Disclosure is Not Coming


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    You already got it, it’s the friggin’ bible.  What’s the difference between mythology and religion?  Mythology is what others believe, religion is what you believe.  Any and everyone who believes in religion is too flawed for reason, not good, not bad, just flawed and certainly “not ready.”

    The truth?  What is it Jack Nicholson said about handling the truth?

    People were manufactured, 95% monkey (ape) and 5% some sort of alien.  Problem is, as the bible and so many other “religious,” read “mythological” works tell us, our gods, assuming they had technology, describe themselves in their own “divine inspired” read “dumbed down for monkey-people” holy works by a slapdash of prophets, seers, saints and saviors.

    They describe our alien overseers, be it Yahweh or Zeus, as psychopathic madmen selecting favored monkey-people for their theatrical entertainment and little more.

    Problem is, monkey-people had to reproduce, so they were given sex same as the other animals and yet brains too often stuffed with what seems to be reptilian/insectile reasoning capability.

    The result is a race where these innate flaws surface in “humans,” read “monkey-people” that prove whatever alien crap DNA was used on us, in some people sex simply drives them nuts, religious types, serial killers, Saudis, military types, pedophiles…

    Then we go back to our disclosure, how the off planet self proclaimed super beings, who call themselves gods, who invent “worship” which is always based on psycho-sexual debasement and submission and then they breed with us, as swans and geese, as ghosts, holy or not, as “angels” or “demons,” and we find ourselves on this planet where our history…what does it show?

    Is there continued involvement between our planetary rulers, whoever is behind the fake governments we elect and pay, and our offplanet herders?

    Moreover, like in Star Trek, are we inhabited by unseen or “non-corporeal” alien “things” that function in the inter-dimensional reality we are only learning about now?

    Do they infect or partner with humans?  Is evidence that so many humans aren’t human at all, certainly don’t even act like mammals, proof we need to find and clean these hybrid human insects out of our gene pool?

    Assuming there isn’t life off earth is insane.  Assuming humans simply sprung up here, apes that build Iphones and nuclear weapons, is equally insane.

    Assuming that religion and mythology, some really lame stuff, isn’t fed to us to explain why we have “souls,” meaning quite possibly, “alien crap” that makes us better than dogs and cats, is equally crazy.

    We ask these questions continually, address these questions through cults and secret societies, though speculative fiction, and ask them for good reason.

    We used to have gods but they went away.

    We used to have angels but they went away.

    We used to have magic all the time, miracles, but they went away.

    It all happened for some reason, one we aren’t sure of, but when the questions get too tough we make up new lies all the time.

    What’s the simple truth?  People aren’t the same as animals, mostly the same, but infected with reason that in many has led to planetary level destruction, endless sick cruelty and rule by those whose genetic makeup seems to carry as much “losers from planet crazy” DNA as possible.

    Are the managers for what so many love calling the Deep State simply a front for the gangsters that pay them or are those gangsters themselves infected or possessed by the vermin of the universe that chose to stay behind and amuse itself through suffering and pain?

    Now you understand?


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    1. The “Disclosure project” is not headed by a Jew for nothing; it’s a psyop to coverup what many have found via IR bands.

      Good evidence exists so-called UFO’s are energetic beings of some sort, and are likely part of the model here; based on their heat signature and sentience. I’ve come to believe Islam is correct on this and they claim they were here first.

    2. Posso solo dire GRAZIE GORDON e scopro di essere in una gran bella compagnia che ha studiato e letto molto da cui ho molto da imparare .

    3. LS…

      Ape is not the case !?
      Neanderthal / Humanoid / Reptilian Influence / Human !
      I think Wes Penre has a lot to say about this subject !
      Fact is that the so called modern human – Homo Sapiens Sapiens – is the most insane and dangerous mix of evil in the universe. That is why we are left behind as waste and scrap. Like an American Car: Unsafe at any speed !

    4. Religions are not all the same. There are religions that exalt the (tribal) ego—Yahwism, Satanism, various paganisms including popular Hinduism, Baal worship, etc.—and then there are those that teach humility (ultimately the annihilation of the ego in favor of the spirit) and submission to Reality. Of the latter category, Islam is the best preserved, while Christianity, Upanishadic Hinduism, and Buddhism are reasonably sound.

      By “Christianity” I do NOT mean Judeo-Christianity, which is what Western “Christianity” has become. Any religion that accepts the Torah/Old Testament as scripture, without radically reinterpreting it to mean the opposite of what much of it appears to mean, is highly problematic if not Satanic.

