The US ambassador to Israel, chosen by Donald Trump, is the Orthodox Jew David Friedman. Friedman, told a group of Hispanic Christians, “Israel is on the side of God, and we don’t underestimate that.”

Not only is Friedman an Orthodox Jew who believes the ungodly and cruel Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is the Word of God that must be taken seriously, he is also a member of the Jewish priestly caste, the Kohanim. Kohanim are believed to be decedents of Aaron, the brother of the genocidal maniac Moses. (It’s interesting to note that most scholars do not believe Moses was a real person, but is only a Jewish myth.) As a member of the priestly cast, Friedman is able to give Jewish blessings on holy days, as he did during Passover.

The New York Times article was critical of Friedman’s statement that Israel is on God’s side. The article stated that Friedman’s statement shows there is no evenhandedness in his dealings with Israel and Palestine, and that some Palestinians said Friedman is representing the interests of Israel’s religious right instead of the interests of the United States.

In response to the New York Times article, Friedman responded as you would expect an Orthodox Jew and member of the Jewish priestly caste, the Kohanim, to respond. Friedman used the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, the man-made book that is falsely advertised as the Word of God and which is the basis for the Jewish state of Israel.

Friedman also changed “Israel is on God’s side” to “God is on Israel’s side” in his attack on the New York Times article. Friedman said that “billions of people around the world accept the Old Testament as part of their faith”, which, unfortunately, is a true statement. Of course, no matter how many people believe a lie to be the truth, it’s still a lie.

He went on to say that Jewish prophets in the Old Testament prophesied about the Jews returning to the land of Israel, which Friedman said is happening today. He then said, “So where am I off in saying that God is on the side of Israel? The fact that God has fulfilled his prophecies and delivered the people of Israel to their land is demonstrably true.”

As a superstitious/religious Jew and Jewish priest, Friedman sees the creation of the modern Jewish state of Israel by Jewish terrorists and politically savvy US President Harry Truman, as really being done by God.

Friedman’s reference to the billions of people who believe the ungodly Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is the Word of God, points out a very real problem that is the root cause of much of the religious violence that is currently infecting our world. Obviously the vast majority of the billions of people who believe the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament to be the Word of God, or at least a part of the Word of God, are not Jews, but are Gentiles.

Zionist Christian clergy, the likes of Pat Robertson, John Hagee and too many others, constantly preach to their millions of faithful followers about the promises in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament that God will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel, etc., etc., etc. What they don’t mention are anti-Gentile teachings in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, such as is found at Leviticus 25:44-46 which teaches that Jews should not own their fellow Jews as slaves, but that they should only own Gentile people and their children as slaves “for ever”.

There are many more anti-Gentile teachings in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. In fact, there is one in particular that Donald “Make America Great Again” Trump should be made aware of. That is Deuteronomy 28:1 which claims God will set Israel “on high, above all the nations of the Earth”, which would mean Israel over America.

In Albert Einstein’s “God letter” he pointed out that contrary to Deuteronomy 7:6, in which the ancient Jewish clergymen who wrote the Bible wrote that God chose the Jews “above all people that are upon the face of the Earth”, there is nothing chosen about the Jews. Einstein also warned us, that if we want to survive in a nuclear age, we must develop a new way of thinking.

He wrote:

“The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking that we have done so far, has created problems we cannot solve at the level of thinking at which we created them . . . . We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humankind is to survive.”

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The American Founder and Deist Thomas Paine was very strong and direct in his criticism of the claim made by the Jewish Bible writers that God chose the Jews above all people on the face of the Earth.

Paine wrote in The Age of Reason, the Complete Edition:

“Could we permit ourselves to suppose that the Almighty would distinguish any nation of people by the name of His chosen people, we must suppose that people to have been an example to all the rest of the world of the purest piety and humanity, and not such a nation of ruffians and cut-throats as the ancient Jews were; a people who, corrupted by and copying after such monsters and impostors as Moses and Aaron, Joshua, Samuel and David, had distinguished themselves above all others on the face of the known earth for barbarity and wickedness. If we will not stubbornly shut our eyes and steel our hearts, it is impossible not to see, in spite of all that long-established superstition imposes upon the mind, that the flattering appellation of His chosen people is no other than a lie which the priests and leaders of the Jews had invented to cover the baseness of their own characters, and which Christian priests, sometimes as corrupt and often as cruel, have professed to believe.”

We are in a war between fear-based religions/superstitions, represented by Jerusalem, and our God-given reason and wonder, which is often represented by ancient Greece and Athens.

We need to DO all we can, by educating people to the fact that God gave us reason, not religion, to see to it that God-given reason and wonder defeat man-made and fear-based religions/superstitions.


