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UK Doctor ‘Tortured Daesh Inmates by Removing Organs in Nazi-Style Ops’

… from Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: While we might think that such atrocities are limited to extremist groups, I can assure you that is not the case. There has been a stream of published articles about the Israelis doing this for a long time as the religious Jews there are against donating organs, but not against others doing so even against the will of their families.

We had many reports a decade ago of Palestinian families getting the bodies of family members back who had been killed in protest clashes with the IDF that had had organs removed. Corporate media blacked out the story, no surprise there.

But so did the UN and other international orgs who were in a position to say something about it. Were they afraid of Israeli death squads paying a visit, the kinds that have never been publicly picked up despite their long history of “wet work”?

These are easy organizations to intimidate with the hint of how vulnerable their people are, and then there is always the cutting their funding tool, a less messy by very effective weapon.

If not for alternative media, including even RT that is blacked out now in most of the West, we would know nothing about these stories. And with the current Trump media jihad against us it appears the media minders intend for that to be the case Jim W. Dean ]

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Al-Nusra terrorists execute several civilians in Syria

– First published … April 27, 2019

The torture squad, which was reportedly comprised of 10 people overall, was hired by a British doctor and his assistant, a pharmacist, to carry out atrocious medical tests on captives of terrorists, despite claims by the two that they were out on a purely humanitarian mission.

Two Islamist NHS workers out of the ten-strong medical group were found to have conducted abhorrent Nazi-style medical experiments on Daesh prisoners in Syria, witnesses claimed last night in comments to The Daily Mail.

Forty-year-old former British Doctor Issam Abuanza is one from the pair, who assumed the position of the Daesh “health minister”, according to UK intelligence, having left his wife and two children in Sheffield in 2014 in order to join Daesh’s ranks.

Abuanza is reported to have appointed Birmingham-born pharmacist Mohammad Anwar Mia, also aged 40, to assist him on Syrian soil, most specifically to remove organs from captives.

Having witnessed their purported brutality, the Syrian activist group Sound and Picture told the British edition that the organs were then transplanted into wounded jihadists, or alternatively sold on the black market to further fund the terrorists.

Separately, it is alleged that the organs harvested from the tortured prisoners would also be inserted into other captives as a means of torture, similarly to the inhumane suffering endured by captives held in Nazi concentration camps during World War Two.

Both British medics, who shared one nickname, Abu Obayda, allegedly performed their twisted procedures in hospitals in the former Daesh strongholds of Mayadin and Deir ez-Zor between 2015 and 2017.

“Islamic State needed to show that it was a government not a radical group and so it appointed a minister for everything”, Aghiad al-Kheder, the activist group’s co-founder, shared, speaking on the build-up of the medical infrastructure.

The team led by Abuanza, who is known to have previously complained about the working conditions of doctors in Britain and authored a spine-chilling social media post wishing it had taken a caged Jordanian pilot burnt alive by Daesh longer to die, and Miah have also been accused of performing warped chemical tests on live inmates detained in the course of Daesh operations from 2014 to 2017.

For the time being, Abuanza is now thought to be hiding in caves near the village of Baghouz, whereas Miah is being held by Kurdish opposition forces along with six other Brits, including two suspected members of the infamous “Beatles” gang, who executed western hostages by beheading.

According to Miah, he arrived in Syria “to do humanitarian work” and never partook “in any of these atrocities or incited any hatred or made any videos”.

“I have never killed or hurt anybody”, Miah stated, while his family declined to comment. Meanwhile, Abuanza’s former neighbour said that his wife, Sally, had moved away with her new boyfriend and had a baby with him.


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  1. PLEASE…PLEASE Read this article. The more we learn about Jewish the more repulsive it gets !
    They are gangsters that spread fear all over the world . Good people are not enough to combat their control, we need to use the same type of approach they use. We have to learn to be like them ! not easy to do but very necessary

  2. Nazi this and Nazi that!! Why? HOLODOMOR! GULAG! Bolshevik-Communism with Jews in the vanguard, have inflicted on the Mankind, far greater, by numbers, and just as sadistic horrors, as one can imagine! But, like, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote; ‘The media and press, the propaganda tools, are in the hand of the ‘Perpetrators’!’ So the world is getting brainwashed! like Nazi this and Nazi that!! Most of it is embellished fabrications! Like, lamp shades made of Jewish skins! Etc. Etc. Truth will set us free! One day!!

  3. Most Germans did not refer to themselves as Nazis.
    Is it time to stop using the language of our enemy?

  4. Does anybody at VT have proof of these so called atrocities carried out by the Germans in the also so called concentration camps (work camps) or is this all hearsay and Steven Spielberg produced stories of survivors such as the one by Irene Zietzblad daily swallowing diamonds and doing the Michael Jackson dance out of the gas chamber as hundreds are being shoved in at the same time If there is absolute proof of these atrocities I have yet to find it or is this video more like the truth and furthermore does this video of allied atrocities during and after the war paint a more accurate picture of what was done during and especially after the war had ended by the likes of General Ike and the Russians

  5. Norms and Morals define Humanity. These insane criminals by definition act outside of Norms and Morals accepted by polite society. How and Why anyone would abandon their conscience and choose to commit acts of horror against the human condition is beyond my ken. All I can say is shoot back; I am at a lost for words.

    • Psychopaths have no conscience. Their only conscience in this case is…LOVE OF MONEY ( who gives them control and power

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