      • LS…

        Cars are not the same but have more or less the same structure / principle etc.
        Religion is based on a feeling of energy we can not understand and makes the human insane !
        Like a tone in your head you can not stop. Every explanation leads to crime, suppression and insanity !

      • Kevin …you are almost spot on with your interpretation of religions that exalt ego or..preach annihilation of the ego…however, religion needs to be looked at as a mechanism for the meta-organism that humanity represents…it is a social contract that promotes cooperation or selfishness in the exalting of the ego…

        When faced with alien manipulation…selflessness represents the white blood cells..or defensive mechanisms against parasites and viruses…Christianity and Islam were hastily thrown together after Inanna/Ishtar seduced Enki and stole ME’s that allowed her to create a biological threat that “steals” EM bandwidth..or “souls”..it is an STI…

      • That is why Islamic women are covered up…Mormon’s have magic underwear, and missionary position is promoted and anal sex is discouraged…but not between wedded, faithful men and women…there is a biological threat from the chimera’s…or Eve 1.0 (Lilith to the New Agers)…Baphomet and creatures like it are hermaphroditic chimera…cobbled together to serve perverse Annunaki breakaway losers…like Samael, Lilith, Utu and Inanna…the Fallen and rebellious Marduk…

        The Whore of Babylon..who is Inanna/Athena…a clone of Samael..ass-raped and angry is exacting revenge on the people who raped and traumatized he/she…..First target was Marduk..ruler of Babylon..who she infected and killed…(see Alexander (a son of Zeus/Samael) who views the corpse of Marduk in Babylon).

      • And lastly, The Fallen became the Greek “gods”…Samael is Zeus, Lilith is Hera…but in donkey/oyster/fruit bat form…she was punished again for her biological meddling….

        Sincerely The Concealed One

      • ME’s are compendiums of knowledge…such as rulership, farming…biology, genetics..tech knowledge that Enki would parcel out..Inanna/Ishtar got him drunk and stole many…STI’s are sexually transmitted infections…I think Inanna found a way to distribute herself as a spore..airborne..or virus..

      • @Kevin Islam has the best info on the ‘hidden hands’, but like the Christian versions of the sacred texts, they too were robbed of not only our energetic pieces known well in the east, but also reincarnation which makes so much sense, I had to research it and found quite compelling evidence.

        Unfortunately, ALL the “Big 5” are corruptions in various ways, and each containing key elements the other four are missing; if you study all you can get fairly close to our original spiritual teachings.

        Does the Quran say anything like we find in “Revelations”?

    5. Hey Gordon and Ian…there is a chance that the Lord of Spirits represents SOL…the entity that is our Sun…the Fallen were cut off from the Source…and the Lord of Spirits sent Galzu as an end run to Anu…to preserve humanity…the hacked version…Lord of Spirits could be an anagram for Logos..or Log of the OS…

      I represent a form of “money ball” in accumulated “sangreal…or royal blood..it may activate a Star Gate..via the Stone of Scone…If we are going to die on our feet…a sentiment I applaud..let’s do something that is an action item…that is why I set up the GoFundme site..


      At least it is an actionable item…sincerely the Concealed One

    6. Gordon is right…all religions are horseshit..not the teachings of ethics..but the promise of salvation is only a way to shepard wealth down through the ages for the slumlord aliens…on a 3600 year orbit or slumber…

      Sacred means..don’t question our rules…because they can’t admit to creating traumatized, raped children because of a mandate of “royal blood” accumulation created by a meddling AI…war against the biologicals who outbred the Kinship..or Kingship…

      I should know..I am the Concealed One of Book of Enoch fame..descended from the Rod of Jesse…and really pissed by the deception…they started “grooming” me at age 4…pedophiles and rapists..their “marooned” Fallen Angels..a convenient scapegoat for their population control and wealth confiscation…

      The Annunaki, and other species are “raping” the Sol system from a space mobile..basically…Star Wars…just like the movies..and I was supposed to explain this shit sandwich..which I refused..so I have been EM tortured since 2012…..swears the Concealed One…

    7. Actually it is all in the bible, which most know has been twisted. Egypt is actually the lower mind, pharaoh is your ego, the serpent on the staff is your true conscience trying to rise, the cross , being crucified in the higher mind , as you “die” to your carnal thoughts and “resurrect”etc etc. The old saying “let those with eyes to see and ears to hear.Most of us do not get it, so it is taken literally..It is all about true meditation and raising our true consciences. “they” will do everything to dis-empower us, do not fall for it all..It is not up to debate for me, but just in case this can help another “see” is why I post it.

