…by Stuart Littlewood, Britain

[ Editor’s Note: Stuart reviews the age-old topic of Holy Land highjacking which VT has been dealing with for many years now.  He cites Israeli Dr. Erian Elhaik, now working in Sweden, and his genetic work at John Hopkins, which we published with my introduction in 2013.

Patriarch Michel Sabbah, of Jerusalem

Years before that I had helped host Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, lining up some of his media interviews, including Jim Clancy of CNN at the time, when he came to Atlanta on a speaking tour.

Running his media for the trip allowed me to interview him in the morning. During the afternoon CNN interview, which I got permission to video, Sabbah came out four square that Jerusalem should be a ‘UN City’ under its administration to end the fighting over it, but the atheist Zionists were having none of that.

We have gone way downhill on the anti-semite battle since then due to Israeli political espionage inside the US which allows Congress to trump (pardon the expression) the First Amendment on freedom of speech to the point where any criticism of Israeli is deemed hate speech and hence punishable by law.

The Supreme Court will have to rule on this someday, and the Israeli Lobby shows no interest in pushing forward quickly on that as the current situation gives them the intimidation power that it wanted.

The Israeli government has ducked taking on this Jewish DNA topic like it was Superman’s kryptonite. You can rest assured all Supreme Court Justice prospects are carefully screened as to how they would rule on such a case.

Enjoy Stuart interesting piece below. We have new readers all the time and VT archives are so huge that someone would need a federal grant to read it all … Jim W. Dean ]

Footnote: Michel Sabbah (Arabic: ميشيل صباح‎; born 19 March 1933 in Nazareth, Mandatory Palestine) was the Archbishop and Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem from 1987 to 2008, the first non-Italian to hold this position in more than five centuries.

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What if I had more ancient Holy land DNA than these soldiers? – Jim W. Dean

– First published … August 08, 2020

Semites are a language group not a religious group. They spoke (and still do) Semitic languages, especially the Canaanite and later Aramaic dialects of Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories.

The Western world today is seething with accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’, a threatening term with nasty connotations. Before 1879 nobody had heard of ‘anti-Semitism’ although hard feelings towards Jews as a religious group had existed for many centuries.

One thinks immediately of the atrocities of the first Crusades (1096), the massacre at York in 1190, and the expulsion of Jews from England by Edward I in 1290 (only to be allowed back in 1657 by Oliver Cromwell). But discrimination against Jews existed long before, in various countries and for various reasons.

Then along came a German agitator and journalist, Wilhelm Marr, who coined the expression ‘anti-Semitism’ knowing full well that it embraced all Semitic peoples including Hebrews, Arabs and Christians of the Holy Land. It wasn’t long before it was twisted to become a metaphor for hostility only toward Jews based on a belief that they sought national and even world power.

More recently Holocaust denial and criticism of the state of Israel’s vile behaviour have been considered anti-Semitic. Anti-Zionism too is claimed to be anti-Semitic because it singles out Jewish national aspirations as illegitimate and a racist endeavour. Which of course they are, as Israel’s recently enacted nation-state laws prove.

Indeed, some hardcore Israel flag-wavers regard any pro-Palestinian, pro-Syrian or pro-Lebanese sentiments to be anti-Semitic even though those peoples are constantly victims of Israeli military aggression.

A catch-all smear weapon

The hijacking of the term anti-Semitism and its fraudulent conversion into a propaganda tool for defending the Zionist Project has enabled brazen attacks on our rights to free speech and attempts to shut down peaceful debate on Israel’s crimes.

The word anti-Semitism, as now used, is a distortion of language and a deliberate misnomer larded with fear and trembling for those touched by it.

This prompted Miko Peled, the Israeli general’s son, to warn a Labour Party conference that “they are going to pull all the stops, they are going to smear, they are going to try anything they can to stop Corbyn… the reason anti-Semitism is used is that they [the Israelis] have no argument…”

And so they did. Jeremy Corbyn, a genuine anti-racist, a critic of Israel and champion of Palestinian rights, was soon gone. He was the only British leader who might have reduced Israel’s sinister influence on UK policy.

But his Labour Party, like the cowards they are, surrendered to Israel lobby pressure and helped bring him down. Israel’s pimps at Westminster and in local parties across the country were able to chalk up a famous victory.

