Dear Mr. Trump.

Yes. You promised to make “America Great Again”, but you forget which America you have in mind. America of Wall Street – or America of Main Street?

Yes, indeed you made your friends on Wall Street and corporate America richer than ever. But you neglected the very people who put you in office, to wit, the White Americans on Main Street.

Please keep in mind that not all poor cities and towns are “Black” or “Hispanic” or “Muslims’, most of America’s poor and neglected towns are White, your constituents.

Yes, we heard and read your statement about Baltimore and the accusation is that it is rat-infested and nothing being done about it. That may be true. Baltimore is majority Black and Brown; and it is, like many America towns, in dire neglect, not only from the Federal government in Washington but from its own leadership.

The Mayor of Baltimore knows that much of the housing is invested with rodents, and the fact that Jared Kushner is one of the key owners of a large tract of tenant housing. Why did Kushner fail to condemn these projects as unfit for human habitat?

Why did the City of Baltimore do nothing about this run-down, rat-infested, and crime-infested nationhood? Local governments are to blame too.

Baltimore is but one of the hundreds of American towns in bad need of ”rehabilitation”, where rebuilding a run down and longtime neglected infrastructure is needed.

A train ride on Amtrak from Washington to Central Station in New York is a good reflection of what American towns and cities look like. Don’t be fooled by the glitter of Upper Manhattan and Fifth or Madison Avenue, or the Golden Mile of Chicago. They are not representative of what American cities and towns look like.

Take time out of your weekly golf outing and come and visit towns like Gary or Flint (you remember this poor town and its drinking water — ”nothing is done about it” — or come to rural West Virginia or Virginia to see what their towns look like. They are dying every day.

I don’t blame you, because I blame President Obama, who did nothing for rural towns (mostly White), and he did nothing for big towns with large populations of Blacks. The problems of Baltimore and Gary are nothing new. It’s been like this for a long time.

Before leaving office President Obama sign a foreign aid bill worth $38 billion for Israel; and if we add that to what he gave away to Israel during his tenure in office, we will have a total of $ 66 billion bequeathed to a country where the poorest towns are much better than any town in the US.

Mr. President, you talk about jobs, when in fact, America is losing jobs, with major manufacturing shutting down; and farmers are strapped and unable to service the debt on their farms.

How can anyone in America today live on a minimum wage of $ 8/hr? These are the jobs in rural and small-town America. Not the $100/hr. earned by highly skilled tech companies.

Speaking of tech companies do you know that former IDF are now key executives in major American technology companies, and are shifting the jobs from American workers to Israel? I am sure you know that, but you ignore it, lest offend your friends.

No, Mr. Trump, your tax policies made a few Americans much richer, but made thousands of Americans even poorer. Hard to imagine that a billionaire who earns billions does not pay any tax, and their corporation that earns tens of billions does not pay taxes. Why then should the guys who earn $8/hr. pay taxes, or the ones who earn $50K/year?

I am sure you will energize your constituents with racial derogatory and defamatory remarks about Blacks, Hispanic, and Muslims, but that will not change the fact that you failed them in every way. Having a gun and a run-down shack is not an American Dream.


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  1. Just a nit to pick, but Sami Jamil Jadallah has conflated the Magnificent Mile and the Gold Coast in Chicago (a lesser offense than putting ketchup on a hot dog).

  2. I doubt if Trump has ever set his lily white foot on the Pine Ridge Rez or any other Reservation in America.

    Actually thanks to ZOG . America has become one big Reservation. Here’s an interview by Alex Jones before he became a Zionist butt boy with the late Russell Means:

  3. Andy, that’s a good collection of those nonproducing organizations that only make ordinary peoples lives misery. But none of them are nonprofit organizations. State bureaucrachy maybe, but it’s all set on State Capital, where apartment rents are the highest and the landlords make the biggest money. Biggest insurance companies don’t even bother to set up an office in smaller places.

    Then on the midwest, there are maximum producing nonprofit organizations like old family farms. When minimum wage is paid to every family worker, the profit of the farm is zero, but production is tens of tonnes of wheat etc. Trump promised them something, but instead he went on trade war on China, which counter backclash will bankcrupt maybe thousands of farms. They became easy meat for Monsanto.

    But not that cheap for ordinary customers after Monsanto re-evaluated the new price of the land and set the new wheat price for customers. America is not about capitalism, it’s all about monopole capitalism, where at the end of the day, customers always wrong.

  4. Gentlemen: The author is spot-on about the view from a train. Decades ago, I AMTRAK’d from Philly to a friend’s wedding in Chicago. Gary, Indiana was dystopian. At one point I could count that every third dwelling was completely burned and huge industrial sites lay abandoned and left to decay. I thought that rust is not only visible but nearly audible, as well.
    I’m happy to learn that both of you (Andy and Gary) are near/in The Crimea. Wish I were there, too. Any pointers on how to do just that would be much-appreciated. Lived in Siam for a few years but ended up back in Floriduhh, a state run by Zy0’s. The new governor recently returned from izrahell and is currently pushing for a bill/law that will make it “highly illegal” to say (or to think?) that Hollywood is controlled by Geoo-know-who. Can’t make this stuff up!

  5. Serious article. Considering that almost the whole world does not know what is happening in ordinary America and how people actually live there. The world is selling a picture of Hollywood. And such examples as in this article are tens of thousands. And in my Russia the same. Alas. And I don’t see any way out of this situation in the near future. Because there are people whom it suits …
    I am not ashamed to speak out, but even poverty in the USA is more terrible and bigger than in Russia: drugs, unemployment, the homeless, crime, the ghetto…

    • Garry: I agree. When I touched the bureaucracy in the United States – my head was spinning. A lot of taxes, conventions, rules: do not do it, do not say it, etc. Lots of permits, papers … You have to be born there and grow up to be a part of it and understand a little. Therefore, in the USA there are a lot of lawyers, attorneys and other consultants.
      P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to work in Taman. Near the Crimean bridge. We’ll be closer 🙂

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