Time to Intervene, Trump’s Adderall Addiction Will Kill Us All


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    This is a video captured in mid sentence where Trump, the “pot” is calling Nancy Pelosi “the kettle” crazy.  This is the face of an Adderall addict having a psychotic break and Nancy Pelosi thinks it is a game.

    Time for blaming is over, time to fix at least one problem, one addict in an army of them but this one is in the White House.

    Whatever Trump is or is not, whatever he can or can’t be, it is time he did some rehab time, 90 days at least, and a qualified caretaker take on his responsibilities, and we don’t mean the vice president, who is far worse than Trump.

    Trump is currently having a psychotic episode, probably brought on by his long documented (censored) misuse of Adderall, the drug millions of America’s kids are on for attention deficit disorder. (failing to love sitting in school all day being taught useless crap by morons)

    Trump has recently lost 40 pounds, that in itself is good, he hit over 300 pounds and liposuction alone wasn’t going to fix that.

    Whatever one might feel about Trump, at one time he had friends who weren’t gangsters or psychopaths, all he has left now.

    His Adderall addiction will either kill him or us as he is getting out of control.  Let’s deal with this problem, one that threatens, minimally, the lives and well being of humanity, and move on from there.

    The idea of measuring who is crazier, Trump or Pelosi…is not worth our time or effort.  I only bet on contests where there is a clear winner.

    Maybe it is weight control, or his depression or ADHD or maybe he is an simply an addict but the not so big secret is that Donald Trump is a “smurf diver.”  From the Urban Dictionary:

    smurf diving
    Adderall (Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine) in powder-blue colored pills crushed and snorted.
    Renee: “Hey, wanna toot some Addy?”

    Mama Murder: Aw hell yeah, I love Smurf Diving.


    This is what Adderall addiction is doing to Trump:

    • Delusions, both paranoid delusions and delusions of grandeur, including feelings of superiority
    • Being overly talkative
    • Loss of appetite
    • Unusual excitability
    • Financial troubles
    • Aggression
    • Sleeping for long periods of time
    • Secretive behavior
    • Excessive weight loss
    • Memory loss
    • Incomplete thoughts
    • Relationship problems
    • Financial difficulties
    • Overworking or overconcentrating
    • Disorientation
    • Mania
    • Impulsive behaviors

    The side effects we are seeing?

    • Paranoia
    • Insomnia
    • Hallucinations
    • Anxiety
    • False sense of well-being
    • Diarrhea
    • Swelling of face, eyes or throat
    • Motor tics
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Cravings
    • Talking faster, louder, or not connecting conversation points



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    1. I took 40 mg to try it. It was unlike anything I had done before. It organized my brain and thoughts in an unnatural way. It was more than a false sense of clarity and organized motivation, it was directional and specific. It felt like someone else was now focusing my thoughts on production and attention to detailed priorities. I spent the night compiling lists of all the things I had to do, and prioritizing them numerically, something I normally do capably without much thought. I was brimming with confidence in my lists as I compiled them, only to find later, I didn’t need them at all. Adderall seems like much more than just a stimulant. It felt like a purposeful directive targeting specific areas of my brain. I did what it wanted me to do.

    2. drug addict
      psychiatric case
      would have thought going down this hysterical path would have been beneath VT,
      using psychiatry’s automatic inbuilt stigmatization process is simply poor form
      its the easiest and most cowardly attempted insult anyone can level at another, especially some one in the public eye that we see in minute sound bites and less than seconds at a time

      • we have sources witnessing Trump having sex with men at Studio 54, sources for him raping a 12 year old girl…do you want me to go on?

    3. John McCain once termed the assassination of JFK as an “intervention.”
      Is it possible that Nancy Pelosi meant the same when using that term in reference to Trump?

      Let’s see:
      First, get rid of Pence, so that there is no Vice President.
      Then, by the 25th Amendment or assassination, get rid of Trump.
      Then Speaker of the House Pelosi becomes President.
      Then Pelosi appoints Hillary Vice President.
      Then Pelosi either resigns or is Arkancided.
      Then Hillary becomes President.

      • time we colored outside the lines here

        but first of all…let’s eliminate senate seats for any state with less than 5m people

        one of my peeves….any state formed from territory not part of the US as of 1787 doesn’t get 2 senators

        lets go real “strict construction”

    4. Gordon, you forgets to include his dysgraphia. (I hope I speled that corectly.) Less ‘n you includes it under his paranoia and feer of sayin’ the trooth. The list is firghtening. When you add ‘er all up it spells Trumple … or Trouble with a capitol ‘T.’

      • I saw the Clooney version then revisited the Mike Nichols version with its superb cast of grinning morons.

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