Exclusive: The Murders of Russian Scientists


Western “masters” of Russia, considering the activities of their local liquidators-compradors insufficient, Russian scientists are also simply being killed. Former US Secretary of State G. Kissinger, who continues to play an important political role in the American elite, said in 2004: “The existence of science in unfriendly US states is seen as a strategic threat to the United States.”

The process of extermination of scientists has become so noticeable that even central television started talking about it (TVC channel, “In the center of events” program, 11/26/2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiSfefnD0pc).

During the debate of US presidential candidates, it sounded frankly: America is ready to go to the defense of its national interests to the end, carrying out special operations to physically destroy physicists on foreign territory – Iran, North Korea, Russia. The program is being successfully implemented – the number of killed was announced in a telecast – 40 Russian scientists in 10 years.

Baseball bat for professor

When businessmen or bandits die in showdowns, sniper rifles with a telescopic sight and so on appear in police reports. To kill scientists, it is not customary to spend money on such expensive tools. For an elderly professor, a baseball bat or a kitchen knife is enough. Here are a few examples from the article “The Killer Chooses the White Lotus.” In Russia, under strange circumstances, prominent scientists continue to die ”-“

Arguments of the week ”, October 2007 http://argumenti.ru/toptheme/n102/35836

In January 2002, in St. Petersburg, the director of the Research Institute of Electrical Engineering I. Glebov was hammered with metal bars at his entrance.

At the end of January 2002, director of the Research Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. Brushlinsky, head of research on the fight against terrorism with psi-methods, was beaten. The stolen portfolio contained works on the latest methods of searching for terrorists. The professor had to send these materials to the Pentagon. A few months before the death of Brushlinsky, his deputy, Professor V. Druzhinin, was killed.

A few days after the funeral of Brushlinsky, the head of the Department of Microbiology of the RSMU im. Pirogov, Professor V. Korshunov, is one of the leading Russian microbiologists, a specialist in biological weapons and methods for controlling psi effects.

In August 2002, one of the leading scientists in the field of protection against psychotronic weapons was killed with baseball bats. E. Mamedov. In the same year, military scientist-psychologist M. Ionov was killed. From his portfolio were stolen materials “Intelligent decision support in reflective control of the enemy.”

In the summer of 2005, the director of the Research Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, an expert of the World Health Organization L. Strachunsky, died from a blow to the head with a heavy object in a hotel belonging to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The institute headed by him was engaged in the development of biological weapons. The professor was supposed to fly to the USA for an international congress. A laptop disappeared from his room.

In July 2005, at the railway station in Yekaterinburg, the famous Ural scientist Professor S. Vovk, who was involved in the use of inert gas xenon as a radioprotector, died from klofelin poisoning.

In 2005, biologist N. Maltsev died, whom the CIA accused (unfairly, according to her colleagues) of transmitting smallpox virus to Iraq, which Baghdad allegedly could then use as a bacteriological weapon.

After the invention and successful testing of the “Mental Sensing System”, the academician, “father of psychotronic weapons” I. Smirnov unexpectedly died. The unique system of deep blind reading of thoughts and information (“scalpel of the soul”) ordered by the Russian special services has remained unclaimed in state and law enforcement agencies of Russia.

Obviously, a blow is inflicted on specialists in the field of psychotronic and biological weapons. Professor N. Uranov, Director General of the State Scientific Center for Applied Microbiology, is sure: “The brutal murders of leading Russian scientists that followed one after another cannot be just an accident. I believe that the sinister series of murders of Russia’s best minds is … one of the channels of sabotage of the country. ”

“And the question naturally arises, why did many of our scientists get hit with baseball bats? – writes military expert Yu. Bobylov, – is this a kind of style? handwriting? mark?”

