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[ Editor’s Note: VT has worked with the ADVT for a number of years, starting after we learned that Iran had 16,000 terror victim families.

And the worst of that was yet to come. We discovered that the US and Israel supported the Iranian opposition MEK terror cult, which had been responsible for 12,000 of those deaths, including 70 high ranking members of the Islamic Republican Party, along with a Chief Justice.

Both President Rajai and Premier Mohammad Javad Bahonar were killed in one bomb attack in their offices. Dressed as women, four more terrorists slipped by the Parliament security, killing 12 and wounding 39, before being killed themselves.

Despite Iran having suffered years of these attacks, which average Americans know nothing about, what they do get to hear over and over is that Iran is charged with supporting terrorism across the Mideast, despite its highly publicized success in helping Iraq and Syria defeat ISIS and other jihadi groups supported by the various US coalition members.

John Donne

These attacks on the Iranian nation were a new form of terrorism in itself, terrorism on the truth, which became something to be destroyed by any means possible when it was deemed inconvenient.

Organizations like ADVT get little coverage in the West, which is why VT has supported them and their victims’ families; and we will work to shine the spotlight on those who are really guilty for all these terror crimes, East and West. Through hard and consistent work they are building an international organization for all terror victims.

In my title I used the John Donne quote (Britain, 1572-1631), because it is a timeless one. The rest of us are not just observers or bystanders in this modern terror scourge.

Americans had a good sized taste on 9-11, but we meekly accepted a rigged 9-11 commission report, which guaranteed that when “they” want to hit us again, they will do so, because we did nothing the first time.

We are not immune, as Donne further explains, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”

VT was not successful in awakening Americans to what really happened, despite all we published on 9-11 multiple times and all the interviews we did. But we cannot accept that failure as a reason to quit. The Syrians aren’t quitters, nor are the Iranians, and neither are weJim W. Dean ]

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The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism (ADVT) is a non-governmental, cultural institution, whose members are the families and children of victims of terrorism. In this Association, the families who have lost their dearest ones in a terrorist attack have gathered. Terrorism has changed their social and individual life as well as their psychological characteristics.

These victims have lost their emotional supporters; this is very critical regarding with children who lose their parents in the early years of their lives. Despite passing of the time, the physical and mental impacts of this tragic event would remain during the lives of the victims. Terrorist attacks leave short-term or long-term effects on the family of the victims too.

Therefore, Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism, facing these problems, has defined some objectives for itself and makes its best efforts to solve the families’ problems. ADVT also intends to apply cultural, informative and expressive ways, on behalf of the families of terror victims, to encounter with terrorist organization.


Terror attack on the Iranian Parliament

4th Conference of “Examples of Patience” Was Held in Urmia

Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism Public Relations – 4th conference of “Examples of Patience” was held in Urmia to commemorate the families of the martyrs and the survivors of terrorism of West Azerbaijan Province.

It was organized in partnership with the province organizations and the United Nation Information Centre of Tehran on the International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism on 21 August.

At the beginning of the event, Ms. Mansoureh Karami, chairwoman of ADVT welcomed the attendees and appreciated the authorities of the province. She stated that the families of the victims of terrorism are among the most plagued members of a society and their rights are often ignored.

“Examples of Patience” conference has been held in Tehran, Isfahan, and Golestan Province and the 4th conference is being held in this city today”, she continued. Wife of martyr Alimohammadi added that the families of victims and the injured of terrorism are the examples of patience in keeping peace in every society.

Mr. Rahim Fa’al, the general director of the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans of West Azerbaijan pointed out that there are about 200 victims of terrorism in West Azerbaijan and said that the victims of terrorism are from all parts of a society including imams of Sunni and Shia, workers, farmers, women and children were killed only because of defending truth and justice.

He emphasized that West Azerbaijan is a leading province in defending the values of human society and we should appreciate the families of the victims.

Then, Ms. Maria Dotsenko, the UNIC Director in the I.R. of Iran read the UN Secretary-General’s statement in a video message on the occasion of the International Day of Remembrance of, and Tribute to, the Victims of Terrorism.

