Tourniquet on Kashmir

Child rapist and murderer meet, titles interchangeable

By Samson Simon Sharaf, BG (ret) for VT Pak

Tourniquet is a kind word for lack of a better synonym. Modi has put a strangle-hold on Kashmir; a neck lock that has closed all avenues of access. It is inflicting deep wounds and flushing out blood in the same direction that rivers flow. This is dangerous development the world may live to regret. It is not a question of years but months that the region could spiral into tragic crises.

This crises is typical of any substantial majority group under siege for many decades by an occupation force. It gets serious because a part its indigenous leadership allied with India for petty gains and now stands completely discredited. The pro Pakistan and pro-independence leadership has been killed and quarantined for too long and has lost its connection with the resistance manifested in the killing of Burhan Valley a poster boy who became an instant hero. This group of young generation is anti-India and not in control of pro Pakistan leadership. Like a kettle on boil, this sentiment will overflow the brim and water will find its own course. India and local Kashmiri leadership is any case have failed to harness this sentiment.

Unfortunately, the international community in fulfillment of its goals like the Greater Middle East sees this situation as a stepping stone to their greater ambitions. Due to this factor, Pakistan has already run out of worthy allies in Arab Kingdoms. In the regional context, this makes India an active partner. Pakistan’s economic mismanagement makes it amenable to manipulation by this emerging nexus and vulnerable to dissension within. Ultimately, the people will exercise their own choices for freedom of IHK. Once violence in IHK rises, indigenously or through Black Swans, Pakistan will become the instant target. Thereon, as events follow situation would only get worse reaching a Fire Break Point.

The Nehruvian concept of a secular India is already a casualty as is the idea of Hindutva. What next? History has the best answers. The 1947 communal riots are an indicator of how minorities are suffering in India with the rising Saffron wave. Hereon, it can only get worse.

Unlike a limb, Kashmir has its own heart and ecological system. It will never be possible to bleed out an entire body and replace all organs from the Indian Union dominated by extremist Saffron right wingers. While this genocide takes place the West and Western influenced Arab monarchies appease Modi for economic and political gains. They are like Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus who played his flute while Rome burnt; deliberately set on fire by him, or when Adolph Schicklgruber Hitler was appeased to attack Poland to teach communists a lesson. Familiarities do not end here. Doesn’t Narendra Damodardas Modi sound familiar?

During WW II, his alma mater the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) shared the same ideology and swastika emblem with Hitler. Now he is part of the Zionist alliance comprising Israel, USA, UK, France and Arab Kingdoms.

His ideology of Bharat Versha and supremacy of extremist Saffron aims to bleed Kashmir to a sudden death for his dream of Rukhma Vimana with Hindu deities and gods of war; and he the reincarnation of Arjuna in Baghavad Gita. In a single stroke by raising the level of security forces to over 600,000 in Indian Held Kashmir and barricading it in every sense of the word, he has moved beyond the political philosophy of Hindutva to a radical, extremist and violent version of Saffron. Subhash Gatade likens the Sang Parivar of BJP to a symphony of Hindu Rashtra played by different instruments; this time violent.

As events in other parts of Bharat suggest, he is set to cleanse Bharat of all forms of impurities. With a supposed superiority of airborne chariots hailing fire and international community and the Muslim World cheering on, he is emboldened to cross all limits of international law, USNC Resolutions, bilateralism and human rights. He will hound, spill blood, barricade, kidnap and push people into Pakistan to save the holy lands.

Kashmir is in grip of an airtight tourniquet while blood gushes. Pellet guns blinding people, genocide and lockdowns are order of the day. Telephone and internet access to the region is restricted. Extremist have arrived in hordes to rape and abduct Kashmiri women and girls to change the demography for future. Twitter is overactive in deleting accounts that describe atrocities by RSS Zealots but not insults hauled by RSS. An Australian journalist CJ Werleman and many others are openly intimidated by Hindu extremists and mobsters with threats of rape of their wives and sisters.

The biggest casualty is the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide 1948, to which Bharat is a party. Genocide watch, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch combine to report over 70,000 deaths of Kashmiris by security forces in the past two decades. Just like international conscience went to sleep in Palestine and Syria, Modi assumes that with the world at his side, he has ‘une carte blanche’. He wants to do to Kashmir what Israel did to Palestinians and treat Pakistan the way Israel has treated its Arab neighbours (Jordon, Lebanon and Syria). USA shifting its embassy to Jerusalem (an occupied land) and Israel annexing Golan Heights without any international whimper of protest has emboldened him. But Pakistan is no Palestine, Lebanon or Syria. Nor is it an oil rich appeasing Arab kingdom. Pakistan’s ‘tit for tat’ will be equally or perhaps more lethal.

Other minorities in Bharat mainly Muslims, Christians and Dalits endure extremist attacks resulting in rapes, murders, conversions and defilement on daily basis. A convent in Bharat was ransacked and gutted while the Roman Catholic nuns were defiled. Forced conversions are a spree.

The founding cardinal principals of Bharat’s constitution are already defiled.

Secularism, in pursuit of which a Muslin Kashmir was so dear to Nehru is a blasphemous word. Writers and intellectuals in Bharat are being hauled for rejecting Article 370 and atrocities against Muslims and other minorities. Central and Southern Bharat have become a happy hunting ground for the militant RSS and its ilk persecuting people who do not follow their way of life. Chief Minister of Uttar Parsesh (UP) Yogi Adityanath minces no words in describing and following his saffron ideology. Mohan Bhagwat, the leader of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has called Bharat a Hindu state. Hindu rich and diaspora has also put its weight behind Modi. Dr Shiv Visvanathan sums his fears by writing, “a nationalist diaspora, a weak party system, a silent media, a majoritarian democracy, a vulnerable minority —democracy faces threats from within”. It reiterates the idea of a democracy as in Nazi Germany producing narrow nationalism.

Indian domestic politics is heavily premised on the notion of an enemy (Pakistan); a theme that whips passion, hate and uproar with ripples that effect Indian Muslims. Kashmir and Zionist led axis to contain a terror sponsoring Pakistan work in tandem. This is how the world gets together to contain Pakistan. This is how a war is being thrust on Pakistan.

Hindutva was a stepping stone and never the final objective of the Saffron Philosophy. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar concept of Hindutva was more cultural than religious. Without doubt, the foundation of the rightist Saffron wave is built on the foundations of Muslim massacre in Gujarat and increases ferociously in IHK. Political nepotism, dynastic politics and capitalism have served to make the saffron stronger and popular. The polarisation is dangerously acute. Unfortunately, thinkers like Professor Romila Thapar, and writers like Arundhati Roy are far and few to challenge this wave called ‘a charter myth’ of Vedic Ritualism. According to Subhash Gatade, “the Gujarat model walks on two legs. Neo-liberal development luring the rich and greedy to play market forces; and simultaneously; marginalising and ghettoising minorities”. After the recent electoral victory, this saffron wave has spread all over. Once secular, Hindus are drifting into ‘born again’ to join the Saffron craze.

The custodians of international human and fundamental rights, torch bearers of freedom of worship, genocide watchers and international conscience have to evaluate and rise against this proliferation of violence. Not only the State Department (always overzealous to proscribe terrorist organisations), but also born again Christians, two citadels of European democracy, United Kingdom and France and finally the Muslim world have to arise above self-conceited interests to spare the region and world a catastrophe. The tourniquet around Kashmir has to be removed and India saved from a terrorist saffron wave. If Pakistan can push this proscription, massive support from within India will not be far away.

The writer is a political economist and a television anchor person





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