Advisory – Former Intelligence Leaders to Outline Illegal Government Spying, Criminality; Will Present “Ways to Save Our Country” at Disclosure Conference (Ventura, CA, 23-25 August 2019)



Former Intel. Leaders to Outline Illegal Gov. Spying, Criminality and

Will Present “Ways to Save Our Country” at Dimensions of Disclosure Conference

With Trump’s Base in Revolt, Robert David Steele and William Binney Forecast 2020 Election

[WASHINGTON, DC] Two high-level, former intelligence officials will issue a stark warning of government spying and unconstitutional, criminal activity against American citizens during presentations this Saturday at the Dimensions of Disclosure conference in Ventura, California.

The two experts will also make suggestions for a pathway forward for the country with specific recommendations for systemic changes.

William Binney, a former high-level National Security Agency intelligence official who, after his 2001 retirement after 30 years, blew the whistle on NSA surveillance programs, will dissect the government’s illegal use of data.

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele’s speech entitled, “If I Were President,” will present a stark “state-of-play” for activists concerning President Trump’s chances for re-election.

Binney’s slides and Steele’s slides are available here for preview. Both officers will be available in Ventura, California for interview on the 24th and 25th of August, or via Internet or cellular.

Steele, who co-founded #UNRIG with Dr. Cynthia McKinney, herself a past and perhaps also a future presidential candidate, believes that 2020 could be the perfect storm that’s makes possible a Libertarian President able to keep the promises President Trump has made but not kept.

Parallel Construction, Illegal Stalking, Outright Criminal Misbehavior

Binney, is the foremost specialist in America at forcing the declassification of exculpatory information as well as information that has been classified to conceal crimes by federal officials.

Three Strikes, Three Solutions, Nine Methods

In his speech, Steele highlights specifics of what must be done to salvage the presidency.

Andrea Powell, Executive Director, Karana Rising @wearekaranarising

PRINTABLE DOC (2 Pages): Steele Binney Press Advisory Final 1.2


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  1. Robert, if you were the President, what would you do about the massive bureaucratic (and truth) problem of documents of important events remaining classified for decades because of “National Security” (usually bogus), buried under “Military Intelligence” or other untouchable material, or just being bloody-mindedly withheld or hidden by Intel Agencies. Naturally there will always be some material that remains secret, but the sheer amount of it seems completely over the top, and often the secrecy seems to just protect criminals. What is the solution to this constant problem of access?

  2. I think the “can we buy Greenland” episode, and Trump’s childish behavior, will push many fence sitters to stay home on Election Day. The Presidential Reality Show!

    • “Stable genius” whose overuses the adjective “incredible”, from his apparently very limited vocabulary. Must drive the teleprompter script guys nuts.

  3. There will always be the ‘Always-Trumpers’. These are for the most part right of center Ziocons who have invested in the MIC and want to see the Greater Israel Project move forward. They are supremacists who consider the rest of the world to be dispensable cattle (Goyim) and America to be a shiksa. There is also a Christian right of center Messianic faction that wants wars in the Middle East as precursors to the second coming of the Messiah. True Torah Jews see how Trump is being played by the Zionists and want nothing to do with him. Constitutionals would rather save America than bring on Armageddon. Beyond that, there are people both on the left and the right that see Trump as toxic, blackmailed damaged goods who was the accidental President with a sordid past that included Russian mafia dealings, Mossad networking via Epstein, potential misconduct with minors, and numerous hushed women he had affairs with while married to Melania. His reticence in convicting HRC and re-opening 9/11 has also alienated his base. Failure to fix immigration, the endless excuses and his braggadocios, petulant character have created Trump Fatigue. People are just tired of seeing headlines of Trump, day in and day out. We need leadership that does not equivocate, stays on point and delivers with compassion and an iron fist, the likes of Robert David Steele, Cynthia McKinney and William Binney. It’s time for America 2.0.

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