Solving the Autism Crisis

    Why is Big Ag and Big Pharma funding anti-vaxx crazies?


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    VT has begun an investigation into the millions of new autism cases in the US and Canada and have found some startling information we feel should be shared.  Who was really fighting autism and what happened to him?

    We have found massive funding tied to covert efforts to deflect reporting or even diagnosis, to stifle research into not just autism but cancers and a number of neurological disorders we now believe are tied to glycophosphates and GMO foods.

    Why are anti-vaxxers immune to real science and the real causes of autism, a genetic disease, not one caught from vaccinations or toilet seats…

    Why, we might ask, is so much of the covert cash pushing fake information on vaccines coming from front groups that represent “big agriculture” and the agro-chem companies now proven to have caused the cancer epidemic that has killed millions.

    We believe a part of the increased autism diagnoses are real, some aren’t and are caused by GMO and glycophosphates which caused the collapse of Monsanto this year and its takeover by Bayer, a secretive German company with a history so dark and a reach so far we are afraid to begin getting the story out.

    First, a short note on how and why GMO exists.  Back in the 50s and 60s the US was developing crop diseases to starve first the Soviet Union, then Cuba and China.  The people who developed the diseases also developed GMO to protect the US from bio-warfare the US was, itself, waging.

    The same scientists who developed the crop diseases went to big-ag and began the GMO craze, developing “franken-crops” with unknown genetic consequences on humans and pushing these untested artificial plants into the food chain through control of DC politics with guys like Bob Dole fronting for them.

    Then we look at “agent orange” and the up to 5 million dead including 1.5 million Americans who have died, but not from “dioxin” but from glycophosphates that are now proven to cause cancer and diabetes wrongly blamed on dioxin alone.

    Sound like the fake thermisol/vaccine arguement?  Yup, written and paid for by the same slugs.

    Our first move was to investigate those who allege that vaccines and not a more common agricultural chemical were the culprits.  That was easy to solve:

    • Claims that thermisol caused autism were long ago debunked as few living today were ever exposed to thermisol, a form of mercury not deemed dangerous.  Even if it were “bad for you,” you didn’t get it nor did any children with autism.  Slam dunk here.
    • Claims that polio, measles, diphtheria and tetanus are “normal childhood diseases” despite the fact they are killers of millions and cause permanent deficits in survivors.  Slam dunk.
    • Finding not a few but up to 200 totally fake journals publishing fake peer reviewed articles by either defrocked fake academics or totally fake writers as well, all mysteriously funded by powerful corporations with ties to America’s covert bio-warfare program


    Let’s look at why autism has doubled.  We know the level of awareness has dramatically increased but also that the term is now applied to a wide number of social anxiety issues that make up “the spectrum.”

    Back in 1980, autism was a very strict diagnosis, no longer.  Kids who don’t like to make their beds are said to be “autistic.”

    That, however, only accounts for about a third of the increase.  Past that, in 1991, the federal government began throwing money at parents of children diagnosed with autism get paid quite generously.  From

    “How to Medically Qualify with Autism
    The first step for a child to be approved for Social Security benefits with autism is meeting the medical criteria outlined by the SSA. The SSA has its own medical guide informally known as the Blue Book. The Blue Book outlines what the SSA looks for when adults and children send in their application for Social Security benefits, as well as the medical documentation needed. For a child to qualify with autism, he or she must satisfy both of the following:

      • Qualitative deficits in verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and social interaction; and
      • Significantly restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities.

    A child with autism will need an extreme limitation in one of the following or marked limitation of two of the following areas:

      • Understanding, remembering, or applying information
      • Interacting with others
      • Concentrating, persisting, or maintaining pace
      • Adapting or managing oneself

    How to Technically Qualify with Autism
    The second step in order for a child to be approved is meeting the technical qualifications. A child applying with autism will have to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, which are for people with disabilities and with very little income. Because children do not work, parents’ income will be taken into consideration when applying for SSI benefits on behalf of a child with autism. Income is the number one reason why SSI benefits are denied.

    To qualify, your family must meet a very strict income limit, but the more family members you have in your immediate family, the higher the income limit is. You can review the chart on the SSA’s website to see the exact income limit for your family. You should know though, once a child turns 18, the family’s income will not count against him or her, even if they still live at home with you.”


    You see, creating a “gravy train” for parents of kids with autism and funding anti-vaxx crazies, creating fake journals, fake science and buying congress wasn’t enough.  Now Deep State player, Bayer, owns it all.

    From USA Today:

    “Man awarded $80M in lawsuit claiming Monsanto’s Roundup causes cancer

    Eight days after a U.S. jury found that Roundup weed killer was a substantial factor in a California man’s cancer, it has awarded him $80 million in damages.

    The six-person jury in San Francisco returned its verdict in favor of Edwin Hardeman, 70, who said he used Roundup products to treat poison oak, overgrowth and weeds on his property for years.

