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    by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

    [ Editor’s Note: This is another hard edged piece by Gordon, with hard sources. It’s all true, and the sad story continues on. There was no sense sitting on this material in the midst of the domestic and geopolitical circus we find ourselves in.

    It is an old saying that power corrupts, and the issues covered below are by no means unique to the US. Mass media has also played a role. Publishing sex scandals when it is not dangerous to do so, like the creepy Joe Biden stories.

    Those safe stories act as a screen for what they will not touch with a ten foot pole. Our security orgs know what’s been going on and foreign security orgs also know how bad it is, which makes people subject to blackmail.

    But some of the political perps can have control over their budgets, and the gang the perps run with can go after government officials after they leave office, family concerns, etc., so what we generally get is “it’s not my job man”.

    Well if it’s not their job, then whose the hell is it?Jim W. Dean ]


    … First published … May 29, 2019

    Stories about pedophile rings operating at the highest level of power in the United States are abundant. Most are false but not all. First of all, “gay” and “pedophile” are not the same thing. Most pedophiles consider themselves “straight.”

    This issue is important because it is being used politically by conservatives to divide America. What real investigations have shown is that, over the past few decades, a certain powerful subculture, which includes openly gay males, “closeted” gay males and “straight males” who prey on children, are among the most powerful of America’s ruling elites. Almost all are Republicans, “neo-conservatives” or part of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC.

    I became aware of this in 1990 when a ranking party leader asked me to investigate a blackmail attempt made against our then serving US President. Some of the context of this can’t be made public other than a nationwide ring of child traffickers was discovered but that also absolutely no ties to the president existed.

    This very real pedophile ring was exposed and then later covered up but what was made public, the veritable “tip of the iceberg,” the “Franklin Scandal” or the “Presidio Scandal” were part of the public record. Google and Facebook are erasing them from existence.

    There is a good reason for this. As we will demonstrate, key institutions at the highest levels of power in the United States are dominated by a culture that certainly isn’t “gay” or “straight” but is sexually deviant.

    At the root of the “neoconservative” movement is what DC insiders call the “gay mafia,” a group responsible for war after war, a group at the heart of the Deep State. Of “big name” republicans, and we are talking dozens including possibly two presidents, the exceptions, Paul Wolfowitz for one, are those who aren’t deviant. How is this known?

    Two of my good friends worked in the White House under President George W. Bush. One was Alex Powers who I had met at the Pentagon when he was with their counter-terrorism organization. Prior to that Alex was assistant to Paul Bremmer, defacto “governor general” of Iraq under the US occupation.

    The other is Gwyneth Todd, member of the National Security Council under Condoleezza Rice.

    Both Gwyneth and Alex outlined their years serving “W” and the tales of corruption, open espionage and debauchery among Washington’s neocon “elites.” “Rent boys” were run in and out of the White House while at AIPAC, a “bath house” culture prevailed.

    Please note that both Alex and Gwyneth live outside the United States though having served at the highest levels of government. Neither has been in the US for many years now.

    We have many other sources as well and the stories they tell involve well known politicians, “philanthropists” and religious leaders, and these stories are sickening. In many if not nearly all cases, those involved are among those who openly bash the gay and transgender community.

    Issues of “trans-genderism” and sexual preference are now mainstream news and politics, unavoidable, subjected to spin, fakery and worse, used for gain by Washington fear mongers and hypocrites. The truth, the real and proven truth, is quite alarming as well and should be dealt with, but with a minimum of hyperbole and exploitation. Others have taken that road and shamed us all.

    These gender issues are part of many American families. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has a gay daughter and, thus, was always careful when speaking of these issues. Cheney was also careful about speaking of gay issues in the military as he himself had not only not served in Vietnam but had avoided the draft and in all probability violated laws in doing so.

    One might add that, similarly Donald Trump had avoided service in Vietnam through what many believe was a criminal act, faking a non-existent health condition. Others such as George “W” Bush avoided service through being placed in a National Guard unit that could not legally be deployed to Vietnam.

    Please excuse the digression, but there is a term for these individuals, “Chickenhawks.” In fact, for the past few decades, the majority of “conservatives” were among well known draft dodgers, people like Rush Limbaugh or not just dozens but up to 150 members of congress who bought or lied their way out of combat. They aren’t the subject today, but the moral decay they represent sets a backdrop for what we are considering.

    It is all about division and control, in America at least, and as we will show, those doing the most accusing are those who are, themselves, the most despicable.

    Next to fear and hatred of America’s “less than white” near majority there is one issue dividing Americans and that is dealing with sexuality. We aren’t talking about the “out of control” conspiracy theories formulated by Washington think tanks, things like Pizzagate or almost continual drumming about Satanists and pedophile rings.

    For those unaware, defense contracting firms are making millions not just creating fake pedophile conspiracies but, using Facebook and Google data, targeting mentally unstable “influencers” to penetrate “online communities,” mostly in backward or rural areas.

    There is a reason these areas are targeted, due to oddities of America’s electoral system, both houses of congress are controlled by regions with little population, plagued with ignorance and poverty, areas that are predominately “white.” States like Wyoming with almost no populations have two senators, same as California with 50 million people.

