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[ Editor’s Note: Normally I would like to say that this piece is finally the end of this story, but I know better. The Zionista cabal inside the Trump regime does not suffer its defeats humbly.

It never runs out of money and is staffed with people ALWAYS looking for something to do for job security. Frankly I think anything is possible at this point, including US Special Ops people rappelling down helicopter ropes onto the deck of the ship in a new seizure.

And maybe a misfired torpedo will appear from nowhere, or a mine, to send the ship up in flames for a photo op that will last for days in the news.

Behind the scenes the key issue is not being addressed. The US has deployed a level of sanctions for a war time situation, and which normally would require a UNSC unanimous vote. There was none.

The Trump regime has put on display that its unipolar “thingy” is bigger than anyone else’s, with this continued open challenge. VT warned our overseas connections that they would get caught up in this new show of power, and they ignored it – a big mistake.

Some, like Germany, thought it could ignore large US-Germany trade imbalances, while American taxpayers foot more than their fair share of the NATO budget. VT has supported the US administration on this. Free trade must also be fair trade, or it is just a tool to be exploited.

The trade imbalance was a time bomb, and its time to blow up came, and Trump has a solid issue with his base on this. China made a big mistake in reneging on buying more US food in the last negotiation.

The wildcard now is will the public grasp that the sanctions to punish foreigners are paid for by American consumers, something that Gordon has covered over and over but apparently to a deaf public.

Strangely, we have seen no in-depth media effort to lay that all out to the public, so once again someone has jerked their chain to stay out of it, and our castrated media complied.

At the end of the day, the UN is the big institutional failure in this due to its flawed design. Its founding documents did not include any provisions to exclude, even temporarily, a rogue member, including a Security Council one.

If anyone has seen a word of discussion from inside the UN about reforming the UN on this issue, please let me know, as I have missed it. When I see a broken international structure with huge rippling consequences getting no push-back to be fixed, the term “designed to fail” comes to mind.

Let me know what you think in the commentsJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … August 18, 2019

Gibraltar has rejected a renewed US request demanding the seizure of the tanker Grace 1, which has been renamed Adrian Darya 1. The decision comes days after it lifted the weeks-long detention and allowed the vessel set sail.

The British overseas territory rejected a warrant issued Friday by a federal court in Washington that sought the supertanker’s arrest, the oil it carried and the almost $1 million found on board.

The US request came into conflict with the EU law under which Gibraltar governs, and led “to the differences in the sanctions regimes applicable to Iran in the EU and the US,” it said in a statement on Sunday.

“The EU sanctions regime against Iran –which is applicable in Gibraltar– is much narrower than that applicable in the US,” it explained.

This was the second time in a week that Washington tried to prevent Grace 1 from departing Gibraltar. On Thursday, the Justice Department made a last-minute effort to seize the oil tanker, filing the necessary formal request just hours before it had been cleared to set sail.

At that time, local authorities managed to withstand the diplomatic torpedo fired by the US at efforts by the UK to defuse tensions with Tehran, lifting a detention order Gibraltar had earlier issued for the vessel, with the backing of the British.

The US based its seizure requests on a claim that ‘Adrian Darya 1’ was ferrying Iranian crude to Syria under the auspices of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the US but not the EU or other world powers.

Also, there was a “scheme to unlawfully access the US financial system to support illicit shipments to Syria from Iran by the IRGC,” the Justice Department alleged.

ALSO ON RT.COMUS tries to stop Gibraltar’s planned release of seized Iranian supertanker

However, none of the allegations were compelling enough for the UK-governed enclave, as these “would not constitute offences in Gibraltar had they occurred in Gibraltar.” There are no “equivalent sanctions against Iran in Gibraltar, the UK or the rest of the EU,” the statement noted.

As the day progressed, Tehran reported that it stands ready to escort ‘Adrian Darya’ on her way to Iranian shores. “The era of hit and run is over… if top authorities ask the navy, we are ready to escort our tanker,” navy commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi was quoted as saying by Mehr news agency.


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  1. We fully support Trump’s WTO demands that countries like India and China not continue to be included in the “developing country” category which gives them preferential treatment when they are obviously way past developing ones. When China was buying our debt, the situation was viewed differently.

  2. If what we read on the British website TruPublica is true, the US is colonizing the UK. It has considerable value to all the billionaires who are tearing England apart. “Hard Brexit” is a Trojan Horse.

  3. Another crack just appeared in the crumbling Empire.
    “Some, like Germany, thought it could ignore large US-Germany trade imbalances while American taxpayers foot more than its fair share of the NATO budget. VT has supported the US administration on this.” Article.

    I don’t agree with this. Nobody is threatening NATO, except with anything except fighting back if attacked. NATO should have been wound up at the same time as the Warsaw Pact*. NATO can be regarded as a charity supporting the USMIC or as the US Empire’s Foreign Legion. I cannot think of a good reason for Germany (or any other country) to invest a cent in it. Nato is not a “defensive” alliance it has never defended anything or anybody, it has only ever attacked.
    *The Cold War was based on a lie that the USSR was planning to take over Western Europe. It wasn’t and NATO HQ knew that it wasn’t.

  4. Thank you authorities in Gibraltar. You display more intelligence, guts and courage than all 535 Israel controlled whores in our Congress and our Israel lover liar whore President. America is not America anymore. She is controlled by outlaw thugs in Israel.

  5. This is a Big Game changer ,…… The USA since WW2 has been pushing everybody around according to the interests of USA and about 2 decades ago people started seeing thru the USA Hogwash propaganda of being the sole and Righteous ” Global Police ” …… well seems now we have progressed yet another step of nobody Following orders of USA , Gibralter Refused USA demands and this is a First , so now that Gibralter has defied USA orders so maybe this is the openning of the Floodgates of defying the USA ……. let’s see IF nations fall into line and for a change start refusing idiocies of USA …… BTW According to some ” Middle East Analyst ” the USA has used every dirty trick to try and detain that tanker and the so called Expert suggested that ALL this will result in the USA becoming a ” Coalition of One ” who will be present near Iran as according to that expert the UK is regretting messing with this tanker at the behest of USA and the UK government has been trying to make it’s way out of this mess , and that expert also said tha t as soon as the matter of this tanker is resolved the UK might totally pull out of the Gulf area ……. USA seems to be alone even now and constant demands on others are starting to not work anymore , a great wake up to some sanity by the traditional USA minions …. this was to come eventually coz when you demand too too much then the people start chickenning out ansd let’s see IF the UK dumps the USA for the first time …..

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