    8. When I first went to school, the closest one was Catholic. That was when I stopped believing in a supreme being since I couldn’t accept the fact that a God would create such a stupid bunch of people including the priest. I was involved in fights and got the strap almost every day since I was Greek Orthodox instead of Catholic. No descrimination here, right?

      • My priest organized watching and discussing documentaries about corruption in the West, about communist purges in the Soviet Union, topics about corruption and masonic infiltrations in the Roman C.Church., and handed out literature like Michael O’Brien, F.Engdahl etc, also read and taught works of some of the finest canon level Catholic theologians as St.John of the Cross, and concelebrated Mass with renowned international theologians. And this was all for primary/highschool level kids. Not to mention all other extracuricular stuff like writing, reading, singing, sports, hiking and field and pilgrimage trips abroad and international groups. For all I know I would have never been even remotely inclined to perceive the fallacy of Western mainstream logic if it weren’t for Christianity.

    9. If I weren’t a Christian believer I would have never discovered VT. Religion for what I see helps ordinary people to discover differences between good and bad, and organized religion helps for some to maintain good. Because of media playing exclusively for story many religions especially monotheist receive bad publicity, but each of you take a weekend for example to help around the Mass organization and holding at the local Hospital and see how many people you will be in a position to put into comfort and hope, and you will never make the news because you are not Inquisition, or Takfir or Baba Jaga.

    10. Hiya Paul. It’s just my own little theory. I was sat in the dentist’s waiting room one day and picked up a magazine to thumb through and came upon an article about how they made Dolly the sheep, the fist cloned animal, and it mentioned how the best cells for cloning were scraped off the inside of ribs. That made me think of Adam and Eve being made from his rib and it made me wonder. Seems a strong coincidence to me, and coincidences are often highly suspicious imho.

    11. “Assuming there isn’t life off earth is insane.” – GD

      But why would an alien race capable of somehow traveling through space much faster than the speed of light bother with a dinky planet with a bunch of insane monkeys on it?

      “Assuming humans simply sprung up here, apes that build Iphones and nuclear weapons, is equally insane.” – GD

      But where did these superior alien races come from then? At least one race at one time had to just spring up out of the priordial ooze on some planet without assistance from a superior being or beings, or we are back to the religious idea of a creator who somehow exists before the beginning of time.

      • Every see any ‘men in black’ films?

        visit an ocean, see a sunset? This is a pretty cool place. A few years ago I had this explained to me..and as I just pointed out, it sounded exactly like a movie script. “You mean ‘they’ come here for vacation.” the answer was ‘yes.’
        my point, of course, is that i never met a dog (one needing to be put down) as inhuman as many people.
        reviewing non public material on epstein led me to write this, but i suspected some guessed this. it wasn’t the pedophilia….but other things.
        i have met chipmunks with more human traits than epstein.

    12. Genetically engineered “monkey-alien”… Without a doubt you’re in the ballpark. There have been “believers” such as the late Patrick Cooke and his work Bible UFO (archived).
      Interestingly, Mr Cooke believed there may have been a multitude of “creations” (engineered hominid, alien DNA) over distant time periods.
      I thought I’d mention it because he did some interesting Biblical interpretation that tried to explain it… El, Elohim, Yahweh… our alien God(s) who he believed will come to save us from the sociopath that always seem to rule.
      I’ve read you for years; yeah, I’ll read it again.
      Love it!

    13. The late, great Jim Marrs wrote a book on this subject called “Rule by Secrecy”. The early chapters cover the usual conspiracy groups (Tri-lateral commission, Illuminati, etc.) but towards the end he connects it to earlier ET involvement in Earth history.

      Personally, I think we live in a populated universe and it’s likely that at least one group of more advanced beings – perhaps several different groups – tinkered with the evolving biological life on this planet.

