish freemason journalist Serge Moati also reveals the Masonic membership of Emmanuel Macron: “Macron became president walking towards the light (ie Lucifer) and Macron was in front of the pyramid of the Louvre – an initiatory rite, indispensable.’

Georges Clemenceau – Prime Minister of France and Freemason (1906-1909 & 1917-1920).

Since the Revolution, we are in revolt against the divine and human authority. Nothing will be done in this country until we have changed the state of mind that introduced Catholic authority.

You can see Macron ‘walking towards the light’ at his inauguration 2:17, from the beginning of this video. At 4:07 – you can see he is speaking before the pyramid. At 9:16 his head is directly below the ‘all-seeing eye’.


In advance planning (Skull and Bones members always set their clocks 5 minutes ahead of time), I reckon they have taken out Notre Dame now, ahead of when the NWO is imposed. Then in rebuilding, it can be converted to a Masonic temple or temple of antichrist, in the timing of the imposition of a One World religion. Hence Macron states, “It will be rebuilt ‘in a way consistent with our modern diverse nation


In his book ‘Amours’ (2007) Attali lets the world know that; “One day the feeling of love can become so intense that it involves several people at one and the same time […] the polyamory, in which everyone can have several different sexual partners; the polyfamily, in which each belongs to several families; the Polytrue, in which everyone is true to all members of a group of multiple sexuality […]. There will be a child of an earlier generation of the same family in the womb, or from any donor, and the children of two lesbian couples who come from the same sperm donor will be able to marry and start a family that knows only grandmothers but no grandfathers […], the children will be born by external wombs, whether of animal or artificial origin, with great benefits for all: for the men, because they no longer have to entrust the birth of their descendants to the representatives of the opposite sex; for women because they are relieving the burden of pregnancy and childbirth.

There will be a desire to reproduce oneself, and everyone can gather themselves by cloning their own consciousness, while parents can fulfill their wish to give life to the clone of any person of their choice. At some point, you can even become different than you are, and in order to live any form of sexuality, human beings will strive to move from one sex to another.

In his book ‘L’Avenir de la vie’ (1981), the then 38-year-old said at the beginning of the era of Mitterrand that it was not desirable for people to live too long; “If someone exceeds the 60/65 years, he lives longer than he produces and therefore for society it is expensive … From the perspective of society, it is preferable that the human machine is brutally blocked rather than gradually dismantled. This becomes clear when you think that two-thirds of health spending is concentrated on the last few months of life. ”

However, there is a notable exception to this principle in that Attali is 75 years old.

Also, the abolition of Christian holidays – “festival of freedom” instead of Easter. A few months after Hollande was elected president, he demanded the abolition of the remaining Christian holidays. You should get a ‘secular’ name.

For Christmas Attali proposed in January 2013, the renaming to “Children’s Festival”, while Easter should be the “Festival of Freedom”. If kept, holidays with other religious affiliations should also be introduced, such as Yom Kippur or the Dalai Lama’s birthday.”


At the “Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France” (CRIF) dinner this year, its President Francis Kalifat makes this crystal clear by the way he holds Macron like his personal Raggedy Ann (a must see).

And Macron is right on message; “The President vows to ban racist groups and recognize anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism.



Hence; according to Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – Protocol 10:

“In the near future, we shall establish the responsibility of presidents.

By that time we shall be in a position to disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our impersonal puppet will be responsible. What do we care of the ranks of those striving for power should be thinned, if there should arise a deadlock from the impossibility of finding presidents, a deadlock which will finally disorganize the country?

In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favour of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some “Panama” or other — then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honour connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands…It is easy to understand that in these conditions the key of the shrine will lie in our hands, and no one outside ourselves will any longer direct the force of legislation.”



“The Godfather” behind Macron:

Jacques Attali and his apocalyptic future world

Katholisches.Info – Andreas Becker – April 17, 2019


Godfather Jacques Attali and his protége Emmanuel Macron.

A glimpse into the spiritual world of a powerful man. InfoVaticana/MiL (Screenshots)

France’s new president is Emmanuel Macron. This result, which did not require being a clairvoyant, was already clear on the evening of the first ballot. Below, in the case of the people, who are seen by some only as voting cattle, a parliamentary and presidential election looks somewhat different than for those above. When people increasingly get the impression of a certain interchangeability of politicians and party affiliations only seem to be external labels, this is confirmed by the example of Emmanuel Macron.

Macron and his godfather

1981: Attali with Mitterand

Macron was a large part of his adult life member of the Parti Socialiste (Socialist Party) in which he first tried to make a career. François Fillon, his bourgeois competitor, wanted to make him his deputy head of cabinet in 2010, which is why it is less surprising at second glance that the same Fillon, who only finished third in the first round of elections, did not hesitate to recommend Macron and Le Pen for the second round. As early as 2007, Éric Woerth, the bourgeois and budget minister in the Fillon cabinet, had made an offer to the socialist Macron, but he rejected it. The year 2007, by the way, should be remembered. It is a key year in Emmanuel Macron’s life. In the same year, Macron married his wife and met a man with whom his career is inextricably linked: his great patron Jacques Attali.

Attali, economist and long-time advisor to François Mitterrand, the only socialist president before Hollande, plays the key role in the political rise of the third socialist, pardon, independent president. Macron himself says so.

Attali comes from a Jewish family in North Africa. At the age of 13 he came to France with this family during the Algerian War. He attended the ENA administrative college, like Macron later, where France formed the core of its high civil service and decision-makers. Attali’s decisive mentor was Mitterand, whom he met during an ENA internship at Nià¨vres, but had already met a few years earlier during his studies at the Institut d’études politiques de Paris. Attali’s 1970 ENA class is named after Robespierre.

