Bolton Crushes Putin as UK Blockades Syria


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Russian President Vladimir Putin was humiliated today as Britain seized oil supplies heading to Syria.  Britain, in doing so, declared a blockade of Syria and asserted, as a US proxy, total control of the Mediterranean, a sea where Russia has a naval base and maintains a flotilla of nuclear armed ships.

The chance of a Putin/Trump summit, with Trump’s authority virtually “nil” is quickly eroding as is Putin’s standing in the world as the Neocon’s openly try to do to Syria what they did to the Iraqi people under Bush 43, with over 2 million dead.

But it was Britain they used, now ruled by Boris Johnson, the “almost prime minister,” half clown, half dime store “Netanyahu” clone.

Simply put, Boris Johnson and “the trousers queen” Theresa May, stepped into the middle of a Washington power struggle between the Neocons and their Israeli masters and the new relationship forged between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the recent G20 conference in Osaka.

Today, Britain, on orders from US presidential advisor John Bolton, detained an Panamanian flagged supertanker heading to Syria with Iranian oil.

Syrians nearly froze this winter and are suffering power outages, food shortages and a paralyzed economy.  Britain’s action, in violation of the JCPOA, constitutes not sanctions but a blockade with this exception.

Britain would have to stop all ships heading to Syria and Britain is very unlikely to stop Russian ships, that might go badly at best. A “partial blockade” is not a blockade at all but legally constitutes piracy.

Bolton’s call went to Boris Johnson, and was done in concert with Israeli leader Netanyahu but not President Trump.  From Sputnik News.

“Earlier, British Royal Marines and officials from the British colony of Gibraltar detained a vessel suspected of transporting oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned UK Ambassador to Iran Nicolas Hopton over what it described as the “illegal seizure” of an oil tanker carrying Iranian oil to Syria, Iranian state television has reported, citing Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi.

Earlier, Spanish officials said that the Grace 1, a Panamanian-flagged supertanker carrying Iranian crude oil to Syria and seized by British patrol ships off Gibraltar, was detained at Washington’s behest.

Royal Marines boarded the ship, which has a 300,000 tonne carrying capacity, early Thursday morning.

Prime Minister Theresa May later praised the seizure, with a Number 10 spokesperson saying Gibraltar had sent a ‘clear message’ that the UK would not tolerate any violation of the sanctions.”


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  1. It is not the first time Britain has used blockades to score points.
    One should think that after a couple of centuries they would have changed their attitude to some degree. But no, they are continuing as before. Blockades are a very cruel way of torturing populations. There is hunger, people die, and those who are caught violating the blockade are brought up and put in English prisons, even if it only is a poor man in a row boat. Same today as then?

  2. British know how to pick a fight, in comparison to USA or Israel. Russians are very low on that list.

    • yes, but we always have to finish smbs fight, putting our lives on the altar….

    • It will not be hard to predict the next country to leave the Iranian deal, allthough unclear about its membership in EU, bound by rigid anti-slavism, famous for donated Palestine and burned Washington.

  3. “It is a simple matter to drag the people along; whether democracy, parliament or dictator, voice or no, the people can Always be brought to the leaders Bidding. This is easy, tell them they are being attacked, denounce pacifists as exposing the country to danger. It works the same everywhere.” –Hermann Goering at Nuremberg trial

  4. It was one hundred years ago – late June, 1919 when the Germans scuttled their fleet at Scapa Flow of which the British admiralty sold 29 destroyers to a scrap-metal merchant for 230 pounds sterling. It lends the thought that Iran should threaten to scupper their boat at anchor at Gibraltar or any other port of detention. Today’s larceny/piracy is not too far as the crow flies from the infamous British slaughter of French sailors at Mers el Khebir. Didn’t perfidious Albion steal Gibraltar from Spain too? Sure they did! Signs of foul deeds aplenty to all points of the compass.

    After watching Putin destroy those countless lines of oil tankers through Kurdish controlled Syria those couple of years ago heading through Erdoganistan to Israel and other points east maybe it is time for Putin to let go of Netanyahu’s hand and reclaim the moral high-ground and continue to do their ‘bit’ for the hard pressed citizenry of Syria. Matters of getting out of hand. Yesterday’s blessing from the Pope should strengthen his hand immeasurably.

  5. The UK government are America’s lapdogs and every one with a ounce of sense know’s this. To us the ordinary English person on the street the government are a complete embarrassment to us all.

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