Dr. Abdullah Manaz, VT Istanbul

We all know that the Middle East policy of the US is in a deadlock and that countries like Russia and Iran are getting stronger in the region. The main point on this issue is the moving away of Turkey from the US and NATO . If Turkey takes place on which side, that side will win in the long term in the Middle East.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US abandoned its old friends Sunni Islamists. The last good cooperation between the US and Sunni Islamist was in Afghanistan. Following the 1990s, the Middle East policy of the United States began to be determined entirely in the interests of Israel. After September 11, 2001 which was carried out with the knowledge of MOSSAD, the new enemies of the US became the political Islamists. The United States has supported the political Islamists in countries such as Egypt and Turkey, and enables them to be get in power. Then it wanted to liquidate these political Islamists with help of its secret friends in these countries. General Sisi in Egypt and Fethullah Gulen Movement in Turkey were the secret friends of the US.

Fethullah Gülen Movement with the support of NATO and the CIA, all state institutions in Turkey (Armed Forces, Police, Ministry of Justice and others) seized. The Fethullah Gulen Movement made many attempts to kill or arrest Tayyip Erdogan. Turkish generals, who knew about the US secret activities, wanted to get closer to Russia. To prevent this, all anti-US generals were arrested by prosecutors affiliated with Fethullah Gülen. A Russian fighter jet was shot down to pick a war between Russia and Turkey in Syria. Finally, the officers of Fethullah Gulen Movement decided to give a coup.

In 2013, the Sisi coup in Egypt was successful and the Egyptian political Islamists were liquidated. But Fethullah Gulen coup in Turkey in the July 15, 2016 failed. Officers of Fethullah Gulen, whom NATO commanders call “our close friends,” were arrested. In the last 3 years, 17,500 military personnel were expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces.

When the US Administration lost their close friends in Turkey, began to cooperate with the PKK Terrorist Organization in the Middle East.

For this reason, Turkey headed to Russia. Turkey and Russia began to cooperation in many areas such as Natural Gas Pipelines, S-400 Air Defense System, Joint Weapons Production, The Increasing of Bilateral Trade and Tourism.

Now The US continues to protect the PKK Terrorist Organization and Fethullah Gulen. As long as this goes on, Turkey will further rapprochement with Russia. The sham cooperation in Northern Syria, can not rescue friendship between Turkey and the US. Turkey is a country with the longest border to the Middle East  (with Syria 911 km, with Iraq 384 km) and it has the most powerful army of the region. Also Turkey produces 70% of its weapons itself.

If the US loses Turkey, the Middle East will lose in the long run. This will also be the end of NATO.


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  1. “General Sisi in Egypt and Fethullah Gulen Movement in Turkey were the secret friends”
    Incorrect as General Sisi is not major political islamist, he is done a good job against muslim brotherhood (designated as terrorist organization in egypt)
    Correct as fethullah gulen is political islamist and US supported, but more accurately was highly supported raised up to this level only by the Turkish administration who placed them in all government sensitive positions. On the other hand Turkish government is more political islamist and also openly and secretly supported by US and Israel. Records show who extended the war in Syria this long… and still working to get a peace of land from syria and rescue all the extremists they brought from other countries. One of their prime minister called isis as angry kids once…
    Turkey will be more likely destined to loose big time by trying to screw neighbors (Iraq, Syria, Iran) of legit governments, and side with illegal gangsters.
    Nothing happens to US even if they loose in middle east, it is at least 10,000km away from the mainland, and Americans don’t care much…

    • Erdogan’s Turkey is a gangster state posing as a democracy. In reality, Erdogan and his cronies are a mafia and they have been committing numerous crimes against humanity, not just against Turks and Kurds inside Turkey, but against Kurds and Arabs in Syria and Iraq. Erdogan is trying to annexe land from Syria and Iraq, part of the plan explained by former PM Davutoglu in a book he wrote about15 years ago where he stated the future of the Turkish people was to expand to the south, he even used the German term ‘Lebensraum’ to describe this land grab. All of the supposed economic boost to Turkey’s economy under Erdogan has been due to the wholesale looting and pillaging of the wealth of Syria and Iraq, over 1000 factories and workshops were carted off from Aleppo, including an entire, brand new Renault car plant. Then there is all the stolen oil, a business run by Erdogan’s son, they ship the stolen oil in truck convoys through Turkey to the Mediterranean coast where it joins legal exports to the EU, making the Erdogan clan a massive profit. Erdogan survives by playing one side off against the other, primarily the USA vs the USSR, taking advantage of Turkey’s key strategic location.

    • Ian – true! From Alfa to Omega! We never trust the Turks during 300 years. I speak about people and history. Not about the Government.

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