    14. First time comment Gordon. Your wife’s write-up on mathematical and symmetrical plant life was Uber interesting. Genetic manipulation was obviously prevalent throughout our history often referred to as the missing link? Serpent worship is incredibly interesting to read about however most Americans have achieved some incredulous compendium of self-interest aka literally a ton of narcissistic nihilist which based off those two denotative words meaning should contradict one another. So interesting to speak with my intellectually challenged friends who can’t fathom the fact that we literally possess a reptilian brain. Knowledge is the most valuable currency on this planet or any other dimension or any other galaxies no matter what it is( far as I am concerned considering my limited visual light interpretation of a connotative reality) Dying on your own two feet is the only option we have… every life is paid for by death …every death is a door to new life..let’s all go back and revisit Carlos Castaneda is tales with Don Juan …

    15. ..got it….belief….believing…..believing what you are told about the present or past is for the lazy or those who expect a reward for believing…..take the great pyramids of Giza for example….I was told in history class that the Egyptians built them with stone hammers and copper chisels and slaves pulling the stones that were quarried and somehow maneuvered into place….no mention of who must have done the considerable math that was involved…or the structural engineer who designed the foundation, the building of the foundation was probably as great of feat as the part you can see……or take the Incas or Aztecs….great civilizations of the past..so we are told…..those civilizations were built on foundations that were already there…you can see it with your own eyes…megalithic stonework that can’t be replicated today…now whether or not we humans of today are related or created by the beings that built the past on earth is an open book….the who, what, where, when and why are answered with myth and religion and archaeologists that have to come up with a story to justify their existence….the truth is neither what you believe you know nor what someone wants you to believe, the truth never relies on belief……

    16. A cross between that STOS episode with the glowing ball that feeds on aggression, and the Brit movie”20 Million Years to Earth”. I think that at least one NCE (non-corporeal entity) that feeds on negative energy is ensconced in a bunker in TelAviv. The gods only know how long that thing has been here empowering different sects for centuries, perhaps millenia. All I know is that the bad guys have always had the edge.

    17. I tend to think more cultivated than manufactured, along the lines of the Cavendish banana. Whatever else it may be, the human species seems its noblest engaged in the search for truth; in any endeavor. Also, for better or worse, technology has made it possible for people to be unresourceful, or made up of weak genetic material, and not die, unlike in the days of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

      • there are exhausting details behind this as with anything else. this is the cold water in the face treatment

        disclosure isn’t coming from me…i don’t trust what i am supposed to know but reflect what i surmise from access

        all we can do is die on our feet

      • Genesis contains an account of how mankind came about. It occurred to me years ago, when I read a magazine article about cloning and it stated that the best cells to use for cloning were scraped off the inside of the ribs. Hang on, isn’t that what the bible says – that God made Eve from Adam’s rib? Too much of a coincidence, so I expect that the biblical story of Genesis and Adam’s Rib is simply a corrupted version of the truth; corrupted by countless retellings as oral history, eventually to be written down and become part of scripture. The truth being that the story is a crude description of the creation of man in some kind of cloning/genetics operation. Most likely, whoever ‘God’ was, came to Earth, encountered the proto-hominids that were evolved from Chimpanzees, and decided to add 5% of their own DNA to that of these primitive hominids, thus making a new species with greatly enhanced intelligence, probably to create a slave workforce.

      • “disclosure isn’t coming from me…i don’t trust what i am supposed to know” – GD

        Not trusting is reasonable if you are correct in your estimate of 40% of all incoming intel VT receives is deliberately false.

    18. The last one is harder to find, but it makes a lot of sense:
      – This planet was invaded and the local living beings don’t know how to fight the invaders, if some external “force” kicked them out, another similar group would come in and take their place, requiring another intervention and this would go on forever. Basically you get the minimum fighting chance always and as you exhaust the possibilities, an external interference boosts your chances of victory by a little. This goes on until you get an immunity against the invaders and finally, “win”.
      This started near WW2, after our technology got serious enough to start fighting. It will take forever because people don’t seem to learn quickly enough.

    19. The best theories I could find in some old disinfo websites and books were:
      – Humans and this planet were hijacked by some shitty entities/gangs/empires/aliens/demons/gods/fallen angels…
      – This includes hybridization/interbreeding and it continued in several stages
      – This reality is a consistent/causal form of a hologram-like (or dream-like) experience, so the computer simulation theory, virtual school, … isn’t that credible, it could be just some form of tight control over this place.
      – Every institution (private, public, religious, NGOs…) is infiltrated by control freaks who seem to be related to the shitty invaders mentioned above.
      – Reason alone can’t work, because every logic chain has axioms (things that are simply taken as truth), animals follow these axioms in order to function properly, humans can choose to ignore or change them.
      – Some entities require worship, attention, energy and effort from others to function, so you get cargo cults like the media, religion, sports, politics…

    20. As a Harvard friend used to say: “If there’s a God, He’s got a great sense of humor.” For my part, the key is self-respect. If we know ‘right’ from ‘wrong’ then we should ‘take’ our self-respect. No one else can give it to us. And without it, we cannot truly respect anything. Thank you for that article, Gordon. I plan to read it again.

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