Republicans encouraged mass immigration to destroy labor unions, Duff on Press TV


    US President Donald Trump fellow Republicans encouraged mass immigration to the country during the last four decades to weaken labor unions and push down wages, says an American analyst.

    “The immigrants were allowed in the United States by the Republican Party, not the Democrats; they were allowed in [the US] in order to destroy the labor unions by flooding the country with cheap labor,” Gordon Duff, a senior analyst with VT, told Press TV on Saturday.

    “It’s his (Trump’s) party that’s responsible for opening the borders; the US could have closed the borders at anytime using electronic means,” Duff said.

    Thousands of protesters staged rallies across the United States on Friday to protest Trump’s immigration policies.

    The nationwide rallies, dubbed “Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps,” took place in 700 US cities to protest the inhumane conditions of migrant detention centers and the Trump administration’s crackdown on asylum seekers and refugees.

    Trump has made his hard-line stance on immigration an integral part of his presidency and has promised to build a wall along the US-Mexican border to curb the flow of migrants from Mexico and Central America.

    On Friday, US Vice President Mike Pence visited two foul-smelling and over-crowded detention centers in the state of Texas near the US-Mexico border where migrants were being kept in dire conditions.

    There were no cots in the cages which were so crowded that it was impossible for all the men to lie down at the same time, according to a pool reporter on the scene.

    Many undocumented migrants crossing illegally into the US are asylum seekers fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

    Duff said the policy of the US government and American corporations has been to exploit Central America and destabilize that region.

    “These people are suffering from economic collapse and brutal dictatorships, all due to America’s policies in the region,” Duff explained.

    “American corporations have always influenced the US government to destabilize Central America and make sure the people in that region suffer from as much poverty as possible,” he added.


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    1. When the USA will throw out (and better – arrests) the best friend and patron of the Clintons, Obama, etc., will close the activities of the Chaos Lord Soros Open Society Foundation, then Fergusons, coordinated actions of Black Lives Matter in the USA and color revolutions and wars all over the whole world will stop. The controlled migration of huge masses of people to Europe and attempts to do this with the USA is a very nasty moment. Yes, these are the people who want to eat. But their countries are ravaged by USA actions. But these people will never stand at the machines, develop and launch spaceships and invent. This is a huge mass of new uneducated slaves that can be controlled. This is an explosive mass of slaves.
      P.S. I would like to wish a good luck to such wonderful people as Richard Black (senator from Virginia) in their fight against the dirty affairs of Soros. Mr.Black is a good guy. But his truth and thousands of documents about the criminal activities of the Open Society on the website of DC Leaks are ignored in Washington.

    2. Mass immigration of non-English speaking people was allowed by ruling Republicans for the first time in the corrupt Gilded Era that followed the Civil War because the victorious northern capitalists needed vast supplies of cheap, easily controllable labor. Having just won a costly war to abolish the most grotesque exploitation of labor, newly organizing, aggressively militant American workers would no longer do hard manual and industrial labor for pittance wages. And no more could four million ex-slaves be compelled to work without getting paid at all. The grim, fortress-like armories that sprang up in every American city in the postwar era are reminders to this day of just how terrified our rulers were of class war – one which we the people would have had a chance of winning, had it been fought by battle hardened veterans of the War for the Union – and not undermined by millions of foreign workers imported to break the back of the militant American labor movement.

    3. Home and building construction is a very dangerous trade today in any State and always has been. Unless a State has strong and enforced labor laws, ordinary workers are mostly on their own and exposed to enormous job site risks. Most of the former American labor force has left or retired now. Workers observed are usually crews from Mexico or below the border. While they work hard and are skilled they likely earn less than $20.00/ hour and take huge risks exposed to very dangerous cranes or cement pouring equipment. The employer likely is not required to provide any insurance in Georgia where no Union exists in most rural areas. The beneficiaries of these risks are the investors and sales agents and ultimate owners who get to buy cheaper homes. Plumbing pipes are buried in concrete and if leaks develop later, must be dug up or by passed. More expensive raised floor construction is rare these days. See if you even observe a supervisor or foreman on one of these new home job sites next time you drive by. Imagine the damage to life and property if one of these cranes toppled over.

      • Actually, construction is quite safe with the better quality contractors retained by owners who want a quality project (but this excludes more than 99% of single family residential construction).

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