Professor G. Bondarevsky, an orientalist, expert on the problems of the North Caucasus, an expert on Islam and Muslim political movements, a member of the expert council of the State Duma Committee on Security, an adviser to the Institute of Social and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was killed by a hammer hammer in his apartment . He was considered one of the most respected experts on the problems of separatism and terrorism. Awards were stolen from the scientist’s apartment, including the Order of the White Lotus – the second largest Indian award; only about forty people were honored to receive it, including Mother Teresa – the best are killed.

Another inexpensive tool, a kitchen knife, is popular for killing scientists. With his help, in 2004, V. Fedorov, professor of the department of research of math operations of the faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics of Moscow State University, and N. Valyagin, professor of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, were killed.

Scientists of various specialties are subject to destruction.

Biologists, physicians: geneticist, corresponding member killed. RAS L. Korochkin, Professor, Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy of Vladivostok Medical University S. Melnik, Professor of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of the Russian State Medical University Pirogova Professor B. Svyatsky, Deputy Director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics A. Voytovich, world-famous neurosurgeon Professor Y. Zubkov.

Historians: the deputy director of the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of historical sciences A. Artemyev, was killed.

After the brutal beating near the walls of the Kremlin, the teacher of the history department of Moscow State University A.N. Kulikov.

Chemists: killed the vice-rector of the Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technologies V.Frantsuzuzov.

Economists: professor of the Financial and Law Academy V. Ryabtsev was killed, A. Anikin, doctor of economic sciences, professor, author of the bestselling book “Financial Crises from Lo to Kirienko”, a specialist in the transition economy, was poisoned.

To whom did these people interfere? The investigation, as a rule, does not give an answer to this question. But the customer of the killings can be sought.

In late summer 2002, on the outskirts of Krasnoyarsk, a dissected body was found of Professor S. Bakhvalov, head of the Department of Physical Chemistry at Krasnoyarsk State University and the Kristall Research Center, which was involved in the disposal of radioactive waste. The professor, the author of a unique method of processing nuclear submarine fuel, won the tender for the dismantlement of the Kursk submarine. Some time after the professor’s death, American journalist Bill Gertz published material in The Washington Times that suggested that Bakhvalov might have been associated with people from al-Qaeda who were trying to access components of Russian nuclear weapons . In his material, Gertz referred to the thesis of the CIA report, which stated that “there remains a danger of weapons of mass destruction located on the territory of the former USSR falling into the hands of terrorists” – naturally, no evidence has been provided.

Another layer of unexplained incidents is the appearance in Russia of people with an erased memory. In 2003, in the closed city of Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory), a nuclear scientist, deputy head of the central factory laboratory of the Mining and Chemical Combine S. Podoynitsyn, who had access to secret documents involved in the disposal of nuclear fuel waste, disappeared, and returned six months later with a memory loss. Experts believe that there was an artificial erasure of memory, that the physicist was the victim of someone’s savage experiments. In Russia, the number of persons with an erased memory is constantly growing. There are no scientific explanations for this phenomenon. Parapsychological laboratories at the Research Institute of Power Structures were closed due to lack of funds. Professionals went into commercial structures, went abroad, or died strangely.

The author of the quoted article claims: over 5 years (2002-2007), nearly 30 mysterious deaths occurred, dozens of people have erased their memory. “I’m sure that a strange series of killings would have long attracted the attention of the FSB,” said an independent military expert, Ph.D. Y. Bobylov. “There are too many incomprehensible things.” And the death toll is very long. ”

And here is the opinion of General L. Ivashov, doctor of historical sciences: “Why do our scientists die? Apparently, because today a monopolar world is being created and everything is being done so that we do not develop our scientific theories, give out new projects to the world, are in a subordinate position, and rather liberate our beautiful land. They want to make us some kind of biorobots to conquer our state, break the Russian spirit and average our consciousness … ”

Rocketeers, aviation specialists, atomic scientists – destroy everyone!

Without a doubt, the focus of attention of those who kill Russian scientists is our military-industrial complex (http://argumenti.ru/rassledovanie/n109/36244).

Over the past 20 years, the country has lost at least 25 specialists in this field.

