Russia Exclusive: Putin Warns Trump of New Armageddon if he Strikes Iran


United States is a dying vampire

Putin warned Trump of a new Armageddon if he strikes Iran

Putin forced Erdogan to play by the rules

Europe abandoned Christ and America worships Satan   


…by Nahed Al Husaini, VT Bureau Chief Damascus – Exclusive   

My highly informed source in Russia, who has a vast knowledge of the region, and keeps pace with the world latest developments, shed some lights on the most sensitive issues that need clarification.

As Trump and Company staggers, and still believe that a victory somewhere can be attainable, my Russian source sees the US as a contorted dying vampire, whose is grasping for a breath.

Maybe this is the case, but the United States is lashing out everywhere like a wounded lion, flexing its muscles and parading its might in a defiance showdown with major power players. The war in Syria is not over yet, as the East of the Euphrates is currently a stage for a peculiar Bazaar between the US, Turkey and the Kurds, and the EU is collecting the crumbs.

AS for the Iranian situation, it is becoming like a cat and mouse chase, and the US wants a regime change to avert the geopolitics of region. The anti-Christ kingdom seems to be pursuing this path despite the ill omen discerned by friends and foes.

Below is the full text:

How do you perceive the situation in Syria Sir?

Syria needs unity and Russia will not give up Syria

For now, Syria needs to solve its internal problems. There is no national unity in Syria. This is the main thing! And in offense, we will not give up Syria! America lost in the Middle East, and all its body movements are convulsions of a dying vampire.

How do you read the situation in Lebanon?

Lebanon is a puppet of the west

Lebanon always adapts to the circumstances. It has always been a puppet of the West. When Syria becomes free and strong, and Israel will be put in place (or will disappear from the map of the Earth?) Lebanon will crawl in front of Syria, and curry its favor.  When a lion has his legs trapped, he can roar and bite as much as he wants, yet, he still does not have the strength!

What are the chances of the United States waging a war against Iran?

The war with Iran will have unpredictable results

The United States has always feared Iran. Even when Iran did not have modern missiles and weapons. Today, the war with Iran is still the worst! And most importantly – an unpredictable result! And the huge costs of war! The United States will not tolerate this! Trump would never want to ruin America with another war with unpredictable results! And most importantly – Russia stands behind Iran! Putin directly told Trump that there will be a new Armageddon!

Business can be done with Erdogan but with caution.

Erdogan today in his place. For Turkey, this is the most of it! Only oriental despots can restore order and develop their countries and satrapies. Life-long sultans are better than a rampant democracy in the East.

Erdogan is well-versed in politics, perfectly catches the wind and new trends. He is ill with Pan-Turkism and the revival of the Ottoman Empire. It gives him strength and energy. But he has no real forces for these plans. But Turkey is developing well! You can do business with him, he is quite sane as a politician. But you have to be very, very careful with him!

What is the main reason behind delivering S400 to Turkey?

Moscow supports Ankara against NATO and Europe game

When the Russian ambassador Griboyedov was killed in Iran, the shah sent enormous gifts and the famous diamond “Shah” to Emperor Nicholas I. Now our ambassador and our pilot have been killed in Turkey. The gift of Erdogan to Russia for this crime is a contract for the supply of S-400.

But the main thing is that Turkey, together with Russia, was able to withstand the pressure and dictatorship of NATO and the United States! For Turkey, this is a very important point, and Russia supported Turkey in the game against the double standards of NATO and Europe.

S400 Missile contract with Turkey will make Israel think twice

This contract will make Israel think. If Tehran and Baghdad also acquire Russian weapons of defense, this is already a serious challenge. Do not think that Putin is a naive person? He understands perfectly well who Erdogan is. But he managed to force Erdogan to play by the general rules. This is beneficial to all parties in the Middle East, except for the United States, NATO and Israel.

How do you view the relationship between Syria and the west?

Syria and the West have a conflict of civilization

This is not about the conflict of some countries or parties, politicians or national movements. We are talking about CONFLICT OF CIVILIZATIONS – the civilization of traditional concepts, values, continuity and development, and civilization of the cult, of consumption, pleasures, death, degradation and permissiveness under the banner of “human rights”, behind which lies the right to beautiful degradation into animal and death under the beautiful name euthanasia!

Syria is the land of the source of civilization. This is a treasure trove of our culture and history of Christianity. Europe openly abandoned Christ. Dostoevsky once said that if a person only once abandons Christ, his mind begins to lead to the most terrible conclusions!
In America, even erected a monument to Satan.

This is in Arkansas near the capitol building in the city of Little Rock. The devil cannot seduce people with hell. Therefore, he is trying to make the way there attractive.

Regarding imposing further US sanctions on Russia, the informed source says his country is self-sufficient with all resources and reserves for its development, and those sanctions have already had a huge impact on Europe, which is moaning from them now. “They will not harm us, on the contrary, they will accelerate the process of  development,” he concluded.


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  1. The Israeli and US goal has always been to get the Europeans to fight Iran, not do it themselves.

    Germany is building a gas pipeline directly to Russia – so no they do not need Saudi gas, nor will they ever consider becoming reliant on it or feel the need to fight wars to protect it.

    China rarely if ever obeys US unilateral sanctions – much to the amusement of everyone outside of America.

    China is still buying large volumes of Iran oil and sending them tones of Chinese tourists – should be able to keep the economy afloat until the 2020 US election when Trump is tossed out and the new president is in and agrees to abide by the JCPOA deal.

    Plans are in place to ensure Trump does not govern the US past the 2020 US election.

    A couple of cold hard economics facts:
    By 2025 the US will be borrowing money to pay the interest on the money it has already borrowed
    By 2025 the US will be spending more on interest payments than defence – this usually determines an empire is dead.
    Currently only 39% of world trade is done using US dollars down from 90% in the year 2000.
    US government debt is higher than its GDP which usually reduces economic growth by around 2%.

    Trump has done more to damage America than any enemy could have possibly achieved. Probably why Putin got Trump elected.

    Empires can fall quickly which is why countries are prepared for the fall of America. Countries such as Iran and Venezuela will be propped up whilst the US downfall continues,

  2. Man is a spirit… more or less degenerated in some cases, but a spirit nevertheless. His physical body is from the animal kingdom. Spirit first, Human then…

  3. Didn’t the Russians almost lose one of those special Cobalt encrusted H-bombs in a Submarine mishap that resulted in at least 10 deaths of Officers? Or was that just some clickbait.

  4. When will Russia and Iran begin to dish out the same or more pain to the outlaws Israel and U.S. that they have been dishing out to Syria? Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. And how about returning the lands of Syria stolen from them by illegal armed force of Israel? Pain must be felt by the civilian populations of Israel and U.S. This is the only language they might understand.

    • The evidence so far indicates that Russia will only make a limited show of resisting Israeli interests, and only if it aids their own – if Russia did not have a naval base in Syria would they have come to the aid of Assad?

  5. Oh, if they all read the Russian classic Dostoevsky and understand the essence of life, what is good and what is bad, and how many-sided human soul is ….

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