Peak Zionism? Is Epstein the Beginning of the End? UPDATE 34 to the Second Greatest Story Ever Told


UPDATE 34 Has Mossad Won?

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KurtNimmo.Blog: Why the Epstein-Mossad Honey Trap Story Has Disappeared

“Even if a few names are put out there for the sake of a corporate media feeding frenzy, the real story will never be fully revealed. Israel will not suffer any consequence beyond speculation that will be dismissed as the antisemitic ravings of conspiracy theorists.” 

ROBERT STEELE: The Mossad — and its CIA and FBI collaborators — have been very successful at keeping a lid on this story between all the pedophile owner editors and lead writers and anchors they are blackmailing, and the rest that are being paid or simply terrified of being “suicided” — a very real threat as Gary Webb and Michael Ruppert tell us from the after-life. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Zionist secret police, has been very active in banning all references to Zionists and all references to the Mossad in connection with Epstein and Maxwell, a few isolated instances notwithstanding.

Have they won?  No. As I now know with my federal lawsuit against one of the six Zionist attacks against me — I settled four of the others and am saving the largest lawsuit for last — these things take time. The Attorney General has started an anti-trust campaign against “Big Tech” (code for Zionist ecology of censorship), and arrests have started in Washington DC and Los Angeles — along with a few deaths. The President has 14 months all told to clean house.

The Mossad and the Zionists have not won.  Epstein has turned over all that he has in the way of videos, and the President will eventually order NSA to give Bill Binney full access and the map will be drawn, a map that will include every pedophile governor, state legislator, and judge, as well as everyone across the USA taking direction and money from unregistered agents of a foreign power, the Zionist state of Israel. In passing we will pick up the white collar criminals the President missed on the first pass, this time focusing on state-level banksters and fraudsters and corporate criminals known to be poisoning the air, water, land, and food as well as creating medicines that kill and sterilize, or 5G and geoengineering capabilities that are genocidal as well as ecocidal.

The President has a dilemma compounded by his mediocre staff and his being surrounded by lying traitors of his own choosing. On the one hand, I believe he now understands that he cannot delay 9/11 disclosure and the Zionist take-down to 2021 as appears to have been his intent.

In combination, Epstein-Maxwell, 27 states where governors and legislators have been bribed and blackmailed to pass a blatantly unconstitutional law (making it a felony to speak freely against Zionist genocide of the Palestinians), and the 9/11 criminal grand jury that is going to be forced by a writ of mandmus in next 30 days, the Zionist parasite is front and center in the minds of a very influential portion of the base (the rest of the base is being kept amused by “the squad” that is held is scorn by most of the country and most especially by black Americans such as Dr. Randy Short).

On the other hand he now knows that Iran must be settled before Election Day.  If Korea formally unifies and the President receives President Hassan Rouhani in the USA and them makes the first state visit ever to post-Shah post Zionist-trained secret police to meet the Supreme Leader — picture a comparable meme for Iran as we now have for Korea — it is game over for the Zionists and the invented state of Israel.

Indeed, since it is written into the Iranian charter documents that they are committed to the end of Israel, a Presidential visit would be the beginning of doing just that — uninventing the invented genocidal apartheid criminal state of Israel. Palestine can and should be restored to the Palestinians (just as the USA should be restored to its own citizens, ending the toxic mix of Zionist control of the military-intelligence-mass surveillance industry while also ending contrived illegal immigration).

The Zionists and a Jewish base can receive a Jewish Autonomous Zone from Tel Aviv to the sea and north to Jordan, while giving up all military assets to the Palestinians (or a joint force can be created as in South Africa). The rest can accept a most beneficial offer from the Chinese where their Manchurian paradise awaits, or emigrate to other countries where the deal will be as clear as it should be to Somalis and other Muslims: assimilate or be deported.

We live in interesting times. I believe that President Trump will indeed triumph through a mix of initiatives including full disclosure and exposure followed by expulsion of the Zionist parasite. No, the Mossad has not won. It has been outed and will continue to be outed to the point that it has been castrated for all eternity. Jews have turned against the Zionists, this is the beginning of the end of Zionism and the genocidal, apartheid, criminal invented state of Israel.

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  1. Nice comment. Take Fox News, for example, which is part of the Fox entertainment network that, I’ve read, leads hands down over the networks in promoting rank sexual deviancy in children’s programming. Fox, not CNN. Devotees of Hannity and Carlson will say, “Yes, but…,” and it’s game over. As Michael Hoffman describes it, it’s the cryptocracy’s gauging of the level of double-mindedness proving these supposedly patriotic viewers haven’t the moral courage to act. They’ll accept whatever is done in their name so long as they’re allowed to vent their frustrations from the comfort of the kitchen table. They pride themselves on being informed, but as Aristotle put it, for doing nothing they’re of no more value to a healthy society or risk to the deep state than vegetables.

    So, here we have Fox News’ Carlson and Hannity crying the blues over implicit calls for white genocide coming from an ascendant left while at the same time suggesting the political process that allowed it and guarantees it’ll get worse is the solution. Getting past the bloviating, it’s moral intemperance, of living high on the hog today and damned the consequences tomorrow. To paraphrase Russell, they’d rather die or go shopping than take action like men, letting their own children and grandchildren pay the consequences as they surely will.