In the spring of 1996, Academician V. Smirnov, one of the creators of the S-300 air defense system, was shot in the face on the landing of his house.

In October 2002, he was attacked by a gangster, but E. Gorigledzhan, General Director of the Rubin Central Design Bureau (S-Pb), a well-known designer of nuclear submarines, survived by a miracle.

In June 2003, A. Krasovsky, a major general in aviation, who headed the department at the Academy named after Zhukovsky and 42-year-old I. Klimov – General Director of NPO Almaz (concern of anti-aircraft missile defense systems). I. Klimov sought that the state should have 100% of the company’s shares, and not 75%, as it is now.

In January 2007, the head of the zirconium supply department of TVEL-Invest-Technology OJSC (structure of Rosatom State Corporation) was thrown out of the train I. Dobrunik.

In February 2008, a nuclear physicist A. Mullin, who worked at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), died in a car accident in France.

In July 2008, the famous aircraft manufacturer V. Salikov died.

In June 2010, A. Pikaev, the head of the Department for Disarmament and Conflict Resolution at the Institute for World Economy and International Relations, was killed in a blow to the head of the island of Malta. He is a unique specialist in the field of nuclear disarmament monitoring. In 1996, he graduated from the United States Naval Postgraduate School and international courses on defense resource management and could become an object of interest for foreign intelligence services.

A series of homogeneous killings (multiple stab wounds) in 2010 shocked TsAGI. On October 12, when publishing the news of the brutal murder in Zhukovsky near Moscow, an unnamed 60-year-old scientist of this institute, Rossiyskaya Gazeta (N5309 (230) dated October 12, 2010), referring to special services, reported that the deceased could know by virtue of his position TsAGI on closed mining of interest to foreign entities.

Three months earlier in the same Zhukovsky another TsAGI employee G. Pavlovets, an adviser to the directorate, an outstanding aerodynamicist, and the creator of new generation aircraft, was killed. The body of a 70-year-old scientist was found on July 13 after a fire in his garden house, but the cause of death was not fire, but numerous stab wounds. The murders of older scientists are useful to enemies – they suppress the existence of scientific schools that developed in Soviet times – G. Pavlovets was a professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (http://www.aviaport.ru/digest/2010/07/14/198818.html).

A few days before the murder of Pavlovets in the town of Shchelkovo, near Moscow, the body of a 32-year-old deputy general director for economics and finance of OAO NPO Measuring Technique, a scientist from the science city of Korolev A. Frolov, was found in his own apartment. His company, producing telemetry equipment, microelectronics for rocket and space technology, which carried out numerous orders of the Ministry of Defense, was also closely associated with TsAGI.

And two days before the murder of Frolov in the Republic of Mari El, the head of the 1st Division of Volzhsky Electromechanical Plant OJSC, which is part of the largest Russian military-industrial complex OJSC Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern OJSC, was brutally slaughtered in the Republic of Mari El. According to some developments, both the concern and the plant were associated with TsAGI.

Another object of mass destruction is the Russian nuclear physicists.


The cut body of the chief inspector for nuclear and radiation safety Minatom R. Nureyev was found on the railways in Novosibirsk, where he was on a business trip, fulfilling a mission of national importance (1996). Death was presented as suicidal, although relatives and colleagues did not see the reasons that would make Nureyev rush under the train.

In January 2000, A. Belosokhov, Deputy Minister for Atomic Energy, died while riding a snowmobile. The incident was presented as an accident. The famous nuclear physicist L. Maksimov claims that Belosokhov was one of the main defendants before the Duma commissions on the “uranium deal.” L. Maksimov himself was attacked in July 1999 in the subway. However, he survived. Maximov developed environmentally friendly underground nuclear power plants, opened and patented a thorium cycle that could revolutionize nuclear energy if the Maximov Institute were not destroyed and he himself would not be persecuted. Some did not need modernized nuclear power plants that could use thorium instead of uranium. Maximov said so about his discovery: “I seemed to turn on a bright light in a dark room where a thief and a thief shared his booty …”

On May 13, 2001, the vice president of Rosenergoatom Concern E. Ignatenko, who had a conflict with one of the leaders of the Ministry of Atomic Energy, died in a car accident on the way to the Kalinin NPP. The car guilty of the accident disappeared, the incident was classified as an accident. In February 2004, the deputy director of the Kalinin NPP B. Khokhlov was killed.

