Turkey and Syria’s Child Killing Terrorists


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No mercy. Not even for a 10-year-old child with Down Syndrome. They kidnapped him along with his grandfather and father and killed all three of them with a brutal jihadist imprint. The news of the tragic death of the child has been denounced by various Kurdish-speaking media and social media who care about the fate of the inhabitants of this ethnic group in northern Syria. 

The plan of the terrorists protected and armed from Turkey that controls the area of ​​Afrin is by now evident: to terrorize the population for an ethnic substitution that remembers that Nazi. The situation is so serious that even the SOHR Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has published disturbing reports on the repeated crimes of the Qaedist groups that imply they have extortions from peasants over crops and devastation from wood forests and agricultural fields.

A map of the Afrin area that reveals the slightest presence of Isis-Daesh jihadists and the massive presence of the Qaedists Hayat Tharir Al Sham. According to the Geo-historical Observatory, Turkey is building a separation wall to divide the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, controlled by Ankara, and the neighboring area of ​​Tell Rifaat, under the control of the Syrian army and Russian allies.

While this is happening in Afrin, other jihadist factions of Qaedist Islamic extremists in Idlib are increasingly fierce and armed enough to have targeted the base of the Russian aviation of Hmeimim, in one day, with 17 Bora Turkish rockets. A failed attack as the military zone is the only one in Syria to be equipped with the S-400 anti-missile batteries of Moscow, the most sophisticated in the world: elsewhere the army of President Bashar Al Assad can rely on more widespread but now dated S-200 and on the effective and more recent S-300, supplied by the Kremlin after the Israeli-French attack on September 17th in which the Russian reconnaissance aircraft IL-20 was shot down by mistake from the Syrian aircraft the killing of the 15 crew members.

We can no longer speak of a systematic violation of the cease-fire agreements but of a real war scenario with more than a thousand deaths in a month behind which hidden complicity emerges between the jihadists, the NATO countries and their allies. If a Russian report reveals the Turkish-made missiles in the hands of terrorists, an Israeli TV investigation reveals suspicious collaboration between the Tel Aviv government, which continues to bomb the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic, and the White Helmets , for the realization of hidden chemical attacks aimed at blaming Damascus to justify military missile retaliation actions as already happened in April 2018.

For this reason, according to the Flight Tracker website, two Russian aviation airplanes Antonov An-124 arrived at the Hmeimim airbase on Friday evening. The An-124 is the largest airlifter that has ever traveled to Syria, and will probably serve to transport some heavy weapons to the Syrian army in strategic locations.


The military convoy of armored vehicles of the Turkish forces in a photo released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The maneuvering of the Ankara regime is becoming increasingly evident and massive in this context. “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has learned that the Turkish forces have introduced new military reinforcements – writes the SOHR website – A new convoy entered Syrian territory with military and logistic equipment and armored vehicles, and headed for the Turkish observation post in the north of the Hama countryside after midnight yesterday (30 May 2019). A column of over 30 vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, entered the Kafrluseen border north of Idlib to the town of Morek in the northern Hama countryside “. The Observatory itself notes that another military column of the Turkish forces reached the observation points of Tal Al-Eis, in the southern Aleppo countryside,

A militarization of the de-escalation area that openly contrasts with the Sochi agreement signed by Turkey and Russia to protect the province of Idlib, the last stronghold of Islamic extremist terrorists, where the massacres are now on the agenda. “The death toll increases in the most intense escalation in the period from April 20, 2019, until May 31, 2019,” writes the SOHR observatory, reporting 1131 dead people. “363 civilians including 91 children and 77 women were killed in the Russian air raids and of the regime forces in the areas of Aleppo, Hama, Latakia and Idlib, and 19 people died in the explosion of a truck loaded with explosive materials owned by the jihadist groups in the city of Jisr al-Shughur, west of Idlib ».

The devastation of the Turkish-made jihadist missiles on the village of Tal Rifaat north of Aleppo that killed 7 civilians

The claim on civilians is to be taken with benefit of doubt since since the beginning of the war the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is based in Coventry in England and is run by an Arab emigrant, has always made an anti-Assad propaganda . The number of civilians who were victims of rockets and mortar fire launched by pro-Turkish jihadists is not mentioned in the detailed report. Furthermore, the Syrian government has repeatedly stressed that civilians are being used as “human shields”, ie forced to stand next to the positions from which the terrorists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), already facing Al Nursa, a Syrian Al Qaeda subsidiary , launch their attacks. This results in numerous victims when the artillery targets the points from which the rockets started.