    • If Dr. John Money was correct in that repression leads to sexual deviancy, then it is no surprise that the both the “Christian right” and Neo-con constituency are full of deviants.

  2. The general feeling I’m getting from reading Mr Steele’s article is he is pro Trump and sees Trump in a good light. Quite the opposite of Gordon and Ian. What’s going on here? Not on the same page?

    • The only reason for Steele siding with Trump would be if he is pandering to Trump’s base with a view of throwing his hat in the race at some future point when Trump implodes. But, I agree with you, there is a very marked disconnect between VT & Steele.

  3. Unless Trump has spent his entire adult life as a double-agent waiting for the right time to take down the KZM/Deep State, I do not see RDS’s predictions coming true.

  4. Part 3:
    Trump is all about Trump, NOT about the USA. He is deeply implicated in having had sex with under-aged girls at Epstein parties. Just listen to Katie Johnson explain how Trump preferred young virgins: …. so all this extolling our President doesn’t wash. He has also reversed his position on 9/11 because he wants to stay above ground. He may be Robert Steele’s president, but to many Americans he is simply a POS. And we haven’t even discussed his failure to protect preserve and defend the Constitution, his philandering, his hush money payouts, his Israel-First foreign policy or his constant lying.

  5. Part 2:
    Trump continually defames anyone who criticizes Israel (ask Ilhan Omar) while he can’t praise Netanyahu (aka Mileikowski) enough. Trump is the product of Roy Cohn, who taught him never to back down, apologize or admit to any wrongdoing. Roy, who was an attorney for the mafia, taught him how to eviscerate his opposition with threats. Everything Trump knows he learned from Cohn. When Epstein entered the picture Trump became a compromised Zio-Stooge. Trump eavesdropped on all his guests at Mar-a-Lago. Cohn said of Trump: He pisses ice water.

  6. This will be a long message. Part 1:
    All wishful thinking, albeit, very inspiring. This notion that Trump will somehow liberate us from Zionists flies at the face of logic. Israel minted a Cyrus Trump half shekel Temple Coin and unveiled Trump Heights on the Golan Heights (which Trump declared de facto Israeli territory). Trump’s insiders are Zionists: Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, Mike Pompeo (who said God picked Trump to save Israel), Michael Bolton (Recipient of Defender of Israel Award), David Freedman (Ambassador to Israel and Trump’s bankruptcy attorney), Steve Mnuchin, Reed Cordish, Avrahm Berkowitz, Jeffrey Rosen, and the special envoy to combat anti-Semitism, Elan Carr.

  7. Is Trump a rapist? Is he an Israel lover? I listened to his speech at the hallowed ground at Gettysburg. He was going to do everything for “we the people”. All he has done, that I can see, is lower taxes on the rich and give Israel everything. Tariffs. He still gets all of the rich people trinkets he sells from foreign countries. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Someone, since they are closing down information sources on the truth, please enlighten me. I have been an Ironworker for over 50 yrs and every day I could have been killed by some mistake. I’m not afraid to die for a just cause. Plus I don’t want to see my Granddaughter become a sheep. Screw it, let’s do something if it needs to be done.

  8. Frankly the biggest problem in the country today is the total acceptance by Congress, President and the population at large, that the laws and lessons of history can be ignored regarding spending borrowed and printed money. Everyone knows this is not sustainable. We just can’t predict the exact instant when the entire economy collapses. But it most certainly will. This is an emergency. Just because Congress and President seek to behave as ignorant fools does not mean they can violate the rules and lessons of history. It is like seeking to violate the laws of physics. Everyone must wake up and demand the fools we elected in Congress and President STOP this insanity immediately. Otherwise nature will most certainly take its course and take this country down where it belongs. The results won’t be pretty either.

    • An interesting book “Truth in Money” (82) puts the problem into mathematical terms that predicts the growth of the “money supply” that used to be kept as M3. They argue that since 1913 when most money comes into existence is borrowed…debt….public and private….and that the growth in the quantity, over years is the simple graph of compounding interest. Over the years (now 106), the interest (average 6%) is capitalized into the principle and forms the simple graph of compounding interest. M3 followed that same curve….so they got rid of it….about to scare the mommy’s and daddy’s. Thats; ((($1.00 x 1.06) x1.06) x 1.06) x 110 years. The curve has turned sharply up at about 75 years but by 2023, it grows exponentially in only a year, now each year setting new records in the quantity of air money (think derivatives).

  9. Some very grand and wishful thinking. Until we see the actual indictments and arrests of hundreds of politicians, judges, media players, bankers, and educators (did I forget anyone?), I don’t have much faith in your dream, though I share it. Right now Americans are waking up to how corrupt our nation is, and they’re staying silent. When will the media conglomerates be broken up. Last night my 40 year old daughter was watching TV. America’s Got Talent was on. Just the fact it was allowed to air tells me all I needed to realize how far we’ve descended. It was a parade of pre-teen girls, drag queens and homosexuals. Parents should be flooding the producers phone lines with complaints. But they’re not. We’re in Satan’s grip, and we’re not complaining. Sad story USA.

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