In March 2003, Professor S. Bugaenko, Director General of the International Center for Nuclear Safety of the Russian Atomic Energy Ministry, was killed by a blow to the head at the entrance to his house. The murder occurred shortly after the visit to Moscow by US Under Secretary of State John Bolton, who is responsible for controlling the non-proliferation regime of nuclear weapons. The focus of the negotiations that Bolton was conducting in Moscow was the program of Russian-Iranian cooperation in the nuclear field.

In May 2006, the president of TVEL OJSC, retired first-rank captain A. Nyago, president of TVEL OJSC, one of the largest uranium mining and fuel producing companies in the world, suddenly died. The company supplies fuel not only to Russian nuclear power plants, but also to nuclear power plants in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.

In connection with Iran’s nuclear programs, nuclear physicists have apparently been ordered to destroy everyone to the last, so plane accidents are already being used. The strange accident of the Tu-134 aircraft on June 20, 2011 in Karelia killed five Russian experts at once – S. Ryzhov, G. Banyuk, V. Lyalin, N. Tronov, and A. Trofimov – employees of Hydropress – one of the main contractors of the nuclear power plant in Bushehr (Iran). Another 40 passengers died with them – but this is such a trifle for those who want to destroy the enemies of Israel and make Iran defenseless against the intended aggression.

According to Wayne Madsen, the author of the article “Perhaps the TU-134 disaster was rigged by the Mossad” (http://www.ansar.ru/analytics/2011/07/07/17846), “Israeli Mossad is suspected of the death of Russian scientists. Although officials have called the crash “an accident” caused by bad weather conditions and a pilot error, there are reports that the plane caught fire and fell apart before it crashed. ”

Israeli Mossad is also suspected of killing Iranian scientists related to the “nuclear dossier.”

In November 2010, Iranian nuclear specialist Majid Shahriari was killed near Shahid Beheshti University – an unknown man on a motorcycle planted explosives in his car. Near the same university, another motorcyclist placed an explosive device in the car of the nuclear scientist Feridun Abbasi, who was seriously injured as a result. In January 2010, Iranian nuclear expert Massoud Ali-Mohamaddi was killed after a bomb exploded in front of his house.

In July 2009, Russian and Iranian nuclear experts were among those who died when the IranAir Il-62M plane rolled out of the runway of the airport in Mashhad in Iran.

In 2007, the main Iranian nuclear scientist Ardeshir Hassanpur was poisoned. An article in The Sunday Times, citing Farda Radio, a US-sponsored radio broadcast in Iran in Farsi, suggested that Mossad was involved in its destruction. The fact that Hassanpur was the object of the Mossad and “there are serious reasons” to believe that he was killed by the Israelis, said a spokesman for the American intelligence company Rheva Bhalla. (“Neither Peace nor War” http://www.e-slovo.ru/327/1pol1.htm

In the Jewish newspapers one can read the praises of these killings as the merits of Mossad (the newspaper “Jewish word” “There is only a year to destroy Iran’s nuclear program” www.e-slovo.ru/394.html)

Mossad is also suspected of killing Turkish nuclear scientists.

On November 30, 2007, a plane flying on the Istanbul-Isparta route in good weather fell apart before landing, having previously deviated from the route. The prominent scientist Engin Arik and other Turkish nuclear scientists who flew to the conference died.

Here is another quote from Wayne Madsen’s article: “After the American occupation of Iraq, hundreds of Iraqi scientists, including those working in the nuclear field and related disciplines, were killed by Mossad teams operating in Iraq.”