A Bora rocket made in Turkey

“After the ceasefire declared by the Syrian army in Idlib province on May 18, the terrorists launched missile attacks against the Russian military base of Hmeimim which led to emergency telephone interviews between Russians and Turks – the site of the Iranian FARS News agency quoting Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta – A news website affiliated with Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (formerly Levant Liberation Board or Front of Al-Nusra) published photos of the attack on the military base with the rockets used on which there were trademarks in the Turkish language. However, the images were removed hours later. The report also noted that the bombing on Hmeimem would not have been possible without Ankara’s support and claimed that the Idlib terrorists are “armed with Turkey”.

The Khmeimim base of the Russian aviation in Syria, in the province of Latakia

Hmeimim Air Base is a Syrian air base currently operated by Russia, located south-east of the city of Lattakia. The air base shares some airport facilities with the Bassel Al-Assad international airport. The legal status of the base is regulated by a treaty that Russia and Syria signed in August 2015. At the end of 2017, Russia stated that it had decided to transform the Hmeimim base into a component of its permanent military contingent in Syria.


Precisely this incident and the continuing violations of the ceasefire by terrorists in the de-escalation area of ​​Idlib have aroused the resolute reaction of Russia. As reported by the Sana agency (Syrian Arab New Agency) the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Turkish regime is responsible for implementing the Sochi agreement on Idlib (17 September 2018) to stop terrorist violations in that area.

This agreement provided for the creation of a de-militarized zone and the creation of a corridor for the unconventional jihadists of the Al Nusra group and of the other Islamic extremist factions. This has never happened and therefore over the months the terrorists, even with the use of force, have taken the domain of that area of ​​northern Syria to the detriment of the few anti-Assad rebel allies (FSA) and the population. This has also been confirmed by the United Nations in recent days.

Geir_Pedersen, United Nations Special Envoy for Syria

On Wednesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin told the United Nations Security Council that at present the Idlib jihadist groups had spread their influence over more than 99% of the province’s territory.

Geir Pedersen, special envoy of the UN secretary general for Syria, confirmed the situation during the same briefing behind closed doors: “Yes, certainly the terrorist groups dominate most of the territory of Idlib and the Council has a unanimous opinion on the fight against terrorism and respect for international humanitarian law “.

At the moment diplomats and officials of the Palace of Glass continue to pose only the problem of the attacks of Russian aviation in response to those of the now more active Qaedists: those of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) group. In essence it is the new name of the jihadists of the Al Nusra Front, in the form it is an attempt to disguise itself as political revolutionaries to obtain international recognition.

The self-styled deputy minister of Idlib government controlled by Al Qaeda terrorist groups alongside the Italian Alessandro Sandrini declaring the release of the agency Sham

A “camouflage” operation that saw a colonel of the HTS terrorist faction wear a jacket and tie for a press conference with a media of his own creation in which the announcement of the release of the Italian Alessandro Sandrini was given, after a negotiation between the Italian Secret Services and the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Qaedists . Sandrini, wanted for robbery in Italy, had vanished in Turkey in 2016 and was released in suspicious circumstances that make his abduction in Syria even more mysterious.

The jihadists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, formerly Front Al Nusra, who control Idlib province

“Syria will spare no effort to save its citizens from the domination of the Idlib terrorist organizations that use people as human shields and to end the attacks of these terrorists on civilians in neighboring cities,” said Permanent Representative Bashar al-Jaafari of Syria to the UN during a session of the Security Council – The presence of any foreign military force on Syrian territory, without the acceptance of the Syrian government, is an aggression and an occupation “. Al Jaafari also accused US occupation forces and affiliated terrorists of holding thousands of civilians in al-Rukban camp in al-Tanf,

“The West wants this region, which is rich in oil and natural resources, to be a large consumer market for Western production and wants the Israeli entity to dominate this area,” said Syrian Foreign Minister Walid. Moallem at the People’s Assembly adding that the economic blockade of sanctions is a form of terrorism – They want the war in Syria to continue and other countries to be prevented from taking part in the reconstruction process “.


