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[ Update Two: Queen Elizabeth has approved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend parliament according to a statement from the Queen’s advisers, known as the Privy Council.

“It is this day ordered by Her Majesty in Council that the Parliament be prorogued on a day no earlier than Monday the 9th day of September and no later than Thursday the 12th day of September 2019 to Monday the 14th day of October 2019,”the statement saidJD ]

[ Update: No. I am not hyping this story with the title. I was just validated. MPs accuse Johnson of ‘attempted coup’ by requesting parliament suspension before Brexit. This usually does not happen this quickly. Often it takes months or years before VT positions are substantiated by release documents… JD ]


[ Editor’s Note: The Brexit circus continues to circle around the toilet. While Bozo Boris is at the head of the deal-rigger pack, the opposition parties are not far behind him, as even at this late date, they cannot form an united position.

They hold their own party prerogatives as more important than the country itself. What we are watching is the disemboweling of the British electorate’s representation by divide and conquer politics, of which they have been willing participants.

One could even view this as an intelligence instability operation with a regime-change goal for Britain, but done with help of insiders who will be the new overseers, at least until their usefulness is no longer needed.

I doubt the Queen will step in, as she should as she could turn the tide. But the British people, like the Americans here, cannot be held blameless for what is going on inside their respective countries.

They have sat by and watched it happen, thinking it was someone else’s job to fix the mess. I knew the gig was up when Bozo went public on how a hard Brexit would save $39 billion in separation costs for an amicable divorce. Point, game, matchJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … August 28, 2019

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request for suspension of parliament is set to dramatically raise the stakes in the closing stages of the fraught Brexit process.

Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend parliament just after MPs return from the parliamentary summer recess. Under Johnson’s plan, parliament will be “prorogued” from September 09 to October 14.

The timeline effectively means that the House of Commons’ ability, and opportunity, to stop a no-deal Brexit is much reduced.

Reaction to Johnson’s unprecedented move has been fast and furious. Arguably the strongest reaction has come from senior Tory backbencher, and former attorney general, Dominic Grieve, who described the move as an “outrageous act”.

Grieve told BBC Radio 5 Live that: “if the prime minister persists with this and doesn’t back off, then I think the chances are that his administration will collapse”. In the same vein, House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, branded Johnson’s bold move as a “constitutional outrage”.

Bercow has dismissed Downing Street’s justification for a brief prorogation on the basis that the current session of parliament (which began in June 2017) has been the longest since the English Civil War, which ended in 1651.

According to Bercow, it is: “blindingly obvious that the purpose of prorogation now would be to stop parliament debating Brexit and performing its duty in shaping a course for the country”. Whilst Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has yet to comment on Johnson’s move, other opposition parties have roundly condemned the Tories’ plans.

Amongst the opposition parties, the Scottish National Party (SNP) has made the most substantial gesture by asking a Scottish judge to issue an emergency ruling to stop Johnson from suspending parliament.

This legal challenge is led by Joanna Cherry, the SNP’s justice spokeswoman. For his part, the SNP’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, accused Johnson of “acting like a dictator”.

Meanwhile, the British media is scrambling to make sense of a chaotic and fast-moving situation. The BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, who is believed to be sympathetic to the Tories, has described Johnson’s move as “decisive” and “intensely risky”.

Kuenssberg argues that suspending parliament will “embolden” opposition MPs and opponents of a no-deal Brexit across the board to “rush through emergency laws” or failing that to hold a “rapid vote of no confidence” to bring down Johnson.

But at present, the prospect for Johnson’s opponents does not look too bright. Yesterday’s meeting between Corby and other opposition leaders on finding a common framework to stop a hard Brexit failed to break the impasse.

Whilst there is sufficient political will to hold a vote of no confidence, opposition leaders, in particular the Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, are opposed to Corbyn’s bid to become caretaker prime minister.

The suspension of parliament was foreshadowed on the E! channel last year in The Royals series.


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  1. Reading the comments of hate speech here affirms a lot about censorship, 1st amendment protections (lol) & how things get selectively parsed.

  2. As for the trade unions, they were getting gutted here at the same time as they were in Britain. The unions were a major engine for the Democratic vote turnout. The Repubs exported their jobs off shore to kill the unions, and it worked. The Republican-a-holics never acknowledge that when it comes to the good paying jobs. They not only got cheaper labor overseas, but often no, or very low taxes, a “two fer”, no dummies they. Thomas Jefferson once said, “Merchants have no country” (something never told to us in school) https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Jefferson/03-07-02-0167

  3. VT is not weighing in on Brexit, as it is obviously none of our business and no one there would care what we thought. My commentary was focused on process being gamed to lock out the public’s input toward the end of the proces with so much at stake. The people have had a long time now to weigh their options and I think they should have a revote if they want one, simply because they are a lot more informed now. Whatever they want is fine with me because they have to live with it.

  4. Ian, it was your country that promised the world Zionists the Balfour Declaration, owing to the British Mandate of Palestine, as payment for those Zionists getting America involved in World War I, on the side of Britain. Where we are today with everything in the Middle East, follows from that.

    • That said, the Beatles are the greatest band there ever was, and Sean Dyche is my hands-down favorite BPL manager!

  5. Bozo Boris on the contrary than leaving the queen down follow to the letter his instructions from her and the City Of London. On the therr hand he is about to ***k all who voted for him.

  6. I am nowhere near the heavyweights level analyst division at VT (Duff, Dean, Greenhalgh) but after this Windsor’s move my bet is that Britain remains as they are both the mother and stepmother of EU, because this move will not leave Boris in power before the next Brexit date, which means new elections and new prospects. And there are no imaginable pros for British Deep State in leaving the EU.

  7. Trust me, you Yanks are nowhere near as sick of us as we are of you, most of us hate you and think your country is downright evil. Don’t even get me started on ‘sneaky pervasiveness’ that is incredibly hypocritical coming from a Yank, your country has spent the last 75 years screwing over just about every other country on the planet, Britain included. If you want the right to criticize Britain, put your own house in order first, it very badly needs it.

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