Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause (Part 4 of 11)


Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause (Part 4 of 11) is written by Steve Robertson

This article, “Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause”, will attempt to deep dive into the root causes of addictions and then offer spiritually empowering solutions from which one can forever free themselves to heal and become more authentically whole to live in a more loving state of miracles that are always and ever-present.

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(Part 4)

The true self, God-self or I AM only responds congruently and motivates only through thoughts and/or words of love, peace, forgiveness, and compassion, and from the empowered time-space perspective of the present moment.

Additionally, consider the following discerning and differentiating reality of paying close attention to the words we or others think and/or speak.  As an example, let us consider the frequently used word of “need.” When you think of the word “need,” does it feel closer to the definition of abundance or lack? If like most, you conclude that it feels closer to lack, then let us ask next: If the word “need” is closer to a definition of lack, does this word “lack” feel closer to the definition of love or fear? If you conclude fear, as do most, then next ask does the word “fear” feel closer to a definition of responding or reacting? Again, if you are like most, you will conclude that the word “fear” feels closer to a reaction.

This process of logical deduction and the granulation of words’ core definitions ultimately empower the understanding that anytime we or someone thinks and then speaks the word “need” (or other similar words like: “should”, “have to”, or “must”) within the context of an intended and core creative command, then it is known that the only future possibility that can be co-created and/or called into form is a reality of fear, lack, reaction or a bottom-line reality of drama. This paradox can become frustrating apparent in the face of someone we know who continually asks for or commands for a more positive and future reality thru using the words patterns of fear, lack, and reaction.  In doing so and in essence, this same person will frequently proclaim themselves and failures as falling victim to various and unrelated circumstances.  To them, the carrot of their most desired outcome always seems perpetually out of reach even though they pray for and proclaim (through their thoughts, words, and actions a core intent of fear, lack, and reaction) for new loving and prosperous realities more loudly and forcefully.

Simply put, words that define fear, lack, and reaction can only create similar and corollary outcomes.  In other words, from basic physics, we know that like energies attract like.  The reality is that the ego-mind (our fearfully chosen states of consciousness) can only use the vernacular of words that are based in fear, lack, and reaction and a time and space perspective of the past or future.  The ego-mind is always and perpetually limited to fearful words, emotions, manipulative motivations and/or phrases.  Under no circumstances, whatsoever, can it ever use the loving, empowering and present time tense of the words of the Divine.

The reason for this is because the Divine or Music of the Sphere’s transmission continually offers our consciousness the means by to delineate and differentiate false guidance from that of the loving guidance of the truth.  Simply put, the Divine and God-Self guidance only operates and motivates from the present moment of complete empowerment and uses only words of love, the present tense, inspiration, and compassion.

Similarly, the ego-mind or fearful-self can only motivate from a past or future time frame and can only ever use motivating thoughts or words of fear, lack, and reaction.  Think of the logic behind this.  If the ego mind ever had access to the words of the Divine, we would be in a state of total confusion about how to differentiate information that is lovingly intended (from our God-self or I AM) to serve our spiritual growth versus information, from the ego-mind, that is intended to harm us, keep us in suffering and/or sabotage the self’s spiritual growth and our positively intended dreams.


Now for a moment, let us consider four new command words such as will, choose, want, or desire (or, you could even use the word “that’s required”). When you think of using these words to call forth a future possibility, ask yourself,  do they feel closer to a state of abundance or lack? If you feel them closer to abundance next ask does the word abundance feel closer to a definition of love or fear? If you conclude that it feels closer to love, then ask does the word love feel closer to a definition of responding or reacting?  The obvious answer is “responding”.  Therefore by choosing command words that reflect the authority of self-realized empowerment (I AM) and an intent to co-create from a state of abundance, love, and response from our present state awareness, then we will create the same.  Again, like energies attract.

Choosing command words that proclaim self-empowerment and authentic choices ultimately reflect the wise intent of co-creating from the end goal of what one DOES WANT to create. Ultimately, this clear volition is likened to the hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell.  In this archetypal story, the hero decides to leave the village of conformity in pursuit of their dream (slay the dragon, retrieve the holy grail, or otherwise).  Along with this journey, their faith and the courage of their conviction will be tested over and over again.  Finally, nearing the end of their journey, they are presented with one final and grand test, “the bridge of no return”.

Only true heroes are deemed with the inner strength and courage to pass this test and cross this bridge.  These brave hearts who do make it to bridge’s other side are inwardly and ritually then instructed to turn back to the bridge and to burn it to the ground.  In so doing, the hero removes any and all temptations from ever retreating away from their intended dream or goal.  The only option they completely commit and resolve to is to fulfill the goal they originally set out to achieve.  In other words, success is their only option.