Mohammad Rashid Khalil, a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome, was kidnapped with his father last week and found dead in the Afrin campaign in Syria on May 27, 2019

“A group of Syrian militants killed a disabled Kurdish child after kidnapping him and his father in the north-western region of Afrin in Syria: local news agencies and Kurdish officials reported it – Nadia Riva has recently written about the online media Kurdistan 24 – More than a week ago, Mohammad Rashid Khalil, a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome, had been kidnapped along with his father from the town of Izzaz, in the northern Aleppo countryside ».

The Tweet of the Afrin Media Center with the photo of the three kidnapped sent by jihadist kidnappers to demand ransom

The news of the kidnapping was spread on Twitter by the AFRIN Media Center (AMC), a media operating in the Syrian city that documented the assault and also reported the ruthless execution. “The disabled child was found dead on Wednesday, May 29 in the camps of the village of Qustal Jandu in the Afrin countryside, not long after his father and grandfather were executed because their families could not get the ransom of $ 100,000” he said. specified Kurdistan 24.

Thirty-year-old Rashid Hamidi Khalil, tortured and killed by pro-Turkish jihadists, first in the dramatic video in which he made the appeal for ransom and then when he was found dead on May 22 – photo Afrin Media Center

Adnan Afrin, a commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), also reported on his social media that Turkey-backed militants killed Mohammed Rasheed Khalil and his father Rashid Hamidi Khalil: “The so-called Afrin local councils, supported by the occupation they are responsible for these crimes and are accomplices of the blood shed by our people in Afrin », he wrote. As the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) points out, the child, father and grandfather were kidnapped “by an armed group in the city of Azaz on May 13, 2019” while they were there for commercial reasons and the purchase of some objects.

Al-Sharqiyah jihadist militiamen, supported by Turkey in the Afrin area in Operation Olive Branch

“Since the occupation of Afrin in March 2018, armed groups continue to commit violations and crimes, in particular abductions, extortion, murder, rape and looting, as well as forced demographic changes in the area – writes Kurdistan 24 – In February, the Commission d The independent international investigation of the United Nations on Syria issued a statement in which it stated that Afrin’s armed groups were guilty of war crimes, such as “hostage-taking, cruel treatment, torture and looting. The most common violations perpetrated in Afrin have involved frequent kidnappings by armed groups and criminal gangs “. In particular, the Al-Sharqiyah Brigades.


The tragic fate of the child does not find space for now on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), where the report on the killing of the father, of other kidnappings, devastation and fratricidal gunfire between the same Islamic Jihadists of the ‘Olive Branch operation that controls the area under the auspices of Turkey.

The Kurdish civilian was killed during clashes between jihadists in the country of Jandairis in the Afrin countryside

“Clashes took place in the country of Jandairis in the Afrin campaign, between the Ahrar al-Sham movement against Jaysh al-Sharqiyyah in which a civilian from Jandairis with stray bullets was killed – writes the Observatory – The al-Jabha faction Olive Branch’s al-Shamiyya supported by Turkey has also imposed royalties on farmers who have agricultural machinery in Maabatli, in the countryside of the town of Afrin, under the pretext of “repairing roads”. A $ 150 tax that looks like a real extortion for the poor farmers in the area already forced “to pay the percentage of agricultural crops, such as vine leaves and cherries”. The risk, in case of refusal, is the expropriation of the lands or the destruction of the crops. The Olive Branch extremists “gathered the Mukhtar and Midana villages of the municipality of Raju, forcing the Kurdish peasants to obtain a “permit” to collect in their lands, while the Arab farmers moved to the area were not asked to obtain a “permit” to collect in the seized lands that belonged to Afrin citizens “. A strategy of ethnic disparity to induce the Kurds to leave the area in favor of Sunni Muslims like the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood also evident in other crimes.

“Strongly armed members of Al-Amshat, the Turkey-backed faction of Olive Branch, stormed homes in the town of Afrin and in the city of Sheikh Hadid – adds SOHR – have warned the displaced people of Homs to evacuate the houses in they live in, in order to host the displaced people of Hama ». The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reports that “about 60 families of displaced people from eastern Ghouta released by pro-Turkish factions have left the village of Bibaka, connected to the Bulbul district in the Afrin countryside.”