Here is the opinion of another source: “Mossad” is the only intelligence and sabotage organization in the world that, in addition to extracting classified information, is engaged in the physical elimination of the enemies of the Jewish state ”(http://svodka.akipress.org/news:70951/).

On the website of the newspaper “Tomorrow” posted material: “The US is torturing and killing Iranian and Russian nuclear physicists and design scientists. And they will continue ”


Independent Iran fights the enemy (“Agent Mossad was hanged in Iran for the murder of nuclear physicist Masoud Ali Mohamaddi”


Unfortunately, this cannot be said about Russia’s sovereignty. The State Commission, which investigated the plane crash in Petrozavodsk, ignored the testimony of witnesses about the destruction of the aircraft in the air. Investigations into murders of scientists usually come to a standstill.

It seems to our leadership that it’s even useful to remove all physicists – after all, you can put your guys like the lottery specialist S. Kirienko in the vacant places in the nuclear industry. He doesn’t understand anything in physics, in response to the slaughter in his industry he didn’t even make a sound – you can safely raise this to the minister’s chair.

After a trip to the United States, this “minister” convinced Vladimir Putin to stop using the new development of nuclear physicists in Russia and transfer it to the United States (Voiced by General L. Ivashov: “Appeal from nuclear physicists about the betrayal of the homeland”

Headless Humanity – Feral

Systematic monitoring of the killings of scientists is carried out by the site “Archipelago Holy Russia”

http://rys-arhipelag.ucoz.ru/publ/ubijstva_russkikh_uchjonykh_martirolog/35-1-0-3579). At the end of 2012, the names of the dead were 40 names of Russian scientists. The list also includes Americans, in particular, those who prevent the concealment of the crime of the British Petroleum campaign – an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Here are some names

The University of Louisiana received a large grant from the BP to “study” the Gulf of Mexico, in fact, a bribe to keep scientists under control. Dr. Gregory Stone, who refused the proposed contract and wrote a study on the dangers of oil spills, died in February 2011 from an unknown illness. Other coastal universities were also purchased (http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/gulf-operation-horrors-just-beginning-picture?slide=29956561#main).

Thomas Manton, Director General of the Oil Spill Control Corporation, was jailed and killed there in January 2011.

John Wheeler II – assistant to the president, defense consultant, expert on chemical and biological weapons – was beaten to death, his body was found at a dump in Wilmington on December 31, 2010.

Chitra Chunan – worked at the Center for Biosecurity and Infectious Disease Research. She was found dead after alleged suicide with cyanide at the Temple Terrace Hotel on December 31, 2010.

Dr. Jeffrey Gardner, who was investigating the unexplained death of birds that he attributed to the oil spill, suddenly stopped working, then suddenly disappeared.

Joseph Morrissey, a 46-year-old biologist, is a college professor and a native of Florida. According to police, he was shot dead during a house robbery.

Those who kill scientists – their own or alien, “enemy” – do not understand a simple thing: the intellectual field of the planet is the same as our atmosphere, and, by killing smart – rare among people, the killer harms the entire planet, and, therefore, to itself. Killing a scientist is like cutting down a powerful tree – no matter in which country this happened – oxygen will be less throughout the planet.

From mathematical statistics it is known: if you cut the tail of the distribution, in this case, remove the most intelligent from society, the average intellectual level of people will fall. Today one should speak no longer about the degradation of mankind, but about its wildness. Raging crowds of sports fans, visitors to rock concerts and discos, 7.5 million Russian drug addicts, shooting at American schools, laws on same-sex marriage and children sold to organs for the rich, giant traffic jams of megalopolises, accompanied by a frantic growth in car sales – this is how the world looks without scientists.

After smothering the scientists, it is necessary to give a crowd of new heroes and on the scene appears dope-drenched athletes, depraved party-goers, starving asexual models who have lost their human appearance, vulgar showmen, armed not only with phonograms, but also with psychotronic generators. An actor is being erected as a model, inclined to drive drunk J. Depardieu, who has grabbed easy money and is fleeing from his homeland in order not to pay taxes. Thousands of distraught people who have lost their orientation become victims of the leaders of the sects, dealers in miraculous means – these are the idols of a people left without spiritual mentors.

