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Israel is certainly among the most important, strategic and dangerous countries in the world in the legal, but also illegal, arms trade. In recent years, the Tel Aviv government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in October at the Court for the investigation of bribes on German submarines, has privatized its most important national IMI and IWI industries, achieving two results: making cash for the State and protect themselves from possible sanctions or political recriminations for exports to war zones, therefore under international embargo, carried out in order to increase war revenue.

Although Israel Weapons Industries, one of the world leaders in the production of small arms, made a profit on this trade, there was no major problem in getting a supply of Tavor, the competing semi-automatic assault rifle of the Kalashnikov that it looks like a little also in design, to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis of the Battalion of Azov, one of the most ferocious and bloody armed components in the Donbass conflict.

The Israeli group SK specializing in defense which belongs to Israel Weapons Industries IWI produces light weapons

But the SK group, which controls the IWI, which has become world famous for the production of the Uzi miter, has ended up in the eye of the storm also due to the investigation into a suspected $ 15 million fraud in a supply of patrol boats signed by the former president of Nigeria, Umaru Yar’Adua of the Hauda-Fulani ethnicity of the Sunnite Muslim religion.

These Israeli arms manufacturers are also partners of India’s most important defense and energy engineering industry, Punji Lloyd, which also specializes in reactors and nuclear components, based in the Hindu Punjab but branches in 15 states of the world, 10 of which Sunni Muslim majority. The umpteenth proof of the friendship between the Muslims of this confession and the Zionists, both historical enemies of the Shiites.

The military supply to Ukrainian neo-Nazis took place in disfavour to all ancestral ethics of firm condemnation of anti-Semitism, often used to mourn victims of persecution and thus justify every murderous action of the Mossad, the powerful Israeli intelligence, and of the IDF (Israelian Defense Forces ), the Tel Aviv army.


Before continuing with this second report on the Lobby of Weapons dedicated to Israel, following the one on the US holding companies invested by investment funds controlled mainly by Zionist magnates, a fundamental premise is a must. It is necessary to make a careful distinction between the Israelites, or real descendants of the historic Jewish population of high religious fervor, and Israeli heirs of the Zionist Movement, an Ashkenazi political project.



Not all Jews in the world feel that they are citizens of Israel above all because they do not share their war policies. In the Middle Eastern country, in fact, the majority of the population is now of Askenazian descent, the Jews of the Cazaro family who settled in Germany in the Middle Ages and gave rise to the Yiddish language, a fusion between Hebrew and German, spread throughout Europe, in Russia and in the whole world.

The Kazari religious matrix was born around the tenth century, when this Turkic ethnic group occupied a vast Khanate between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea comprising today’s Kazakh, Azerbaijan, the Crimean peninsula, parts of Ukraine and southern Russia . Their name derives etymologically from a Turkish word that means “vagadondare”.

The Cazari khanate in the 10th century

According to some historians the conversion of the Khan Bulan to Judaism and the subsequent imposition of this religion on the population would have occurred for reasons of political expediency. Primarily to abandon the Tengrism that worshiped the cult of Tengri, god of the sky, as it legitimized the killing of the rulers where possible misfortunes indicated that they had lost the benevolence of Heaven.

Secondly, to choose a confession different from Christianity and Islam so as not to be subjugated to the former, of which they were often allies in rejecting the attempts to invade the Muslim hordes. In this context we can well understand that, although the indoctrination took place over the years with the help of Jewish rabbis, not for all the faith took root with profound mystical fervor and even more in many cases it was watered down after the invasion of the Mongols and the exodus of the Cazari in Eastern Europe and Germany, where the fusion with the Germanic Celtic population took place and the birth of the Askenazite lineage.

The historian Arthur Koestler defines the Askenazites as the 13th tribe of Israel, thus denying that their anthropological roots have ties to the patriarch Jacob-Israel, father of the 10 sons and 2 grandchildren who named the Jewish bloodlines. It is believed that they are descendants of the lineage of Jasnet and not of Sem. It is worth remembering that the State of Israel was born through a long gradual international gestation resulting from the all-political project of the Zionist Movement founded by the Ashkenazi journalist Theodor Herzi which evoked a counter-diaspora in the lands of Palestine, meanwhile dominated by Arab Muslims.

