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Attempts to Gag this ‘turbulent priest’ are Bound to Fail

Facebook shuts down Fr Manuel Musallam in a naked attempt to end discussion on Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa

Jewish Descent from Biblical Hebrews is Another Hoax

Dr. Areilla Oppenheim of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted the first comprehensive DNA study of Israelis and Palestinians in 2001. She concluded that Ashkenazi Jews were of Mongolian 40% and Turkish 40% genome.

Goshen of Arabia: Delivering Egypt from the Exodus

If the Exodus of the Israelites was a historical story, then surely it did not take place in ancient Egypt ...  

Iran Underlines Need for Int’l Protection of Al-Aqsa Mosque

A Peacekeeping force needed to protect spiritual center in Jerusalem al Quds after Israeli forces stormed the compound in al-Quds’ Old City last week, injuring over 150 people.

The Hideous Injustice to the Holy Land caused by Britain’s élite

It was Lord Sydenham remarked: “What we have done, by concessions not to the Jewish people but to a Zionist extreme section, is to start a running sore in the East.

14 May 1948: the Zionists’ day of infamy

Israel’s ongoing military occupation and annexation mean that countless Christian and Muslim Palestinians – even those living just outside the city – have been unable to visit their holy places for many years in Jerusalem.

US asks Israel to ‘deescalate’ tensions in occupied al-Quds

The United States has called on Israel to de-escalate tensions in the occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds, and warned against carrying out forced evictions of Palestinian families.

The Filthy Schmear won’t protect the criminal elites again

Jim W. Dean - The Israeli government has ducked taking on this Jewish DNA topic like it was Superman's kryptonite.

Trump’s Failed Plan: Kissing international law goodbye to satisfy Israeli greed

Palestinian chiefs say that Trump’s so-called peace plan contains 300 violations of international law and they will take it up with the Security Council.

Trump’s Deal is Bid to Complete Evil ‘Plan Dalet’

...by Stuart Littlewood, Scotland After 70 years of pissing on the Palestinians America and Israel suddenly want to “improve” their lives. But when you look...

Should a Jewish Priest Be US Ambassador to Israel?

God is on Israel's side? Oh Really!

Strange: Turkey Moving Against Israel in East Jerusalem

Investing in organizations and institutions based in East Jerusalem reportedly remains among Turkey's efforts to increase its influence in the city.

Uri Avnery – Israel’s Day of Shame

Hamas had discreetly offered a Hudna for ten years in Palestine. A Hudna is a sacred armistice, never to be broken. Israeli leaders immediately rejected the offer.

Thank You Donald Trump for the 51st U.S. State of Israel

Trump's pro-Israel Jerusalem actions make clear the US is biased in favor of Israel over Palestine

Torturing Jerusalem with USA’s help: No peace, but eternal war for...

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov "In connection with security incidents and the analysis of the operational situation, the Kerem Shalom commodity border crossing Erez pedestrian border crossing...

Jerusalem belongs to us all!

2018: World must save Holy City from Israel, fearlessly confront false claims, challenge cruelty and expose the lies. Campaigners for justice, including civil society in all countries, need to re-frame Palestine-Israel narrative and demolish Zionist fantasy

Trump is heralding the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

…by Jonas E. Alexis, the Balkan Post, and Mark Dankof Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He...

Exclusive! Brendon O’Connell describes his ordeal in NZ maximum security lockup

In this week's False Flag Weekly News (watch it above, click HERE for story links) Professor Tony Hall and I brought our viewers some...

Trump, Israel and the America First Scam

Trump’s overwhelming desire to please Adelson, Israel and the Israel lobby does NOT at all put America first

Israel’s Samson Option and the New Santa Claus Effect (Part 2...

A Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Santa Claus Effect - The Samson Option  Does Israel have a secret gun pointed at the head of the rest...