In contradiction to the actions of a true hero, the process of unconsciously choosing from command words which are based on fear, lack and reaction reflects the awareness of someone who is choosing to co-create from what they DON’T WANT to create.  The example of an unawakened and unrealized hero reflects a person has failed to ever ask the larger question about what their life mission might be.  For the moment and in this sleepwalking state they choose to live a complacent life and desire, as a result, little more than feeding their most basic and immediate of personal and egotistical desires.   This state of unrealized potential precludes this person, or anyone, from dreaming of unrealized possibilities and/or ever taking the first step(s) towards their inevitable hero’s journey.

Respectively, humanity appears to be at a pivotal time where we can choose to transition consciousness from the “Persona”, which in Latin means to “pump air through one’s mask” (the mask of the ego-mind) into a more enlightened state of becoming the “heretic”, which in Latin means “the person who knows that they can choose”.  When we choose to listen carefully to our truest inner self, our I AM or God-Self and also speak from the present moment of our most empowered envisioned goal then we will call new possibilities into form and witness the reality of our heart’s greatest dreams come true.


Remember, the Jesus figure said in Psalms 82:6 “You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most-High”.  He would later go on to say “Even the least among you can do what I have done and greater things” ~ John 14:12.   How else can one rationally interpret this quote other than  “I did it (enlightenment), you can do it and even go further than I.”  Later Jesus infers that this is possible if you first find: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”~Luke 17:21.  Jesus later states this is attainable by: “Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children (attain a metaphorical state of spiritual innocence), ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”~Matthew 18:3

Then, and only through this state of aligned child-like innocence (or what the Buddhist call “egoless” or what Christians might term a state of “surrender” or “atonement”) with God’s Will, can we be awakened to integrate into the state of being as referred to in Psalms 46:10: “BE still, and know that I AM God”.

Only then and from this cognized state of awareness can we know and BE  “And God SAID (spoke the “Word” which means “the primary creative harmony”) let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3). From this more awakened state we will know as it says in John 1:14 “And the Word (again the “Word” translates into “Primary Harmony”) was made flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.” Hence, we can understand and witness what Einstein said in his famous equation of E=MC2 that “Energy and Mass are different forms of the same thing.”


Interestingly, when Einstein would come home from school his mother apparently never asked him if he made good grades, instead, she said, “Did you ask good questions?”

To further realize your most empowered sober possibilities I encourage you ask of your innermost BEING to understand and realize the most wise words of Patañjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras (Sanskrit: 150 BCE): “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

“If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15:7 


In conclusion, I believe the biggest issue we, as individuals, and humanity face is one that the Jesus figure brought to light in his profound quote, “Love thy neighbor, as thy self”.  And, this quote literally misunderstood and acted on from our current and collective state of consciousness and perspective,  I believe, is at the root cause all of our planet’s great horrors to date…  And, this is because we are literally loving our neighbors exactly how we love ourselves…and that is ‘we love ourselves horribly’. 

The state of not loving ourselves defines the cause of all addictions. 

In truth, it is a short distance to our own heart and yet I can be a very long journey to get there. The process of healing the self and humanity will result from each of us being more fully authentic and reverently loving of the self and/or establishing, in modern terms, a healthy sense of self-esteem.  This as proposed, and for those less informed and poised to react, is the exact opposite of the definition of narcissism.

 “The healing of ourselves is the healing of the whole nation.” – Buddhist poet Thich Nhat Han

You see, one person cannot give to another what he or she does not first have for themselves. If you have not first found inner peace, love, kindness, compassion, and care for yourself then the only thing you are capable of sharing, projecting, offering and acting on, in regards to other people, animals, and mother earth, is the opposite of this. Therefore, until each of us truly finds the kingdom of heaven that is within, that which is defined by expressing the loving, peace, compassion and innocence of a child, then we will continue to project our crazy self-hatred on to other people, animals, and mother earth…defining them as “the Others” and then psychopathically harming, murdering and destroying them instead of lovingly embracing them as “all are one” as an extension of God’s Divine gift to us.



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  1. Once at a 12 step meeting I heard a guy talk about what they call the “god-sized hole” in us, into which we pour booze, drugs, sex, money, power, whatever, but none of them ever work because none of them is the allegedly supernatural entity that can only fully satisfy this feeling of emptiness.

    But this fella said: what if there is no hole, never has been one? What if we have a disease (for lack of a better term) of thinking, which falsely insists that something is missing in us, when in fact we have been whole all along? I find this the most satisfying interpretation of being “restored to sanity,” which is the work of clearing away the chatter of what Buddhists call the monkey mind, to find the wisdom and the courage and the serenity that have always been there.

    This beats substituting the craving for substances with trying to make sense of nonsensical pseudo-spiritual jargon. I’ll keep going to meetings where there are no dogmas, nothing to buy, and no one pretending to be more wise than anyone else.

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