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  1. Read Michael Hoffman’s treatise called “Judaism Discovered”… Uncover the sham of their Talmud and the Kabbalistic Zoharian superstition and magic it unleashes on the minds of it’s followers and believers. The Rabbis are self imposed gods keeping it’s people in bondage… The Jesuit order was infiltrated millennia ago by crypto Jew-Christian coverts that never left the Talmudic thought behind/ Those converts… many in number, corrupted the the papal theology and it was all to suit the Caesars of the time. Rome is a cryptic Jewish state of the Zio-European-American English rule legacy of Rabbinic power… My emphasis… Talmudic law and Jewish DNA exceptionalism and entitlements have traversed time and space through the weakness of Churchianity and the ignorance of history in our public and private schools. The Rockefeller Zio-infiltration of the public school systems… Brainwash the rank and file goyim from birth and good little consumers without critical thinking emerge as the demerge of the devils ignorance. This keeps the masses in a robotic spiritual state, devoid of the truth of the masters that rule by way of deception and lies that are thought to be truth… Individualism is stoic in the realm of the Rabbis mind… We are all to be followers of a demonic depression and guarded philosophical double minded rule by belief in the sorcery of the Jewish-Zio fanatical borderless world of strategic hegemony by the ministers of slavery through mindless obedience.

  2. The, Ashkenazi-Khazar Jewish Converts, are suffering from the, ‘Chosen People Syndrome’! They first attempted to use Marxist-Bolshevik-Communism, an International Movement, under that ‘Flag’, they didn’t succeed! Today they have, enslaved the West, particularly, the, ‘Land of the Free’, that they have turned into their, PLANTATION, from where the ‘Blood&Treasure’ of our people, is used/abused, as the ‘Sacrificial Offerings’, ( Zio-Christian primitive, brainwashed, zombies), on the barbaric-bloody Altar of Zionism on the World Stage! PEACE! SALAM!

  3. ‘God/Creator gave us Reason not Religion!’ That is the eternal truth! The Bible is a collection of Stories, Sagas, hearsay Myths, that the wandering ancient Hebrews, collected, plagiarized! Like the, Great Flood’ and the ‘Chosen People’ Fairy Tales. Those two adopted by them while they were in Babylonian captivity, was around 1500 B.C., The Babylonians have taken those two stories from the Sumerian Epic, “GILGAMESH”, that is traced back to 3000 B.C. The Saga is the story of the Sumerian King, Gilgamesh, who ruled a place, called Shurrupak on the Euphrates river, where the residents of that locality didn’t behave properly and so the Gods, there were many in those days, got together and decided to punish the folks by unleashing a “Great Flood’ on their enclave. One of the Gods, ‘EA’, liked Gilgamesh, so He went to see the King and told him to, ‘go build yourself a big ship, place your Family , loved ones, animals, food, plants, necessities, everything that You will need to survive, be ready for the Flood!’ Sure enough, the Great Flood came wiping out everything, the King and his entourage survived! ‘The Chosen People & Great Flood” There You go, just two, of the hundreds of hearsay, Fairy tales, plagiarized by the Ancient Hebrews! By the way, the word, HEBREW, originates from Ancient Egyptian and as far as I researched it, has a meaning, something like a; ‘Trespasser’! Someone who is not liked, welcomed, in the neighborhood! Interesting? PEACE! SALAM!

  4. A Rabbi is a preacher of Torah and Talmud and Talmud prescribes Discrimination Enslavement and ALL Kinds of Abuse All the Time plus gives ” Kol Nidre ” the Oath to relieve ALL Sins For a Year to Start the next Year of Forgiven Lying and Cheating particularly the ” Goyim ” …….. So Basically All Rabbis are preachers of Lying , Cheating , Plundering , Raping , Murder , Enslavement , etc etc ALL Qualities of a very AntiSocial Behavior ,,,,,, So an Expert Liar and a Cheat who preaches to Lie and Cheayt , I mean What would you expect IF You Put One such preacher in charge of a certain aspect of you life and so of course there will be effects that you will get to feel and since he’s part them and since Israel is a Beggar and Blackmailer so maybe with a Rabbi as an Ambassador mostly and usually You might get to feel being left out and being sold out very cheap …….

  5. Here is the historic document from the Vatican describing the relation between the Vatican (and by the ecomenic agreements all other Christian Dominions) and Israel, the “state of priests” (cite):

    Here, roughly beginning at one hour, you can hear and read the authoritative “meaning” of all this:

    Some people think, Trump is dumb, but it rather seems too me his jesuite upbringing had led him directly to the worst of all, the Chabad. These are the “really ruling” jews. All was planned long ago as Walter Veith correctly summarized here:

    This is nothing but a brave new word as a dictatorship, itself ruled by the reestablished Sanhedrin in Jerusalem under the Noahide laws, which might be astonishing harsh in case of disobedience.

    • The next legislation in the Western countries will be laws against the “threat of antisemitism”. Thats only the beginning, because wider and broader legislation is already in the planning, which includes at the heart the denial of objective facts.

      These upcoming laws have been effectively tested first in Germany, now more general laws will come to the western world. You can watch live the ongoing testing in the US, the UK, France and Germany. In the future, provable facts or reliable date don’t count any more. The mere mentioning of these will be dealt with. We have this paragraphs already in Germany, which will also be widened soon.

      By the way, the papers say that Jesus was nothing but a rabbi with some strange new interpretations.

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