They even managed to force the Party to adopt the discredited International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism and incorporate it into the Party’s code of conduct. The new leader is their obedient stooge. He has publicly bent the knee, tugged the forelock.

Who has claim?

Dr. Eran Elhaik

However, it has been shown that most Jews today are not descended from the ancient Israelites at all.

For example, research by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, published by the Oxford University Press in 2012 on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, found the Khazarian Hypothesis to be scientifically correct, meaning that most Jews are Khazars and confirming what some scholars had been saying.

The Khazarians converted to Talmudic Judaism in the 8th Century and were never in ancient Israel.

No doubt these finding will be challenged by Zionist adherents till the end of time. But DNA research suggests that no more than 2 per cent of Jews in present-day Israel are actually Israelites.

So, even if you believe the myth that God gave the land to the Israelites, he certainly didn’t give it to Netanyahu, Lieberman and the other East European thugs who infiltrated the Holy Land and now run the apartheid regime. It seems the Palestinians (Muslim and Christian) have more Israelite blood. They are the true Semites.

As for Zionists’ preposterous claim to exclusive sovereignty over Jerusalem, the city was at least 2000 years old and an established fortification when King David captured it. Jerusalem dates back some 5000 years and the name is likely derived from Uru-Shalem, meaning “founded by Shalem”, the Canaanite God of Dusk.

In its ‘City of David’ form Jerusalem lasted less than 80 years. In 928BC the Kingdom divided into Israel and Judah with Jerusalem the capital of Judah, and in 597BC the Babylonians conquered it. Ten years later in a second siege, the city was largely destroyed including Solomon’s temple. The Jews recaptured it in 164BC but finally lost it to the Roman Empire in 63BC.

A Christian (Crusader) kingdom of Jerusalem existed from 1099 to 1291 but held the city for only 101 of those years. Before the present-day shambles, cooked up by Balfour and stoked by the US, the Jews had controlled Jerusalem for around 500 years, say, historians – small beer compared to the 1,277 years it was subsequently ruled by Muslims and the 2000 years, or thereabouts, it originally belonged to the Canaanites.


Since the three main Semitic faiths – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – all have historical claims to Jerusalem and a presence there, and masses of non-Semitic believers around the world also wish to visit the holy places, the best solution seems to be the one recommended by United Nations General Assembly resolutions 181 and 194: that Jerusalem is made a corpus separatum, an open city administered by an international regime or the UN itself.

Why this hasn’t been implemented isn’t clear. We’ve seen the abominable discrimination inflicted on Palestinian Muslims and Christians by Israel since seizing control of Jerusalem.

The other side could play word games too – and with more honesty. Anti-Semitism has been fashioned by the Zionists into a catch-all smear weapon. What if pro-Palestinian groups and the BDS movement declared themselves (in correct parlance) to be ‘pro-Semitic’, i.e. supportive of all those with genuine ancestral links to the ancient Holy Land and entitled to live there in freedom?

They could coin a new expression just like Marr and establish it through usage.

Stuart Littlewood
27 August 2020


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  1. The term Semite does not exactly refer to a group of languages but the ethnic groups who spoke those languages, and their descent goes all the way back to Genesis 9-11. There Shem is listed as one of the three sons of Noah through whom the human race was re-constituted after the Flood. Shem’s immediate generations are listed there in Genesis 10:21-31. Altogether they make up 27 different nations who settled in the Middle East. They include today’s Persians (the Iranians) who are a purely Semitic people.

    This is why the rabbis since the 19th century have loved the vague term “anti-Semitic,” because it muddies the water, as if they and they alone are a “Semitic people.” The Hebrew people were but a small part of those Semitic peoples out of which came the Semitic languages.

    The “Ashkenazi” Jews are 8th century converts to Judaism from Khazaria as most VT readers know. These “European” Jews are driving the fake Zionism we are dealing with today. The true Zionists according to the New Testament is the Church (the true Church in the Spirit known only to God.) According to the Apostle Paul, the actual Semitic Jews of his day who rejected the Messiah Jesus Christ he symbolically identifies with Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, father of the 12 tribes of Arabia. “For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all” (Galatians 4:25-26).

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