That is why today almost all Israelis are Zionists but most of it is derived from Ashkenazi-cazara and only a minimal part of Israel. This explains why the Judaism shown by the political leaders of Israel has a religious imprint far removed from the foundations of the Old Testament that in the patriarchal figures of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob already preached universal mercy and war only as a last resort. So much so that King David abandoned Jerusalem at once, so that it would not be destroyed, when his son Assalonne rebelled against him and gathered an army to make war on him.

An F-16 fighter-bomber of the Israel Defense Forces

It is therefore probable that the same biblical king today turned in his grave to see the Star of David stamped on the F-16 fighter planes of the IDF sent by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bomb Palestine and Syria in a campaign of “preventive” terror against the Palestinians and Shiite Muslims welcomed by Damascus which, as written by Gospa News, recalls the Nazi ethnic purge of Adolf Hitler.


But all this is part of the logic of increasing the war machine that has led the Zionist nation to the eighth place in the ranking on the percentage of world exports of arms producing countries with a whirling growth equal to 60% in the comparison between the 2009-13 period and 2014-18, as highlighted in the latest SIPRI study (Stockolm International Peace Research Institute). And to achieve this, the Israelis identified India as their first customer and there were no problems selling weapons to neo-Nazis.

Sipri’s data on world arms exports reveal the enormous growth of Israel



Miliziano of the Azov Battalion with the Tavor rifle produced by Israel Weapons Industries

“The Electronic Intifada learned that Israeli weapons are being sent to a heavily armed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine. Azov Battalion’s online propaganda shows Tavor rifles licensed by Israel in the hands of the ultra-right group, while Israeli human rights activists have protested against arms sales to Ukraine as weapons could end up in the hands of anti-Semitic militias “.

The report by Asa Winstanley on the pro-Palestinian information portal based in Chicago dates back to 4 July 2018, taken from the Italian site Invicta Palestina in the translation by Simonetta Lambertini in which the sources are accurately documented.

Militia of the Azov Battalion denounced by Amnesty International

The Azov Battalion is one of the armed groups that collaborate with the Destro sector, the political-military formation that in Ukraine, after the revolt of Maidan Square, helped the army in the civil war against the self-proclaimed Republics of Donetz and Lugansk, in the pro-Russian Donbass . Kiev has also included the right-wing ultranationalists of the Azov volunteer battalion in the Ukrainian National Guard despite being subjected to repeated Amnesty International complaints about torture and war crimes.

In recent months, Gospa News had also reported that Isis’s Muslim Chechen fighters returning from Iraq and Syria had moved to Ukraine to flank their own ultra-right formations. Still recently, however, Gordon Duff, Vietnam veteran and Senior Editor of the US military intelligence site Veternas Today, recalled that as many as 1,500 Spanish ISIS Muslims have been trained by Israel. Just as Isis and Mossad would have trained the terrorist Brenton Tarrant, author of the massacres in the mosques of Christchurch, New Zealand .

In such a scenario of intertwining para-military forces, ISIS and Israel becomes easily understandable because the Tavor semi-automatic assault rifle, the Israeli imitation of the AK 47, the legendary kalashnikov used mostly by Muslim terrorists, has fallen into the hands of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group. The Tavor Sar at its first appearance in the United States in 2014 was awarded by the American Rifleman Magazine with the Golden Bullseye Award for “Rifle of the Year”

However, the evidence gathered by the Electronic Intifada is not limited to the photos and the propaganda video posted on YouTube (and then removed) but is confirmed by the research and documentation of Israeli lawyer Eitay Mack, a member of an Israeli peace group.

“In a letter” on licenses for Ukraine “received from The Electronic Intifada, the Israeli Defense Ministry’s arms export agency says it” grants licenses “to arms exporters” in full coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other governmental entities “- the pro-Palestinian website writes – On June 26, a letter was sent in response to the lawyer who had written a detailed request asking Israel to end all military aid to the country”

“The official status of Azov in the Ukrainian military means that it is not possible to verify that” Israeli weapons and training “are not used” by anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi soldiers “- wrote Mack and 35 other human rights activists – The Ukrainian armed forces they use rifles made in Israel “and are trained by the Israelis”, according to reports in the country “.

