Jews, Led by The Adelsons, Break with the Invented Criminal Genocidal Apartheid State of Israel


This day has been a long time in coming but was anticipated by Henry Kissinger, among others. The time to “uninvent” the invented state of Israel, the criminal, genocidal, apartheid state of Israel, has arrived.

As President Donald Trump carefully examines the details of the Mossad-CIA-FBI Maxwell-Epstein pedophilia and murderous pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) blackmail entrapment operation (of which there are 49+ replicas across the USA) and considers what he knows about the Zionist planning and execution of 9/11 under the protective cover of Dick Cheney beforehand and Robert Mueller after the fact, he is well-positioned to conclude, as I have concluded, that the time has come to withdraw all US support for Israel, and to join Iran in arranging for the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians.

Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam Adelson appear to have reached the same conclusion, along with 75% if not more of all decent Jews who are also decent assimilated US citizens.

My own enlightenment with respect to the difference between the Zionist criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel and the decent Jews with whom I and others have dealt over a lifetime was begun when the Zionists (not the Jews) attacked #UNRIG,, and Dr. Cynthia McKinney six ways in ninety days. My investigation concluded that all six paths led to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Zionist secret police. I have a federal lawsuit against one of the six fronts for the ADL and am looking forward to both full discovery and a jury trial. Others have settled with me, but MeetUp remains to be taken down.   The story is told here:

How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy

You can follow the federal lawsuit here:

Robert Steele: Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, and Queen Tut UPDATE 10: Sweigert Denied

Then I considered three books, in the order below:

I already knew that Israel and the Zionists (never to be confused with Jews) was a parasite, cancer within the USA, a parasite and cancer-killing our economy, our government, and our society, but it was not until I had my own personal experience with these Zionist criminals, and then expanded my reading, that I understood that the expulsion of Zionist Israel from the USA and from Palestine is an existential issue for both world peace and world prosperity.

The President knows that it is the Zionists who have back doors into all US communications systems and computers — including the secret ones; that it was the Zionists who planted most of the electronic devices in the White House that the Trump Administration very judiciously discovered and removed early on; and that it is the Zionists that have recently been caught with a full range of communications interception devices planted around the White House as well as Congress.

It is the Zionists that did the USS Liberty and 9/11.

It is the Zionists that have been stealing intellectual property and doing insider trading based on their complete penetration of all US communications and computing, a crime that has been facilitated by traitors within NSA and DHS and elsewhere.

The Day of Atonement is an important one. First must come the day of expulsion.  Mr. President, if you are to win the Mother of All Landslides you have to do three things as shown on the chart below, and then in your second term, apply all nine methods so as to be the greatest President ever.

America First means not Israel First. This is not negotiable going into 2020.


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ROBERT STEELE: In passing, given the importance of VT and the possibility that this article might actually be brought to the attention of the Adelsons, I will say this clearly: support our President in expelling the Zionist parasite from the USA and from Palestine, and I will commit to a Jewish President by 2028. A legitimate all-American Jewish President — perhaps a woman — who places America First while respecting and protecting the Jewish faith — and all other faiths — in every clime and place. Marianne Williamson has blown it — her small shallow staff was not able to see the #UNRIG panorama that would have catapulted Williamson to the center.


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  1. Some of you seem to have read difficulty in understanding what I think is a very clear distinction that I have consistently put forward: Zionism is not Judaism. When I condemn the invented criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel, I am condemning a Synagogue of Satan group that includes the descendants of Caesar, the Vatican, the Rothchilds, the Freemasons and Knights of Malta at the upper levels, and the Central Bankers at the upper level that have been bribed or blackmailed into Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and the addition to addrenochrome (child’s blood infused with adrenalin induced by torture).

    Zionism is not Judaism. While I am very disappointed by the millions of Jews, Christian Zionists, and others who have been deceived into supporting Zionism at any cost (as Marjorie Cohn puts it, “Propgressive except Palestine” and been happy to cover up for massive bribery and blackmail across all US legislative bodies (27 of which have been bribed and blackmailed to make it a felony to speak freely about Zionist crimes against humanity). Zionism is not Judaism.

    I cannot be any clearer.

