Iran welcomes Venezuela peace talks in Norway


…by Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Both sides seem to be tired out, and looking for a new path to anywhere but where they are now. The Venezuelan opposition has won the most pitiful coup award in current history, despite the full US and CIA backing, something few Cold War veterans missed.

We had a CIA turned Venezuelan Intel chief arrange for a half a company of soldiers to stand with Gauido on the big day and that was it.

The US and its backers have gotten away with strangling the Venezuelan economy and its people, without being lynched in the world court of public opinion where they would be found guilty.

Cold Wars veterans know the US does not give a crap about the Venezuelan people, The Deep Staters will asset strip Venezuela and burn both Russian and China by having the new government renounce the former government’s loans.

The Venezuelan socialist government brought millions of people out of poverty and that pendulum will swing backwards, which is why Maduro has the support from the coup attempts intended victims.

“Is there corruption in Venezuela?” That is not the right question to ask. A better one should be, “is there any more corruption there than in the non-socialist South American countries.”

And the best question of all, “is Venezuela ahead of or behind the US in the corruption game, if you include the real sophisticated kinds like market manipulations, etc.”

Could this “discussion” between the two parties be a feint to buy time for a better organized coup to take place by the Guaido faction? The answer to that is yes. But there are no risk free magic button options to push.

You have to take chances to pull yourself out of the swamp. Borderline Venezuelans are focused on getting through tomorrow. But they have stood with Maduro and will go down with himJim W. Dean ]

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–  First published … May 18, 2019

Iran has welcomed high-level talks between Venezuela’s government and the opposition in Norway, expressing hope that the parties would find a solution to the political impasse in the Latin American country.

“We hope that these talks will lead to a political solution and that Venezuela could rapidly improve the status of its economy and the livelihood of its people under peaceful circumstances,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Moussavi said on Saturday.

President Nicolas Maduro on Friday declared the beginning of negotiations with the US-backed opposition in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, in an effort to resolve the political stalemate.

PressTV-Maduro hails start of peace talks with opposition

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro hails the beginning of talks with the opposition for peace and agreement in Norway.

“The talks have begun nicely to move toward agreements of peace, agreement and harmony, and I ask for the support of all Venezuelan people to advance on the path of peace,” Maduro said while addressing some 6,500 troops.

Norway, which referred to the talks as “exploratory discussions,” started the mediation to bring to an end a months-long crisis.

The Iranian spokesman further warned of interference by certain countries and its destructive consequences in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

“Unfortunately, the US has collectively punished the people of Venezuela by blocking and plundering the country’s financial resources,” Moussavi said.

He called on the White House to end its policy of “economic terrorism” and stop behaving against the principles of human rights regarding the Venezuelan nation.

Venezuela is going through political unrest. In January, tensions worsened after opposition figure Juan Guaido, who is also president of the National Assembly, unilaterally declared himself “interim president” of Venezuela.

The United States quickly accepted that self-proclamation and has since been working with Guaido. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Thursday that he was “very much supportive” of the Oslo talks.

 PressTV-‘Venezuela govt., opposition reps head for talks in Norway’

Delegates from the Venezuelan government and opposition purportedly travel to Norway for resolution talks.

Guaido also confirmed on Thursday that he had sent a delegation to Oslo, but denied that any direct negotiations had taken place.

On April 30, a small group of armed troops accompanying Guaido clashed with soldiers at an anti-government rally in Caracas in an attempted coup that soon petered out.

The administration of US President Donald Trump backed the attempted putsch, but Maduro, who has called Guaido a puppet of Washington, announced in a televised speech later in the day that the group of military personnel supporting Guaido had been defeated, and 25 renegade soldiers had sought refuge at the Brazilian Embassy in Caracas.


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  1. So “Venezuela” must go to “talks” with a Masonic shill (AZE’s Guanó) just because the AZE (AngloZionist Empire) says so? And to achieve what particularly? The AZE never respects any agreement. They never fulfilled any promise when they exterminated the Indians in North America (14 millions during the wiping, and currently, half a million per year everywhere else). And people are so brainwashed that they cannot recognize the AZE as a death machine!
    And it’s so sad knowing that Norway is also currently controlled by zioagents. The Zionist plague has been relentlessly working to retake the States from those heroes who fought hard for the social reforms that had given prosperity to their societies. Now Norway marches towards becoming a ziotyranny, masked always as a “democracy”. They now collaborate with the bad guys, until becoming part of them. Tragic

  2. It’s Stockholm Jewish mediamoguls Bonnier etc. who hate everyone, especially Swedes, just look at Malmö today, they did it. They sow nothing but hatered and distrust with their propaganda. Just lately their target was Baltics and particulary Estonia with a little help of their trusty Nato puppet President Toomas Hendrik Ilves barking on non Nato Sweden and particulary Finland.

  3. À propos “Smells fishy”, Mr.Compton: Norway has six foreign trade priorities: (1) To sell fish — mostely sick bread salmon– to everybody in general and China in particular. (2) To sell salted and/or dried cod — bacalao — to everybody else. (3) Herring/kippers for the rest. (4) Keep oil prices high and natural cas prices reasonably low for export purposes. (5) Pay the US for being good to us thrugh buying unusable F35 aircraft. (6) Be allowed to carry on with the Nobel Peace Price charade whilst doing trade and mariteme fright contracs running in the Gulfs and in the Far East of Asia.

  4. I would rather beleive the exploratory talks started being held outside of Norwa’s capital Oslo.
    The 17th of may is norways national day (celebrating the signing av the most democratically representative constitution of any state of some size anywhere — 1/3 of all adult men having the franchise). The festivities started on the sixteenth and continued througout saturday the 18th of may — a party here is no real party if it goes not on for three or four full days (for 4 døegr — which include the light summer nights inbetween.).
    Also, the 3rd highest ranking Chinese politisian visited Norway between may 15 and 19. The 16th he hekld talks with the leaders of Storting (parliament) an the Prime minister in Oslo. On the 17th he went to Norway’s oil and gas extraction capital Stavanger instead of following PM Erna Solberg to her home city of Bergen for the celebrations. — I.e., an excellent venue for discussing Venezuela and hydro carbon extraction politics and financing.
    What he — speaker of the Chinese people’s Congress standing Commitee Lì Zhànshū — was busy with on the 18th is unbeknownest to me, but i did notice personelle fro China’s embassy hauled off a mother lode of luxury spirits and wines from the adjaicent stete licour store just 50 meter’s walk from the embassy. (Boose laws and it’s sales arrangements at thei “Vinmonopolet” being remnicent of blue laws and state licorstores in Iowa some 40 years ago.)

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