End of Zionism, Triumph of Trumpism



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  1. I can understand your faith in Trump from your intelligence and perspective-to a point. You see him doing things no politician could get away with and they are things you agree with. It is obvious from what and how you present yourself that you are not a politician. This can be good and bad. You are a complete and utter political hack and failure and this will not serve you well in convincing people with a different understanding of how the world works. You intelligence people know and see ‘facts’ that the rest of us do not. RDS let me ask you how you come to terms with the Kashogi event and Trumps enthusiasm to deal with MSG(?)?. Unless you handle women the way Trump does how do you excuse his behavior? If you do any business how do you come to terms with Tru

    • And what I mean by Trumps business practices it is documented that he games the tax system, He shorts or does not pay his associates and workers and he uses bankruptcy to avoid dept payments and to advance his personal wealth. He forces everyone he literally and figuratively screws to sign NDAs and he has personal lawyers act as attack dogs. Mob bosses can get a lot done but they do it by their own set of rules

  2. Here, once again, is Katie Johnson testifying of her sexual activity with Trump when she was 13. Silence is Consent. This story needs to go viral. https://youtu.be/rbFJWo3gdRI …. you clean house and create the supernal utopia that you envision by getting rid of Trump first, as a token of good faith.

  3. If PLAN A is to make Trump the greatest President since Washington by helping him restore the Republic to its rightful owners, the PEOPLE, scrap it, like yesterday! Today we learn that an ‘Orthodox’ Jewish woman, Anne Chani Neuberger, has been named to head NSA’s cybersecurity. Right! It all seems a little too convenient and suspicious. Go for PLAN B: has someone run for office who will make 9/11, AIPAC control, USS Liberty, etc, the central talking points. How many strikes before we concede the house is on fire and Trump ain’t the guy to out the fire out? Do you have any clue how many people are pissed off with Trump on Twitter – both Repubs and Dims?

    • Yeah I know America/Last/Israel/First. Us chumps just didn’t read between the lines before electing his sorry ass. Of course he’s better than Clinton who probably would have turned us all into radioactive fall out by now but not by much.

      After watching her go on about “obliterating Iran” and nuking Russia over a suspected “cyberattack”. Voting for Trump was an act of self defense.

  4. You only have a small part of the picture. Lord Levy was Blair’s sponsor/handler from the day he entered politics. His name is Levy Mendelsohn, he is a British Jew and Mossad asset, he funded Blair from day one, a man they selected because they have compromising material on due to his penchant for cross dressing and taking it up the poopshoot while dressed as a woman, apparently he liked to be called Miriam. This means Blair was a Mossad controlled Israeli puppet from the moment he entered politics. He made Mendelsohn Lord Levy in his first New Year’s Honours List after becoming PM. In the mid 90, the Labour Party was undergoing a resurgence under it’s excellent Scottish leader John Smith. Smith suddenly shuffles off his mortal coil and the party leadership falls to Blair and his sidekick Gordon Brown. Brown was also a controlled, compromised puppet as he is secretly gay and has certain unpleasant proclivities. From this point on, the Labour Party was rebranded ‘New Labour’ and became a Mossad controlled Israeli asset. Blair became PM in 1997 and that was the start of Israeli control of Britain. Blair joined with the equally compromised and controlled Bush Jr to wage wars for profit in Afghanistan and Iraq and the rest is history. Today, the scenario is being repeated with the Israeli-Zionist puppets Trump and Johnson, only this time the two best buddies are going to take our nations to war with Iran.

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