    In the House of Representatives, what is called “gerrymandering” has given a vast advantage to depopulated areas that can be easily “vote rigged.” America has become the least democratic “democracy” in the world.

    But this isn’t what we are discussing today. We are moving into an area where the world has little understanding of when they imagine what the United States is really about. Let us be clear, when discussing a sensitive subject such as the issues of “trans-genderism” or gay/lesbian issues, what the world is told, what is foisted on the public, is all fake.

    Each nation, each culture has their own traditions and values, and we are talking only about the United States today.

    It is believed that up to 10% of the American population is either “gay” in some form or “gender challenged.” Whatever the real numbers, the entertainment industry is awash with stories of transgender characters. School children in much of America are continually “informed” that they should be considering whether they want to change sexes or “become gay” as part of liberalized education.

    If only I were making this up. This is one side of the story, but there is another, one perhaps even darker.

    I grew up in a lower-class suburb of Detroit in the 1950s and 60s. No one had heard of gay or transgender issues, they must have existed, but they weren’t part of our lives. However, when I entered the US Marine Corps in 1968, and began training in California, that all changed.

    We were warned continually during training about the evils of homosexuality and to beware of the gay community in Los Angeles, the nearest city to our massive base at Camp Pendleton. We were told that unwary recruits would become “entangled” in “unwholesome relationships” during liberty (a military term for short periods off base during the later phases of training).

    As I entered service, at times on landing ships like the USS Cleveland (LPD 6) and others, it became clear that there was a significant gay contingent in some military services and that this had been going on for some time. Though this is never spoken of now, there were some, perhaps many, openly gay Marines serving in combat in Vietnam and not only was nothing said of it, it was considered inappropriate to comment openly.

    I might also add that in 70 years I have never met a transgender individual. Thus, I am in no position to judge and learned long ago that assuming a moral high ground is a “slippery slope.”

    I will also add, however, that were I to watch network television, I would see transgender characters in every show, a seeming obsession on the part of the “entertainment industry” which any sensible person has long accepted as driven by an agenda to sow discord and controversy whenever possible.


    Never before has a nation been divided as America is today. A key area is this issue, gender identity and sexuality, one I am suggesting is a fake issue, one manipulated by the media, blown out of proportions and used to push forward a secret agenda intended to undermine not sexual or family values but rather democratic ones.

    Where did it begin? With President Trump one can look to his mentor, Roy Cohn, one of the darkest figures of American history. Cohn, a charming and brilliant man, spent his life bent on destroying everything he touched, a man whose personal insecurities pushed his vast talents toward alignments with dark forces bent on bringing America down.

    Cohn had many young men as acolytes. Some say he was close to George W. Bush though evidence is scant. Evidence is not so scant involving Donald Trump. Trump and Cohn spent years together, every aspect of Trump’s presidency reflects Roy Cohn and the man he made.

    Cohn loved young men. No one has ever accused Cohn of being a pedophile. The issue isn’t tied so much to “gay and straight” but rather to human weakness and obsession, to secret societies, to deviance, to the culture of power in the US that has made the common people of America subject to rule by the morally repugnant, whatever their sexual orientation.

    Consider this one controversy and then consider the unavoidable deluge of evidence that efforts are now underway to turn religion on religion through fake terrorism and to foster hatred based on race and ethnicity.

    Add to the mix Google and Facebook and a dozen defense contracting firms that use every tool imaginable to engineer and fabricate chaos and discord.

    What is forgotten is humanity, justice and righteousness.

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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    1. Bolton never joined anything and, at that time, you couldn’t ‘join’ the national guard, you had to be invited.

      It was a “get out of jail free” card for cowards…then.

    2. As this war rages on with the intent of making the herd controllable for future generations of Mafia leaders, don’t be surprised if our military people end up in pink camo. Growing and picking vegetables and fruits for the world’s elite might not be too bad. Just make sure you don’t ever say anything that sounds revolutionary.

      • Henry
        Consider that 90% of how you view the world comes from TV shows and fake news. Work in DC. Removing Kevin Spacey from Netflix was insanity. His character isn’t 2% of scumbag Trump.

    3. I have commented on this issue before, having seen firsthand the gay (homeless) youth culture in the French Quarter. Someone was bemoaning the gay stuff when I reminded him that a pedophile does not have to chase, capture, etc a gay youth (especially in LA entertainment industry) for sex. The people doing this are not doing it for sex. The streets are full of boys and girls who have no qualms whatsoever about being on “the casting couch”. The predators want, power, control, terror, pain, and death. Not sex. Sex is involved but only as a rape against unwilling youngsters for the power it gives these evil people. The gay culture hates them with a passion, and if the bull dykes find them…. Why do so many religious organizations hate the gays so much, fear them so much? THERMOPOLIE

    4. I 100% share Gordon’s opinion on this spot. And i feel deep deep sorrow about modern USA. I mean the superb rights of all these freaks – gays, trans, etc. They were traditionally called The MINORITY. But now they have more rights. And the worst is their propaganda. Look! A true family is man+woman=kids! Everything else is a dirty garbage from satan. In my country all the perversions – are a SIN. By Bible or not. It is a sin. It is a shame. It will never dwell in our consciousness.

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