The Israeli IWI logo on the site of the Ukrainian arms manufacturer Fort

The head of the Israeli arms export agency, Racheli Chen, refused to deny the reports for “security” reasons. But the images on the Tavor rifle in the hands of a fighter of the Azov Battalion remain very eloquent as are the connections between Israel Weapons Industries that produces such a sophisticated light weapon, and Fort, the Ukrainian state-owned arms company that produces it under license, where the mark of the IWI itself appears.

This company was born out of the 2005 privatization of Magen, the Small Arms Division of Israel Military Industries ltd, founded in 1933 and owned by the State of Israel until 2018 when the entire group was privatized.

IWI designs and develops technologically advanced systems for military, national and commercial security and has agencies all over the world. The IWI product ranges are implemented in close collaboration with the Israeli army (Israel Defense Force), in search of technological innovation, production excellence and exceptional performance, as the same company reports in various presentations.



IWI offers anti-terrorism training to Israeli citizens but also to foreign governments: for example, it collaborates with the Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) which offers degrees in Public Administration, Emergency Management and Homeland Security. All students do seminars in Israel followed by experts.

A circumstance that proves the stable collaboration between the US and Israel in the field of defense and leads us to recall that the Maidan square coup was strongly supported by the White House. Suffice it to say that Hunt Biden, son of former vice president John Biden now running for the 2020 US presidential elections, a few months after the departure of pro-Russian president Victor Janukovic, joined the Burisma Board of Directors, one of the most important Ukrainian energy companies that owns the concessions for the extraction of oil and shale gas in the Donbass controlled by the pro-Russian republics.

Interior Ministers of Ukraine and Israel Arsen Avakov and Aryeh Deri at a recent meeting

“Today the Azov Battalion is run by Arsen Avakov, the Ukrainian Interior Minister. According to the BBC, it pays its fighters and has appointed one of its military commanders, Vadym Troyan, as its deputy with police competence – The Electronic Intifada writes – Last year the Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov met the Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri to discuss “fruitful cooperation” ».

The young founder of Azov and first military commander Andriy Biletsky is today a deputy in the Ukrainian parliament and leader of the formation of ultradestra National Corps. According to The Telegraph, in 2014 Biletsky wrote that “our nation’s historic mission at this critical time is to guide the white races of the world into a final crusade for their survival. A crusade against inferior beings guided by Semites ».

The guerrilla Andriy Biletsky, today an ultradestra deputy, during an interview with Ukrainian TV

The reference is probably limited to the authentic Israelites since the Cazari first and the Askenazites then spread widely in the Middle Ages also in Ukraine and today the contacts between members of the Kiev nationalist government and those of Tel Aviv have intensified.

“Israeli military aid to Ukraine and its neo-Nazis emulates similar programs by the United States and other NATO countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada,” reporter Asa Winstanley adds. “Recent posts on Azov’s websites document a meeting in June with the Canadian military attaché, Colonel Brian Irwin. According to Azov, the Canadians concluded the briefing by expressing “their hopes for further fruitful cooperation”. Irwin confirmed the receipt of an e-mail from The Electronic Intifada, but did not answer questions about his meeting with the neo-Nazi militia “.

The pro-Palestinian site also mentions Max Blumenthal’s revelations regarding US training and weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, provided to Azov but also “attempts by some in Congress to prevent military aid of the United States to the Nazis in Ukraine who could explain military aid from Israel “.

In practice the hidden support to a partner of the White House who in 2019 has already allocated 38 billion military aid for Israel, provoking a controversy in the Congress for the observations, considered anti-Semitic, of the Muslim deputy Ilhan Omar. This according to Wistanley represents “another aspect of the growing Zionist-white supremacy alliance.”

This, however, appears to be a false flag behind which lies that Deep International State of Zionist-Masonic matrix expert in misleading propaganda that is enriched thanks to speculations on the Lobby of Arms, foments racial clashes only as a strategy of terror but is absolutely transversal in every transnational and interracial agreement.

To confirm this, it is sufficient to recall the financing of the African-American president Barack Obama to the Syrian rebels FSA and ISIS, the intervention in the war against the Shiite Houtis of Yemen through dredging and military aid to Saudi Arabia, believed to be the founder and lender of Al Qaeda, and funding from the British Sunni Muslim Tamil t ycoon of Sri Lankan Allirajah Subaskaran to former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

But above all other operations in the arms market of the international arms holding SK, which controls the Israeli IWI, remained involved in a scandal over alleged fraud on the supply of arms to Nigeria.