Wildness first of all struck the ruling world super-rich. Paranoid luxury and limitless debauchery, huge amounts of money thrown at “modern art”, reminiscent of the work of clients of psychiatric hospitals – this is what the masters of the world look like, killing scientists.

Society has degraded so much that it has revealed a new hero – German Sterligov. His monstrous appeals in the spirit of the dark Middle Ages are to execute all scientists as authors of an environmental disaster and, to this end, convene an environmental tribunal (“On the dangers of scientific progress”


His screams, welcoming the burning of Giordano Bruno and of all scientists as sorcerers in general, should have attracted the attention of psychiatrists, but they are broadcast on the Mayak radio station. He’s his own guy, a former millionaire, and he’s hitting where he should be – smart.

The lack of scientists in the media turned them into a cesspool of sewage. The lack of scientists in politics has brought the world to the brink of disaster – political, economic, environmental.

Of course, science, like the rest of society, is heterogeneous. Scientists should be considered not the owner of a scientific degree or scientific title, but an intelligent and honest researcher who is fulfilling his professional duty – to bring truth to people.

Forcing science to work for itself, destroying talented ones, lifting stupid and mercenary upstairs, parasitic structures spoil it, turning it from good into evil, producing monstrous weapons, poisons, drugs, unhealthy medicines and transgenic products that destroy the nature of technology. The aggressiveness of parasitic structures, their cynical neglect of international law, the replacement of it with a law force forces the whole world to an arms race, forces scientists to create more and more deadly weapons, which, of course, moves the Earth to an environmental disaster. But they will be guilty of the death of mankind – the conspiratorial parasitic organizations of the super-rich. It is to them that the threads of the murders of scientists are drawn.

But the scientific community cannot absolve itself of blame for what is happening. A scientist does not have the right to be a narrow specialist who does not give a damn about everything that happens outside his laboratory. Today, when the world has come to the edge of the abyss, a scientist does not have the right to work exclusively for money, not interested in how the results of his discoveries will be used. Responsibility for scientific developments that are fatal for people and nature falls on the entire scientific community, which indifferently looks at the destructive activities of colleagues, instead of excommunicating them from science and expelling them from their ranks.

Undoubtedly, the “scientists” deserve the most severe punishment, who created sophisticated technologies and provoked oncological diseases, the victims of which were a number of Latin American leaders opposing US hegemony, including one of the smartest people on the planet, the representative of the golden fund of humanity, Hugo Chavez (“Cancer Terrorism” Why does cancer mow the ranks of South American adversaries in the US? ”


It should be honestly acknowledged that today’s neglect of science in society is earned precisely by the activities of those who cynically do what they pay more for. Crowds of idlers are also guilty, imitating a certain pseudo-scientific fuss and appreciating science only because the occupation is irresponsible, dustless and bread-making.

Today, the still surviving part of the scientific community, especially its elite, contemptuously rejects colleagues acting on the patriotic field, proudly declaring: “Politics is not my business, I am a scientist!” So they justify their cowardice, narrow-mindedness and laziness, their complicity in the obvious degradation of science, education and the ongoing ruin of the country. And at the same time, they collaborate holuiski with destructive power.

It should be understood by scientists – the lack of a civic position, detachment from social problems, silence, attempts to somehow adapt to today’s reality – are suicidal for the scientific community itself. Mr. D. Livanov clearly proved his sad prospects – in word and deed. And baseball bats have been brought to Russia enough.

It is time to comprehend everyone – the destruction of scientists is deadly for every state, for every person, for the whole planet. The country, civilization, left without science, is doomed.

A.N. Samarin, E.V. Semenova, L.K. Fionova. Smart kill!

The authors dedicate this study to the memory of fallen colleagues.






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