Russian Claim: Kim “Trumplet” Kardashian Possible Queen of Scutlund

    courtesy YouTube Forrest Whitaker as Idi Amin, the real Last King of Scotland
    Editor’s note:  The ass kissing of RT and Sputnik, long infiltrated by anti-Russian elements and turned into tabloids has gone too far.  The problem is, to an extent, RT and Sputnik are really good news agencies.  I know many who work there and to a lesser and lesser extent, they are still a bastion of honest reporting…less every day.
    Now this, we expect it from the Daily Record, but not Sputnik.  Kardashian of course is a huge Trump supporter and Sputnik is in love with Israel, who pulls Trump’s strings.
    Now this.
    For those unaware, being royalty in Europe means you have some iota of “bloodline” or “House of David” (Da Vinci Code crap) lineage through the Merovingian/Habsburg line. I am “iota’d up the ass” on this one.  My real suspicion is that we, the “bloodlines” are part of an evil alien race that crashed here long ago with secret powers, impatience, pushiness and a feeling of self-righteousness.  If only I were kidding…
    As a displaced Scot with very real pretention to the ass-wipe throne of Scotland, I can only tell Kimmie to get in line.  Scottish titles have been sold on Ebay for years.
    I am a direct line royal descendant of the royal clan Mac Duff with clear lineage back to the 16th century.  They check on all this crap in Scotland.
    However, the real family history is a friggin’ nightmare of criminals and monsters, nothing like the Trumps mind you, but nothing to brag about.
    Eventually the Duffs married into the fake German/Polish/Jewish royal family back in the 1800s and everyone became “dukes” instead of “barons.” 
    Who is Britain/Scotland’s real royal family?  They live in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, they have long been erased from the rolls with odd exceptions, like my family, where the line carries an odd name, Lockhart, that identifies royalty.  That was my dad, a communist union leader from Detroit.
    I will be in Scotland for much of the summer.  When they see the name, they cringe, thinking I might want something.  
    It was bad enough when real royal families demanded privilege based on birth.  Now they are all even more fake than before, more than fake with one exception, Diana.
    The whole idea of course is repugnant.  We went through this in the 50’s when a family member with inherited (mob) cash hired solicitors to restore the “family name.”  My dad then became “Lord Lockhart,” something that gave him distinction when working the afternoon shift at the Ford Transmission Division in Plymouth, Michigan until half a dozen heart attacks put an end to that.
    For doubters, check.  Best from Gordon Duff, son of Lockhart, of the Hatton MacDuffs of Aberdeenshire.

    American-born Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle may need to make some room for the queen of reality TV shows, Kim Kardashian, who might actually be descended from British royalty.

    The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star has been unveiled as a legitimate descendant of Scottish royalty after journalist and researcher Craig Williams traced back her family tree, the Daily Record reported.

    The journalist, who is Scottish himself, revealed that Kim Kardashian’s lineage is linked to the MacGregor clan, who claim royal descent through their founder Gregor, who was the brother of the first king of Scots Kenneth MacAlpin.

    The makeup mogul is also said to be related to Rob Roy MacGregor, an outlaw who later became a folklore hero.

    Williams decided to look into Kim’s ancestry on her mother Kris Jenner’s side upon becoming aware of claims that the Kardashians like Scottish names: for instance, Kourtney named her daughter Penelope Scotland Disick.

    “This all came about because I had seen the name of Kim’s niece was Penelope Scotland Disick. I thought the family must be aware of a Scottish background. And sure enough, when I searched the historical records, there it was. I had no idea they would be linked to such a towering figure from Scottish history though. And as the MacGregors claim direct descent from Scottish kings, maybe Kim could have a claim on the throne,” he told the Daily Record.

    Kim K, who is currently pursuing a new career goal by following in her late father’s footsteps to become a lawyer, has yet to react to the startling revelation.

    Meanwhile, nearly four weeks ago, as Kim and her husband Kanye West welcomed their fourth child via surrogate, a Glasgow prankster fooled thousands of Twitter users into thinking that the couple had named their baby boy after a Scottish railway station, having shared a photoshopped tweet purporting to be from Kardashian’s account.


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    1. The US was born from the idea of rejection of Monarchy. Now it is in our faces every day. That is no accident. It is a sustained and fully funded effort to validate the concept of inherited power. I am actually open to the idea, certain families are not from here, particularly when we see the same amino acids are indeed in space, it makes it very possible to assume life has similar shape throughout the universe. But also, it makes sense , that generational occupation does effect a bloodline, whether it is a farmer or a silversmith. But this is knowledge, not ability. It is the wish and desire of Monarchy to have us believe that continuity of a bloodline carries abilities and skill sets. That is why many British last names denote occupation or location rather than simply the skill set of the actual person.

      • One of the amazing epiphanies early settlers had, was conversing about names with the indigenous. Even today, people go to various tribes seeking to become a member and get “their Indian name”. This is the process of finding the purpose of the individual and relating it into a name. it has nothing to do with bloodline. If a person named Wellington met someone of this culture they might say “what is the meaning of Wellington”?
        It has no meaning. It is simply inherited, and that seems very odd to people who associate names with the individual purpose or attributes. The concept of inherited names, particularly through the fathers family is dubious and meaningless. And inherited power is considered but not due to bloodline, but exposure to the task. What we have today, is ridiculous beyond belief. It is simple stubbornness and worn out elitism being elevated by means of a massive media campaign. Ownership of people by way of meaningless name. This is not sentient. It is mold and mildew.

    2. The MSM highly publicized Kardashian race mixing is pure Zio-Kosher agenda….

      BDS 2019!

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