“On Sunday, March 18, 2018, Israeli police arrested three senior Israel Shipyard officials for allegedly corrupting government officials in Nigeria. The company’s vice president of marketing, Oded Breier, was arrested. The following day, Samy Katsav, another senior Israeli defense businessman, was questioned by the police about the same corruption case. Both Kastav and Breier were subsequently released under house arrest “.

Thus began the article written by Emmanuel Ogala for the Nigerian media Power Steering Magazine specialized in hot international investigations and for this reason recently obscured by the authorities on the internet. However, the news was also confirmed in detail by the Israeli daily Haaretz, which reported the official communication from the Gold Bond group, a Zionist investment fund that controls 20% of the SK Group, which in turn owns the aforementioned IWI and Israel Shipyard.

Israeli Samy Katzav, president of SK group and of Israel Shipyard shipyards

Israel Shipyard is one of the largest shipbuilding and repair companies in the eastern Mediterranean, specialized in military boating but also in infrastructure projects, which can also boast the management of a port in Haifa, important for the logistic handling of the same weapons produced by the group …

Katsav controls 20.25% of Gold Bond and is chairman of both the SK group and the shipyard. The police summoned him after the arrest of three Israel Shipyard managers for a case of corruption on the inflated sale of two Shaldag patrol boats to the Nigerian Navy, a $ 25 million deal despite the market value of military boats pits of 5 million each.

Gold Bond said the police imposed restrictions on some Israel Shipyards bank accounts. But he later announced in a statement that the restrictions would affect neither Israeli shipyards nor Katsav’s business. Bribing a foreign official is a relatively new crime in Israel, added to the Criminal Code in 2008 as part of Israel’s accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the UN Convention against Corruption.

A Shaldag Mk assault patrol boat produced by Israel Shipyard of the SK group

“The Israeli police and the tax authorities are convinced that the suspects have won the contract after paying bribes to government officials in Nigeria – Ogala wrote, denouncing a kleptocracy (government of theft – ed) in the defense of the African country – The 2010 agreement saw the Israeli shipbuilder win a $ 25 million contract to supply the Nigerian Navy with two fast assault boats. Their market value was estimated at $ 5 million each Nigeria, therefore, lost $ 15 million in the agreement. It is unclear whether and how the $ 15 million surplus has been divided among all those involved, but Israeli police have determined that the intermediary, Amit Sade, received $ 1.47 million in what is now called brokerage commission »

“In a typical agreement, the contractor receives funds, usually the announced value of the contract, maintains his brokerage commission, returns a piece to the” boys “of the government, pays every other participant at his level before paying the actual producer. , if necessary “the journalist always reported. Neither in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz nor in other international media is there any news on the developments of the investigation that would still be in progress.

The Nigerian media recalls that the Shaldag agreement was handed down to former president Goodluck Jonathan by his predecessor, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. The contract was signed with the Nigerian Navy, registered at the time Ishaya Ibrahim. He was succeeded by Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, who later became Chief of Defense Staff in 2012.

Both President Yar’Adua and the admiral Ibrahim are Muslims of the Huasa Fulani ethnic group of Sunni confession that imposed Sharia law in various federal states of the nation, including that of Kaduna where the attacks and clashes between the Islamic community were bloody and Christian, minority. After selling armaments to the Islamists, the same Israelis of SK did not make problems to go into business with the Hindus of one of the most important international groups in the field of infrastructure for the oil, defense and nuclear supply chain.



Punj Lloyd Ltd (through its subsidiary Punj Lloyd Industries Limited) and its joint venture partner Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) inaugurated the first private sector of the small arms production plant at Malanpur in Madhya Pradesh. The company JV, Punj Lloyd Raksha Systems Pvt Ltd, will produce light weapons in the plant for Indian defense forces and also for exports.

The news of May 4, 2017 had great prominence in the Indian media such as The Hindue also because at the opening ceremony the Israeli ambassador to India Daniel Carmon and Shivraj Singh Chauhan, prime minister of Madhya Pradesh until 2018 and now parliamentary, member of prominent of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a party of the Hindu nationalist right that boasts the record number of all political organizations in the world.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Israel’s Ambassador to India Daniel Carmon during the inauguration of the new light weapons factory

“This is the first opportunity for the country to get its light arms Made in India. The need of the hour is to replace the country’s defense weapons with sophisticated and high precision products and Punj Lloyd Raksha Systems is the answer to the immediate needs of the nation. These are products tested and already used within the country, “said Atul Punj, president and founder of Punj Lloyd, born from the expansion of the family energy holding in Punjab, the heart of the Indian Sikh community that draws on Hindu doctrines, and highly strategic region as it borders with Islamist Pakistan.