US, Israel fail to bully UN on Jerusalem al-Quds vote

Jim W. Dean - The military defeat now has to be turned into a complete political defeat for those who supported terror proxies in Syria, except for Turkey, who wiggled itself into the peace process as a guarantor

UN gives Netanyahu and Trump the finger

...by Jonas E. Alexis The recent UN votes indicate that Netanyahu is the loser who keeps on losing when it comes to international law. Even...

U.S., Israel, Jerusalem, Palestine and the New Santa Claus Effect (Part...

A Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Santa Claus Effect Deception series (Part I of II) Yes, and recently, the world could barely grasp how President Trump...

TRUTH JIHAD: Rabbi Lerner and Kevin Barrett discuss and argue about...

America's most celebrated progressive Rabbi, and Kevin Barrett, America's best-known Muslim voice of 9/11 truth, get together to discuss – and argue about – the Zionist takeover of Jerusalem...

Anakara says it will open embassy in al-Quds

Jim W. Dean - This is a headlines-grabbing PR move by Erdogan, as I doubt the Israelis are going to issue a building permit for a Turkish East Jerusalem embassy, as that would trigger a flood of them.

Uri Avnery – Jerusalem is ours…meaning it is everybody’s

Jim W. Dean - This story of Ehud Barak, the smart guy making a big splash over his peace plan without any effort laying the groundwork with the other party, is a classic example of Israeli failure.

China echos call to make East Jerusalem capital of independent Palestine

... from Haaretz,Tel Aviv China Calls for Independent Palestinian State Based on '67 Borders With Capital East Jerusalem China Foreign Ministry spokesperson notes that he understands...

The Debate – Trump Al-Quds Decision

Jim W. Dean - Fortunately I was on familiar ground with the Trump-Jerusalem topic as I go way back on it to my interview 15 years ago with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, a beautiful man, here in Atlanta.

European Union position on Jerusalem al-Quds stays the same: Tusk

Jim W. Dean - The EU, as it did with the JCPOA, has quickly stepped forward, stating in blunt terms that it will never acknowledge the legitimacy of Trump's Jerusalem move, which is an insult really to the rest of the UN countries.

OIC recognizes East Jerusalem al-Quds as Palestine’s capital

  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has invited all nations to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Palestine, blasting the United States for...

Vladimir Putin: Trump’s Jerusalem statement “defies common sense”

...by Jonas E. Alexis   Vladimir Putin has recently pronounced his verdict on Trump’s recent statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Once again, King Bibi must...

Jerusalem Rising: Antichrist Cometh

Hold on to your seats you won’t find these truths on the Remnant, OnePeterfive, or Church Militant! What is the significance behind the recent...

Riyadh advancing Israeli interests, Palestinian officials worry

Jim W. Dean - What we are seeing here is an Israeli intelligence coup being rolled out. As Gordon Duff does so love to say, welcome to how the world really works.

Mr. Trump, Jerusalem is NOT the capital of biblical Israel

Modern-day Jerusalem was never the capital city of David's kingdom

Righteous Jewish scholars condemn Trump Jerusalem ploy

Jim W. Dean - The uni-polar world is already in the wastebasket, thrown in there by the foolish acts of "The Man who would be King", an actor who got in over his head, and gave us a reality TV show instead

FFWN: Two-State Solution is Dead: Israel and Its Occupied American...

Trump just handed the USA over to Israel...and the world over to Palestine.

Why did Donald Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

The decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel dooms the Middle East to a new era of...

Trump apes Balfour

Here's what an Early Day Motion, tabled by several prominent British MPs in the House of Commons, says about Trump's statement on Jerusalem. "That this...

Pearl Harbor Day false flag alert! War party about to stage...

Trump just handed over the Holy City to Antichrist on the Eve of Pearl Harbor Day. HUGE false flag on the way!

Radical? Zionist Book Burner More Likely

If Edinburgh is the Athens of the North, it deserves an Athenian bookshop rather than a Jerusalemite crematorium.