This also happened following the increasingly frequent abductions. The last disturbing message dates back to a few days ago. “Men armed with” Olive Branch “sent a video to the family of one of the kidnapped people in the village of Badino – reports SOHR – The kidnapped person appeared in the video after being subjected to severe torture. The kidnappers demanded that the young man’s family pay a ransom of $ 200,000 US dollars or kill him. The Al-Hamzat Division faction operating within the Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations, has kidnapped 2 citizens in the Shirawa district in the Afrin countryside and accused them of having relations with the autonomous administration. “


“The United States continues to be alarmed by the Syrian government and by Russian air strikes in northwestern Syria and believes they are a” pressing escalation “of violence,” the US State Department told Reuters in recent days. “Indiscriminate attacks against civilians and public infrastructure such as schools, markets and hospitals are a reckless escalation of the conflict and are unacceptable,” said spokeswoman for the State Department Morgan Ortagus. Accusations that they are fetish of hypocrisy since Washington has never worried about collateral damage in US Air Force raids in the province of Deir Ezzor with hundreds of civilians and dozens of children killed from November to March. Nor has the White House ever worried about the victims following the attacks  of Saudi Arabia in Yemen thanks to the missiles supplied by the US themselves .


An F-16 fighter bomber of the Israel Defense Force

Fueling the flames is also the issue of Tel Aviv, which has been carrying missile missiles in western Syria for more than a year through cabbia bombers of the Israel Defense Force (IDF). One of these, on May 27, caused the death of a military man from Damascus. “The Israeli enemy has targeted one of the Syrian military sites east of Khan Arnabeh in the Quneitra campaign,” writes the Sana news agency referring to a dead soldier and another wounded. Earlier another IDF attack with a missile struck the nearby village of Tal Sha’ar causing some injuries.

During a reclamation operation in the area, freed by the jihadists, the Syrian army found “weapons and ammunition, some of which were built by the United States and Westerners, left behind by terrorists in the countryside of Quneitra”. Sana always reports it with the list and photographs.

Western-made machine guns seized from terrorists in Syria

“The seized weapons included rifles, bullets, medium-sized machine guns, large quantities of various ammunition, some of which were produced in the United States and the West, and satellite communication devices, in addition to medical equipment, medicines, a number of vehicles for the government departments and local tractors, stolen by terrorists before they retired from the area “.


The White Helmets are accused of organizing chemical attacks to justify military reactions against Syria

“After years of mystification that hide behind the lie of” humanitarian work, “the Israeli media revealed the Israeli occupation government’s involvement in the design of chemical incidents by terrorist organizations in Syria.” This time the reporters of the Syrian Arab New Agency do not mention local sources but a network of the Zionist country. “A television report broadcast by Israeli Channel 12 confirmed that the Israeli occupation government oversaw and cooperated with the terrorists” White Helmets “to stage false chemical incidents to blame the Syrian Arab army, which was later promoted by the Western media. and the Gulf as a pretext for a military attack on Syria “.

“This is the first clear and open recognition of Israel’s role in supporting White Helmets, who had previously denied having relations with that country despite the fact that the Israeli government had evacuated 800 members of the Helmets, including their relatives, from southern Syria on American request »adds Sana in reference to the NGO in the international spotlight since it was also considered involved in Douma’s attack as claimed by authoritative British university professors on the basis of a dossier kept secret by the Prohibition Organization of Chemical Weapons.

It should be remembered that the White Helmets were founded and trained by a former British military secret agent, James Le Mesurier, later also a war mercenary, and were reported to the UN by Russia for multiple crimes including the charge of organ trafficking human .

Protective suits and gas masks seized by the Syrian army in a White Elmets field hospital serving terrorists

The units of the Syrian Arab army on Monday 27 May, inspecting the city of Qalaat al-Madi, had instead discovered a functional field hospital for terrorists and managed by the white helmets which contained medical equipment, gas masks and chemical protection devices, some of the which manufactured in Germany.

Filter for gas masks manufactured in Germany

The international intrigues discovered are therefore becoming increasingly disturbing: from Turkish rockets to American ammunition, from Israel’s attacks on Syria to the presence of Lebanese militias Hezbollah and Iranian Al Quds, crucial to allow Assad to defeat the Islamic State jihadists, up to the weapons of western production and to the suspected collaboration between Tel Aviv and White Helmets. It is clear that the war scenario in the tormented Middle Eastern country is cleverly and secretly orchestrated by NATO countries, such as Turkey, with the support of their Israeli and Saudi allies.

In this bloody and shameful tragedy of contemporary human history, ravaged by about half a million deaths and triggered by the US with repeated funding to overthrow Assad since 2006 , not only the Western countries that launched the missiles, such as France and Israel, are guilty , or have provided weapons, such as Germany and Turkey, but also those like Italy who pretend not to see.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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