Atul Punj, president of the Punj Lloyd holding company

«Through this collaboration, we offer the combination of IWI combat technology and the expertise of a renowned Indian trading partner. I am extremely optimistic about the opportunities in the sector and confident of contributing to the Made in India program, “added the CEO and owner of SK Grop Samy Katsav (who then ended up under house arrest for the Nigerian scandal).

“The Israeli Ministry of Defense fully and whole-heartedly supports this cooperation and will continue to support the transfer of technology and information in the future, for the improvement of improved advanced tools. Israel and India consider their cooperation in the defense sector a monumental step towards a future, “said retired general Michel Ben-Baruch, Israel’s defense minister and head of Sibat (the international defense and cooperation headquarters).



Punj Lloyd Limited can boast an annual turnover of 857 million dollars and 9,900 employees in the distributed in the 15 countries of the world where it has opened branches since its foundation in 1988. It is engaged in engineering, procurement and construction activities, as well as in the trade of products in steel. The company’s segments include engineering and construction services (EPC) in the oil, gas and infrastructure sectors such as land platforms, pipelines and cryogenic and storage terminals.

The company offers a range of solar solutions, including concentrated photovoltaics and the concentration of heat and energy. In the defense sector, Punj Lloyd is focused on ground systems, aerospace defense, defense electronics and design engineering. This is what we read in the summary presentation on the official website of the holding company where the reference to a more marginal branch but of global importance is omitted: the nuclear one.


The developed sector is at the service of the national public company Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd of Mumbai (first called Bombay) which has offices in Surat (Gujarat) and Kota (Rajasthan). Punj Lloyd specializes in the supply, manufacture, assembly and testing of equipment, pipes, fittings, valves, instrumentation elements, structural steel and pre-commissioning support for the nuclear island system.

But also in the manufacture of sophisticated components for nuclear power to the MSID (Processing of complex ID profiles and measurement of the flow of the nuclear reactor device channel, high precision internal surface processing). Finally, it also deals with accurate welding, assembly and finishing of parts used in nuclear plants.

These are components intended for civil use in the field of nuclear energy but it is also clear that if there was an atomic production for military purposes it would certainly not be advertised on the official website of the Punj Lloyd group but it would be well covered by national security reasons.



A nuclear missile of the Indian armed forces

“India sees its nuclear weapons capacity as an integral part of its vision as a great power and its nuclear program is important both for its prestige and for its security doctrine – he wrote in 2015 on the American geopolitical newspaper The Nation Interest the Indian journalist Akhilesh Pillalamarri signaling that at that time the army, one of the most powerful in the world, had 110 nuclear missile warheads – India is not a signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and is not one of the five powers nuclear weapons recognized by the treaty. India’s 1974 and 1998 nuclear tests led to criticism and even sanctions ”

The reference is to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Pact of 1968 but India is not even a signatory of the subsequent JOCPA of July 14 – October 18, 2015 which EU, China, Germany, France, Russia, United Kingdom, USA and Iran joined and is arousing the tensions in the Persian Gulf due to the withdrawal from the Washington agreement and the subsequent Tehran agreement, severely hit by the sanctions of the White House instead much more permissive towards the Indian government.

“Since then the sanctions have been lifted and the United States has quietly accepted the Indian possession of nuclear weapons as long as India does not carry out further atomic tests, although officially the United States has not recognized India as a state of nuclear weapons – stressed The National Interest – This has also led to many double standards claims by the United States to make exceptions for India, including getting the group of nuclear suppliers to accept an exemption from the export restrictions on nuclear materials for India. India, which were not granted to any other country. This demonstrates India’s strategic importance for the West and the general global perception of its reliability and stability “.