  2. what are you saying rd steele ? rothschild hasn’t given israel, total control of america’s integral parts ?
    you cant just decide to un-love israel, withdraw all support ! its up to them to un-love us !
    rothschild, who owns us debt, has given the money, america makes, to netanyahu to do with as he sees fit for israel

  3. I have cleaned up my original comment and read all the other comments. I have also updated the article by adding American Council for Judaism: Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism Book Review by Allan C. Brownfeld and a comment on Marianne Williamson, first Jewish girl to run for President blowing her one chance to make #UNRIG the centerpiece of her becoming central.

    I am playing at mulitple levels and realize that neither the Adelsons nor Trump could fulfil my expectations but I think that they will. For those of you who are not subscribers at consider browsing and see especially my most recent article Arctic to Arabian Sea. It is my humble judgement that the Zionist state of Israel is OVER, it is simply a matter of time before Palestine is restored to the Palestinians and Jews — not Zionists — revert to being good citizens rather than fascist genocidal apartheid overlords.

    • I personally don’t give a phuck about your language, I wonder about your message. So Adelson is now the good meth dealer? It would be more credible to say Hillary has become a sweet warm loving lady… Phuck Adelson and his ilk created people like the Clintons and Bill Richardson and Epstein…

  4. Option b) could well be on the right track. Israel is sacrificed in a Middle Eastern war that achieves the objectives of taking out Iran and Syria with Israel’s nuclear arsenal. As Ian G. and Duff told us, the Sephardic bloodline families would be happy to use the “piss poor fake [Ashkenazi] Jews” (in Duff’s words) as cannon fodder.

  5. How ’bout you give north American back to the indigenous people, no need for an apology and the rest of the world can get on with living. Just an idea, eh! The whole world is tired with your ideals of freedom You be no different from the wrapping, sucking squid/ octopus/ jellyfish, tenticles and all. Bow out, the world is two thirds water; go live in it. In fact no, take a rocket to the moon or beyond. You say you have the technology so go and use it. Whoops, that’s a fallacy also. Gather your guns and your V8’s, l’ll bring a good Marty Robbins cover band and you can hari-kari the hell out of it in whatever corral you choose. You created the monster, now have the guts to kill it. I won’t even sell tickets for it. Let’s have the event of the millennium, deny those pesky zionistas their day. How’s about it. Give back your stolen land. Methinks Jonas would agree

  6. Excellent points.

    The Likud Party has, since the mid 90s, been nothing more than a front for the Russian mafia. Starting in 1985, when Gorbachev opened the gulags, a whole mess of the worst, most evil criminal scum came flooding out, they found themselves in a collapsing Soviet Union where men with very high levels of education – doctors, professors, men with multiple advanced degrees and much experience at high levels, struggling to survive. These unemployed academics were quickly recruited into the mafia (one shining example is Boris Berezovsky, who had very high qualifications in maths & economics) and thus was formed the most dangerous criminal syndicate yet seen. Many of these criminals had enough Jewish blood they were elligible for emigration to Israel so off to Israel they went. It took them just a few years to seize power there, which they did by taking over the Likud and killing Yitzhak Rabin to end the peace process. They chose Netanyahu to be their political frontman so in 1995, he was installed as prime minister. Netanyahu & the Likud remains in power to this day, which is why Israel has become such a bloodthirsty, uncontrollable outlaw state that can’t be negotiated with – it has become a front for the Russian mafia. It is this Israeli-Russian mafia that installed Trump in the White House (Adelson was their largest financial backer in this endeavour) and they exert control over many other world leaders, not least Vladimir Putin, who only rules Russia with their endorsement and backing.

    • The Adelsons have seen the light? Sorry, don’t believe that for a split second. It will take a lot of very solid, concrete evidence to change my opinion.

    • Not sure I comprehend the “grow the fu$k up” comment Bob. Is it not reasonable to question how the Adelsons could jump ship if no evidence exists other than your theory? He’s a player in developing “the narrative”. Forgive the adults in the room for not accepting that he has suddenly decided to claim chastity while everything in his path has been screwed, driven by his goddamned Talmudic Khazarian mafia Bolshevik Rabbinical oral circumcision belief system. A reasonable expectation would be that he atone for his sins so I’ll continue to believe nothing, trust no one, and question everything until some indication that he’s been born again, so to speak. Cheers.

  7. Since when did Mr. Anderson become the good guy? Last I heard he was busy trying to buy the country. Was there a flash of light on the road to Damascus?

    • Adelson… but exactly. How could anyone reputable be an apologist for plastic faced, death warmed over, Adelson? Funny in their older vileness how he and papa Bush look alike.

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