Invitation to the Bilderbergers and the Great Orient of France

2012: Attali with Hollande

It was Attali who invited Macron to the exclusive Bilderberger meeting in Copenhagen in June 2014. In the circle of the so-called “Bilderbergers” democratically elected state and government representatives meet under exclusion of the public. An oligarchic principle superimposes the democratic. Through Macron’s participation it was clear that he had been chosen for higher things. Two months later he was promoted to French Minister of Economy.

It is Attali who introduces the future president to those people who really matter. This included an invitation to the Greater Orient of France on 21 June 2016. Macron was allowed to speak on the blessings of globalization and introduce himself to the ardent brothers who were looking for a suitable candidate because of the upcoming presidential elections.

For the influential, esoteric “club” the left-wing radical Jean-Luc Melenchon and Emmanuel Macron came into question. What they both have in common is that they come from the Socialist Party and both were ministers in a socialist government – Macron even is at that time.

Artificial birth machines and polyamority

2017: Attali with Macron

Attali said it himself: “I introduced him to Hollande so that he could bring him to the Élysée Palace“. Recommendations and rope teams are part of everyday life. There’s nothing unusual about it. Of course, it is good to know who recommends whom. It makes it easier to keep track and is often enlightening when it comes to thinking and closeness. But roped parties live above all from the hidden.

But what does the influential Mr Attali stand for, who moves so skilfully within the sphere of power that his status changed smoothly from presidential protegé to presidential godfather? Attali, although himself 73 years old, does not think so well of his less well-off contemporaries in terms of longevity. At 65, they were supposed to leave the face of the earth. And in general he hopes for “new forms of reproduction” and a future of polyamority.

In his book “L’Avenir de la vie” (1981), the then 38-year-old at the beginning of the Mitterand era said that it was not desirable for people to live too long.

If someone exceeds 60/65 years, he lives longer than he produces and society is therefore expensive … From the point of view of society it is preferable that the human machine blocks itself brutally instead of gradually dismantling itself. This becomes quite clear when one considers that two thirds of health expenditure is concentrated in the last months of life.

The political godfather compares a man’s life to a machine. Human dignity counts only as long as this machine “produces”. If it does not produce, a human life is only a burden that causes “costs” to society. It would be interesting to know what the new landlord of the Élysées Palace thinks about it. After all, Attali Macron got to know him ten years ago when he started his real career after graduating from the ENA. If Attali still has Macron under his wing after ten years, the world of their thoughts should not be too far apart.

Carrying out children of past generations, families without grandfathers

In his book “Amours” (2007) Attali lets the world know that

one day the feeling of love will be so intense that it will involve several people at once […] polyamority, in which everyone can have several different sexual partners; polyfamily, in which everyone belongs to several families; polyloyalty, in which everyone is faithful to all members of a group of multiple sexualities […]. A child of an earlier generation of the same family or of any donor will be born in the womb, and the children of two lesbian couples from the same donor will be able to marry and start a family that knows only grandmothers but no grandfathers […], the children will be born through external wombs, whether of animal or artificial origin, with great benefits for all: for men, because they no longer have to entrust the birth of their offspring to the representatives of the opposite sex; for women, because they are relieved of the burdens of pregnancy and childbirth.

The “beautiful” future prospects of Macron’s godparents are by no means over yet.

There will come a desire to reproduce themselves, and everyone can collect themselves by cloning their own consciousness, while parents can fulfill their desire to give life to the clone of any person of their choice. At some point one will even be able to become different than one is, and in order to live every form of sexuality, man will strive to be able to change from one sex to another.

To live with different partners, the complete decoupling and delimitation of love, sexuality and reproduction, this is the world of ideas of a man who has such a great influence in France, and not only there, that he can tell a president whom he appoints as his closest advisor, and such a great influence to promote his own protégé to the presidency.

Those who have their senses together and a minimum of common sense should call an ambulance at this point. Mr Attali is not being examined for his mental health, however, but is the grey eminence behind the new President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

Abolition of Christian Holidays “Festival of Freedom” instead of Easter

Attali: rich journalistic activity

A few months after Hollande had been elected president, and Attali Macron had placed himself at the same desk in the presidential palace he held under Mitterand, he demanded the abolition of the remaining Christian holidays. They were to be given a “secular” name. For Christmas, Attili proposed in January 2013 to rename it the “Feast of Children“, while Easter was to become the “Feast of Freedom“. While retaining the name, other religious holidays should also be introduced, such as Yom Kippur or the birthday of the Dalai Lama, Attali said.

Édouard Philippe, former socialist, then party member in the UMP and now in Les Republicains, whom Macron just appointed as prime minister in view of the upcoming parliamentary elections, is also one of Attali’s old acquaintances. Attali and Philippe founded the Forum de l’économie positive in 2008, which is linked to an organisation founded by Attali in 1998, PlaNet Finance, since 2015 Positive Planet.

Attali’s world of ideas, which can be read in a whole series of books he has written over the past decades, is worrying. It is particularly worrying when one knows its influence – and when one knows that someone with such ideas has suffered well in the narrowest circle of international power.


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    Presently in the states we must sift through over 20 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination. Is it by design? I think so, designed to confuse. Trump has proven his worth to Zion and was allowed to touch a mysterious glowing ‘orb’ and perform the sword dance when last in Saudi Arabia. He has yet to be fully accepted by the real Zionist elite which is holding back their blessing until he does something really special such nuking Iran. Maybe then he will be allowed to really join the club, and kiss the real ‘orb’. The one in the underground synagogue, just beneath the Catholic Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Pompeo was shown just recently getting a tour of the place. Whetting the whistle, if you will.

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