In one part of the message we can read “This International Day reminds us that no matter how long ago an attack happened, victims continue to struggle with its legacy”.

In another part we read “We need to provide long-term, multi-faceted support to victims and survivors of terrorism, including through partnerships with governments and civil society, so that they can heal, recover, rebuild their lives and help others.” In the end of the message, the UN Secretary General stated “Let us commit to showing victims that they are not alone, and that the international community stands in solidarity with them, wherever they may be.”

Mr. Hazratpour, the mayor of Urmia was the next speaker. The martyrs, who
were killed innocently for the Islamic system, have high positions for God. He
added “Whenever our society were far from the ideals of our martyrs, the
society was close to collapse.” Urmia mayor emphasized that the martyrs have
sent messages to all of us which can be guides of salvation. If we follow the
martyrs, our society will salvage.

Mr. Tabatabaei, Social Deputy for Urmia governor, said that, one of the best
signs of a developed civil society is the number of its NGOs. Any increase in
the activity of NGOs in society is the sign of social dynamism and because of it
the West Azerbaijan governorate is ready to help for establishing a new
representative of the Association.

Tabatabaei said that all the Martyrs, in their lives, were best defenses in front of the global imperial approaches and killing of them is a sign of inability of rouge global imperials in preventing progress in Iran.

Mr. Salari, Iranian Foreign Minister’s advisor, said that, because of the
superiority of the Satans, there is a hollow definition about terrorism and hence
inability of international organizations in defying it. Mentioning the aims of
terrorism, he considered the creating of unpredictable violence against
governments for the sake of special ideology as one of them.

He added: all terrorists in our region are supported by the foreign and Satanic states. He regarded the spreading of the victims’ voice and cooperation between victims of terrorism national and international associations and also collecting information about the victims, as necessary steps to counter terrorism.

Jason McCue, an international lawyer, in a video message said “I spent a lot of
my career in pursuing terrorism through the criminal and civil courts around the
world. He added,

“Element that takes a lot of time requests patience in PR media
communication strategy. One of the great instances of these cases is showing that the victims of terrorism and their families never forget and an act of terrorism will never be forgotten. Justice would be suited how long it takes and that becomes a part of narrative as much as the legal action carrying out in the court. My only message to all is have patience.”

At the end of the event, M.R Moien Far, University of Urmia professor of
sociology, asserted on the importance of the social effects of terrorism and said
that, demolition of the national identity and creating of the social gap are results
of terrorism.

He added, stigmatizing of the ethnicities leads to strengthening of
terrorism and terrorists want to disperse insecurity and as a result there are
increased numbers of suicide and refugees. The professor at the Urmia
University wanted from the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism to
increase its activity in spreading the voice of victims in Iran, in national and
international arena.

In this conference, the daughter of the martyr Anwar Amini, spoke about the
situation of her father’s death and said that the aftereffects of that attack on her
life are incurable. The fourth conference of “Examples of Patience” ended in
delivering the special gifts to the families of the victims of terrorism in West
Azerbaijan county.


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  1. After about two centuries America has lost its way largely because its population has failed to learn how to discern the difference between a lie and a truth. This population simply can’t be bothered from their trivia of the day to look after their own government. Our country and government were never intended to succeed with the population placing the trivia of the day, getting the car washed or placing poison on the lawn to keep it green, above supervision of their own totally lying, cheating, corrupt government every day. The entire 9/11/01 scam was government designed and government executed by Bush, Cheney, the lying four star generals and crooks in Israel to blame Muslim patsies. Americans are the biggest fools on planet Earth. In about two weeks it will be 18 years and counting. Shame on lazy Americans.

    • This all makes me worry that rather than evolving as a society, we are devolving. For all that missed the 2 hour Putin documentary I recommend it to all for the history it shows, especially the family roots. It watched in in half hour slices as it covers a lot of Russian tragedies with historical footage, including Putin facing the families of those lost on the Kursk, promising them he would raise the ship to recover the bodies and the missiles, when of course he was not sure it could be done. The chief engineer saved his bacon. The ending was a huge surprise. Russia has a problem now with families offering bribes to get their kids into the military as it is viewed as prestigious work and the pay good. We would never have seen this published in western press.

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