The Fairchild Republic A 10 Thunderbolt II with cannon GAU-8A Avenger Gatling. in the box, which fired 300 tons of depleted uranium anti-tank bullets in the first Guera del Golfo

It should be remembered that as part of a nuclear energy development plan on the weakly radioactive metal Thorio, of which India has large deposits, from 2008 Punj Lloy collaborates with the US energy company Thorium Power Ltd. This material is more abundant on the earth with respect to uranium and produces atomic waste that exhausts their radiotoxicity in periods inferior to those of uranium-plutonium reactors.

Not being fissile, Thorio cannot be used for detonating nuclear missile warheads but could become a component of so-called “dirty bombs” due to radioactive environmental pollution or be tested for a war use similar to that of depleted uranium for ammunition called in API military terminology , Armor Piercing Incendiary, or incendiary piercing ammunition. There is in fact no international treaty or ban on the use of impoverished Uranium projectiles massively used in the First Gulf War by the US Army with the GAU-8 Avenger guns mounted under the bow of the ground attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt USAF (Us Air Force) and later in that of the Balkans.

This is why the strategy alliance between the military industry Punj Lloyd and the Israeli one of SK –IWI, partner of the Israel Defense Force, the Tel Aviv army, assumes a considerable importance as Israel is a historic ally of the USA but also of some countries Muslims like Saudi Arabia, with whom the Donald Trump administration has started negotiations for a nuclear development project , officially only for civil use.

Indian Punj Lloyd has offices in 15 countries around the world, ten of them with a Sunni Muslim majority

Finally, it should not be forgotten that out of the 15 countries where Punj Lloyd operates, 10 are predominantly Muslim with a Sunni confession, hostile to that of the Shiite of Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, and among these there is also the Saudi Kingdom. In this context, the close collaboration between Trump and the Israeli premier (currently in extension waiting for new elections) is becoming more and more important. Benjamin Netanyahu, who obtained recognition from the White House of the Golan Heights, taken from Syria in 1967, as an Israeli territory despite the opposing UN resolutions for returning the area to the Syrians.



US President Donald Trump signs the recognition of the Golan as the territory of Israel before the Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The Zionist prime minister expressed his debt by founding the Ramat Trump town (Trump heights) in the Golan, dedicated to the American president whose foundation stone was laid on Sunday 16 June. But Netanyahu himself cannot feel too sure after his Likud party failed last May to establish alliances with other useful parties to form the new government, forcing the parliament of Israel (Knesset) to set new elections for 17 of September 2019.

This will happen in the near future of court proceedings in which Netanyahu was recently indicted officially by the General Prosecutor for three stories of alleged corruption given that the prosecutor Avichai Mandelbilt formally rejected the request to postpone the first preliminary hearing set for October, justified by the premier Israeli for his engagement in the electoral campaign in early consultations. Not enough motivation for the Israeli judiciary.

“The most serious case is instead the” 3000 “, that of the sale of German Dolphins submarines to Israel. The case would involve the payment of real bribes, even significant ones; involves a lawyer who is the black soul of the prime minister and above all concerns a question of national security: possible bribes for arms that serve to defend Israel – the newspaper wrote – In September 2017, following the investigation, the police arrested the former prime minister’s chief of staff, David Sharan. A former head of the Israeli navy, the former head of a navy command unit and a former minister were arrested and interrogated with him. The investigation is going on with great difficulty: the police have made Sharan a witness of justice, but many of the money transfers found so far have been paid and invoiced with a round of advice and receipts that could make the involvement of the prime minister unclear. The judicial process of Benjamin Netanyahu will still be long, probably very painful ».

During the next analysis on the Lobby of Arms we will always remain in Israel but instead we will focus on the tycoon that boasts one of the most gigantic personal assets in the arms industry and through its holding company has just concluded the purchase of the state-owned Israeli Military Industries. A Zionist DOC awarded for his philanthropy in 2017 by the lodge of the Independent B’nai B’rith or Bené Berith of Washington.

This organization represents the connecting link between Zionist and American Freemasonry of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Scottish Accepted Rite, whose Mother of the World Lodge, founded in Charleston in 1801, was later transferred to the capital of the United States of America.

This connection has allowed the undisputed domination of Zionist finance both in the banking world, in the Federal Reserve and in the speculation of investment funds in arms corporations, the main directors of that Deep International State in which the fanatics of the New World Order operate, the governments controlled by their secret services and the extremist terrorists used as a tool in the strategy of tension to unleash new wars and make money on the arms market.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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