    Agribusiness giant Monsanto, which was purchased by German giant Bayer last June, is facing thousands of similar lawsuits nationwide. This case could help determine the fate of the lawsuits, Hardeman’s attorneys say.”


    Autism is a genetic disorder.  You either carry this in your family background or it was induced somehow through genetically modified organisms or chemicals introduced into the parents.

    You can’t do “gene therapy” through vaccinations and cause genetic diseases but it is worth big money to those who do cause genetic variations such as those that cause autism or chemical poisoning that causes cancer or diabetes as well to get people looking the other way.

    What was it that Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does?”


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    1. Regressive autism is produced by neurotoxins and also genetic sensitivity.
      We have evidence of healing of children with regressive autism, this is after vaccination, through the use of chlorine dioxide (CD, before MMS)
      If vaccines will cause autism, we would obviously have a pandemic. However, there is evidence of the relationship between vaccines, intestinal parasites and regressive autism.
      Children with intestinal parasitosis are the ones who mostly develop regressive autism.
      All the information can be found, among others, in the work of Andreas Kalcker

    2. One of my 10 grandchildren has an autism diagnosis.
      The issue is real.
      There are programs to help here in California.
      We have to understand and adapt to his developmental needs.
      It is our new normal.
      My doctor and I are both waiting a year to watch the new shingles vaccine before we consider it.
      I had the flu this year. It was mild. Probably a mutation of one that I had earlier in my 69 years.
      I pass on the flu shots.
      I still remember that we all went over to the sick kids house and got the measles or the mumps from them, per Dr. Socks book that all of our mom’s read.

    3. Seems to make sense genetics and chemicals that affect genetics. My experience with Autism is this. I am from a family of 4 immediate siblings. My older sister has 8 children. Only 1 had a intellectual disability. Myself having a daughter diagnosed with ADHD. My sister below me had 6 children, all healthy. My youngest sister had 8, 2 with Autism. 1 boy and a girl who was born after him has autism. The father had 4 other children from another marriage and all had no autism. ! had a child born with defects but has since died. I lived with my sister for a while during which I watched the boy and girl grow up. We never noticed anything unusual about the boy or girl in their toddler years until about 4 years old. Then the strange behaviour traits started. For the boy it was holding back on going to the toilet. He would constipate for a week. For the girl there was no immediate obvious signs. It wasn’t until she was older than 4 when she was diagnosed with autism. As I am no longer in close touch with my sister it is hard to see how they have developed. you talk about genetics playing a role in autism. Is it possible that vaccines change the genetic makeup of the receiver? After all vaccines are genetically modified medicines aren’t they? I’m certainly not a AV, my daughter has been vaccinated and all my sisters children are vaccinated too but Im just trying to get my head around what can be triggers for autism because in my sisters 2 children up until 4 they seemed normal?

      • I might not be highly informed or very Educated but I’d say I’m biased and I got my mind made up that the Mercury ( even IF it’s a Trace amount in the Conventional Vaccine make up ) is Always a very Heavy Poisonous Element and Always a Poison and it’s my Belief that some Human Bodies are more sensative than others towards Mercury Poisonning induced by the Vaccination so after vaccination some react mildly to Mercury presence in the body while still others get very much disabled by the Mercury Poisonning ……. I’m no smart guy but This is my two pennies , and i’m open to critisism of my pathetic but short theory …..

    4. I hold off on flu shots. Other vaccinations, even for military, are unaffordable. The whole thing is a game and the money is far more “deep pockets” than CNN espouses. Everyone is part of the problem here, pure theatre, including those who don’t really look behind the curtain.

      Lots of factors to autism, mostly genetic for sure but we are under genetic attack through food sources and environmental chemicals a million times more potent than the AV nutters have seized upon.

      Always the case, when scientists push not just fake science but take advantage of being unlicensed, and get caught lying over and over and return to those lies….this is where we saw the hand of Bayer/Monsanto and the military/CIA.

      • When I read some writings, it takes more time to digest same. Not a big fan of vaccinations now at 62. Perhaps, I’ve had enough. Gordon reminds me of Malcolm Reynolds, sometimes.Bigger than life. A Browncoat in a sea of blue. Fact, fiction, does it matter. Todays truth is tomorrows lie.

    5. I’m still sitting on the fence when it comes to the full spectrum of vaccination programs and promotion of said programs. I don’t buy into the whole flu shot madness though. Never had a flu shot never had the flu. It is not nice to mess with mother nature. I think that may be true with humans as well as plants. Introducing glyphosphates and neonicotinoids into the plant world is going to make life on the planet FUBAR. Indeed those two are the tip of the iceberg of all the chemical agents that have been and are being introduced into the ecosystem. To put it simply, it appears we are trying to kill everything that keeps us humans alive. As far as autism goes, maybe it is not a good thing to be born with. On the other hand, strictly thinking outside the box, autism may be the greatest gift of all. I think genius is no more than autism under control. Without genius we might not even have figured out how to rub two sticks together to make fire. Genius lays the foundations while talent builds on them……just saying, not knowing…..

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