Venezuela: Fake Video of Armored Car Running Over Protesters

Hey, isn't that a White Helmet we see there?


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[ Editor’s Note: Guaido had a bad day. His failed attempted military coup with troops he would not even show standing behind him by simply using a widescreen camera had his handlers scrambling to turn the failure around. The poor quality of this video made it suspicious right away. Who shoots in 360p anymore?

Watch the video a couple of times start stop. At frame 36 a group of aggressive protesters makes a concerted move to bust the drivers window or force the door open. The drivers goes into reverse to back away, hardly an aggressive move.

At 40 secs another armored car move in from the left to disperse the protesters by increasing his speed and they immediately start pulling back. The car hits the media with its front tires and bumps up.

At 43 secs the back tires hit the curb and bounce up and at 44 one guy gets knocked down who seemed to be standing still when hit, not a good strategy on his part.

When dealing with hostile crowds armored cars will try to provide flank support when the crowd focuses on one car. It’s a cat a mouse game. You see that these are nimble young men that are mostly fast on their feet.

But it is a dangerous thing to do to engage armored cars like this. When one of the cars is attacked when stationary, the other cars move to break up the mob trying to surround it. The car personnel have their own behinds to look after. You will notice also an increase in gunfire happens just as the car goes over the median.

So we end up with two guys knocked down, which is not unusual under the circumstances. Expect to see the Guaido people turn this into a “massacre”, and the US back that all the way Jim W. Dean ]


It took 15 seconds to find that this video has been hyped just like a phony gas attack.  As any idiot can see, but few bothered to, the armoured car hit a concrete divider and then lightly “bumped” several of the hired thugs acting out for the cameras.

The video was filmed in 4k and supposedly is in 1080p HD but was downgraded to 360p to pass off on the public.  Funny how we can pull a phone out of our pocket and all of them film in 4k, especially in the full Venezuela sunshine and yet all we get is crap.

Below is a screenshot from a protest in Portland last year.  Note the difference?

That Sputnik News in Moscow headlined this as an act of “horror” is consistent with their anti-Syria, anti-Venezuela and anti-Putin policy.

You have got to hand it to them there Ruskies, they sure do have freedom of press.


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  1. for someone accused in the Washington Post, Politico and Newsweek of working for Russia, my “pinning things on Russia” must be a new behavior…maybe you should call the FBI or perhaps someone else, your handlers and tell them about it

  2. Strange that everytime a drone attack or a plasma comet is to be seen orver a country sometime later a revolt occurs

  3. They (sputniknews) linked the video from a Twitter-account
    marked with logo T13 ( in red/white )
    But the VT-video is longer, and carries logo THE SUN.
    One person then lies in the road, but is raised up by a person wearing a white shirt.
    And so it does look dramatic. But on several sites it now says that G and L have sought
    cover in different embassies (Ecuador and Brazil). One may indeed wonder what the truth is.

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